Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Early in the morning, Ruan Jiujiu went to work.

She made bento lunch boxes. One was put in her bag, and the other, after cooling down, was sent to the fridge. Cheng Jun walked out of his study, rubbed his eyes sleepily, and walked to the fridge with one hand in his pocket and the other hand took out a bottle of Yakult. After a while, his eyes followed Ruan Jiujiu to the left chopping board, and then followed her to the right lunch box. He looked very leisurely.

Ruan Jiujiu took a glance at him who was relaxed and doing nothing. Somehow she was depressed.

She felt that herself was some hard-working husband to support a family, while Cheng Jun was the beautiful wife who was raised by her and enjoyed spending money everyday. 

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

However, raising such a good looking man was not really a loss... if his EQ could be higher.

As long as she thought of the goat turd ball... Yuck! The black pebble, she, with the new hatred and the old hatred suddenly came up into her mind, glared at him.

Cheng Jun looked at her innocently and didn't understand why she was so angry in the early morning.

"I'm going to work, be good and wait for me at home."

Cheng Jun was very obedient: "Okay."

He watched her changed the shoes, and went out in a spirited manner. The door closed with a snap, and the house was suddenly so quiet. Cheng Jun sat alone in the dining table chair, and somehow felt that it was not a good way to hide his identity.

The house will be empty for another day.

Cheng Jun took a sip of Yakult and lowered his eyelids. The eyelashes were slender and thick. For a long time, a soft sigh overflowed between his lips.


It should be taken out for a while then be drunk.


Ruan Jiujiu took a taxi to work as usual. She had never studied for her driver's tests. But recently, due to the work, Ruan Jiujiu had to consider whether she should buy a car and take a driver's test.

She didn’t have the license before because she was afraid of a car accident. Now she became open-minded. Life and death depended on the god. No one can control his own longevity.

It was a little late to go out today, and there was a traffic jam on the road. Although the driver tried to change the route to bypass the tide of traffic jam, he still failed to make Ruan Jiujiu successfully catch up with work time.

Ruan Jiujiu had told Old Meng in advance that she will be late for work. It was reasonable if the company deducted her wages.

Old Meng was good-tempered. He sent a voice message to tell her to be easy and if she didn't eat in the morning, she could even have breakfast and then come to work.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." The company's predecessors were so friendly.

After being off the taxi, she rushed to the company and no longer able to care about her image.

Turning from the building, and then it was not too far to Jiacheng's company. She carried her lunch box, and the heels clicked on the ground.

Afterwards, someone almost bumped into her.

Ruan Jiujiu quickly said: "I'm so sorry!"

The woman gave loud cries first, and then grabbed Ruan Jiujiu in disbelief: "Why are you here?"

It turned out to be Xu Biying.

This direction was headed towards Jiacheng. Xu Biying was shocked for a while, and didn't understand how Ruan Jiujiu got into Jiacheng.

Ruan Jiujiu wondered: "Why can't I be here?"

Xu Biying's hand was very cold, and she grabbed Ruan Jiujiu tightly. Ruan Jiujiu threw off her hand and frowned. She really didn't like Xu Biying's rude behavior: "I'm going to be late for work, please let me leave."

"Go to work?"

Xu Biying couldn't believe it: "You?" She thought that Ruan Jiujiu went to Jiacheng for work was simply the biggest joke in the world.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't want to speak to her. But Xu Biying regarded this as the guilty conscience—she dared not admit that it was a lie.

Xu Biying sneered: "No wonder you have changed your makeup. It turned out to be beauty's contribution."

Ruan Jiujiu was astonished for a moment, then felt angry but funny. Because Xu Biying's words revealed that she admitted that Ruan Jiujiu was pretty, so she wasn’t angry anymore.

Once upon a time, Ruan Jiujiu had dreams of being scolded in this way.

[You think you're somebody cuz you're rich?]

[You think you're awesome cuz you're pretty!]

Ruan Jiujiu thought that being rich and pretty was really awesome.

She said with a smile: "Yeah, I just got my beauty. You may also give it a try?" I was the the most beautiful woman in the world. This who she was. Ruan Jiujiu, a woman with thick skin.

Her joke was taken seriously by Xu Biying.

Xu Biying gritted her teeth: "I'm not worse than you!"

She had been secretly comparing with Ruan Jiujiu from her last life. If she can't win at appearance and body shape, then she'll take personality and ability as comparison factors. After this, she had felt quite satisfied—Ruan Jiujiu was nothing but a vase, and was much worse than her. 

But now, Xu Biying felt furious about the divide feeling.

Xu Biying just watched the delicate Ruan Jiujiu passed by, and watched her confidently entered Jiacheng. Even the security guard was very polite to her, and then she disappeared in a place which Xu Biying can never set foot in.


Unconsciously, her fists were squeezed tightly.

Xu Biying was so jealous of Ruan Jiujiu for the first time. In order to ride on Gu You's coattails, she resorted to any means, just to wait Gu You to enter Jiacheng one day and to usher in his glorious life. But Now, Ruan Jiujiu entered that place so easily. Xu Biying couldn’t accept it.

