Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Ruan Jiujiu didn't know whether the original host had seen them before or not, so she could only stood right there and accepted their looking-up- and-down.

Cheng Jun said very calmly: "My wife."

Tu Nan and Jiao Fan almost blurted out "Holy shit". They had to swallow the words because Gu You was here. The two were stunned for they had no idea that their sister-in-law was such a beauty!

Their company was a monk place, with a very disproportionate ratio between men and women. A female like An Rou who was temperamental and beautiful can be simply a goddess recognized by the company. Even if she occasionally lost her temper, they won't be angry at her.

Now compared with Ruan Jiujiu, An Rou, who had been regarded as a  pretty woman, suddenly became just so-so.

They had heard from An Rou that she wasn’t very good-looking. So they had all mentally prepared. Now at first glance, after seeing a great beauty standing in front of them, they were a little shocked and even didn't know what to say. The two big men blushed, scratching their ears and cheeks. They were truly envious.

His wife was so gorgeous, with a good personality and good cooking skills. He was the one who had it all!

They wanted to call her sister-in-law, but they endured it. Because the identity of Cheng Jun to the outside world was kept secret. Even Gu You can't know it.

Contrary to others, An Rou's face went white, and the knife and fork were held tightly in her hands unknowingly. She clearly remembered that she had seen his wife before by inquiring, and that woman was voluptuous and pretentious. It was disgusting. How had she seemed to become another woman now?

No! This was impossible!

Tu Nan thought that his sister-in-law was so pretty and enthusiastic. So he spared no effort to praise her: "Bo... Buddy's wife is so pretty!"

Jiao Fan coughed.

How did this comment feel weird?

Cheng Jun introduced to Ruan Jiujiu very calmly: "We friends here to have a meal."

He knew that Ruan Jiujiu would never ask questions, and that his employees would never take the initiative to blow his cover identity to Ruan Jiujiu, so he was worried about nothing.

Who can think of a big boss needed to conceal his identity from his wife in order not to get divorced.

Ruan Jiujiu never paid attention to Jiacheng's gossip news. She only felt that Tu Nan looked a little familiar, but she couldn't say where she had seen him before. Anyway, there was only one thought in her mind at the moment—the nerd even had friends.

Good boy! She was delighted.

However, Gu You said in surprise: "What a coincidence! Have we met before?"

Ruan Jiujiu nodded awkwardly. It was really a coincidence. She smiled and said: "Hi, I'm Ruan Jiujiu."

Such a conversation made the others stun.

They didn't expect Gu You to meet their sister-in-law. Tu Nan and Jiao Fan were deep in thought. In their imagination, the wife cheated on the husband and Gu You was the stray man.


Gu You was silent for a moment, with half-surprised and half-puzzled, asked: "You, are you Jiu Jiu Jiu?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "So you?"

He smiled afterwards, very polite and a little regretful to show his identity: "Inner Journey to Homeland."

People in the game all knew that Homeland had a little crush on Jiu Jiu Jiu. Moreover, Tu Nan and a few people knew Jiu Jiu Jiu was the sister-in-law, so they ate big melons. Now, it was really awkward—damn it! So many woman in the world! How could he just like this one? Letting him enter the company was equal to letting the fox into the hen house.

Ruan Jiujiu looked at him, feeling a little dazed for a while.

There was a network cable in the game, as if everyone wasn’t real. But now, Gu You was standing in front of her. Ruan Jiujiu still remembered his glorious experience in the next few years, remembered the pain and confession he had suffered. It seemed that there was a thread that pulled all the characters of the book out completely.

In the book, Cheng Jun had been just described with a few words. But Gu You, Ruan Jiujiu had witnessed the path of his relationship with Xu Biying.

When read the book, she had thought it was really a pity that Gu You was with Xu Biying. And she even hadn't known how to get rid of her grumble.

Now think about it, it was really magical.

She was in a novel!

However, what the others' thoughts were quite different from hers. Because they only saw she was staring at Gu You firmly with complicated emotions in her eyes. Tu Nan felt the most anxious. Sister-in-law shouldn't really be interesting to Homeland. But after thinking twice, things can made sense if they were true, because the boss was a dull dog, completely a passive man. But Homeland, see, totally a warm gentleman. He, apparently, was more attractive.

Gu You said: "How about eating together..."

Cheng Jun suddenly reached out to help Ruan Jiujiu to pick up shopping bags, interrupting Gu You.

His body just blocked Gu You, and said slowly: " Let's go home."

Ruan Jiujiu blinked: "Ah... Sure." She also wanted to go home. Being stared at by so many people made her a little uncomfortable.

They left one step ahead. An Rou felt embarrassed. She was known as a gentle beauty. But now the smile on her face had gone. She looked directly at their back, with beautiful lips closed tightly to one line. Her eyes looked a bit harsh.

She can't believe that they were together! She even can't believe that Cheng Jun would fall in love with such a woman!

"I didn't expect her to be a great beauty."

