Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Ruan Jiujiu didn't feel happy.

The wind was a bit cold now. So she gave up her plan to take beautiful photos. Putting on her coat, she decided to go back to dinner.

She walked angrily, and Cheng Jun quickly fell behind. It didn’t take long for a friendly conversation from behind to lighten up the mood: "I just took another one for you."

Ruan Jiujiu stopped with doubts: "You sure that I wasn’t photographed as an idiot?"

Cheng Jun raised his hand: "Absolutely not."

Ruan Jiujiu took the camera, leaning up carefully. Immediately, she was silent.

To be honest, she really shouldn't have built up hope on Cheng Jun.

... This nerd was really cool for he could actually make her look like a 1.2-meters little man.

Ruan Jiujiu in the photo wearing a coat and looked down like a 1.2-meter dwarf. What's worse, she seemed to be fierce and standoffish. She really didn’t want to describe herself in this way, but she was indeed like an angry and pheasant at the moment—a pheasant with wings and hair fluffed up.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

It turned out that in Cheng Jun's world, she looked like that.

She wanted to cry.

While Cheng Jun just said: "I'm so hungry."

In the evening, Cheng Jun ate a lot of seafood calmly under Ruan Jiujiu's gloomy eyes. She stared at him, and inserted the fried fish fiercely with a knife and fork, as if Cheng Jun was staying in the porcelain dish at the moment.

Ruan Jiujiu regretted it. She thought that she could take a lot of beautiful photos with a buddy. But now, well, Cheng Jun was really good at driving her mad.

After returning to the room to clean up, Ruan Jiujiu shut the door angrily and went to bed.

She was lying on a strange bed. After turning off the lights, the room went dark. Thick curtains were pulled tightly; the pillow had a fragrant smell, and the quilt was very soft. Sure enough, it was a high-end hotel with good facilities in all aspects, but Ruan Jiujiu kept tossing and turning and can't fall asleep.

She looked up at the ceiling with her eyes widely opened, and suddenly found that the shadow on the ceiling reflected a dark mass, which almost scared her to death.

She screamed, turned over and sat up instantly. Only a moment later to realize she was scared by herself.


What an annoying hotel! Why installed a mirror on the roof? It wasn't some kind of ghost movie.

A knock on the door came from outside, and Cheng Jun slowly asked: "You ok?"

"Nothing..." Ruan Jiujiu turned on the bedside lamp in a cold sweat. She said weakly: "Just got shocked by my own beauty." She wouldn't say anything about her shameful thing when she was scared by herself!

Cheng Jun: "..."

Ruan Jiujiu didn't hear the sound of walking outside, so she always felt uneasy. She rolled over, still couldn't sleep, then opened her eyes slightly and whispered:"Cheng Jun, you there?" 

Two or three seconds later, she heard it.

“Yeah.” He should be in the living room for he sounded very close.

Ruan Jiujiu somehow felt relieved.

“Good night.” She murmured, like talking to herself.

It was dark in the living room with all the light had been turned off. Even the curtains had been closed, you can still see the peaceful beach covered by the silent night, quite beautiful. A thin and tall figure who leaned against the wall next to her door opened his mouth but no sounds came out.

His lip shape was—good night.

Good night.

The next day, Ruan Jiujiu, fulled of energy, was in a beautiful navy blue dress. She can lie on the beach chair for a good sleep. The sun was too drying, so even ANESSA sun cream can't protect her. Ruan Jiujiu just wanted to lie quietly on the lounge chair.

At this point, she and Cheng Jun reached a perfect consensus.

However, compared with them, the other group of people wasn’t so happy. Although it was a "vacation", they still got a lot of work to do. The trio was so busy with their laptops, and they worked all night with beer gave them support.

Tu Nan was sitting on the carpet in deep contemplation: "Why did I tell boss to be there? ... Oh~ it's because I wanna annual holiday."

So what the hell they were doing now!

Fu Zicheng mourned with tears: "Fuck, I didn't keep time, so my blind date went south. I hate you!"

An Rou changed the bikini she had prepared in advance. Her full body was revealed as much as possible, which was quite different from the pure image as usual. Even Jiao Fan was stunned. She lifted her lips happily and said, "Come on, time to swim."


The two under the parasol were squinting at the scenery while eating fruit. Now, there was no one on the beach. Everything was clean and relaxing. Ruan JIujiu stretched her waist with great satisfaction: "Feel so good. Hope I can come here next holiday."

The sun, the beach, the sea waves, and... the inappropriate crunching of eating watermelon.

Ruan Jiujiu with a dark face, added: "... by myself."

At this time a few people came over. Because of the sunglasses, Ruan Jiujiu didn't see them clearly. She was just squinting. While Cheng Jun beside her rubbed his hands calmly. He wore loose half-sleeves and shorts. He must have regular exercise for his limbs were not soft and weak at the first sight. 

Ruan Jiujiu doubted that Cheng Jun went to the gym every day but didn't tell her, and pretended that he was some fat man in front of her.

Those people approached gradually, and some greeted a little unnaturally.

Ruan Jiujiu finally realized who they were, and then immediately got shocked. That was strange! Had the boss of Jiacheng come on vacation too? This was too coincident.

