The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 26

Qin Yi is not blind. He sits in the car and stares at the door of the manor, so he naturally sees this scene.

He holds the steering wheel tightly with both hands. If he doesn't think that the timing is wrong or the occasion is wrong. With his character, he might have to hit the horn hard to vent his anger. His body is tight and his expression is stiff, and he wants to turn around and walks away. But his phone rings out of time and it is called by Liu Yunxi.

Liu Yunxi's tone is brisk, "Just now the housekeeper pays me a salary and says I can go. Thanks for your help. Are you already here? I invite you for supper?"

Qin Yi's tone was cold, "No, you come out soon, I have something to ask you."

This banquet Fu Liheng should not have suddenly appear. But he came, and said something plausible. Soon after, he came out with Tong Yuwu, which means that something must have happened at the banquet that he did not know. Thinking about it, he can only know through Liu Yunxi.

" Okay, I'm coming!"


Liu Yunxi is very happy.

She feels that this matter must have been settled by Qin Yi. Not long ago, Miss Wan threatened to let the police come to the party after the banquet. How long after that, the housekeeper came over and paid her the salary. Let her leave.


It can only say that this is a misunderstanding from beginning to the end.

Even if Mrs. Wan didn't know her nominal daughter's thoughts before, it was clear after this evening. Now that Fu Liheng has come over in person, all of which imply that his wife was frightened and feels wronged here. The matter must not be violent, and it can't be spread out. Wan Liru's embarrassment is a small thing. But causing Fu Liheng and Fu's disgust is a real big deal.


It is impossible for her to establish an "enemy" for her son for no reason, so this matter can only be reduced to a small matter, and the problem can be minimized to the least. As for Wan Liru, old Mrs. Wan has many means and opportunities to make her pay and let Mrs. Fu feel easy and comfortable.


The diamond necklace was lost. No matter whether it was true or false, this thing could not be spread out. So old Mrs. Wan let the housekeeper to expel Liu Yunxi away hurriedly. And old Mrs. Wan let the housekeeper to tell Liu Yunxi that the Wan family would not hold on to this matter.

Liu Yunxi quickly comes out and sees Qin Yi's car. She unconsciously opens the door of the passenger seat. When she is ready to sit in, she only hears Qin Yi  says with impatiently tone, "Did I let you to sit on this seat? Why did you want to sit on this position?? This is my girlfriend's seat."



Liu Yunxi endures a little sour in her heart, opens the door, and sits in the back seat obediently.

Qin Yi's car posts an old photo with Tong Yuwu. The light in the car is dim, and Liu Yunxi is myopic. She could only vaguely recognize the photo of two people leaning together. As for who is on the photo, she can't recognize.


She thinks that it should be him and his girlfriend.


In any case, she is very grateful to Qin Yi, and also realizes the convenience brought by money and power. She even feels that she has some power now.


When she was in a dilemma and was helpless, she didn't know where her tomorrow and her future would be. But a person had rescued her in need.


It seems that he has saved her twice.


She puts her hands on her knees, purses her lips, raises her head and looks at Qin Yi carefully. It should be fortunate that the light in the car is dark, and her little bit of unclear emotions could be covered up very well.




At the same time, Tong Yuwu also sits in the passenger seat. After getting in the car while taking advantage of Fu Liheng's inattention, she quietly takes photos with the front camera of her mobile phone, and her dangling heart falls to the ground. Her makeup looks good still. The professional stylist is doing this work perfectly. The professional stylist's makeup technique is naturally stronger than her. At this time, her face has no heavy makeup. But her foundation will be more beautiful when the night late, her skin now becomes cream skin which is very smooth and flawless.


"When you encounter something similar in the future, you can tell mom." Fu Liheng seems to pay attention to the road ahead, and suddenly says such a sentence.


Tong Yuwu lowers her head, "I think my mother is very happy today. And you can't listen to Yinyin's words, it may be that I think too much. I have no contact with Miss Wan, she has no reason to bully me."

Of course she can complain to her mother-in-law, but it is better to complain to her husband rather than to complain to her mother-in-law.


How can there be a close relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law compared with the relationship between husband and wife?


She and old Mrs. Fu do not have the priority condition of "a quarrel at the head of the bed and will be end at the end of the bed(love after war)." Rather than gaining pity from her mother-in-law, she might as well put her mind on her husband.


Fu Liheng listens to her softly and whispers, "Well, don't say this."

Tong Yuwu sees that her goal has been achieved, so she doesn't want to talk about Wan Liru in front of Fu Liheng. She had already guessed that Fu Liheng had no impression of Wan Liru. If she says more about Wan Liru, what should her do if Fu Liheng pays attention to Wan Liru. Let alone such things, as dumping waste to her husband. Enough is as good as a feast. He has been in a day's work, and he should be no interest in this kind of intrigue between women.


Today, she can see that Liu Yunxi simply bullied because of having no money and power.


Who does Wan Liru hate to see is her, and Wan Liru hates her too. It's unfortunate that Liu Yunxi has a bad life, but Liu Yunxi looks a bit like her, which just hinders Wan Liru's eyes.


In the original story, there is also such a period, but it is impossible for the Wan family to call the police when the banquet is in progress. When the banquet is over, Wan Liru calls the police and sends Liu Yunxi to the police station.


