The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 27

After returning home, taking a bath, they have sex again while the atmosphere and mood are good. Before going to bed, Tong Yuwu using her fingers counts the times of having sex with Fu Liheng. She finds that the frequency of recent sex life are quite high. She and Fu Liheng have always been well-known couples in name only, but only recently has she felt that the relationship between her and Fu Liheng is a little bit like a newly-married couple.

Maybe it's a good thing, maybe it's a bad thing. It's hard to say. The relationship between the two was alienated before, she didn't interfere with him, he also rarely interfered with her. There is a dividing line between the two, they are busy with their own things. They do not disturb each other. However once they become closer to each other, They will also face an inevitable period of burnout after their honeymoon period.


You don't care, if you don't like it. So you won't get bored either.


Tong Yuwu closes tightly her lips. If she and Fu Liheng becomes the same as ordinary couples, it will bring advantages and disadvantages.


How many ordinary couples can't escape the seven-year itch. She doesn't have much love experience, and now she is crossing the river by touching stones(be watchful and reverent). The marriage of marrying above her station is not as good as she think.


But it doesn't matter, she has an opportunity. She must do the tasks well that released by the system. The system has said that now the release is only the simplest task. Even if it is the simplest, there will be 500,000 after success. The so-called man, the so-called marriage, will never be more secure than money for her.


Tong Yuwu thinks vaguely that this should be her sage time. She even begins to think problems what she don't have.


The next morning, Tong Yuwu has awakened by the alarm clock. She and Fu Liheng gets up almost at the same time. After simply combing and washing and having a light make-up, she goes to the kitchen to prepare a nice breakfast.


Breakfast is easier, and Fu Liheng is not so picky, as long as he can fill his stomach.


After preparing fried bacon and fried eggs, then she goes to the supermarket to buy salad dressing. She simply makes a sandwich and there are fresh milk in the refrigerator.


Sitting at the dining table, Tong Yuwu begins to miss the bird's-nest gruel that servant Sun stewed for her every day.


She thinks Fu Liheng might miss servant Sun, too.


"I'm going to work." No matter what Fu Liheng thinks, he had finished eating the two sandwiches on the plate, and he's almost drunk the milk, too.


Tong Yuwu gets up and accompanies him to the door. Suddenly she thinks it's like the scene in a Japanese drama. So she bends her lips with a smile and says, "Daddy, you have to work hard today."


Fu Liheng must have never watched many TV series. He suddenly hears Tong Yuwu calling him like this, he looks at her in shock and doubt.


...Okay, she forgets that her husband couldn't catch her topic.

In order to prevent him from thinking about that things, she quickly explains with a smile, "I was watching a Japanese drama recently and I was affected by the plot. In the TV series, the wife called her husband "daddy" and the husband called his wife " mommy". I find it very interesting."

Fu Liheng, "...?"


Of course, he can't get such interesting points.


"I'm going to work."


"Well, be careful on the way. Will you come back to dinner at night?"


"Not sure, I'll talk about it in the afternoon."


After watching Fu Liheng gets on the car and leaves, Tong Yuwu is relieved. She don't want to talk this kind of topic to Fu Liheng again in the future.

Her lunch is also very simple, she can't do complex one. And she is unwilling to do it. So she chooses to heat up lettuce in hot water, cut a piece of fish fillet, and cook an egg and add a little brown rice. The taste is a bit light, but she can't be too picky in this time.


With her this way of eating, it is completely possible for her to spend a thousand dollars a week.


True beauty is all delicate from hair to toes. No hair care was done this week. Tong Yuwu feels that she has become a lot rougher.


It is easy to go from economy to extravagance, but not from extravagance to economy. Her mobile phone rings when she touches her long hair, which is still smooth and supple. Life is tough and she feels herself is going through a period of really hard time and she sighs. It is Lu Yinyin who calls her.


"Yuwu, do you want to go to hair color for hair care? Yesterday, the stylist sprayed some hair gel on my hair yesterday. I feel so bad now. If it's still early, can we do a foot spa?"


As usual, Tong Yuwu has already got up from the bed like the carp jumps on water.


Today, her expression is decadent and world-weary, "Oh, I have no time."

Lu Yinyin, "?"


Isn't the wealthy wife the most free and timeful?


"What are you doing?" Lu Yinyin listens to her feeble voice and asks with concern, "are you sick? I'll come to see you if you are sick."