Xu Biying, who had lost her wits, came home and asked Gu You to meet.

She sat on the cafe and looked at Gu You who sat opposite and was haggard. His right hand was wrapped in a layer of gauze, which hadn’t been removed yet. His beard hadn’t been shaved, and even with an inconspicuous wound in the chin. Such a look proved that he had nothing to do with a hero at the moment. Now, he was simply the setting sun, which was about to sink into the cold water and never see the sky.

Xu Biying clenched her fists: "Brother You, I hope you get better!"

Gu You closed his lips tightly, blinked, and said, "Thank you."

Xu Biying was heartbroken by his depression. Gu You's negative emotions tightly wrapped around her, making her breathless. She increasingly doubted whether Gu You could really pull through. After all, there had been very big changes in this life. For example, the chance of Gu You's future wife appearing was nipped by her in the bud.

A butterfly that kept flapping wings was able to change a lot of things.

Xu Biying stared at him and said slowly, "If you go on like this, even I will give up on you."

Gu You blinked, indifferently.

Xu Biying was irritated by his indifference, and she just blurted out: "OK, fine, if you want to be a trash, then you go! You will be like this for a lifetime. I'm really wrong that think you will succeed!"

Saying this, Xu Biying immediately regretted it.

Because, the man in front of her was the over-ten-years childhood sweetheart. His eyes that had been always gentle, now finally lost their last compromise when looked at her.

He stared at her like staring at a stranger.

Gu You said: "If you want to buy stocks, I'm sorry, because I'm a stock that will hit limit down and no more miracles will happen."

Xu Biying's back felt cold, and she quickly stuttered to explain: "No, I don't mean that, I..."

Gu You dropped an unusually cold words.

"A man with only success is not the real me. You should go find someone else."

Then, he turned and walked away from his seat without looking back.


Time passed in a hurry, and half a month passed in an instant. Ruan Jiujiu gradually adapted to the company's life and seemed to be happy.

In addition to the employees who often wanted to take the opportunity to talk to her, everything went on smoothly.

She calculated the time and salary, thinking about being a rich lady in the future, and then getting married or just being in love with others as she wanted. This was really her dream life.

Recently, Tu Nan was on a business trip. Old Meng was left in the company. He, besides Tu Nan, was the only employee that can handle most company affairs. Old Meng was an uncle. He liked the 2-D world. If you talked about the development history of Japanese anime with him, he can explain it precisely. He was so proud that once he had shaken hand with Hayao Miyazaki (He is a Japanese film director and animator.), so he hadn't washed this hand for a week.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She thought of Old Meng was a man, and as a man, when he went to the toilet... Well, Old Meng instantly became a sloppy old uncle in her heart.

He kept complaining the TV adaptation and hoped that there was no romance between Sherry and Conan (characters in a Japanese anime). Hearing this, Ruan Jiujiu felt her head was numb. So she found an excuse to go out to avoid Old Meng washing her brain.

There was still a lot of work in the afternoon, so Ruan Jiujiu just wanted to take some sunbathing and then back to continue her work.

The sunshine was perfect outside. Ruan Jiujiu squinted her eyes, but saw a familiar figure. It was Gu You.

He stood outside the gate, looked thin and drawn. It seemed that he didn't notice Ruan Jiujiu for he looked blankly.

Ruan Jiujiu was confused.

It was weird. These two people took turns? One came back and the other came here. Then all stayed at the door of Jiacheng?

Ruan Jiujiu stepped forward: "Hi, Gu You."

Gu You's blank eyes instantly regained focus. He stood up straight, turned, and found Ruan Jiujiu stood beside him with a smile.

"Excuse me, you’re here for…"

Ruan Jiujiu pointed to the building behind her and answered: "I work here. Draw pictures."

He was a little surprised, and then eased his look: "In CG artist recruitment last time, you’re the NO.233 who ranked first, right?"

You still remember? It's my pleasure." Ruan Jiujiu thought that Gu You had pulled himself together, so she looked at him with a smile, "So wanna go in? But Mr. Tu is not here today."


Gu You was in silent.

He had planned to come to see Jiacheng for the last time, and then said goodbye to his absurd and downcast first half of his life. Now Ruan Jiujiu asked him easily, but he didn't know how to answer her.

She thought he was strong. And he himself thought so.

Looking at the confident Ruan Jiujiu, Gu You thought of Liszt who must have iron will to become a great player. But he, just in his early twenty, and then wanted to gave up his life?

That was really a shame.

"You ok?" Ruan Jiujiu asked.


His voice was a little dry, not as warm as the voice in usual. But when he looked up again, something was different.

"I will not give up." Gu You repeated it, as if swearing for himself.

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Yep, Xu Biying doesn't deserve him. As Gu You said, she only saw him as a stock. She doesn't have sincere feelings for him.
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Just leave Biying. Find your original future wife in the past life.
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