Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 30

It was very cold outside. The wind blew in through the cracks of the window made Ruan Jiujiu shivery.

Her nose tip was a little itchy. She wanted to sneeze and was quickly covered by hands. Raun Jiuiu didn't want Cheng Jun to find out her takeaway, so it was better to be careful. Thinking this way, Ruan Jiujiu acted more and more carefully.

At this moment, she was completely unaware of someone's awful staring just at a distance of a few meters. That man fixed his gaze on her "secret" action. 

"Gulu Gulu ..." (Her stomach was growling)

The stomach was complaining... Ruan Jiujiu swallowed, and began to imagine the wonderful life of watching soap operas while eating yummy food.

She waited patiently for a while, but the deliveryman downstairs still didn't shake the rope even she already felt the rope in her hand had been tied to something.

"..." Strange, was it ready?

Ruan Jiujiu pulled at the rope with one hand with the window half-opened. The cold whizzing wind was instantly unimpeded, and suddenly rushed in, almost blowing her into a facial paralysis. She shrank her neck and regretted that she should wear a coat. Seeing nothing happened in the next room, Ruan Jiujiu poked her head up through the window sneakily.

Li, who was downstairs, stood on the spot in embarrassment and was still struggling with the choice between reminding and not reminding.

He also had professional ethics. What if he didn't remind her, and then got no tips?

Looking down from the view of Ruan Jiujiu, she can only see the deliveryman standing on the spot, looking up at her with his head raised.

Ruan Jiujiu made him an OK gesture.

She tried to dragged the rope, and found that the bad was tightly tied, so she pull it up simply step by step. She moves very slowly, trying to maintain a vertical and uniform speed so that the takeaway can successfully reach her destination.

She got to admit that it was quite heavy.

The next second Ruan Jiujiu dumbfounded.

Her takeaway was stuck on the protective fence downstairs.


Ruan Jiujiu was blushed, struggling to extend her arms, trying to pull the meal box out. But the takeaway was not light. She was sweaty and the arms were even shaking slightly. Now Ruan Jiujiu was very depressed. Why would she be so strenuous to eat alone?

Li quickly got on his electromobile and ran away. A yellow figure ran extremely fast in the night, and disappeared in just a few seconds.

Ruan Jiujiu's phone rang. It was a call.

She was afraid that the phone would disturb Cheng Jun. So she quickly pulled the rope tightly with one hand and answer the phone with the other.


Ruan Jiujiu lowered her voice: "Relax, I'll send you a red envelope later..."

"No, it's not about this. You know, I'm also a person with professional dignity." Li's voice was calm, "And well... Madam, I suggest you look out and check the window to your east. This is all I can do for you. See you."

"Beep..." He hung up.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ? "

According to his instruction, she looked out to the left window with confusion.


It seemed that they had a real connection. His eyes watched hers. Cheng Jun stood in front of the window. She didn't know how long he had been there watching her. His eyes felt very much like the eyes in the embarrassing restaurant that day.



Ruan Jiujiu was stunned.

Her hand unconsciously let the rope go. Then the bulky box immediately fell down with the rope. When Ruan Jiujiu realized it, she tried to save it by stretching out her arm to grab the fast-falling rope, but unfortunately, it was too late.

Ruan Jiujiu watched the take-out box roll down in a tragic gesture, crashing into the lawn, and the box was torn apart and spilled from the plastic bag.

Looking at this, Ruan Jiujiu helplessly put her hands on the head, almost crying.

Her takeaway! Her money! Her crayfish!

All gone!

Ten minutes later.

Ruan Jiujiu, wrapped in a thick black down jacket, felt so blue and then walked downstairs. Cheng Jun followed behind her. The two were speechless all the way, which made Ruan Jiujiu very embarrassed.

She turned on the flashlight towards the lawn, easily finding the tragedy. 

Ruan Jiujiu felt guilty about leaving the takeaways aside. Anyway, here was a public place. So she came in here, and Cheng Jun, carried an empty plastic bag and a roll of paper, accompanied Ruan Jiujiu to deal with the tragedy

Ruan Jiujiu felt more frustrated. Who would throw 200 yuan worth of garbage toward the lawn!

Could she spend more wastefully? 

The two crouched down beside the crayfish but said nothing.

In order to ease the atmosphere, Ruan Jiujiu bantered with him: "I heard that you can still pick up the food to eat if it fell on the ground for just few seconds. Now, only a few minutes have passed, should we give it a try? Ha ha ha ha ha ha."

Listening to this, Cheng Jun squatting beside was deep in thought.

He stared at the cold crayfish lying on the lawn: "..."

Ruan Jiujiu: "No, it's a joke, stop!"

Cleaning up the mess was mainly done by Cheng Jun. He put on plastic gloves, packed the residue into the bag, and wiped the floor with paper several times. Ruan Jiujiu lit the way with flashlight for him.

Cheng Jun didn't say a word the whole time. He picked up an oversized crayfish and was silent.

Ruan lowered her head: "I'm sorry."

He picked up the cold skewers again, silent.

Ruan Jiujiu kept her head lowered more: "I'm so sorry."

If you thought she felt awkward when Cheng Jun found her secretly ordering takeout, then now picking up the evidence of her eating alone in the face of her was like a death sentence for her. Ruan Jiujiu almost burst into tears.

