Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 34 part1

Cheng Jun's back was as straight and stiff as a piece of wood: "..."

But Ruan Jiujiu was totally unaware of it. Her soft body was like a vine, tightly wrapped around him. In front of many people, she buried her body in his chest and rubbed it hard. It was just like she had rickets. She couldn't stand steadily on her own and had to stick to Cheng Jun.

Her little face was red, like sunset glow hanging on fair cheeks. The eyes were filled with gentleness, which looked very alluring.

The employees around whispered quietly about the identity of this man.

It seemed that he was her husband. Both of them were good-looking, and the relationship was so sweet that the others really envied them.

In their gaze, Cheng Jun lowered his head, pulling Ruan Jiujiu like pulling some kind of sticky candy.

Ruan Jiujiu was still clingy to him.

She was so dizzy right now that she didn't know what she was thinking. She opened her arms and just stood right there. She looked so drunk, as if she could fall to the ground at any time.

She said, "Carry me."

Cheng Jun: "..."

The male colleagues around all admired Cheng Jun's self-control. If they were him, they could never refuse the flirting from a beauty. Cheng Jun stood on the spot and sighed, and in the next second, he did something unexpected to everyone.

He suddenly squatted down, put her on his shoulder and stood up. As if he was carrying a rice bag. The drunken girl now was hung on his shoulder.

He sighed slowly, hefting her like a piece of pork.

"So heavy."

The melon-eating masses : "? ? ? ? "

Did he speak English?

Ruan Jiujiu, half asleep, heard the words with her sharp ears. She slapped on Cheng Jun's shoulder and said fiercely, "Let me down!"

Cheng Jun ignored her resistance all the way. He carried the rice bag... oh no, carried Ruan Jiujiu and left.

Only leaving the masses looked at each other: "..."

Ruan Jiujiu went crazy along the way.

Sitting on the taxi, she either kicked her legs or twisted herself around. Cheng Jun was already thinking about where to get a riot fork to control her so that she wouldn't make trouble anymore.

The driver couldn't help laughing: "Your little girlfriend is very naughty."

Cheng Jun hadn't had time to answer. A head suddenly came up from the back of the driver's seat. The disheveled hair made her like a ghost. She said angrily: "We are married!"

The tire jerked around the asphalt road, making a squeak, and the driver was frightened with cold sweat.

"Please take care of her!"

Due to the inertia, she fell into Cheng Jun's arms. The culprit was even in a low voice to grumble: "Who's that. So  vicious."

Cheng Jun silently covered her face: "..."

The taxi braked all of a sudden, attracting the attention of the nearby patrolmen. They drove to catch up, and the patrolman sitting in the front seat saw the taxi driver was driving with sweat. What's more, the man in black sitting in the back lowered his head, covering a woman's face with his hands, and the woman lying on the seat kept struggling. Her movements were soft. It seemed she had been drugged.

The patrolmen: (⊙o⊙)

It was like Duan Yihong (a Chinese actor), the patrolman in "The Dead End" ( a 2015 Chinese crime-drama film), found the target Deng Chao (a Chinese actor). The patrolman' eyes instantly solidified. He was startled and angry, with hands pointed to the driver, roared: "Pull over!"

You wanted to abduct and sell women? No way!

The driver immediately panicked.

His head was messed up, so he even took the brakes as the gas pedal. The taxi had been running smoothly in the last second, but then sped up in the next second. The patrolman quickly sounded the siren and pulled out the big horn: "Stop right now!"

Fortunately, Cheng Jun had cooler head and soon directed the driver to stop.

The taxi ran for hundreds of meters and finally stopped under the chasing of several patrol cars.

Ruan Jiujiu slept in his arms and felt dozy: "Home?"

Cheng Jun: "..." It seemed that they were farther away from the home.

The patrolman asked them to hand over their ID cards. Cheng Jun had a wallet with him, and his card was in the wallet. The patrolman made several phone calls to check the information of them. Finally he said: "Well, so it's a little spice in young couple's life?"

Ruan Jiujiu, unaware of the whole process, was still leaning on Cheng Jun and sleeping soundly.

Cheng Jun let the driver send them home. He still carried Ruan Jiujiu like carrying a bag of rice. Ruan Jiujiu was sleeping, only feeling she was light-headed, and her stomach was a little clogged. At last, she was put on the bed. She turned over but didn't slept well. Her slender legs kept kicking around and her shoes fell to the ground.

She began to curl up and took off her coat, then her sweater. Seeing that her white and flat belly was nearly exposed, Cheng Jun moved faster than her and wrapped her with the quilt.

The quilt was tightly tucked from right to left, which made Ruan Jiujiu like a mummy.

Being unable to move again, Ruan Jiujiu with closed eyes and started humming: "Brother Juan... I want water."

Then she licked her lips, revealing her the tip of the pink tongue.

Cheng Jun suddenly felt that he should also drink a glass of water.

He removed a straw and placed it in a drinking glass. Ruan Jiujiu drank half a glass with her eyes half-opened, and finally she stopped crying for thirst.

Cheng Jun put down the glass and was about to leave, but Ruan Jiujiu suddenly turned over.

She moved hard, and looked like a creeping silkworm. She, with the quilt together, tumbled down from the side of the bed and directly pinned Cheng Jun to the ground. 

His elbows were propped on the ground and he grunted.

The quilt opened now. Ruan Jiujiu's soft body pressed against his. Her long hair fell on his shoulder blades, neck and face. Even the breath was her unique fragrance.

They were buried in soft quilts, as if snuggling to sleep.

Cheng Jun didn't move like a stone.

Ruan Jiujiu in his arms with a sweet smile, and again murmured "Brother Jun".

The voice was soft, sounding like flirting. The expression on Cheng Jun's face was very calm, but the red tip of the ear gave the different answer.

She leaned against his chest and fell asleep for a few seconds before her hand suddenly touched him: "Gee... Drumming sound?"

Cheng Jun calmly held her hand: "Sleep."




The bedside lamp in the bedroom was lit, and the warm light fell on them. Smooth breathing came from the quilt.

Cheng Jun lay on his back on the ground. His elbows felt hurt but he still didn't move.

He sighed softly.

And sighed again.


Ruan Jiujiu frowned in her sleep, wondering how the drumming sounded became faster and faster.


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