The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 28

Tong Yuwu never thought that one day she would cry so hard because of two hundred yuan of a lobster.

Before she became Mrs. Fu, outsiders, including herself, all think that she is an orphan without parents' protection. But in terms of material, she was not embarrassed, and every month her aunt will send money on her card on time. In addition to this, she would also receive a holiday fee every year. In life, she is not as good as the rich lady of the wealthy family, but her life is much better than the children of ordinary people who are in middle-class families.


As the Chinese proverb says: A starved camel is still bigger than a horse, probably this is the case.


Now, until now, she has become Mrs. Fu, a wealthy woman who won't blink twice even if she has a million yuan to pay for her shopping list. But now she hesitates for these two hundred yuan of a lobster, who can believe it?


Life is so tough.


While she is standing in the seafood area, neither walking nor walking, she hears the two aunts talking and chatting while picking clams--


"I don't know what does my daughter-in-law think, it's obvious that the seafood in market are fresher and cheaper. In her demand, I have to come to this supermarket to buy seafood. I can't buy it in market secretly. She has to check the receipts, unbelievable."


"Is the seafood cheaper at the market? I only know that the seafood over there should be fresher. Look at these clams, there are not much alive, how to eat it!"

"It's really cheaper in market. My fellow took me there once. The clams were only a few yuan a jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram)! Here, look at this big lobster, if you buy one here, you will spend at least three hundred yuan. But you can spend only two hundred yuan in market to buy one. It's too cheaper in the market. I like to go to the market to buy food. The food in there is cheaper and fresher. Nowadays, young people are really rich enough to spend money casually!"

"That's just the way it is. I used to go to the farmer's wholesale market to buy fruits. A large box of cherries is estimated to have a dozen or twenty jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram), and you can spend only over four hundred yuan. This supermarket is different. It costs more than ninety yuan per jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram). Are they going to grab the money!"

In the past, Tong Yuwu rarely hears this kind of trivial matter rising to the gap between the rich and the poor. Even if she occasionally heard passersby talking this trivial matter, she would not listen to it. But today, after listening carefully, she really feels that she is moved, really moved.

If she can only spend two hundred yuan to buy a lobster in the market, then she can save one hundred yuan. It may be enough for her to buy a smaller grouper, a little shrimp, and one big lobster within three hundred yuan. It's all for Fu Liheng, a man without conscience. She can eat less.


Thinking of this, Tong Yuwu slowly moves her steps to the two women. She pretends to pick some clams. But when she smells the fishy smell, she wishes to retreat.


"Excuse me, I have one question." Tong Yuwu's voice is relatively sweet, and her face is full of smiles, and she says politely, "Where is the market that you are talking about?"


The two women turn back together and see this beautiful girl, both of them froze for a moment.


Tong Yuwu hurriedly says, "My mother-in-law likes to eat seafood. The food here does not seem so fresh. The elder rarely ask for something. But I want her to eat a little bit better. Can you tell me where the market is?"

The two women come to Yanjing from their hometown to help their son to bring their children. They usually have a lot of friction with their daughter-in-law at home. At this time, when they hear this beautiful girl saying this, they immediately lose defensive. They are extremely enthusiastic and honest. And they quickly tell Tong Yuwu the location of the market.


"Girl, you are really filial, so kind to your mother-in-law. You are not like my daughter-in-law. It will be nice if she doesn't quarrel with me every day!"

Tong Yuwu smiles and takes note of the location of the vegetable market. Then she looks up and says, "My mother-in-law is too worried about me, she wants me to give birth to a child. My husband and I are both preparing a dink family. I am afraid that my mother-in-law can't stand it. So I'm going to treat her better when she comes here. And I hope she wouldn't be so angry if I confess this fact to her in the future."


The two women look at each other and say flatly, "You still need to have a child, otherwise you can't rely on anyone when you get old."

"Economic conditions are not allowed." Tong Yuwu whispers, "My husband said that it would be difficult to support me. I didn't go to work after I got married, so he raised the family by himself, and it will cost more to raise a child." She raises her hand and looks at her watch, "Auntie, I'm sorry, I'm still in a hurry to buy seafood, so I'm leaving now, thank you two."


After Tong Yuwu left gracefully, the two aunts look at each other. They don't know why they even...find a feeling of comfort.


They get sympathy for this girl's mother-in-law. what does this woman do wrong? She can't even have a grandson!


They think about their own daughter-in-law. At least their own daughter-in-law didn't say that they doesn't want children. Their own daughter-in-law still work to make money every day to help support the family...Their own daughter-in-law seems to have been very good?



Tong Yuwu navigates to the market that the aunt said, and the market almost belongs to the old city. There are parking spaces on both sides of the street. She can't find the packing spaces on weekends. Today is the working day and now is the working time. Tong Yuwu almost easily finds a parking space. She seldom comes to the old city, where is with old houses, narrow roads, and more people. If she doesn't want to challenge her mission successfully this time, no matter how, she would not come here or even go to any market.


She stands at the door of the market, hesitates and boggles, and keeps doing psychological struggle——


Fu Liheng, this annoying man, he can't imagine what she has suffered for him!


If he knows this and he still wants to divorce her. Then he is the most scumbag man since world excited!


Tong Yuwu does not know that when she was struggling psychologically at the door of the market. Zhou Chi came to the old city to follow up the demolition matters and happened to drive over the market and saw her.


Tong Yuwu is indeed the kind of person who shines in the crowd.


Zhou Chi, an upright man who doesn't look at his friend's wife much, will also notice her standing by the road while driving, which is enough to prove that Tong Yuwu's advantages in appearance and temperament.


