Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Ruan Jiujiu didn't mean to ignore him.It was due to she even didn't put him in the candidate list at all.

She thought herself had no friends, no relatives there, so at first she had thought of selling the tickets, but because the three-day tour can only bring family members, so perhaps all the activities in the tour will require both of them to participate together. After careful consideration, Ruan Jiujiu decided to go alone.

Cheng Jun? It was absolutely impossible for him to go with her.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't want to get a sharp rebuff. So she rejected this idea.

She happily prepared for the trip. After confirming the information with the customer service of "Like a Dream", Ruan Jiujiu explained that she planned to go alone. Afterwards, Ruan Jiujiu checked the temperature and specific location, and found that there even had a private beach. Then she was happily preparing for a bikini.

Although she was a land lubber, she can enjoy the sun on the beach.

At this time, she suddenly felt sorry. If she had friends to go with, then they can take a lot of beautiful photos.

Unlike her ten-fold share of happiness, Cheng Jun, who was in the office today, seemed a little silent.

If you had been in contact with him for a long time, knowing his personality, then you will understand that he definitely didn't feel good right now. The others were a little confused, thinking that there was a problem with the game, and ran to check with great care. Only Tu Nan knew what was going on.

He was in hell now.

He had wanted to kiss the boss's ass, but now he screwed up.

Tu Nan wondered that they had a  quarrel? Why didn't the sister-in-law take the boss to trip?

His heart was crying bitterly. But on the outside, he was still a sincere advice-provider, so quietly walked to Cheng Jun.

The next second, Tu Nan's expression was complicated.

He thought Cheng Jun was busy working. But he had no idea that the notebook now displayed a WeChat page with Ruan Jiujiu, which had no chatting records at all. Cheng Jun had maintained this posture patiently since he came over in the morning. No one knew how long he watched it in the fixed posture.

Tu Nan: "Well... Boss, you got a fight with her?"

Cheng Jun was still deep in thinking.

Tu Nan: "Er... How about this? I resend an official message, showing that you had also won the prize, and then you can go with her?"

Cheng Jun was quiet. His vague silhouette was reflected on the screen of his notebook, and his eyes were staring at Tu Nan, making him scared. 

His heart was crying bitterly again. He was an idiot that came up with such a daft idea.

Tu Nan almost burst into tears: "I don't know you got a fight. If I knew, I won't get in the way."

If Ruan Jiujiu heard this, she might laugh as loud as she can.

Fight? She'll admire anyone who can fight with Cheng Jun.


At night.

Ruan Jiujiu, who bought a bunch of vacation things, was trying to stuff them into her suitcase. There were only three days left for her to make preparations, so she had to start it early so as not to forget something.

She was busy stuffing towels, but suddenly felt a chill in her back.

Ruan Jiujiu: "?"

She raised her head subconsciously, but saw Cheng Jun was standing sideways and looking down at her movements.

There was no expression on his face. He held Yakult in one hand and tore off the packaging slowly. He met her eyes very calmly.

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Got time on hands?"

Cheng Jun: "Yes."

"Good, then help me sort out these gadgets."

After saying this, it occurred to her that Cheng Jun still didn't know her vacation. Including the time on the way, it will take her four or five days to  complete the journey. So Cheng Jun had to solve eating by himself.

It really hit her that no wonder Cheng Jun would be quietly watching her, because he perhaps was still confused."

Oh, something forgot to tell you."


Cheng Jun turned his face to drink Yakult, looking very calm. He glanced at her and had already predicted what she was going to say.

"I won a prize, so I’ll go out for fun for three or four days. And you have to take care of yourself these days. Don't eat junk food."

Cheng Jun: "..."

Didn't know why, but Ruan Jiujiu felt that he seemed not very happy.

The long-term living-together had cultivated a tacit understanding. Ruan Jiujiu immediately captured Cheng Jun's information. She patted her breast and said, "I'll cook for you after I come back, and then just say what you want. I promise, you have my word!"

Cheng Jun: "..."

Ruan Jiujiu, seeing his indifferent expression, stared at him. She was wondering what Cheng Jun was still waiting for.

Cheng Jun asked slowly: "You alone?"

"Yeah, will there be a second person?" Ruan Jiujiu asked him, "What's wrong, is there a problem?"


"Then come and help. It's kind of a big night for me."

"Arm is sore."

Ruan Jiujiu: "?"

He turned back to the study and closed the door.

Only left Ruan Jiujiu to look at the closed door with a confused expression.