"Yeah... alas, don't mention it, I am so green-eyed now."

Gu You looked at their expressions, deep in thought.

He asked: "He is the NO.1 player, right?" Although it was a question, the tone was positive.

Tu Nan said: "Remember to keep it a secret."

Gu You: "Relax, I'm not a big mouth."

He smiled slightly, but in his mind was Ruan Jiujiu's pretty smile and tender fingers stretched out. For a moment, his mind got carried away.

As soon as they left, the rest of them lost their thoughts about eating. So they sorted out the payment and left. Tu Nan went back with Gu You, planning to talk to him again on the road. While Jiao Fan volunteered to drive An Rou back.

An Rou was sullen all the way. When she thought of Cheng Jun going home with that woman at this moment, jealousy swallowed her completely.

She knew him. 

Since he can say "Let's go home", then he got to treat Ruan Jiujiu as his family.


Jiao Fan glanced at An Rou through the rearview mirror and asked carefully: "An Rou, are you ok? You don't look good."

An Rou, who was sitting in the back row, suddenly lowered her voice: "Ruan Jiujiu and I, you think who is more beautiful?"

Jiao Fan was a straight-hearted man who replied without hesitation: "Of course, the sister-in-law. She is the one in a million! But," he softened his voice, "you're the most beautiful in my heart."


An Rou was almost half dead by his comfort.


However, Ruan and Cheng were not in perfect harmony as other people imagined.

The truth was they felt awkward along the way.

Ruan Jiujiu sat on the taxi as if nothing had happened. Cheng Jun beside her also didn't speak. Because of the guilt, Ruan Jiujiu broke the silence: "Well... I saw you just ate a little. Hungry?"

Cheng Junyou: "It's okay. Just grab some food."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Fine, he got something on her now. Terrible!

Ruan Jiujiu cleared her throat, intending to redeem herself: "Would you like me to make some food?"

Cheng Junyou: "Ok, just grab some food."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She'd better shut up.

She quietly looked out of the window. It was a little stuffy insider the car. Ruan Jiujiu rolled down the window, leaving a crack to allow the air to circulate faster. The cold wind swept the face. She couldn't stand the cold and burped.

Cheng Jun’s slow voice continued to be heard: "Be stuffed?"

Ruan Jiujiu wanted to cry her eyes out: "..."

She understood the painful lesson of offending a foodie. She’ll never eats alone! Never!

The rain had stopped when they got off.

The damp and muddy ground was a bit slippery. Fortunately, Cheng Jun helped to carry the shopping bag, which allowed Ruan Jiujiu to free her hands and carefully pulled up the tails of the windbreaker to avoid being splashed mud.

Cheng Jun walked not slowly, so Ruan Jiujiu followed him all the way, with the heels making a loud noise on the steps.

"Right," Ruan Jiujiu thought of what had happened just now and felt a little confused, "why Gu You ate with you? Is it because of the game?"

Cheng Jun let out a slow voice of "Hum".

Ruan Jiujiu was waiting for the follow-up explanation, but Cheng Jun said nothing more.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ? "

This guy was quite vengeful!

Ruan Jiujiu made a grimace towards Cheng Jun's back, but he turned back suddenly and just met her stupid claws.

Time froze at this moment.



Ruan Jiujiu: "Ur, can you inform me in advance before you look back."

Cheng Jun stared at her for a long time. In the dim light, his eyes were very dark. They were so dark that Ruan Jiujiu even forgot what she should say.

Cheng Jun swallowed back the question—"Do you care about Gu You?"

Instead, he said slowly: "I wanna egg noodles."

"... Ah." 

Ruan Jiujiu felt relaxed immediately. She thought Cheng Jun was going to say something important, but this guy wanted nothing but food.

"No problem."


When Cheng Jun was eating noodles, the original group chat was renamed by Tu Nan as “Dumpling is the Most Delicious”. Then other group members flooded the screen. Soon, the number of messages became 99+.

Tu Nan: "Holy shit! Our sister-in-law is awesome! Absolutely awesome!"

Jiao Fan: "I testify! You don't know, we are dumbfounded!"

Fu Zicheng: "Fuck! I just got extra work to do and then I missed such a big thing ? ? ? Why didn't you call me!"

Fu Zicheng: "How beautiful? Oh my god! I really want the boss to show me her pics! Am I crazy?"

Tu Nan: "Yeah, cuz even it is me to ask for this, I may not see the sun tomorrow."

Jiao Fan: "You have no idea of Tu Nan's looking tonight. When he saw her, he just like a dog that sees the meat without blinking his eyes."

Fu Zicheng: "God, I'm crying. I want to see my sister-in-law, too——"

Ten minutes later.

【Cheng Jun renamed the group as “Group Chat”】

【Tu Nan has been removed from the group】

A few minutes later, one voice message appeared in the group. The voice sounded good but toneless.

“Wanna overtime?”

The other two little poor guys now was shivering.

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