The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 29

Tong Yuwu didn't even touch the seafood. it is impossible for her fingers to be pinched, but this does not affect her temporary performance.


"It's nothing." Her ears are reddish, and she wants to pull her hand back, "My finger just accidentally be pinched, it hurts a little at first, and now it doesn't hurt anymore. It even doesn't have wounds."


"Today, I have lack of consideration." Fu Liheng's tone is a little low. He does not consider too many external factors. For example, Tong Yuwu didn't have much experience in buying food, "It won't happen in the future."


Servant Sun is not here, and they have many inconveniences in life. He doesn't seem to be used to the current mode of getting along with only two of them.

After all, Tong Yuwu has been a spoiled young lady since she was a child, even though her life has changed dramatically since she was fifteen. In terms of material, her uncle and her aunt are not harsh on her. However, she can go to the market to buy seafood only because he said that he wants to eat seafood, which makes Fu Liheng stunned for a while, also has a hint of evasion.


His thoughts of evasion exist, but he doesn't want to put this thought into action. He doesn't like deviations, and he doesn't like being a different man for a little changes in life.


It's nothing.


"I'll cook." Fu Liheng takes off his coat, rolles up his sleeves, and prepares to cook.


Tong Yuwu hadn't expected Fu Liheng to show solicitude for her. If one day he really treats her in this way, she will wonder if there is a ghost upper his body.(he is not himself, and he is controlled by the ghost, so he would do things like this.)


But if he really treats her in this way, to say a few compliment words to her, which will be like some kind of official words(most boyfriend says to their girlfriend), she also wants to roll her eyes in heart.


He really has no conscience.

The seafood needs authentic and original taste. Both steamed and boiled seafood are very delicious. The lobster is also handled by the seafood stall owner before. It takes less than half an hour to prepare a dinner, which is much faster than she expected. Because Fu Liheng accurately follows the kitchen software recipes in the sauce, so the taste is also very good. The shrimps are fresh and tender. Maybe Tong Yuwu did her own work. She feels that this meal is equal to Yanjing's best seafood restaurant's food.


After dinner, Fu Liheng goes to the study.


Because he doesn't have many days at home. He usually goes to the study after dinner, so Tong Yuwu doesn't pay much attention to his behavior.


This time Fu Liheng goes to the study to ponder closing his eyes instead of working.


He is not used to Tong Yuwu's behavior, and he is not used to himself like this.


He thinks of next month is her birthday. He had already thought about buying a yacht for her. But after today's affairs, he thinks about it for a moment and dials the phone of his special assistant, "Is there any auction recently?" 

Special assistant Zhou has more work than Assistant Wang. He is currently on a business trip in Kong City. He suddenly receives a call from his boss. He is a little bit unconscious, "Next week there will be an auction in Kong City. It is said that the set of necklace inlaid with semiprecious stones called bloom will be auctioned."


"How much can I get it?"


"Probably 4 to 5 million pounds."


"take it."

Special assistant Zhou has spent more time with Fu Liheng than Assistant Wang did. He naturally knows that Fu Liheng is going to auction jewellery, either for his mother or his wife. He has his thoughts in mind and tries to ask, "Next month is the Mrs. Fu's birthday, is this necklace given as a birthday gift?"




Special assistant Zhou is even more surprised, "Mr. Fu, you asked me to buy the yacht the day before yesterday..."


Isn't the yacht a birthday present?


Fu Liheng, "Can't it?"


Special assistant Zhou: I'm sorry to disturb you, but I don't quite understand that the top rich people will give others double gifts.


But is this the hint that Mr. Fu begins to take care of his wife. He is not so elaborate to prepare birthday gifts for her before.




The next day, when Tong Yuwu wakes up by the alarm clock, she finds that Fu Liheng has already gone to work.


She is still wondering as she goes downstairs. Does he have a very important job today? Doesn't he usually get up around seven o'clock? It's only seven o'clock now, and he has gone to work.

Although she reminds herself not to get too far, Tong Yuwu glances quietly at the dinner table and glances quietly in the kitchen. And she finds that there is no loving breakfast. She lowers her lips, thinking that he was moved yesterday and would make breakfast for her.


Basically she has spent a thousand yuan and she has to tight her waistband(eat less food and spend less money) for the rest of the day.

