Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Xu Biying felt so regretful.

She should not take advantage of Gu You's power to bully people in the game, and she should not be suspicious just because Gu You had met his wife of the last life in a game. Now Gu You's ID became a joke in "Like a Dream". Everyone laughed at him for biting off more than he could chew. How good he used to be, how badly he fell now.

The reason why she regretted so much was because Gu You in his last life had performed well in "Like a Dream", so had been collected by Jiacheng Company. Xu Biying knew that she might have ruined most of his opportunities to be successful.

As long as she thought of this, she panicked.

No way.

Knowing the memory of her last life was her biggest weapon, so she can never let things go beyond her control!

"Dong Dong Dong." A low attractive voice from outside the door, it was Gu You. "Biying, we need to talk."

Back to that night, Xu Biying had woken up from the bed and had found that she had been reborn before getting engaged. She had immediately called Gu You and said would meet him. Seeing her crying all the time, he had been rushing back from another city, but had a car accident on the way. Fortunately he had just twisted the foot.

Because of this, their engagement had temporarily been postponed.

In this life, Gu You said they'll meet a week later, but Xu Biying, hearing his knocking, can't wait. 

She sorted out her clothes and opened the door in a delicate manner. Gu You, who stood at the door, was slender. His eyes were beautiful, but he looked tired. His tone was always light and gentle, whether broke off the engagement with Xu Biying or promised to marry in this life, he always had a calm look, which made Xu Biying confused.

"Biying, I want to delay our engagement."


"What?" Her face went white.


Since the last limelight event, Ruan Jiujiu will always be disturbed by the friends as long as she went online. So she retreated from the gang and occasionally enjoyed the scenery in the game. Soon enough, there were many IDs which were similar to hers in the game.

Like "JIu JIu", "Jiu Jiu Jiu", "Jiu Jiu lu" ... most were Jade Immortals. They just dazzled people's eyes. Even someone saw the real ID, he will got confused for a while and tried to figure it out.

Ruan Jiujiu was humming while painted on the drawing board, clicking with the mouse from time to time. It didn't take a long time for she finished it.

In the painting was a spring scene in the south of the Yangtze River. The cherry blossoms were bright and scattered on the ground with the wind. This was the most beautiful moment of early Spring. The red bricks, white tiles and pavilions were all covered with a golden halo. A Jade Immortal in a red shirt and white skirt was sitting on the inclined eaves. Her legs crossed, her slender arms raised, and the emerald green flute blew. Her long black hair scattered, and her coat fluttered, leaving only the graceful back for people to imagine.

Ruan Jiujiu's painting skill was a little rusty, so she retooled it for a long time.

Looking at the painting was in pretty good shape, she stretched her waist and felt her back was a little stiff.

Before transmigrated into the book, she had been an art student and quite talented in painting. Her fame had developed during college, so she had chosen to work as a freelance to paint after graduation. She hadn't had much self-motivatedness, so she owned Buddhist-style—you paid her, she'll draw for you; if no one asked her to paint, then whatever. Anyway, she had led a nourishing life.

Since she was in the book, she had been busy working as a cook, and had almost lost the skills for earning a living.

Ruan Jiujiu thought that this period of time was like a period of rest. After divorcing Cheng Jun, she could continue her career and paint as much as she wanted, without worrying about money and then lived her dream life.

Thinking of this, Ruan Jiujiu, with anonymity, happily posted her painting to the game forum.

“Like A Dream” was soliciting CG drawings of the characters, and the selected painter will have the opportunity to participate in the new game. Ruan Jiujiu had a good impression of it—a large company like Jiacheng, which was most concerned about talent competition. So you will have the right to speak based on your ability.

Ruan Jiujiu turned off the computer.

Because of no idea for dinner, so she planned to hang out.

In recent days, the temperature had dropped and the wind was freezing cold. The weather forecast said it will snow next week. Ruan Jiujiu had no thick coat, so she went out to a larger shopping mall nearby.

In the evening, the sky was nearly dim, and the gray-white thick cloud covered the sky. The cold wind will blow off your guard. The golden and decaying residual leaves were everywhere. You can even feel this kind of freezing cold from your bones.

Ruan Jiujiu wore a mask, shrinking her neck and shivering a little bit because of the weather.

When she entered the mall, the warm air conditioner was blowing on her body. Her stiff limbs were gradually able to move. Ruan Jiujiu, like  kneading the dough, rubbed her cold cheeks, completely disregarding her image. But she heard a chuckle nearby even it was quickly covered up by someone.

She turned back in confusion and saw a slender man. He was in a shirt and knitted vest, black trousers, with a coat bent on his arms. His face was clean and gentle. Looked like he was a nice guy.

She made eye contact with him. The man first was a little stunned, then smiled apologetically and nodded slightly. But he soon closed the lips, with the eyebrows tightly twisted. It seemed that he was very worried.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't look at him anymore, but was in deep thought.

It was strange. That chuckle, why was it a bit familiar? Where had she heard it from?

