Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Ruan Jiujiu thought that she should not be stingy with money for a big meal. So when she found that everything displayed in the menu all looked delicious, she soon unconsciously ordered the food that exceeded the share. Even she just wanted to order a few things.

The waiter let a bottle of red wine breathe and poured it for her.

The environment here was excellent, with the proper melodious violin, slightly dim light, extremely exquisite decoration, well-dressed guests who whispered while holding a wine glass, and little noise.

Looking out from the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can overlook the night view of almost half of the city. Here was adjacent to the river bank, with a broad view, just avoiding the row of tall buildings. At night, it was the city of lights. Contrary to the restraint and solemn day, the night was bright but misty. 

The heavy rain spattered on the ground outside, but no sound could be heard inside the restaurant. For a while, Ruan Jiujiu was in a trance.

Cheng Jun should have returned home.

The waiter stepped forward with the dishes. As soon as Ruan Jiujiu  smelled the tempting taste, she immediately left Cheng Jun behind her head. She thought with some guilty that if the restaurant tasted good, then she can bring him to dinner next time to make it up to him.

She didn't meant to eat food alone… It was just the God's will. 

At the same moment, Cheng Jun, with other people, took the elevator upstairs.

Tu Nan seemed very excited. The boss hadn’t eaten with them for a long time, which made them feel like the bachelor league was missing something. So he chattered along the way and asked with great concern what the sister-in-law was doing recently, whether the game was fun or not, and hoped that her could give an answer to the game experience and so on.

An Rou, of course, knew that Cheng Jun had been angry in the game. So her face was a little pale. The faint sense of crisis haunted her—a woman can make Cheng Jun do this, so she was definitely not simple.

What happened during this time? An Rou frowned, not very happy.

But ...

Tonight was a good chance, so she should seize it.

Looking at the heavy rain outside the window, her lips curled up slightly, and became confident again. No man can refuse a beauty who took initiative. Now compared with his awful wife, An Rou thought herself was even more charming. Cheng Jun was just passive himself, but she didn't mind being the active one. 

Tu Nan coughed: "An Rou, what are you doing? Come on!"

Jiao Fan was a nerd who had never been in a relationship, so he noticed nothing. While Tu Nan, who had already found her had been looking at the boss all the way with her very gentle eyes, felt embarrassed. He really hoped An Rou won't do something stupid, because if she irritated the boss, then it was almost impossible to sit in her current position.

Tu Nan sighed quietly. He was really worried about many things.

The restaurant had been reserved in advance. Fu Zicheng didn't come due to his personal business. So there was supposed to have four people. Now An Rou was here, so the seat had to be made some adjustments again.

"Sorry sir, there has no a table for six available now."

"So, what about then?"

Jiao Fan said: "Then I will squeeze my space, please add one chair." Looking at his enthusiasm, An Rou didn't say yes or no, but smiled with slightly closed lips, and said thank you.

Gu You had been waiting in his seat for a long time.

He glanced at the place where Ruan Jiujiu was. Watching her table covered with dishes, he couldn’t help smiling. Recently, it seemed that he can always meet interesting girls, whether it was the one in front of him now or that Jiu Jiu Jiu on the Internet... Thinking of this name and that challenge, Gu You was in a heavy mood.

It was him too impulsive, and now he deserved it.

Jiacheng's boss gave him a chance to meet in person. He only hoped that there still had room to a make up for it.

When he was thinking about this, he saw a group of people gradually coming in his direction. Three men and one woman, all of them were good-looking, headed by Jiacheng's boss, Tu Nan. He looked bright-eyed, with a smile on his face. But Gu You's eyes fell on the figure behind him automatically. He had to admit that this man was quite good-looking, but it seemed that he was a little careless.

Cheng Jun just walked idly by. He put one hand in the pocket and was thinking about what he would eat. When he turned around, he saw a very, very familiar figure.

Cheng Jun: "..."

The woman sitting by the window must be in a good mood, with a smile even on her eyebrows.

In front of her, there were seven or eight plates of food, a bottle of red wine was opened, and a red rose was placed in the center of the dining table. She was enjoying the seafood pasta slowly, and didn't notice a stare of death a few meters away.

Cheng Jun watched Ruan Jiujiu—a "just grab some food" woman, now was sitting there with no scruples to enjoy food alone. 

This was called "just grab some food"?

He was silent.

On the other side, Tu Nan and others made small talk with Gu You. Then it was Cheng Jun's turn, but he seemed to be in a daze. Tu Nan hurriedly cover for him: “He's our employee, often looks into space. Never mind. You'll get used to it.”