The stock in the refrigerator is enough for her to eat, but the stock in the refrigerator is not enough for Fu Liheng and her two people. She doesn't know whether he is in love with the cook. Every time he cooks, he does not consider the actual situation. He still does like that servant Sun is still here to serve them. Obviously there are only two people here to eat, and she can't eat too much. But every time he has to do two meat dishes and two vegetarian dishes... And every time they can not finish the meal!


He wastes food and money, the food she bought several days ago at the supermarket may not last for a few days.


He is a spendthrift!


Tong Yuwu taking advantage of nobody at home calls names, her mobile phone rings, which is called by Lu Yinyin.

Just when she answers the phone, before she has time to say "Hey", there is a crack at the other part, " Listen! Yuwu, you certainly don't know it, I also heard that. Old Mr. Wan has actually made a will. This is not surprising, but old Mr. Wan is only in his fifties. This is not the point. The point is that almost all of his property in the will was left to Wan Linjia and old Mrs. Wan, and only a villa was given to Wan Liru. It's very remote, and there are some real estate that is almost negligible. Even Wan's company's dividend has not given to her. It is estimated that the total property has given to her valued just tens of millions. She is too pitiful. It's really pitiful."

"And I heard that Wan Liru was born out of wedlock. She could not enter the genealogy of the Wan family. Originally, old Mrs. Wan wanted to manage a marriage for her. She was also planning to give her a birthday. Now I guess Liru is in trouble. Do you think it serves her right, but I'm happy to see her not doing well!"


Before, Tong Yuwu will gossip with the Lu Yinyin together, but she has no interest to do this today.


Is it pitiful to get only tens of millions of property? In the original book, she only got a few million, isn't she more pitiful?


Lu Yinyin also notices that Tong Yuwu has no interest in gossip. Lu Yinyin thinks that maybe Tong Yuwu still doesn't sleep well and rest well, so she casually hangs up the phone for a reason and she really doesn't want to witness public display affection(Lu Yinyin:I know you guys love each other. Don't let me witness PDA again).


Tong Yuwu is lying on the sofa. Very good, and now all the examples around her are telling her how bad it will be once she is divorced.

It's nothing to be expelled from the giants circle. But if one day she is sneered at by those people she was once despised, such as her little plastic sisters(be friends on the surface but they will compete secretly and not true friends) or even Wan Liru. It is no doubt that she will go to see Fu Liheng with her knife.


Tong Yuwu straightens up and glances at the time. It is still very early, not at ten o'clock.


She can go to Fu's company to send Fu Liheng her stew. At noon, they can still have lunch together in his office.


Of course, she will not have the consciousness of leaving after eating. She will find a reason to stay and spend the afternoon in his lounge or office. Maybe they can eat dinner outside. This is also a perfect date. The most important thing is that if they eat outside, she will definitely not pay for it. 

Wait...... How does she look like a slut who eats and drinks freely from him, but doesn't love him?


Tong Yuwu's cooking is not enough to cook a dish, not to mention stew. So she dials old Mrs. Fu's phone without any psychological burden.


Old Mrs. Fu picks up quickly, and the tone is relaxed and kind, "Yuwu, what's the matter?"

"Mom, in fact, I'm fine, just thinking about that Fu Liheng will work late these evening, he works really hard. Today I want to send him lunch, and by the way, I want to stew a soup to make up for him." Tong Yuwu has been learned how to open her eyes and to talk nonsense without blushing(she will not get shamed of her lies). "Today I got up early and wanted to stew soup, but I failed. What I want to do now is to learn the skill of stew soup with nanny Sun."


When old Mrs. Fu looks at the time, it is ten o'clock. It is only two hours away from lunch. Yuwu had never been to the kitchen. If she stews the soup, when would Fu Liheng have lunch?


"This stew can not be learned in a minute, so, I will let the servant stew it in the kitchen now. Then I will let servant make a few more dishes, and let the driver deliver it to you after it is done. Do you think if it works."

"That's great, Mom, you don't know. Fu Liheng said yesterday that he wants to eat seafood. I deliberately went out to buy it. As a result, the seafood I bought seemed to be not fresh. I felt really sad. He usually worked so hard. These days, maybe he didn't eat well."


Old Mrs. Fu thinks for a moment, and says, "It happened to be a friend who delivered a box of seafood yesterday. Your dad and I don't like to eat seafood. I will let the driver send it to you later."






When Tong Yuwu stands at the door and she watches, as the driver moves boxes of seafood from the trunk to the house. She suddenly realizes that she is too young to understand before, how deep the love from mother is.


She thinks they've agreed that old Mrs. Fu just sends her a stew soup, some dishes, and one box of seafood?

