Transmigrating into the Control Group in a Prominent Family Doting Novel

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Chapter 1

At 00:30 in the morning, even in Beijing, the world seemed to fall asleep and the streets seemed to be quiet. A group of talking and laughing high-level elites walked out of the the Fu Building located in the center of the CBD. Someone suggested: "It’s rare to get off work early today, so how about going to eat a little late-night snack? Mr. Fu, what do you think?"

Everyone at present was also at the level of general director and general manager, and they looked like boss when they went out. However, this Mr. Fu was obviously different from other colleagues. He was the young master of the Fu family group. The old chairman of the Board had started to step back in recent years. Sooner or later, the vast business empire would fall into the hands of this young boss.

Since he asked Mr. Fu, naturally he was to let him make a statement. The crowd cheerfully agreed and looked towards the boss in the center.

Mr. Fu was about 30 years old, and the average senior executives of the Fu group were over 40 years old, which made him seem to be a promising young master in his early 30s. In addition, he was tall and straight and beautiful. Among these haggard middle-aged men, he was more elegant and handsome.

It could be imagined that even if Mr. Fu is not surrounded by people, he was still a spotlight, noticeable in everywhere.

But he might not live up to his men's expectations today. Master Fu stopped, looked at the watch and put a smile, "You go play, my treat. I have leave for home."

The others were somewhat surprised: "Home? Back to Longquan Bay?"

Longquan Bay was one of the most high-end villas in Beijing, whose status was equivalent to Qianshui Bay in Hong Kong. Anyone who wanted to become the owner of Longquan Bay also needed status and connections.

Of course, Mr. Fu came from rich and famous family. He could even buy the castles on Kensington Palace Garden Street with second thoughts, so living in Longquan Bay was not a big deal for him. Group executives were not surprised. It was just that Longquan Bay was too far away from the city center on the Mountain Xiang. Even if Mr. Fu had the money to make ghosts grind, there was no way to solve the century-old problem of traffic jams in the morning and evening peak hours. They all knew Mr. Fu spent most of his time living in the Guancanghai near the building.

Guancanghai was a high-end hotel under the group and had branches all over the world. Mr. Fu, as the young master, had exclusive suites reserved for him. It was said that even the interior decoration was designed for him to make sure him enjoy the warmth of home. The hotel had 24-hour butler service and the intimacy was not lost to the aunt and nanny at home. It was quite comfortable to live for him.

Thinking about working overtime until midnight today and there would be a regular meeting tomorrow morning, Mr. Fu did not go back to the hotel nearby to rest, instead he sought to go far to Longquan Bay. Isn't it a bit unscientific?

Fu Shiyuan under the gaze of everyone's concern full of curiosity smiled and said funnily: "I have no choice, my wife gave the order."

"Haha, got it, then Mr. Fu has to go home quickly so as not to make your wife worry about you." The executives tried to make expressions that “similarly afflicted people pity each other”, but they actually laughed at him in mind--bragging.

They did not listen to the gossip and rumors on the Internet about Mr. Fu and his wife, but they made judgments from the point of view of reality.

It had been six or seven years since Mr. Fu's world-famous wedding ceremony of the century. At that time, the group was already paying attention to the development of the mainland, so Mr. Fu frequently flew to major cities to work and now even stayed in Beijing for more than half a year.

It stood to reason that Mrs. Fu was not busy. It was normal for her to visit Mr. Fu from time to time during his time in Beijing. But in fact, after so many years, they had not seen Mrs. Fu once. Maybe Mrs. Fu is low-key and didn't like to be involved with people in the company, but she didn't attend the reception at the villa, wasn’t she too low-key?

Fu’s executives won’t gossip in the public, but everyone knew very well in their heart. It was impossible for their “crown prince” and “prince princess” to respect with each other. It was impossible in this life. They only pretended to be always courteous to each other like "guests" like a model couple. But Boss Xi and his wife were inseparable as body and shadow from business activities and private dinners like a fairy couple.

