Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Ruan Jiujiu knew it because when she had read the whole book, it was full of sweet plots and was almost no big changes. The only turn of the plots was when the male host suffered setbacks. Although the writer didn't give it too much description, it still made Ruan Jiujiu feel the pain of the male host.

E-sports players had a short career which required them to make achievements in their young ages. Although Gu You had capacity before the accident happened, he was unlucky and suffered terribly several times when he was about to reach the peak of his life.

This time was the most serious accident.

If her memory was right, it was because Gu You saw a robbery on the road, he saved others but hurt his own hands. He needed to rest for at least a few months.

For him, this moment was tantamount to a disaster.

Fortunately, he was accompanied by the heroine Xu Biying who gave warmth in his most gloomy life moment. At this time, Gu You really fell in love with the heroine. Then his luck came suddenly. He made great progress and married the hostess.

After one or two years of marriage, Gu You turned to a behind-the-camera employee and became Jiacheng's right-hand man.

Then Ruan Jiujiu forgot what happened after that. She had stayed up late to read the book but had just wanted to complain about all kinds of incredible logic and views of life and values. After all, who would have expected to open her eyes again and really transmigrated into the book.

Tu Nan's expression was solemn.

He asked about Gu You's situation, and told Gu You to rest to assure that he wouldn't get his hands hurt again. Then Tu Nan hung up the phone.

"Sis... Well, let's go, the driver is waiting for you in the parking lot, and I can send you there."

Ruan Jiujiu sighed quietly in her heart.

No matter what Xu Biying had done, she was a good dose for Gu You at this time. Ruan Jiujiu only hoped that Xu can help Gu You to recover quickly.

She followed Tu Nan behind, and several programmers passing by felt surprised. But they suddenly realized that the boss's face expression was more serious than usual, so they behaved modestly. Ruan Jiujiu then went back without any harassment. 

Pushing the door open, the living room was dark and the lights were not turned on. It seemed that Cheng Jun fell asleep.

She changed her shoes, turned on the lights, and suddenly stumbled backwards with a scream.

"Why sit on the sofa without any sound!" She was annoyed.

Suddenly saw a man in black sitting on the sofa, Ruan Jiujiu felt her hackles rose and covered with goose bumps. She almost lifted her shoes and threw it over.

Compared to her panic, Cheng Jun was very calm.

He lay on the sofa with eyes opened. Like a puppet looked at the TV wall.

Ruan Jiujiu: "... What are you doing?"

It was creepy.

Cheng Jun's quiet voice flickered: "Inedia." (It's the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food.)

Ruan Jiujiu: "?"

He continued: "Generally speaking, I'm starving."


Ruan Jiujiu really hoped he can go on such a diet and then go to heaven as a fairy.

A wonderful cook Ruan Jiujiu saved a human, Cheng Jun, just by noodles with an egg. She looked at Cheng Jun eating noodles, and suddenly realized that this guy hadn't been interested in junk food since she cooked for him. Now he only waited all day to eat delicious food.

This kind of reaping without sowing behavior was undesirable.

Ruan Jiujiu said seriously: "You can't always count on me to cook in case I'm not here? You have to learn to take care of yourself."

There were too many unstable factors in the future. Perhaps one day she opened her eyes and returned to her original world. Then if Cheng Jun wanted to look for her, he could not find her anymore.

Suddenly thinking of this, Ruan Jiujiu felt a little melancholy. She found that she liked this world more and more.

Cheng Jun's action of eating noodles stopped for a moment.

He said quietly: "You won't."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Ha? What?"

Cheng Jun just ate the noodles and didn't answer the question.

Ruan Jiujiu felt that sometimes it was really hard to figure out what he was thinking. She really didn't know if he was wise or pretended to be wise. After all, he was always incoherent.

One day's work was exhausting, Ruan Jiujiu felt a little sleepy after back home. She rubbed her eyes and told Cheng Jun to go to bed early after eating. Then, she went to the bathroom. Not for a while, the water from showerhead sounded, and it was only at this moment that the icy home seemed to have warmth.

The next day, Ruan Jiujiu got up early.

Her movements were very light. She quickly prepared two meals and put them into two lunch boxes. One to take away, and one to be placed in the most prominent place in the fridge.