Tu Nan and the others saw Ruan Jiujiu lazily on the beach chair from afar. Her white skin was dazzling; her slender legs overlapped casually; and her small toes were painted with red nail polish. Damn it, she was gorgeous.

She was like a cat with a sleepy eye or like a alluring siren. These rough guys coughed one after another, and didn't dare to look at her again.

Realizing that her posture was a little indecent at the moment, Ruan Jiujiu immediately sat up straight, and tugged at the skirt like a lady to cover the slender and tender legs.

Cheng Jun seemed to have known their arrivals and continued to eat fruit slowly.

Ruan Jiujiu reminded him in a low voice: "Hey, your boss is here, don't you say hello as an employee."

The real boss took a sip of coconut juice calmly and murmured vaguely.

Now definitely he wasn’t the one that should be nervous.

Once they saw Cheng Jun, they became very nervous. The boss's title almost blurted out, but then was swallowed back. Cheng Jun just instructed them not to call him boss in front of Ruan Jiujiu, nor call her sister-in-law. They didn't know what was going on, but also didn't know how to figure it out.

"Hi! What a coincidence!" Ruan Jiujiu, as the only knowing-nothing audience greeted enthusiastically.

"Yeah, hi."

Ruan JIujiu: "Are you here on vacation?"

"Yeah, sort of." Due to the pressure, they were even covered in cold sweat in such hot days.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ?" 

Was her illusion? Why did they always feel nervous?

While Ruan Jiujiu was thinking about this, a figure walked in front of them in a graceful and swaying manner. She had a very good proportion of body shape because of practicing ballet for a few years ago. So she had a beautiful posture, like a little swan. She stepped towards Ruan Jiujiu spontaneously and said with a smile: "Hello, my name is An Rou, an animation designer of Jiacheng."

An Rou had been think about showing off. She stood while Ruan Jiujiu was seated, which made Jiuiu look even more weak. In An's mind, Ruan Jiuiu probably felt angry and was suspicious of the relationship between Cheng Jun and her. 

However, when Ruan Jiuiu heard of her designer identity, she immediately held her hands and kept shaking with great enthusiasm.

Like people in rural area met poverty-relieve officers, she, with a big smile and radiant eyes, greeted her: "Hi, I'm Ruan Jiuiu. Please remember me!"

The others: "…"

An Rou: "…"

An Rou whipped her hands away in fright: "Sure."

Ruan Jiuiu never thought that she could have a chance to met Jiacheng's designer. As soon as she thought of working with An Rou, she became even more friendly—tapped the chair to indicate that An Rou may sit together and have chichat.

An Rou stepped back in a panic: "No, no, no!"

If it wasn't she had already known Ruan Jiujiu, she maybe mistake her for a lesbian.

The bystanders: "..." They thought An Rou may muddle everything up, but now it seemed that they just worried too much.

An Rou said with a dark face, "I'm going to swim." After thinking about it, she smiled softly again, "Come?"

Ruan Jiujiu shook her head. She was afraid of getting tanned.

Seeing this, An Rou didn't force her. She twisted her waist and walked towards the sea. Jiao Fan also joined in. The remaining two were sitting far away on the other side of the lounge chair. Ruan Jiujiu murmured that Jiacheng's boss just looked amiable but actually was some stuck-up guy.

An Rou didn't invite her again for being afraid of making things bad due to her overly enthusiasm.


Ruan Jiujiu continued sitting on the chaise longue, watching An Rou flip over from the sea for a while, and then plunged in again, with a graceful figure like a mermaid. The place she was swimming was right in front of Ruan Jiujiu and Cheng Jun. Ruan Jiujiu thought the scene was so beautiful that perhaps even Cheng Jun will be attracted.

Thinking of this, Ruan Jiujiu turned around.


Cheng Jun actually fell asleep.

Looking back at An Rou to swim far and effortlessly, Ruan Jiujiu felt this was a waste of a fine body.

An Rou had good physical strength and had been swimming for a long time. Only Ruan Jiujiu enjoyed her performance the whole process and almost applauded her. Ruan Jiujiu wasn't a fool. This girl swam around and glanced here from time to time, and how could she be watching her.

So Ruan Jiujiu guessed that she liked Cheng Jun.

Ruan Jiujiu, of course, not worried, as long as they didn't mess with her, and then they can still be happy girlfriends.

It was a contracted marriage between Cheng Jun and her, so in fact, they were all in a state of being single. Ruan Jiujiu didn't care about it if An Rou liked him. Ruan Jiujiu had already assumed that if An Rou and Cheng Jun were married, spending her how much money will be appropriate as a colleague.

If An Rou knew Ruan Jiujiu's thought, she probably get mad.

Finally, An Rou was tired.

She went ashore and showed her beautiful figure completely. The swimsuit was soaked and tightly attached to the skin, and the long wet black hair was smoothly pushed to the back of the head, which looked extremely alluring.

Ruan Jiujiu was dumbfounded: "Ah..."

An Rou thought that her style at the moment might be a charm that even women had to admit.

Ruan Jiujiu: "You didn't apply sunscreen today?"



An Rou raised her arm, and it turned out to be tanned, forming a perfect contrast with the white and tender skin on the edge of the bikini. She couldn't imagine how honorable her face had become.

After the dead silence.

An Rou cried.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't hold it together, laughing.

Sorry, this was definitely not her fault!

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