Gu You was a little surprised, but he didn't give it to them. They kindly asked each other to sit down. An Rou sat consciously opposite Gu You. She had a good plan: Cheng Jun will never sit next to Gu You, cuz he didn’t like to sit with strangers, so he'll definitely sit beside her.

Tu Nan's eyelids twitched, thinking that Cheng Jun would sit directly on the extra chair. Unexpectedly, he ignored Gu You's surprised eyes and sat naturally next to him.

Other people:"…"

It was really odd! Did the boss appreciate Gu You? Or he just wanted to warn them not to talk nonsense? 

For a time, several people were a little confused. They couldn't figure out what Cheng Jun meant.

The truth was that sitting here, Cheng Jun can see what Ruan Jiujiu was doing as long as he raised his eyes. However, others didn't know this.

Gu You: "Uh... Well, something wrong?"


An Rou quickly said, "Then I'll take that chair, it's convenient for you to talk about things. I'm here just to listen."

She moved to the chair very quickly, which was considered to be sitting indirectly "by" Cheng Cheng.

Now, their positions were like this.

Tu Nan ** Jiao Fan

—————————— Anrou

Gu You *** Cheng Jun

An Rou sat upright, as if deliberately highlighting her beautiful figure. She felt that Cheng Jun glanced in the direction of her, and then looked away. The girl's coy smile leaked through her eyebrows.

An Rou didn't know that her position block Cheng Jun from watching Ruan Jiujiu, which made him annoyed. So he just leaned against the backrest lazily, picked up his phone and poked a few times.

Hearing the beep, Ruan Jiujiu wiped her mouth, picked up the phone. It was from Cheng Jun.

Cheng Jun: What did you eat? Would you like me to bring you dinner?

Looking at it, Ruan JIujiu was embarrassed. Now, a steak in her mouth was neither swallowed nor spit: "..."

This was very awkward. Cheng Jun was still thinking about bringing her food for dinner, but she ate alone here, as if... a little bit nonsense.

But at this time she couldn't tell him what she was eating, so she only replied with thick skin: "Just some fruit and salad. It's okay. Just take care of yourself. I've lost weight recently and I'm not hungry."

With a beep, Cheng Jun, who received the message, glanced at the phone, and then at the direction where Ruan Jiujiu was.

Lose weight? Not hungry? Of course she wasn’t hungry. She ordered pasta, steak, lava cake... A table full of high-calorie food, and even drank half a bottle of red wine. She was quite likely to be too stuffed to go back.

Now Ruan Jiujiu didn't have time to observe others, and of course didn't notice Cheng Jun's resentful eyes.

She sped up her meal, thinking about going home early. After all, she needed time to scatter the smell, so as not to be found by Cheng Jun."

Bo... Uh, buddy, what do you want to eat?"

Tu Nan looked at Cheng Jun's absent-minded look, and "boss" almost blurted out. He shut up very quickly and pushed the menu to Cheng Jun. Strange, the boss who had only cared about eating, drinking and working on weekdays, now wasn't interested in them today? Tu Nan regarded this as a very serious problem.

But at the moment, he can only hold back his curiosity and wait for Cheng Jun to order.

Cheng Jun's slender fingers pointed at the menu a few times, which clearly ordered what Ruan Jiujiu had ordered mostly. His raised the lazy eyelids, glancing at that direction: what else?

An Rou thought he was looking at her, so she was very femininely pulling up the broken hair of the temple. But as long as she raised the arm, then she blocked Cheng Jun from observing a liar who ate alone.

He looked impatiently over and said, "Quickly."

Talking late meant the liar will slip away.

Gu You was quite sensitive in terms of emotional perception. He immediately realized that this reticent "buddy" must have a high status in the company.

He cheered up, sat upright, lowered his voice and said warmly: "To be honest, I want to join Jiacheng. And I hope you can give me a chance. I believe the thing that others can make, I can make it, too. "

Tu Nan's impression of Gu You was not bad, but the final shot was called by Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun didn't nod to show consent, then he can only put Gu You off.

"Mr. Gu, something unpleasant had happened in " Like a Dream" before. So now it's not a good opportunity to join us. We hope you make some achievements first."

Gu You's heart sank, but no one can tell it from his face. He said: "I understand. I've already signed up for the club contests organized by Jiacheng. I'll do my best."

Tu Nan was really satisfied.