He was driving, and he did not stop deliberately. When he realized something, he had passed an intersection. After thinking about it, he takes out his mobile phone and dials the phone number of his friend Fu Liheng.

"Hi, Fu, I just saw your wife, what's going on, what is she doing at the market. She wants to experience life?" Zhou Chi thinks over and over again at one moment, "Is she like Sun Er's wife, going on any variety show?"


Fu Liheng is working, and after listening carefully, he is silent for a moment, "probably should not be."


The Fu family can be regarded as old-school tycoons. Some of the tycoons or giants in Yanjing and Kong City will also take part in the entertainment circle. But in the real tycoons or giants family, the elders in these families generally are very disgusted with this kind of thing. If Tong Yuwu wants to participate in any variety show, it is impossible without the consent of his family.


"I guess so. What's the matter with her going to the market?"


Fu Liheng pinches the bridge of his nose, "I don't know, but it shouldn't be your concern."




Tong Yuwu walks into the market. Many stalls start to close in the afternoon. She thinks, wouldn't it be the wrong time? What if the seafood stalls close? Isn't she coming here in vain?


Holding this idea, she asks people all the way to the seafood stall.

The owner of the seafood stall is a middle-aged man. He is holding the calculator to settle the accounts. Hearing the sound, he doesn't raise his head, "The stall will be closed in minutes. What do you want?"


"Is there any more lobster?"


The middle-aged man raises his head and sees that the woman is a young woman with exquisitely dressed clothes. And he frowns subconsciously.


when he sees her, he knows that this person does not often buy food. He is afraid of encountering such a customer. This kind of customer would ask anything and they know nothing. The first kind of customer he is afraid of is the shrewd woman. When this kind of woman buy 30 Yuan of seafood, they would also ask him to send them some shrimp...


"Yes. It's almost time to close the stall. It's cheaper for you, 158 per jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram)."


Tong Yuwu's eyes lit up, "Okay! Please pick a big lobster with one jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram) for me, thank you."


One hundred and fifty-eight yuan per jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram), she earns a lot. It's worthy for her to come all the way to buy seafood!


"OK." The shopkeeper is very experienced and he helps her pick out a big lobster in a minute. He weighs it, just over one jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram), "Two hundred and one, charge you two hundred."


Tong Yuwu didn't expect the shopkeeper to be so intimate, and he even actually keep the round number, and take out the remainder.


Although this big lobster is a little smaller than that one sold in supermarkets, it does not matter. As long as it is a big lobster, if Fu Liheng asks, she will say that she was cheated by others~


"Please help me pick a smaller grouper and a half-jin(a unit of weight=1/2 kilogram) slub shrimp, thank you."

At the end of the checkout, the shopkeeper is really talking less and more generous. Totally about 360 yuan, he only charges about 330 yuan, which almost also exceeds her quota. Tong Yuwu thinks that this meal spends more than 300 yuan, it is really luxurious. Fu Liheng deserves to be the leader among the capitalists, he does so well in squeezing her.

Tong Yuwu happily carries the bag home. But unfortunately, the old city market is far away from Songjing villa, moreover she wasted a lot of time in the supermarket and on the way from the supermarket to the market. When she returns home, she finds that Fu Liheng had arrived home, and she is shocked. She picks up her phone and sees it is already six o'clock. Why did he get off work earlier than before, according to common working time of him! Doesn't he usually has to get off work at six or seven?


"Why do you get off work early today?" No matter how many complaints are there in her heart, she still has to look like she is surprised. She puts on shoes and trot to come to him, and asks lightly.


Fu Liheng's eyes slowly moves down, looking at the bag in her hand. Did she really go to the market?


He is not a person who likes to guess, moreover this is not a big thing that can not be asked. He directly asks in a deep voice, "You went to the market today? One of my friend saw you over there."


? ?


? ? ?


What? ? An acquaintance saw her in the market? Ah, why should she be met and seen by acquaintances? How can she still holds the image of an elegant and rich wife in the future.


Tong Yuwu has too many question marks and exclamation marks in her heart. But she is always witty and she quickly thinks that this is a golden opportunity for her.


First, she has to say that it is very hard and very difficult for her, and she is very wronged and great, so Fu Liheng will feel guilty and he will no longer order food. In this way, the setbacks and difficulties that she may encounter in the next few days can be completely strangled in the cradle(these setbacks and difficulties will never appear in her life, and in this way she can live more easily).

"I, I..." Tong Yuwu looks helpless, her tone lowers, like a child who did something wrong, "I think you rarely order food. I just want to make you eat better and I want you to feel a little more happy. I had went to the supermarket, but the lobsters in the supermarket were half dead and not fresh at all. Just a woman said that the lobsters in the market seafood stalls were big and fresh. So I... I went there."


Fu Liheng is stunned. He stares at her hair. And he could see that she is very helpless and careful at this moment.


Because he said that he wanted to eat seafood, so she went to the market to buy a better and fresher one?


Tong Yuwu lowers her head.


Second, she wants to seize the opportunity to show her sensation, oh, no, it is contentious. She needs to control this degree, and she wants Fu Liheng to be moved by her.

"I don't know where to go to buy seafood. I've never bought any food before. I don't have any experience... It seems like I am not able to do anything right." Tong Yuwu says while brewing her emotions, "There are so many people in the market that I almost got hit. Later, when I picked the big lobster, my fingers were almost pinched by lobster."


Fu Liheng doesn't know what happened, and she was happy when she just came in. Why does she seem to cry at this time?


He just wants to know what she did at the market, and he doesn't mean to blame her.


Hearing what she said, he is in a very complicated mood. As if there are feathers flicking lightly in his heart. He couldn't describe this feeling.


This mood prompts him to take her hand and asks in a soft voice, "Does it still hurt?"

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