Now there are two boxes of seafood alone. Not to mention other fruits and foods. There were some empty in refrigerator before but that was stuffed up immediately now, almost no gaps are left in the refrigerator. Tong Yuwu stands in front of the refrigerator with a satisfied face. Now she realizes the joy of hoarding.


Next—should she not have to suffer to buy food?


To her, mother-in-law is so nice. Men are the natural enemies of women. Only women can understand women. She thinks that her mother-in-law is really intimate!

The food delivered by Mrs. Fu is also very hearty, full of meat and vegetables, and a soup. Tong Yuwu has already called Fu Liheng before. After getting his consent, she takes a few lunch boxes and goes to the car to Fu's company.


When she gets off the car, assistant Wang has waited aside, and assistant Wang takes the lunch box in her hands as a porter.


When she comes to the elevator door, she just happened to meet Fu Liheng's translation secretary Ai Da.


Fu Liheng has several secretaries, each of whom has their own duties. Tong Yuwu has seen them. She can't see through what are those secretaries' thoughts. But only seeing from the surface, all of them has a strong ability and a sense of self-discipline.

Ai Da is a woman heavy with child (pregnant) now, and Tong Yuwu hasn't seen her for months after all. Last time when she saw her, she still had a flat belly. She wore a professional dress and stepped on the high heeled shoes. But today, she wears a maternity dress and steps on flat shoes. She almost has no makeup. Compared with the last time, the contrast is too big. Tong Yuwu almost does not recognize her.


"How many months have you been pregnant?"


The three people walk into the elevator. Assistant Wang stands consciously inside, leaving the space as much as possible for the other two women to chat.


Ai Da holds her waist in one hand, and her whole body radiates a kindness aura that is about to become a mother, "Eight months."


"I was wondering that I didn't see you last time."

"Mrs. Fu, I happened to go to the obstetrics inspection that day, and the queues were all in the morning." Ai Da thinks about it and says, "I'm going to take maternity leave after childbirth a full month. The personnel department has recruited new people, temporarily will take over my job."


Newcomer? In the past, Tong Yuwu may still have a sense of crisis, but now this sense of crisis is completely gone. She had guessed that Fu Liheng has lover outside before, and she did not doubt that he would get together with his secretary or subordinates. Fu Liheng is a man with a clear sense of public and private interests, and he has principle in his work. It is unlikely that the love plot between overbearing president and the petite secretary will happen to him. She can guarantee it with her head( equals with guarantee it with her life).


Ai Da sees Tong Yuwu with no changes on her face, and she is envious of her in her heart.

She thinks that Tong Yuwu is a truly confident woman. She still remembers the former senior secretary who was also very beautiful and had a strong working ability. At that time, Mr. Fu also took over the company. This secretary started to have other thoughts (she wanted to seduce Fu Liheng) and was dismissed soon after.

Although Mr. Fu took over the company at that time, most of the time he was on a business trip overseas, and the company's employees were not very clear about his working methods. Some male colleagues were still discussing in private, and their comments were very foul. They said that sleeping with her just for one night was not a loss to him, and they also said that it was good to have her as a lover outside.


Until three years ago, Mrs. Fu accompanied Mr. Fu as the identity of fiancee to the company's annual meeting. That was the first time many employees saw her. Who was not surprised by her beauty?


The most beautiful jewelry(the most beautiful woman in the world) is in front of him, unless Mr. Fu is mad so that he can fall in love with other stones (ordinary woman)?


"Is it hard to get pregnant?" Tong Yuwu looks at Ai Da's high, bulging belly, and she is really scared.


Ai Da nods helplessly, "By the way, Mrs. Fu, do you know some famous doctors who can remove the stretch marks.

"Stretch marks?" Tong Yuwu recalls, "I have no impression, what's the matter with you?"

"Since last month, my belly has been itchy, and it is useless to apply oil or wipe cream. Now my belly is like a watermelon skin. I am so worried. I am trying to control my weight after pregnancy. However every time if I eat a little more, the next day morning I will weigh two jin(two jin= one kilo) directly."


Ai Da originally wants to talk about her other physical changes, but she sees the assistant Wang in the elevator mirror in time. Assistant Wang is as the background board in the elevator. And she could only hold back the words.


Tong Yuwu thinks about what the watermelon skin looks like, and thinks about her flat and smooth belly. And suddenly she loses most of her interest in pregnant and giving birth.


Why aren't men who are pregnant and have children?

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