But this had nothing to do with them. Since Mr. Fu had carefully edited the reasons, of course they were convinced. A black Bentley stopped steadily under the steps. The last three numbers behind the license plate were six, six, eight, and they knew that it was the exclusive car of Mr. Fu at a glance. The executive who proposed to play earlier were quick-sighted to step forward and open the door for Mr. Fu, "Mr. Fu, take care."

Fu Shiyuan thanked him politely and said to everyone: "See you tomorrow."

Only then he got into the car.

The assistant Wen in the passenger seat was robbed of his job and had to pull down the window to say hello to everyone. He was a personal assistant. To be precise, he was mainly responsible for the boss’s personal life and social aspects, which were different from the work of the senior special assistants around Fu Shiyuan. It was really a matter of saying that he was the person who followed Mr. Fu for 24 hours. Even his room in the Guancanghai was next to Mr. Fu. Who else in the whole group could have such treatment?

The assistant Wen greeted everyone. They also responded enthusiastically and did not forget to say hello to the driver and bodyguard Dachen. Mr. Fu was born in a celebrity in Hong Kong City. Because of historical and social reasons, the social security of Hong Kong City was inferior to that in the Mainland. Cases of kidnapping and extortion about giants occurred from time to time, especially Xi, Fu, Ye and other world-famous wealthy families. Their clan siblings were like mobile targets. For the sake of their lives, bodyguards had become a must-have for them. As the sole son of Fu family, his bodyguards together could form two volleyball teams. It was said that all of them used to be special soldiers with extraordinary skills, masters who came and went without a trace.

However, these two groups of volleyball teams went to the mainland with strict security control, especially in Beijing, which was a little useless. Mr. Fu no longer needs to be surrounded by many guards, and he went out with up to two bodyguards, one of which had to be a part-time driver. The people who stayed with him were naturally confidants, so even if they were group executives with annual salary of seven or eight figures, they were still very concerned about the bodyguards and drivers.

Fu Shiyuan was not in the mood to hear so many greetings. He leaned on the seat and commanded: "Let's go."

Dachen immediately started the car and the assistant Wen closed the window, waiting for a few meters to drive out, he reported softly, "Mr. Fu, I talked to Lisa. She said nothing has happened recently, but Mrs. Fu slept in the Jinbaolai yesterday. After having lunch with Mrs. Jian, she suddenly said she would come to see you. Because it was so sudden, Lisa at the farm failed to catch the plane. This time, Mrs. Fu came to Beijing alone."

Fu Shiyuan closed his eyes and looked up, as if he had no intention of listening to the report of the assistant Wen, but if he looked closely, he could see that his fingers were tapping his knees. This was his habit of thinking.

Lisa was his wife's life assistant. Since they got married, Lisa had been serving Mrs. Fu. In terms of familiarity and understanding, he was indeed not as good as Lisa. Therefore, as long as Lisa said that there is nothing important, it should not be wrong. But she came to Beijing suddenly and was so anxious that she couldn't wait for Lisa, who she trusted and depended on. Was it related to his parents-in-law?

Jinbaolai is a high-end community in Hong Kong City second only to Haitang Bay. He had a villa there, but he had a lot of real estate under his name. When his son was born, even his parents gave incentives such as yacht and stocks. The media stared at him, so he picked a few sets of real estate in different cities and transferred them to her, including Jinbaolai. Because Jinbaolai was in Hong Kong City and the environment was also good, his wife let her parents move in.

Therefore, when they heard that she suddenly decided to come to Beijing after she came to Jinbaolai, Fu Shiyuan couldn't help thinking of his parents-in-law. However, although his wife's family was not that wealthy, his father-in-law was an intellectual, and his mother-in-law was even smarter. He believed that they would not fool around in front of his wife.