Just within an hour, the official of "Like a Dream" sent Ruan Jiujiu several messages, which all to confirm whether she was traveling alone, and recommended that she'd better go with a partner for it was not convenient for single women to travel.

It emphasized that this trip was mainly about food and scenery, and indicated that she can bring a friend who loved eating and watching the scenery together.

When it comes to food, Ruan Jiujiu's the first thought was Cheng Jun.

What she didn't know was that all the message was sent by Tu Nan who was crying while worked overtime in the company. He almost begged Ruan Jiujiu to take Cheng Jun with her. If Cheng Jun stayed in the company, then Tu Nan was afraid that the days when she played outside will become their hell.

The boss was an workaholic and he'll definitely ask them to work overtime together!

Tu Nan had planned to use the annual leave to make a blind date. He didn't want to be single anymore. Sister-in-law, please saved us!

Ruan Jiujiu belatedly realized that perhaps it was not being invited to join the trip so he felt unhappy?

As soon as this conclusion came out, Ruan Jiujiu herself didn't believe it.

However, Cheng Jun's expression was indeed different from that of most times.


Ruan Jiujiu quietly walked to the door, and knocked twice: "Cheng Jun? Are you asleep? I have something to tell you."

As soon as her words came out, the door was suddenly opened. Cheng Jun was in a blue plaid pajamas and looked lazy. He lowered his eyes and looked at Ruan Jiujiu, said, "I'm going to sleep, so you'd better be quick."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." She just didn't buy it, because he even hadn't changed his pants.

Ruan Jiujiu leaned against the wall with the arms folded: "Do you have any ideas about that trip?"

Cheng Jun paused for a moment when put his hands into the pockets.

"You wanna invite me?"

Ruan Jiujiu always felt he was turning up his noses at her: "... Yes."

Cheng Jun sighed: "You know, I have to pack things up, air travel is very tiring and airline meal is terrible..."

Ruan Jiujiu raised her eyebrows and interrupted him.

"So, come or not?"




Tu Nan in the office gave a cheer and almost burst into tears: "Great! Boss is going on vacation! Finally! We can have fun!"

When he was speaking, An Rou just came in.

An Rou was a little disappointed. She can see Cheng Jun in the office at this time in the past. But recently, he had returned home more and more frequently and earlier.

Hearing Tu Nan's words, An Rou couldn't believe it: "He's going on vacation?"

Cheng Jun even took a vacation?

Tu Nanle said happily: "Of course, with the sister-in-law. The resort is good, so they'll have lots of fun."

By the way, reconnected their relationships.

An Rou's smile was a little stiff, but then she regained her usual mildness: "Good, I still have my annual leave, and I want to go there as well."

Tu Nan had a bad hunch: "You mean..."

"That resort."

"No, that's not right, An Rou."

"It's not a big deal. We work together and now we can play together. So take it easy."

Tu Nan tried to dissuade her from going there, "It's boring you go there alone?"

An Rou said: "Jiao Fan will accompany me."

Tu Nan: "Damn it!" He was a little angry, but didn't blame An Rou. Tu Nan raised his eyebrows and said seriously: "You know the consequences of doing this? It's very likely that you will pack up your stuff and get fired."

An Rou said: "I came here just for Cheng Jun."

Otherwise, how could she return from the other side of the ocean.

Now that the new game development had reached a stage, and An Rou was responsible for most of the core animation design as the chief designer, so it was impossible to dismiss her. She thought that she couldn't bear it anymore. Either got him or left. She had to move faster.

Tu Nan said: "You will be suspended."

An Rouding looked at him and said, "I don't believe it."

If Cheng Jun really didn't like her, then why didn't he show any refusal in every explicit hint she made so that she could give up.

But how could An Rou know that it was only because he didn’t pay any attention to her life at all.

Tu Nan: "You... Fine, I hope you can wake up." For Cheng Jun, no one was indispensable. After all, he had many ways to reverse a situation. An Rou was probably going to fret in her own grease. Tu Nan hoped that she can learn lessons.

An Rou smiled: "Am I that kind of person? Relax, I just want to rest."


At night, Tu Nan could not sleep. After thinking about it, he decided to go with them. A amazing annual holiday was wasted on this kind of thing. He was so angry but no way to let off steam. Tu Nan quickly chatted with Jiao Fan to determine the travel plan to take their annual leave together.

The last informed Fu Zicheng was very embarrassed and immediately wailed.

"What? Are we going on vacation?"

"I don't want to see PDA Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah—"

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