Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Ruan Jiujiu felt herself wasn't considerate. As a woman, she sympathized with An Rou.

She would apply sunscreen even when it was overcast. So she can't imagine what will happen if she had been exposed to the sun for so long. Ruan Jiujiu was afraid that maybe it will be recovered until next year.

Seeing the girl's red eyes, Ruan Jiujiu started to comfort her.

Listening to this, An Rou cried even more.

In the evening, An Rou, who came out of the room, applied temporary sunburn repair cream, wearing long-sleeved trousers, a sun hat, sunglasses, holding an umbrella, wearing a mask, and covering her body from top to toe.

Some staff had set up a barbecue by the beach, so they can eat, drink and enjoy the cool breeze. Quite comfortable! Only An Rou felt unhappy like a dark cloud above her head. She was out of tune with the joyous people. Jiao Fan, however, didn't think it was a big deal to tan, so he followed others to pick ingredients to cook.

Several chefs were preparing barbecue seasoning and charcoal fire. They caught the sight of a beautiful lady in a long dress wearing a coat who was happily bowing her head to play with small stones. She looked innocent and cute. Her black eyes were like two twinkling stars, full of curiosity about everything.

It was so beautiful. They couldn’t help glancing at her twice

Then, the beauty picked up a big crab, and laughed: "Cheng Jun, look! I got it!"

Cheng Jun, who silently retreated to the safe area: "..."

Onlookers: "..."

The crab was washed by the chef who intended to pickle it in sauce. Ruan Jiujiu felt satisfied for picking up a lot of small stones polished by the sea water. She planned to go back to the store to pierce holes to be worn as a bracelet. This was probably a Pandora bracelet in the handmade world?

When she turned around, she almost bumped into a person. Ruan Jiujiu straightened her body. It was An Rou.

"I have something to say to you." An Rou was expressionless, without the gentleness and dignity by day, and stared at Ruan Jiujiu, "I don't care if you’re acting crazy or stupid, or you're just too confident, but Cheng Jun , I'll definitely have him. "

Ruan Jiujiu: "Okay."

An Rou: "I'm not kidding!"

Ruan Jiujiu: "So am I. You do your job and we can still be girlfriends, right?"

An Rou: "..."

Ruan Jiujiu said with a smile: "Let me be clear, we don’t have much conjugal affection, so if you want him, you don't need to tell me, cuz he doesn't like me either."

An Rou was a little surprised.

She wasn’t sure that Cheng Jun liked Ruan Jiujiu, but she knew that he definitely cared about her. But looked at Ruan Jiujiu, everyone knew who cared more about the other one. An Rou was jealous and indescribably sad. In her heart, Cheng Jun, who was so cold as a flower of high mountains, even unilaterally protected another person.

She thought that people like Cheng Jun would only be loved. But the cold stone heart can never be melted.

An Rou stopped talking. Ruan Jiujiu didn't know what was wrong her words after thinking for a while. She really couldn't understand what An Rou was thinking about.

An Rou bit her lip and said, "I don't believe you."

How many men like Cheng Jun in the world?

Ruan Jiujiu wondered that An Rou girl should go to find a tall and handsome man with high EQ like Gu You. Why did she like such a nerd.

She kindly persuaded her: "Trust me. Out with the old, in with the new..."

When Ruan Jiujiu said this, it happened that Cheng Jun and the others came over and heard it completely. Hearing the sister-in-law's words, the others looked at the boss silently, and always felt that he was cuckolded.

Cheng Jun: "..."

"Er, well, time for dinner!" Tu Nan hurriedly stopped Ruan Jiujiu.

While Ruan Jiujiu didn't care about it but happily went to barbecue.

The marinated fresh meat was brushed with a layer of oil, and then roasted on a charcoal fire, sizzled. The strong flavor made Ruan Jiujiu swallow.

An Rou sat in a gracious manner on the chair. Ruan Jiujiu asked, "You don't eat?"

She frowned in disgust: "I'm a vegetarian."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Oh, I’m sorry." She, a heavy meat-eater, really couldn't get along well with An Rou.

An Rou walked to a red bucket, looked at the fluttering fish inside, and said softly, "Please don't eat them. See, they are so cute. Shall we set them free?

Her voice wasn't loud but was enough to make Cheng Jun sitting nearby hear clearly.

Ruan Jiujiu simply refused her: "No, I want them."

"You are too cruel. The fish are alive."

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ?"

"I participate in the releasing activity every year and free the fish and the turtle." An Rou showed out the photos in the cell phone to prove to her, "See, this turtle is so big, I don't know how long it has lived."

Ruan Jiujiu hesitantly asked, "This... is a Brazilian turtle..."

Brazilian tortoises were known as ecological killers. They were ferocious omnivorous animals that even dared to bite people. Ruan Jiujiu guessed the turtle released by An Rou had probably eaten almost all the fish in the lake.

What kind of free was this?

An Rou knew the Brazilian tortoise, but she didn't know the exact appearance. Her face was pale, and she didn't know what to say for a while, so she looked at Cheng Jun for help.

Then, she just watched Cheng Jun pointed at the pile of fish and said, "Bake them all."

An Rou: "..."

Who said good men will like kind girls who love animals?

Tu Nan smiled and dragged An Rou back, so that she could give up and stop bothering them.