Tong Yuwu just wants to end this call as soon as possible, "I slept late yesterday, I haven't gotten up, I'm tired."


Lu Yinyin: Is it the kind of tiredness that she imagines? Excuse me, people who have no sex life are not worthy of chatting anymore.


There is a sentence especially suitable for this year's Tong Yuwu.

It never rains but pours. She has reduced her favorite entertainment activities to save money. By the afternoon, she receives a call from Fu Liheng. If she had an instrument on her body, the moment she saw the caller ID, her blood pressure and heartbeat will accelerate at the same time.


She is not worthy of being a wealthy wife, no hair care, no foot spa, and now she has to worry about the rice, oil, and salt. The most feared thing for her is the cell phone ringing in the afternoon.


When she answers the phone, it is like she was filled with concentrated refreshing liquid. She was tired of the world before, but for a second, the smile is all over her face. And her tone is sweet and soft, "Hey."


Fu Liheng holds the mobile phone in one hand and turns the document in the other hand, his tone is steady, "I will go back to dinner this afternoon."


"Really?" Tong Yuwu says in surprise, "What do you want to eat at night?"


Fu Liheng is generally not picky, he will definitely say anything is okay.




Tong Yuwu forced, "?"


Why are you really ordering?


Fu Liheng didn't expect Tong Yuwu to make seafood. He just brings up some new ideas. When the lunch break time, he just casually glanced over the kitchen software downloaded before. There were some seafood practices on the homepage.


Seafood is relatively simple to cook, either boiled or steamed.


He also remembers having eaten big lobster with her before, and it seems that she likes it.

Although he still doesn't figure out why she dismissed servant Sun, but he doesn't plan to snubs her or doesn't cooperate with her because of such things. In the past few days, he could also see that she is not so happy. So today, he'll cook her some seafood she likes. After all, she felt she'd been wronged yesterday.


He already tells his demand, and Tong Yuwu has to deal with it and and she responds, "Well, what seafood do you want to eat?"

Fu Liheng recalls the recipes he saw on the kitchen software today, and says in a deep voice, "Buy a grouper, some prawns, yeah, prawns, yes, and lobster. If you want to eat it, you can also buy some hairy crabs and we can eat steamed crab."


While he is saying, Tong Yuwu's heart slowly sinks. How dare he order like this! He even order seafood and big lobster! Where does she have money to buy seafood! !


The available quota is now more than three hundred yuan!


What the hell is this, why should life be so difficult for her this poor and helpless and weak kitten?


"Okay?" Fu Liheng asks habitually.


Tong Yuwu endures her heartbreak, "Of course. I will go to the seafood supermarket to buy food~"

Although she is already scolding frantically, Tong Yuwu also has to get up and pick up the car key to prepare to go out to the supermarket and to buy seafood. Why does Fu Liheng want to eat seafood and why can't Fu Liheng buy Seafood by himself? Or why could not he make a phone call to let the coastal city to send an airlift of seafood. He has to make her go to the supermarket to buy? The supermarket's seafood are not so fresh. As a top rich second generation, does he not pursue this at all?


She really doesn't want to fail the second round of challenges. One more day of this kind of life is suffering to her.


This time she has to challenge successfully and makes a quick decision.

From Songjing Villa to the nearest supermarket, Tong Yuwu goes straight to the seafood area. This supermarket is very large and has a wide range of seafood. She originally planned not to buy it. After she comes back home then she tells to Fu Liheng that there was no lobster. But she accidentally hears that an aunt talks to another aunt. The aunt says that Yanjing's seafood prices are actually cheaper, and the lobster in her countryside home is much more expensive.


Oh, she is so ignorant and she even thinks that the lobster is rare.


Why doesn't Fu Liheng order such cute and cheap seafood as scallops?

Tong Yuwu stands aside, seeing the big lobster. She plucks up her courage and looks up at the price——


! ! ! Two hundred and eight yuan a catty(any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia, especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)! !


A big lobster also has 500 grams or 1000 grams, her quota is only more than 300 yuan. If she buys the lobster, she will use up all her money.


She doesn't know if she doesn't look at the price. She suddenly feel so painful that she even can't breathe.


What does she do wrong. Why should she suffer such grievances, and why should she suffer such shocks.


Fu Liheng, you have no conscience!


The author has something to say:   The price of the big lobster here may not be the same as the price there. You don’t have to question it. I wrote it according to the article settings.

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