Seeing that being late for work, she hurried to catch the bus.

At noon, Cheng Jun finished the work in the study. He stood up, dressed in pajamas and lazily walked toward the fridge. As usual, he wanted to take a bottle of milk. 

When he opened the fridge, there was a prepared bento.

He murmured and lifted the lid. It was filled with food and meat with two more eggs cut in half.

It was very unusual that Cheng Jun hesitated for a while.

At this moment, the phone rang, it was Ruan Jiujiu's WeChat message.

Ruan Jiujiu: Remember, the bento must must must be heated in the microwave!


He looked down at the phone, with his face was mostly covered by the fridge door. His facial expression couldn't be seen clearly.


Ruan Jiujiu, who started working in the company, quickly adapted to the atmosphere here. Unlike other companies with clear boundaries between bosses and employees, even Tu Nan and the others were big bosses, they were very kind to her. According to Tu Nan, when starting a business, they had worked together in partnership. The development from a small company to today’s scale was only a short time. Till now they still regarded themselves as ordinary employees.

Besides this, the bosses were lively, funny and easy-going. Just because they were also young.

However, Ruan Jiujiu clearly felt that they were also very interested in her lunch.

"..." Ruan Jiujiu really wanted to cover her lunchbox while eating.

It was so strange! Why had the big boss been interested in her lunch? He must have eaten all kinds of food!

Tu Nan really wanted to taste the food cooked by his sister-in-law. But he didn't dare to say that. What if people who didn't know the truth thought he was a rogue. He suppressed the temptation in his heart and quietly ate curry rice. He really envied his boss's wonderful life.

Looked at the color scheme! The nutrition match! The warm little lunch box!

The love can't be copied. No matter how elaborate the food was made by nutritionists or chefs!

The single finally felt extremely broken-hearted in this winter!

Ruan Jiujiu watched him eating and suddenly sighed inexplicably, confused.

There had a lot of stress in recent work. Fortunately, Ruan Jiujiu had a solid foundation in terms of painting which was just in line with Jiacheng's aesthetic. In addition, she was willing to work hard every day. At the beginning, Tu Nan had been worried about how to continue the work. It turned out Ruan Jiujiu did better than he expected. Well, finally he didn’t need to worry about the progress being delayed.

"Good, really good."

Tu Nan's eyes lit up when looked at the design drawing. He praised Ruan Jiujiu Nth time without hesitation: "Just follow this progress, and you got it!"

Ruan Jiujiu even felt a bit embarrassed due to his praise.

She glanced at the clear blue sky outside the window, and suddenly thought of Gu You.

Half a month had passed. What happened between the male and female?

At the same moment.

Xu Biying was really aggrieved.

From the previous life to now, Gu You had never been so cold to her. She comforted him, encouraged him, but had little effect, which made Xu Biying begin to doubt whether she was doing it right.

She thought that since she had been responsible for her decision during the last life, so in this life, she also should be so.

Now that she had chosen Gu You, she absolutely had to keep her mind on going. Can't just give up halfway.

Gu You didn't walk out of the gate for a few days. Xu Biying was also at a loss for a while. She didn't know how to continue the life. She was very confused, and repeated the reports about Gu You's legendary experience that she had seen in her previous life.

She believed herself. Gu You of the last life was hit hard at this time, and then this was the beginning of his success. He'll definitely shine like a gold.

Jiacheng, a dream-like place.T

Thinking of Jiacheng, and thinking of the city where she had been for several years, Xu Biying thought of Cheng Jun’s face that awakened her in countless dreams.

Since rebirth, Xu Biying had vowed never to recall Cheng Jun again. This man was a vase beauty. He had nothing but good look. Compared with Gu You, he was nothing but a nerd. So Xu Biying had no feelings for him at all.

Though of this more, Xu Biying more and more recalled the bitter memories of her previous life.

She thought, according to the timeline of the last life, Cheng Jun was still at that broken house that could not be sold. His money was swept away by her ex-wife, and he led a life alone with hopelessness.

Xu Biying thought about seeing his being down and out.

Suddenly, she really wanted to do this.

People always like to make a comparison. Seeing poor Cheng Jun will only make her more certain that her choice was absolutely right.

So—just took a look at him from a distance, then she can completely break the obsession of the previous life.

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