God, she swore never to eat alone!

Ruan Jiujiu asked sadly: "How did you find me ordering takeaway?" She almost doubted that Cheng Jun had a dog nose, and could smell it thousands of miles away.

Cheng Jun was very calm: "Just open the window to ventilate."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She was super lucky.

In fact, Cheng Jun had been standing in front of the window—from the time before Ruan Jiujiu falling asleep. He had looked out to the ground and seen the deliveryman walking towards this building. Then he had opened the window silently and caught sight of a crack in the next window. A "rope" had been thrown down.

Ruan Jiujiu sighed.

Her stomach was grumbling, which made her immediately blushed.

Cheng Jun stood up, carrying a bag of garbage. He didn't care whether it was dirty or not but just walked towards the front. His cool voice came from the wind: "Come on, let's grab some food."

Ruan Jiujiu knew today she had made a mistake, so she could only pretend not to hear it.

Cheng Jun' "Just grab some food" was a lie.

They went into a restaurant and sat in a box. Here sold quack gourmet dishes. They ordered a table full of dishes, including spicy crayfish and barbecue. The color, the smell, all made people start slobbering. Ruan Jiujiu felt at home and peeled off the crayfish. Her mouth was full of oil. Because it was too spicy, she went red in just a moment.

Suddenly, Ruan Jiujiu remembered today's cold war.

She got depressed: "What's wrong with you today? Why did you turn your back on me?"

Cheng Jun heard this, and then stopped peeling for a while: "It's my fault. So sorry about that, just forget it."

"You ok? What's going on? I can help you."

Ruan Jiujiu huddled up with a smile: "Absolutely help you become happy."

Cheng Jun said slowly: "Happier than eating alone?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "... It's better for you to be unhappy."

Cheng Jun didn't mean to talk, so Ruan Jiujiu also shut up. She stopped asking questions and just kept eating. The scene looked somewhat harmonious.

Ruan Jiujiu was stuffed, lying on her chair, and didn't want to move.

She was a bit worried: "Eating like this, will I get fat?"

Cheng Jun slowly started his popular science class: "Your basal metabolism is only about 1200 kilocalories a day, and the metabolic rate of non-exercise is lower. Now you have taken in high oil and salty food and carbohydrates at night, so you will not only gain weight but also..."

"You want to die?" Ruan Jiujiu interrupted him with a sneer. "A woman just wants to hear one word at this time: 'No'."

Cheng Jun, who was forced to shut up, found that women only liked lies that were harmful to themselves.

Cheng Jun got the check, and Ruan Jiujiu waited behind him with her hands in the pockets.

Their good looking attracted the attention of other people in the restaurant. Even the cashier was very polite, saying that they wanted to give them a 34% discount as well as a VIP card to hope they will come again next time.

Ruan Jiujiu, putting on the down jacket's hat, tried to cover half of her face. Fortunately, Cheng Jun moved quickly. After the payment, he got her out of here.

It was dark outside. Ruan Jiujiu felt cold and then shivered.

She followed Cheng Jun towards the place where they live. The two didn't walk a few steps. Suddenly a car drove by, almost rolling from the road to the pedestrian zone. Ruan Jiujiu didn't even realized what happened, and then was dragged back by a force. She stumbled a few steps to the side, but fortunately Cheng Jun kept balance, so that she wouldn't fall down in embarrassment.

Then, she bumped into Cheng Jun's body.

Cheng Jun held her head with one hand and asked, "You hurt?"

He lowered his head which kept them even closer. In the dim light, his eyelashes twitched like crow feathers, and his eyes lost their usual inattentiveness when he stared at Ruan Jiujiu. His pupils were so dark. In the night, Ruan Jiujiu can't see clear the emotion in his eyes.

Was she hurt? Of course not. Cheng Jun had reacted so quickly that she still had a long distance from that car.

Ruan Jiujiu's dull nerve finally made her realize that she was scared. Her face became very white.

"No, let's go home."

Cheng Jun hummed to say yes, but didn't let go off his hand.

He held her arm and walked towards home. His pace was a little fast, which made Ruan Jiujiu trot after him in spite of herself. Cheng Jun seemed to realize that she couldn't keep up, so he deliberately slowed down so that Ruan Jiujiu could keep up.

Ruan Jiujiu suddenly felt that Cheng Jun was quite charming when he took things seriously. His beauty in that specific moment even shocked her.

The two were silent along the way, and they could only hear the rattling sound of shoes stepping on the ground. Ruan Jiiujiu, with her arms being held, didn't feel uncomfortable. She took a few steps and whispered, "Thank you."

Although Cheng Jun was only her husband in name, he was quite reliable.

Cheng Jun made a soft sound to show he got it.

He, dressed a long black down jacket, had a slender physique, leaving only Ruan Jiujiu with a casual, indifferent profile as usual. This profile as if showed his indifference to Ruan Jiujiu's gratitude. Somehow it was cool.

Ruan Jiujiu glanced at him again and again.


Ruan Jiujiu hesitated.

"Why you walk with the same foot with the hand?"

Cheng Jun: "..."

The author had something to say:

Today’s Jun was a shy Jun hahahahaha

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