This should be a reason for this matter. Mr. Fu's eyebrows frowned, and the assistant's heart beat quickly. He was uneasy and reminded: "There is another thing recently, I heard that Mrs. Xi was pregnant with a second child. You know, there had been a comparison between Mrs. Xi and your wife, and there were posts on the Internet..."

The reason for this sounded ridiculous. The assistant Wen himself didn’t believe that as the young mistress of the Fu family, she would be stimulated by the gossips outside to behave abnormally--no matter how it was arranged outside, Mrs. Fu had money, status and shares in her hand. She also gave birth to the young master. Was it necessary for her to be concerned about the gossips outside?

Assistant Wen said while carefully watching the look of the boss, fearing that his irresponsible guess would cause him to be dissatisfied. It was a pity that Mr. Fu was expressionless and his eyes didn't open. Whether he was satisfied or dissatisfied, he couldn't even see it.

Fu Shiyuan was actually analyzing that although the reason given by the assistant is absurd, it was not without this possibility. His wife came to Beijing in a hurry, wouldn't she come to catch adultery in the act? The word "second child" reminded him that his parents, including his parents-in-law, had persuaded them to take advantage of their younger age to give birth to two more children. The reason was that their family could afford it and they could also help with family management.

So she was seeing that people who were two years later than they got married are "catching up from behind" and couldn't sit still?

Thinking of this, Fu Shiyuan couldn't help but squeeze his eyebrows. He even couldn't take care of one child. He hadn't gone to school for two months to pick up his son and had no time to spend time with him on vacation.

The car slowly drove into the Longquan Bay Villa. It was already half past one in the morning. Fu Shiyuan didn’t want to disturb the people at home, so he let the assistant and the driver return to the hotel. He opened the door and entered the house by himself, but he didn’t expect that the hall to be brightly lit, and the servants ran up and down. He was immediately assailed by the scent from the kitchen.

Alone in the Mainland for months, Fu Shiyuan had not felt such a "life spirit" for a long time. Aunt Wang, who heard the movement leaned out to greet him, “Mr. Fu, you are back, do you want some supper? The mistress was awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night, she let us boil some soothing soup..."

During the talk, Sister Zhang came down from the upstairs again, "Aunt Wang, Mistress said that she wants to eat sweets, egg tarts and cakes. Can you make--Ah, Mr. Fu is back?"

Fu Shiyuan nodded and smiled, "How is the mistress?"

Sister Zhang had been ignored in the empty villa for a long time. They rarely expected to welcome the host and the hostess back home. They all wanted to express their feelings. One said that the mistress was shocked by the nightmare and need to be accompanied by Mr. Fu; Aunt Wang said with some embarrassment: "I can make small cakes that the mistress wants to eat, but it takes too long, and it is too late now..."

Fu Shiyuan said: "Then do it for her tomorrow."

After that, he went to the second floor with the servants. By the way, he recalled the last time his wife came to live in Longquan Bay. That was two years ago, the group had its first annual meeting in Beijing. She had to accompany him to attend. That time, she stayed in Longquan Bay for one night. It was just that she was a little embarrassed in front of these servants, as if she regarded herself as a guest. He knew she was uncomfortable, so he simply accompanied her to the Guancanghai, and she was more comfortable at the hotel. Therefore, he thought that she would go to the hotel this time but did not expect her to come here directly, and also ordered the entire villa to run around in circles, but it was showing quite a bit of the majesty of the hostess.

Thinking about this, he had reached the master bedroom on the second floor, the room was turned on with lights, the door was closed, and Fu Shiyuan knocked twice at will, then pushed open the door and looked softly at the woman who was sitting on the bed: "I heard you had a nightmare, does it matter?"

Jian Ruixi, who was struggling to smooth her memory, raised her head and saw Mr. Fu standing at the door. Finally, her sober brain suddenly crashed. The novel did not tell her that Mr. Fu, as a supporting role, was also such handsome.

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