He took a peek at Cheng Jun, hoping that Cheng Jun would give some advice. Gu You had been observing for a long time. His abilities in all aspects were good. He'll definitely leave his name in the e-sports circle in the future.

Tu Nan suddenly froze.

Cheng Jun looked absent-mindedly at a certain direction. Tu Nan followed his direction, but saw a very beautiful woman sitting alone at the table, gorging on at a rapid speed. When Tu Nan looked over, she just had a hiccup, and then blushed to cover up by drinking red wine.

"She was cute", Tu Nan thought. But he immediately realized—wait, no, the boss would stare at a woman he had never met?

"What are you looking at?" Jiao Fan asked curiously.

When the words came out, An Rou smiled with her lips closed, seemingly a little bit shy: "It's alright."

Tu Nan: "?" Miss An, you seemed to be a little more affectionate.

Cheng Jun was still careless. Tu Nan held back his thoughts and gritted his teeth for a while, said: "So, let's eat first, and then we'll talk later."

Gu You sighed slightly. His facial expression stiffened, and the tension he had never had made him unable to control himself. He almost wanted to laugh bitterly. A man in his twenties was still shy and cautious like a baby boy. No wonder they thought he was inexperienced.

Gourmet with red wine, the sour taste brewed at the tip of the tongue, which really worked up an appetite.

Among them, Cheng Jun had the most plates. But others looked quite familiar with this, which made Gu You suppress the doubts in his heart.

Cheng Jun took a few bites of each and sent a message.

"Steaks are not tender enough, others are acceptable."

Ruan Jiujiu, who was sitting diagonally opposite, heard her phone, then clicked on, but saw Cheng Jun sent such a headless message. She was a little puzzled and asked, "Are you eating Western food?"

Cheng Jun: "Yes."

"Where? If it's delicious, we can go together next time."

Cheng Jun replied very quickly. The location shown above was exactly the restaurant where Ruan Jiujiu was. She was drinking red wine when she saw the message which suddenly scared her. The red wine choked into the trachea. She coughed desperately with her mouth covered and her tears almost came out.

OH MY GOD! He was here? !

The sound from Ruan Jiujiu caused them to look over. Coincidentally Ruan Jiujiu was looking for Cheng Jun secretly, and then, very embarrassing, met with a pair of slender eyes instantly in the crowd.

He held his shoulders with both hands calmly, and clicked the phone a few times.

Ruan Jiujiu looked at her phone subconsciously.

Cheng Jun: "Are you happy eating alone?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

It had been very happy! Right now! Not! Happy! At! All!

Obviously, Ruan Jiujiu looked prettier than An Rou. Even if she sat there with some uncollected cough, she couldn't hide her light. Tu Nan drew back his gaze and said with a smile: "What a beautiful lady."

Cheng Jun looked quietly at Tu Nan. His sense of existence was so strong that Tu Nan couldn't smile anymore.

Cheng Jun asked: "She's good?"

Tu Nan nodded without thinking: "Of course."

Cheng Jun: "Really?"

Tu Nan, with a strong desire to survive: "... Actually, just so-so."

Tu Nan glanced at the boss and always felt something was wrong. As soon as the boss entered the door, he paid close attention to that strange woman. The look just now was... obviously, a little unhappy.

This time, Tu Nan was really shocked.

Boss! Boss! Don’t be stupid! You were married!

Tu Nan had been picturing after Cheng Jun divorced, he will continue to live a lonely life with instant noodles and keyboards, and no one found him even he died at home. Too miserable, so miserable!

Cheng Jun' suffocating staring made Ruan Jiujiu very embarrassed and upset.

Due to her guilty, she didn't plan to eat any more, so quickly called the waiter to check out.

The direction of the gate just happened to be the way to the table where they were. Ruan Jiujiu, if wanted to leave, got to pass by them. It was very difficult to make a decision. After a while, she pretended nothing happened. Walking in the direction of the gate, she turned up the collar to cover her face, carried the bag with the head down.

Closer! It was closer!

She was about to cross the border, embraced the victory of the gate!

Ruan Jiujiu even jumped a little for joy. She didn't notice Cheng Jun put down the knife and fork, slowly looked back: "Don't go back together?"

In the eyes of other people who were shocked, Ruan JIujiu stopped. 

She turned around slowly and reluctantly, and then waved her hands in an embarrassment to respond these surprised eyes: "Hi."

Tu Nan had a hunch: "This is—"

The author had something to say:

Cheng Jun repeated, looking at her table: Just grab some food?

Ruan Jiujiu, with great shame: I’m so sorry!! QAQ

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