Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 32 part2

The next lover...

The boss for the first time realized his marital crisis. Being cuckold made him worried.

After putting the two agreements away, Ruan Jiujiu decide to take his advice—be a happy, wealthy lady without stress.

It felt not bad to be depended on. Ruan Jiujiu was in a good mood, thinking that she finally got on top of him. She kept smiling and patted Cheng Jun on the shoulder, "Relax, I'm here."

Where the money was, then where she was!

Cheng Jun: "Great."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Oops, I'm just so nice, so charming and so a...

"Instant noodle life is finally over." Cheng Jun slowly said.

Run Jiujiu: "... Asshole."

Ruan Jiujiu glared at him.

Cheng Jun looked innocent: "What to eat for dinner?"

Ruan Jiujiu sneered: "Noodles."


The next day.

Cheng Jun gave Ruan Jiujiu a card. When Ruan Jiujiu took it, she was shocked. Was this the Black! Card! ? A Card that every bossy president will use? !

"Oh my god! Oh my god!"

Ruan Jiujiu looked at it again and again, and then asked, "Is this for me?"

Cheng Jun: "Yes, use it as you want."

Ruan Jiujiu went red.

"Can you say that again."

Cheng Jun looked at her with a "you're nuts?" expression.

Ruan Jiujiu continued blushing: "God, it's so cool when a man says this." Even nerdy Cheng Jun! 

Cheng Jun: "..."

Although he said "use it as you want", the truth was she needed nothing but some daily expenses or a few beautiful clothes. These expenses were even less than the money spent on the card’s maintenance.

Now, Cheng Jun solved the problem and was able to work as usual. And Ruan Jiujiu also found the benefits of working with him.

That was—hitchhiking.

Cheng Jun even had a private driver!

It really startled her.

She once had taken it for granted that Cheng Jun didn't drive just because he had no driver's license. But who could have expected that he was too lazy to drive. In order to avoid special treatment, Ruan Jiujiu would get off early on the road a few hundred meters away from the company. Although the employees didn't know Cheng Jun, she always had a guilty conscience.

Arrived at the company, Tu Nan and the others all smiled with a "nothing happened" look.

Ruan Jiujiu still wanted to figure out something.

She pointed at Tu Nan expressionlessly: "Are you Nan Fang Black Sesame?"

Tu Nan: "Uh ..."

"Are you Master Kong Noodles?"

Fu Zicheng: "Er ..."

"You, Dumpling is the Most Delicious?"

Jiao Fan was so frightened that he couldn't say anything clearly: "I'm sorry dumplings. Gosh, I'm so sorry, sister-in-law! Oh my god! I'd better kill myself now!"

Mr. Wow haha was drinking Wow haha calmly with "not in my backyard" attitude.

Ruan Jiujiu's hands were rested on her hips. She glared at them. These little boys suddenly looked like eggplants beaten by frost.

They still didn't solve the couple's life problems? !

In the end, it was still that they got it in the neck. Why?

Tu Nan swallowed quietly, fighting back the tears.

His annual holiday, his end-of-year bonus... Probably, all gone.

On the one hand, the identity revealing incident was crazy; on the other hand, the real original heroine will be faced with the worst moment after the rebirth.

Gu You hadn't picked up the phone since the last quarrel. She went to his home, but he wasn't there. No one knew who he was. Her families kept asking her what was going on and why the engagement date still hadn't been fixed.

Xu Biying was under great pressure and almost collapsed. At this moment, she got the news that Gu You rejoined the selection of Jiacheng.

... And, he had done well.

Blood flow from her limbs. Her hands and feet were cold, and her head was buzzing, as if she had lost a first-class lottery ticket that once at her fingertips. But now she just can watch the prize money disappear.

She had no idea that just within a few days, Gu You cheered up again and even participated in the competition? !

Xu Biying didn't see him, so she contacted his parents, complaining that they had conflict and Gu You kept ignoring her recently. Finally, she got in touch with him.

Xu Biying quickly went to his house and made an apology.

She wanted to go in, but Gu You coldly stopped her at the door.

He said: "It's over."

Xu Biying gritted her teeth: "No, I can't accept it!"

Gu You looked at her being panic-stricken. He felt that the simple little girl in his memory seemed to disappear. He didn't know when she grew up or when she became so complicated.

Gu You sighed softly and said for the last time in a gentle voice: "Leave, Biying. Never come here again."

Love had never happened between them.

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tourist 2020-05-17 14:11
There was never love from her to him. There was only greed for his future fame and wealth. Go find someone worthy of you Gu You
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tourist 2020-05-17 18:38
Find someone else, Xu Bingying. Why do people get all hung up on one guy?
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tourist 2020-05-17 20:18
Did he sign the divorce agreement?
tourist 2020-05-17 20:54
I think no but she signed it and will need his signature for it to be legit.
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Tiger Whale 2020-06-12 15:06
I can't believe Xu Biying treated Gu You like a lottery ticket. Gu You deserves better.
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