Calculating the time, Tong Yuwu estimates that time is up. Soon after, Liu Yunxi will be sent to the police station because the unreasonable Wan Liru has called the police.

In the police station, Liu Yunxi met his junior high school classmates, that is, supporting actors. When he was a junior high school student, he did not like to study. He also likes to bully people, especially bullying Liu Yunxi. Later, he was brought back to Yanjing by his family. By the way, the supporting actor ten years later became an upright policeman.


The supporting actor believed that Liu Yunxi was innocent, and when he was about to help her find evidence, Qin Yi appeared and took Liu Yunxi away easily.


From this plot, It is believed that people with eyes can distinguish who is the leading actor and who is the supporting actor.


All in all, Liu Yunxi is fine, and by the way, she has won an affectionate suitor.

"After all, I think it's strange." Tong Yuwu's heart turns a thousand times, but on the surface she is very calm. Even after the previous grievances were swept away, the smile on her face even became brighter. "You didn't see the helper girl just now. Yinyin said she looks a bit like me."


Fu Liheng doesn't speak. He had already guessed that the girl in her mouth is the person at Lan Yao restaurant that day, and he only saw the person in the back.


It's just Qin Yi's action...Is it that he wants to acquire the feeling of the donkey's carrot(quench one's thirst by thinking of plums -- console oneself with false hopes)?


He guesses that probably she doesn't know yet. If she knew that Qin Yi had found someone who looks like her, what would she think?


" really?" Fu Liheng's tone is plain.

"I'm still wondering if it will be my sister." Tong Yuwu's eyebrows curls as she smiles. "But it's a pity that my parents only have me as a child. Will that be the children of my father or my mother's relatives over there. It should be impossible. I have seen relatives on both sides. I have never heard of such a sister."


At that time, she glances over the original book. In the original book, she really had nothing to do with Liu Yunxi.

However, this kind of thing is afraid of omissions. During this time, she also quietly inquired about it, and determined that Liu Yunxi was not a child of a relative's family, and even less likely to be her father's illegitimate daughter (with no suspicion of father's meaning)... She will never allow this kind of shitting thing to happen on her!


"How could it be." Fu Liheng thinks that women's minds are really strange, how could they think of such things.

Tong Yuwu thinks that, according to the development of the plot, Qin Yi and Liu Yunxi had already gotten together. It's impossible that Fu Liheng will never know the fact. It might as well be frank for her, she needs to take advantage of what is happening now and picking herself out of this business(to prove that she has nothing to do with Qin Yi). At least let Fu Liheng know that Qin Yi has found a woman like her and so that Fu Liheng will not be angry and jealous of her.


Even if she is in the novel world, even if her status is cannon fodder, she must turn passive into active!


Fate is in her own hands!


"If you see someone who looks like me in the future, would you mistake others as me?" Tong Yuwu turns to him side and asks him seriously.


Fu Liheng is stunned, thinking Tong Yuwu already knew this.


He doesn't know how to answer this question for a while.


Tong Yuwu sees Fu Liheng not speaking, and sighs, "I don't like others to look like me at all, as if I have no special features."

"No." Fu Liheng says suddenly, "I won't treat others as you."


Tong Yuwu's heart is filled with joy, but she will be not so easily to believe Fu Liheng's words.


Taking the man's words seriously, then she will become a fool.


She is happy that he takes the topic from her, and then she could act as she pleased.


"Really? you won't treat others as me?"

"Well. This is self-deception." This behavior is too cowardly and too stupid. She is her or not her. People have a pair of eyes to distinguish the things in front of them. If people can't see it clearly, they will not need the eyes then they should donate their eyes to others.

Tong Yuwu starts rubbing diss Qin Yi secretly without psychological burden, "Fortunately you think so. Then I'm relieved. There was a very hot TV series before long. The leading actor is Yao Sisi. The hero takes the heroine as a substitute for his predecessor. It's disgusting. I really like Yao Sisi but I didn't chase this series."


"En?" Fu Liheng doesn't usually watch episodes. Frankly speaking, he is not even sure who is the Yao Sisi.


"What do you think this kind of man thinks? The TV series also says how affectionate he is. If he really is that affectionate, will he use other women as substitutes?"


Tong Yuwu is also speaking what she thinks in her mind.


Anyway now Qin Yi says how much he likes her, she can't believe a word.


If he really likes her, would he deceive himself to think of Liu Yunxi as her? Looking at it this way, his likes are too cheap, and one thing makes her very uncomfortable. Qin Yi may have a blind eye. She doesn't think Liu Yunxi looks like her at all! Can her beauty be copied, the two are not at the same level, which is insulting her! This is to try to put her down the altar and put it on the same level as a normal five-point beauty. Just thinking about it, she is so mad!

"You are right." Fu Liheng echoes the sentence very rarely.


The couple are now "I think she didn't know" "I think he didn't know". Each other secretly denounces the act of finding a substitute.


Of course, both of them are very satisfied and very happy.


Tong Yuwu is happy that she has already expressed her point of view. With the character of Fu Liheng, even if the matter of Qin Yi looking for a substitute will be exposed in the future, she will not be affected by the this matter.


Fu Liheng's mouth curls up, feeling inexplicably happy.


As for finding a reason, probably the weather is good today.


The author has something to say:   

There is no relationship between Liu Yunxi and Yuwu in blood relationship (to prevent some readers from having too big a brain, I think it is necessary to explain)

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