Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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The five-minute rest was soon over.

Everyone who had been noisy, now quieted down, waiting for the round 2. Some people had lost interest in the combat and just quit watching it. They anticipated the result—it must be the guru torture the rookie. So sure enough, the unilateral abuse will be boring.

Ruan Jiujiu was back to her seat, waiting for the next round.

She looked at Cheng Jun, and failed to find any word to say. Everyone in the gang group was still comforting Ruan Jiujiu, so that she will not be too embarrassed. Because Homeland was the guru in the game, so it was normal to win over others.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." If they knew that Cheng Jun had left for Yakult just now, could they still say that?

Round 2 was about to begin. Everyone was eagerly waiting to see the guru kick his ass to let this guy find his right self-position for he had been overreached himself.

Homeland looked at Xi Jiang Yue, who was still motionless on the screen. He suddenly felt that he always had a subtle sixth sense. Why? Had Xi Jiang Yue just tried to test his strength? Although ordinary players can't see it, he clearly knew that Xi Jiang Yue's first hp was by no means a fluke, nor a supernormal performance. 

This kind of calmness made him like a skillful veteran, which was familiar to Homeland. 

He frowned, typing out a line in the dialog.

Inner Journey to Homeland: I’ll do my best.

Xi Jiang Yue: Ok.

The melon-eating masses became angry in the blink of an eye.

“Asshole, who the hell are you? The NO.1 game player in China? ”

“So rude! Guru kicks his ass, please!”

Hey, dude, you’re bold enough.”

Homeland wasn't angry, but he felt some upset due to the rival's calm answer. When he was thinking about where this feeling came from, with the system's prompt tone, the round 2 began!

Although the crowd of melon-eating messes had gone a bit, the viewer population was still large. The subtitle continued to flood the screen, but nothing more than confession to Homeland and Monday morning quarterback.

“Beat him, guru!”

“Kill him!”

“Guru, I love u!!!!!”

There were only a few comments admiring Xi Jiang Yue's courage, which were quickly suppressed by other comments and then  disappeared.

The two knight were just standing in the center of the arena, as if to reproduce the stalemate before. However, in the next second, the silence was broken by Xi Jiang Yue.

He moved.

Murderous and magnificent! The two words can describe the rare shocking scenes seen by the viewers present: they simply can't see their consecutive moves! They can only see the defeated Homeland, who had been beaten without any counterattack, and his rapidly reduced hp volume!

Homeland was locked again and fell to the ground fiercely!

The black and golden flames exploded around Xi Jiang Yue. He looked like a grim reaper, standing ruthlessly and staring at the dead Homeland.

【Round 2, Xi Jiang Yue, won!】


The onlookers were dumbfounded. After a long silence, there was only one question:

What happened?

"Can... Can I request an official replay ..."

"Please speed at 0.5 times, no, no, no, please at 0.1 times!"

"God, am I blind?"

"Anyone see it clearly? Please explain to me, buddies!"

They looked at the still calm Xi Jiang Yue with stunned faces. Now, the people who had shouted in anger suddenly was quiet as dead people. No one dared to speak up, even the poster of the forum's live streaming was shocked and didn’t know what to say for a while.

Someone posted.

【Round 2, Xi Jiang Yue killed Homeland!】

Soon, everyone got excited because of the post. Even those who had left the arena. Now, they felt so regretful and kept asking what happened. Just in a few minutes, thousands of players flooded into the arena, which almost broke down the system.

Gu You was shocked. Such kind of power and skill... No, it can’t be him.

People like him will never come to here and PK with others. So today’s situation can only show that there were still many great players in the world.

Homeland’s muscles were in great tension now. Based on this, he can’t catch up with the rival’s speed and will lose again!

But, what should him do in the short time.

During these comments, Ruan Jiujiu was also shocked. She didn't dare to disturb Cheng Jun's steps, but only waited for the competition to be over, and then figured out what was going on. Now the win rate was just 1:1. No one can predict who will win next.

The onlookers were so excited and could not wait for the next round.

The system tone: Round 3, go!

Homeland moved!

He almost showed his best trick at the moment when the system announced the start, but it was still too slow for Xi Jiang Yue. So slow that it was full of flaws and had no defense. Xi Jiang Yue was like a war machine without any feeling, crushing Homeland mercilessly!

Homeland was knocked to the ground!

Homeland was knocked to the ground again!

It was like a unilateral bloody massacre. Homeland looked very pathetic and powerless, so the onlookers involuntarily felt the same way, and were quite upset.

So miserable, so miserable!

There was absolutely no room to fight back!

If Homeland's skills can be called perfect and without flaws, then at the moment, Xi Jiang Yue vividly interpreted what a real knight was. As a knight, he completed several high-output attacks, and every tricks were cruel and merciless. He was like a ghost in the dark night and killed anyone at any time. The trembling suffocation made them powerless and shivering. The subtitle was silent for a while.

