Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter29 part2

It got dark when Ruan Jiujiu was back home.

Cheng Jun was still in his study. So Ruan Jiujiu changed her clothes first, and then lay down on the soft couch with her head resting on the cushion. She was peeling oranges, with legs cocked. She kept tossing them. It seemed that she was in a good mood.

Cheng Jun opened the door. The first thing he saw was Ruan Jiujiu lying on the sofa. She was dignified and courteous in front of strangers. But now, at home, she just stretched out on the couch.

Ruan Jiujiu raised her head to say hello: "Hi, good evening."

Cheng Jun made a sound to respond to the greeting, and then sat on the armchair beside.

Ruan Jiujiu was peeling oranges, and suddenly asked curiously: "What do you think of Gu You?" Because Cheng Jun had completely beaten him, so she had no cognition of Gu You's strength.

Cheng Jun glanced at her, obviously not willing to answer the question.

"Not bad."

His "Not bad" was already very convincing praise.

Ruan Jiujiu with a sigh of relief: "Then wish him success."

From those words, Cheng Jun knew that she definitely had known Gu You would continue to participate in the trial. As for how to get the specific information, and what kind of interaction happened between the two, it was all unknown to Cheng Jun.

But Ruan Jiujiu at this time was still very happy, as if the good mood today was because of Gu You.

She talked about Gu You, and even felt happy for Gu You. But for Cheng Jun's past, she was too lazy to ask about it. Now she can take the initiative to mention Gu You, and just to figure out his strength.

Gu You, Gu You, all she said was Gu You.

Cheng Jun, still had the tired and lazy eyes, but they were different today.

Now, he didn't even want to see her smiling face which was somewhat a little annoying. He stood up suddenly and walked towards the study.

Ruan Jiujiu behind him asked with some surprise: "Hey, you don't eat?"


"What happened?" 

Only the sound of door closing gave her an answer

What's up with him?

He was just temporarily controlled by the inexplicably contemptible and ridiculous emotions that suddenly came up.

Ruan Jiujiu thought that Cheng Jun only went through the toddler tantrums, but he didn't go out for a while. Now Ruan Jiujiu was a little pissed off. She returned to her room angrily, and closed the door to tell Cheng Jun that she wasn't happy either.

Ruan Jiujiu were in bed and played with her mobile phone. She planned to make peace with him a little later. Then she kept waiting the timing...

She didn't know when she fell asleep.

When Ruan Jiujiu awoke, she felt hungry. She quietly opened the door, but found that Cheng Jun's study was still closed. She closed her door angrily, planning to stop cooking today and let him go hungry.

The sound of the stomach grumbling made Ruan Jiujiu touch her flat belly.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She then opened Meituan app (a Chinese group buying platform for locally found consumer products and retail services.) and decided to enjoy a big meal. She spent a lot of money to order spicy crayfish dishes, Longmen clam rice noodles (seafood snack) and BBQ skewers. Ruan Jiujiu had began to swallow.

When she was about to click to pay, she suddenly remembered that if she ordered takeout, Cheng Jun must know that and attributed this to the bad incident of eating alone.

So, she got a clever idea.

She wrote in the notes: Please don't go to the front entrance, but to the south window. There will be a rope hanging down, remember to tie the dishes tightly. 

Then, she happily paid for the food.

Ruan Jiujiu, based on what she had learnt from the TV programs, twisted the two sheets into thick ropes and tied them tightly, waiting patiently for the deliveryman to come.

Today's deliveryman Li was very perplexed.

He checked the notes several times before confirming the strange delivery way. Since the customer said she would pay a tip, he gritted his teeth and drove the electromobile to the south. It was so dark outside. He looked like a thief who secretly carried a bag of takeaway to the downstairs to confirm the location.

Then a window opened and a rope hung down. She shook it towards him.

He didn't understand the reason for this, but he followed the order.

Li tied tightly according to the customer's wishes, so as not to loosen the bag. Doing this made him sweaty. Finally, work was done. He raised his head and waited for the customer to pull up.


He saw another window opened.

It was adjacent to the window where the rope hung down. A man stood in front of that window and quietly looked at the rope in the next window.

Li was confused: "..."

Should he remind the customer or not?

The author had something to say:

Discussion on the possibility of Ruan Jiujiu’s eating alone. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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