Ruan Jiujiu was back to her original position. Seeing the shrimp baked, she stretched out her hands greedily, but someone picked up faster than she did.

Cheng Jun looked to Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu stunned for a moment, thinking that he had helped her, so she reached out and said, "Thank you... you such a jerk!"

Then she could just watch the grilled shrimp entered Cheng Jun's mouth. Cheng Jun was slightly burned and heaved a sigh of relief with the bulging cheeks: "Yummy."

Ruan Jiujiu ground the back molars bitterly.

She went to get the grilled squid, but Cheng Jun was faster than her again. His slender arms easily crossed Ruan Jiujiu to pick up the squid. This time he remembered to cool it down by blowing first before eating it.

"So good."

Ruan Jiuiu: "... You want to die?"

She lost her patience and reached for the oysters. This time Cheng Jun didn't stop her, so she was very confident...

"Hot! Hot! Hot"

Cheng Jun: "Ha."

"..." She heard it! 

Ruan Jiujiu wanted to tie him to the rocket and sent him to the space. Never came back!

She looked at Cheng Jun who continued to chew like nothing happened. She became even more angry. Not waiting for his reaction, she suddenly grabbed his cheeks and rubbed them hard.

Cheng Jun's face skin was thin, so it became red after a few rubs.

Ruan Jiujiu happily said: "Bet you don't do that again."

Cheng Jun suddenly stunned.

The beautiful lady in his arms had a unique fragrance, which was usually light on weekdays, but it suddenly became clear at the moment.

Her palms were warm and her fingertips, with the residual temperature after being burned, clung tightly to his cheeks.

His heart also seemed to be burned.

Ruan Jiujiu at this time saw her enlarged face from his eyes, which almost occupied most of his pupils. She froze for a moment, and suddenly realized that she was holding Cheng's face like pretending to kiss him. Eyes to eyes and close enough.



"Your eyes have ..."

Ruan Jiujiu immediately turned a dark face: "Shut up."

The others sitting side by side saw this clearly. Tu Nan drank a sip of wine and said, "An Rou, see? Do you think the boss can be touched by you like this? " They were not idiots. Cheng Jun looked indifferent. He had deliberately provoked Ruan Jiujiu only because of those words just now.

An Rou pressed her lips tightly without saying a word.

"You'd better admit your error as soon as possible. Even now nothing happened, but it doesn't mean the boss allows you to do it."

An Rou suddenly felt a little sad: "I really don't understand. She's no good than me, why you all support her? Even support their quoted dead marriage? It's not in the old days anymore.Why shouldn’t we have the rights to love others?"

"Don't make comparison. An Rou, things will never be easy as you want."

Jiao Fan, who had been muffled for a while, suddenly darkened his face: "Don't make an excuse to intervene in other's marriage. And don't let me look down on you."



Ruan Jiujiu fell asleep, but Cheng Jun stood outside the door, smelling the sea breeze.

His loose clothes were blown by the breeze. Cheng Jun stood alone on the soft and fine gravel, not knowing what he was thinking about. Behind him, a figure gradually approached. It was An Rou.

She said softly, "No word?"

Cheng Jun put his hands in the pockets, turned his back to her, and said in a calm tone: "Don't use your credibility at work to change other bets."

"You mean..." Her complexion was instantly pale.

"Write a resignation letter."

An Rou couldn't believe Cheng Jun would even take the initiative to do this. She clenched her fists, gritted her teeth and said, "If I'm leaving, no one can take my job, you sure?"

Cheng Jun turned around slowly.

At night, his eyes were dark, alienated and aloof that Ruan Jiujiu had never seen before. He was calm. Even if An Rou's tears could not stop falling, he didn't move at all: "No one is unique in work."

Therefore, it was completely wrong to try to use your own experience and status to seek other privileges.

An Rou was shaking all over.

She thought of Tu Nan's words.

"An Rou, you still don't understand Cheng Jun."

She really did. Why he can downplay everything.

An Rou wiped her tears and asked unwillingly: "I only have one more question... Will anyone be unique in your world."

The man in the night stood upright with long narrow eyes glanced casually towards the sea. His voice flickered, almost being silent in the movement of the waves on the shore.

"I don't know."


The next day, An Rou's room was empty, leaving only a letter of resignation.

After receiving the news, everyone was stunned. Jiao Fan called her quickly, but was stopped by Cheng Jun who walked into the door quietly: "Don't need to."

"Boss, she has already done half of the work, then you just let her go?"


As soon as Cheng Jun's words came out, there was no room for rebuttal. Tu Nan sighed and scratched his head, saying, "Then what should we do next?"

Cheng Jun's response was quite calm.

"Haven't you already recruited painters? Train them." They'll soon know what to do.

CG collections—

The others looked at each other.

The NO.1... Ruan Jiujiu? !


Ruan Jiujiu sneezed, rubbing her nose.

She didn't sleep very well last night. The hair was messy like a henhouse. She brushed her hair while picking up her phone, but saw a text message on her phone showing a strange number. This person was obviously angry for he used a lot of exclamation marks.

"I will never be your girlfriend! ! ! ! !"

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ?"

Immediately, she realized who was that.

Ruan felt innocent. An Rou girl was very interesting.

The author had something to say:

Ruan Jiujiu: How about being girlfriends?

An Rou: I thought I had been humiliated.

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