Players held their breaths; their hearts beat faster, and their eyes were reluctant to blink. Immediately—the system's tone sounded like a death knell, hitting their hearts hard, almost making them breathless.

【Round 3, Xi Jiang Yue, won! In this competition, Xi Jiang Yue was the winner!】

Everyone got stunned.

Afterwards, they realized that today they may had witnessed the most classic competition in the online games "Like a Dream" and had witnessed what was called playing a game? This Xi Jiang Yue had made the game an art!

They came back to the reality with only one question: That is, who was him?

Such magnificent momentum, brilliant skills, exquisite and defense and incredible speed... as if the humanoid machine was rolling down. It was simply not something human can make! 

In the eyes of many people, Homeland recalled the fear of being dominated a year ago.

He had long been famous in the game circle for many years, and he has been very fortunate to get a chance to challenge the NO.1 game player of China. But he had been in the same dilemma, and had no power to fight back, but only to watch himself being beaten down.

Except him, no one could made Homeland feel that terrible sense of powerlessness.

Homeland trembled his fingertips and typed a name even he can't believe it.

Inner Journey to Homeland: You? 

Xi Jiang Yue: Yes.

As soon as the words came out, everyone was in a dumb. They didn't think that they were laughing at the NO.1 player of Chinese game server? Laughing at the greatest guru who didn't show up in daily life and didn't even play the game? The onlookers were crazy, and the subtitle was all about the confession to him. They wanted to add him friends, but found that he had already modified to not allow any players to add friends, and he just went offline silently.

The video of the competition was hot, but with the title of NO.1 game player of China, the number of likes and reposts had risen. The game had been replayed again and again. Many game players had made videos overnight, explaining how the two had played in the three rounds. 

Ruan Jiujiu was still online and was very calm.

The gang was silent, and the group dialog still stayed in the words of Qingfeng Biying. 

Ruan Jiujiu got a dry cough and replied below.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Sorry, sis Biying, my husband didn't control it well.

Comparing the words of them, Biying's face was slapping. The gang's melon-eating masses immediately laughed and wanted to give Ruan Jiujiu a praise. It was a pity that Qingfeng Biying still regarded her childhood sweetheart as a great treasure. Well, Jiujiu? She gave a shit about him. Compared with the real guru, who the hell was Homeland?

Dozens of forum posts were updated immediately.

"Shock! Jiu Jiu Jiu's husband turned out to be the NO.1 player of Chinese game server! "

"Don't be too confident. Real bitch still need to be more bitchy."

"Abuse My Wife and I'll Beat You Man"

"Face Slapping Event—Awkward, Who Will Stay in the Game?" 

Qingfeng Biying perhaps was angry or was offline, so she didn't speak for a while.

The gang's group chat had been filled with suckers crying wolf howl: "Sis Jiujiu, please let him say something, I'm his fan for five or six years!" "What does he look like! " " Mom, I'm crying! " "God, I love you, please take a look at me for just one second! "

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Jiu Jiu Jiu: It's time for dinner, see you guys.

She just made an excuse to go offline quickly, so that a group of crazy netizens could calm down.

The other side.

Cheng Jun also felt annoyed. Tu Nan's hysterical cry caused people’s ears to hurt: “When did you log in the game, boss! Why didn’t you tell me!”

It should have been a good thing for a boss to log in to his own game, but such a mess caused an uproar, and Tu Nan didn't know how to handle this. 

On the phone came the sound of crunching and the boss's ambiguous and slow tone: "I want a big meal."

Tu Nan: "What ? ? "

Then the boss hanging up the phone to respond to him.

Tu Nan: "..."

Damn boss! Wow, I'm so mad!


In order to treat Cheng Jun, Ruan Jiujiu made large dishes for him. She heard the sound of the study door being opened, and Cheng Jun behind her walked slowly. He took another bottle of Yakult and opened the packaging. 

Ruan Jiujiu, for a while, felt a little nervous.

She looked at Cheng Jun, said cautiously: "Well... guru?"


Cheng Jun was drinking Yakult with the head up. You could clearly see that his throat knot roll up and down a few times, and his jaw curve was slender. He heard Ruan Jiujiu, stopped, and then glanced at her. Those narrow and long eyes were tired and lazy, but they conveyed one message: nuts?

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Forget it. Wash hands and eat."

She shouldn't think of him too far from the reality.

The NO.1? The guru? After all, there were filters across the network cable to beautify people. Cheng Jun in front of her was a person who really existed, a person...

who had the "hand of God", now was ready to use his wide palms and slender fingers to take the sweet and sour spare ribs. He didn't notice that Ruan Jjiujiu stood quietly behind him and hold a clean long-handled spoon, hitting the back of his head with a bang.

Ruan Jiujiu: “Hands washed?”




The author had something to say: Ruan Jiujiu: Bei Weiwei has Xiao Nai, I have... well. (Bei and Xiao were the female and male leading roles of a TV play. Xiao was a very handsome, gentle and caring man who also was a game guru.) 

Cheng Jun was eating the ribs: ?

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