The elevator door opened, and perhaps he thought Ruan Jiujiu wanted to get in, so he let her go first. Ruan Jiujiu had just wanted to find some quiet place where her hands and feet can get warm. But now, she felt embarrassed to refuse him, so just went in politely.

"Which floor?" He asked.

Ruan Jiujiu looked at his tall, slender back, and spoke out: "The second."

"..." The man was surprised.

But he still pressed the second floor first and then the fifth floor. On the fifth floor was almost restaurants. The restaurant in this shopping mall was relatively high-end and it was expensive. Ruan Jiujiu wanted to try a western restaurant here, but she skimped on the food.

"Sorry for the inconvenience to you." He seemed to sigh with laughter.

Ruan Jiujiu waved her hand: "No, my feet hurt and I don't like to go up the stairs."

Then it was the second floor. He was politely holding the elevator door in one hand. Ruan Jiujiu walked out and turned back. The man slowly smiled at her when the door was closed.

The elevator doors was closed.

Ruan Jiujiu frowned. The feeling was lingering in her heart, but her hippocampus was not strong enough, so she failed to remember where she had heard such a clean voice.

The doubt was quickly thrown aside. That shopping guide still remembered Ruan Jiujiu. Last time after she had came over, the guide warmly recommended some of the cheapest discounts. This time, Ruan Jiujiu, with hands rested on her hips, carried her Chanel bag with pride: "Bring me the new one! Try it all!"

Ruan Jiujiu thought if you buy clothes, you should bear one thing in mind—in summer, you can buy cheap ones, while in winter, you must buy good coats. This store was not very expensive. The new styles were all within her spending power. She had loved the design from her last life, but she had no money. Now she can finally buy it without any burden.

Ruan Jiujiu tried them on one by one in front of the mirror. Her figure was exquisite and beautiful, so no matter what she wore, it was sure enough pretty.

Behind her, several men, who were shopping together with their wives, sat on the couch, and some of them peeked at her. They didn’t even see the wives or mistresses behind them with black faces. So their wrists were pinched hard immediately. 

"Ouch, it hurts!"

Suddenly, the shop was full of shouting and screaming, which amused the shopping guides.

When came out of the shop, Ruan Jiujiu changed into a camel windbreaker, a light-colored cashmere sweater and trousers. Wherever she went, she was the focus of everyone. During this period, someone came to talk, but she was coldly rejected.

Ruan Jiujiu now was in a pair of short boots, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. She was looking at herself in a peaceful mood.

This woman's delicate and beautiful face was reflected on the glass. Her peachy eyes with a hazy sentiment, but when they got serious, they were a little more sharp, which was a sharp tool for rejection. Even if the back was beautiful, no one dared to talk up.

"... Holy shit."

She looked blankly at the sudden rainstorm outside the door. Now if she went out, it will definitely be caught in the rain and the clothes will become dirty.

Ruan Jiujiu regarded this as God's will—why not go to that restaurant?!

Cheng Jun was probably back home. Ruan Jiujiu took out of her phone and texted him.

"I'm still outside, I'll just grab some food, so you cook for yourself today." If Cheng Jun knew that she was running to enjoy the delicious food alone, maybe he'll get disgruntled. So it was better not to mention it.

After sending the message, Ruan Jiujiu started to hum, carrying a few bags of clothing and walking towards the restaurant.


Cheng Jun, who received the message, was about to go home. When he saw it on the screen, he was suddenly silent.

A few people beside him asked: "Boss, you really not go to see Gu You with us? I think he is good."

Cheng Jun asked calmly: "Which restaurant?"

As soon as he mentioned this, Jiao Fan happily said, "Just nearby, you will not be disappointed by this very good western restaurant!"

Cheng Jun said: Ok."

"I'll go too." An Rou interjected suddenly. She wore a suit and skirt today. Her make-up was decent, and she smiled beautifully, making Jiao Fan blush a little.

But Tu Nan didn't give her face: "It has nothing to do with your design department. It's men's business, you don't have to be involved in."

Jiao Fan quickly said: "It's raining outside and not easy for her to go back alone. I'll drive her home when we finish eating."

An Rou closed lips slightly and smiled very politely: "Thank you."

However, her eyes fell on Cheng Jun all the time.

Cheng Jun, with slender eyelids dropped, was in a simple black sweater coat. Looked like he was wondering something. From this angle, you can see his straight nose bridge and a beautiful lips closed in one line. His lips color was very light, and his eyes were very cool. No one knew what a man like him will look like when he became enthusiastic.

An Rou suddenly blushed.

Tu Nan slighted over it: "Let's go, Gu You is waiting us."

The same moment.

Ruan Jiujiu sat against the floor-to-ceiling window. She was about to take a seat, but saw an acquaintance diagonally opposite. What a coincidence! It was the strange man she met when entered the building.

Ruan Jiujiu greeted him: "Hey, are you waiting for someone?"

He was a little surprised, then smiled and said: "Yes, wait for a friend."

The author had something to say:

Ruan Jiujiu: I'll just grab some food.

Met in the restaurant awkwardly

Cheng Jun: Just grab some food?

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