The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 25

Lu Yinyin has the illusion of being in the palace fighting drama, and standing next to her is Tong Yuwu, who is wearing a smile with a satisfied face, as if she is the heroine with the greatest aura and she is the emperor's unique love. She can hold everyone in her hands.(she can control anyone if she wants)

She suddenly feels that it is very promising to follow behind Tong Yuwu!

If the same thing happens on her, she will scold Wan Liru this little bitch without using earphones. She will scold Wan Liru severely until Wan Liru doesn't even know her father. If her husband calls her, she definitely says everything about it to her husband. She will tell it all. But thinking about it carefully, it seems like this is wrong. At least Tong Yuwu didn't lose her temper just now, and even spoke softly...

Tong Yuwu can win Fu Liheng's heart, which proves that she is the woman at the king's rank(she is really a badass woman).

Lu Yinyin is thoughtful. Tong Yuwu's behavior is bitchy. Not to mention Fu Liheng, Lu Yinyin is a woman, and she couldn't help but feel with angry for Tong Yuwu.

"Yinyin, what's wrong?" Tong Yuwu smiles and proposes, "It seems that there are a lot of mosquitoes outside. I feel much better now. Let's go inside."

"Is Mr. Fu coming?" Lu Yinyin asks subconsciously.

"Yeah." Tong Yuwu shows a sweet expression on her face. "He is off work. He might be a bit of worry to hear you say that. He wants to pick me up and take me home. Yinyin, how could you say that. Now he is worry about me without any cause or reason."

Lu Yinyin: "?"

...... Okayyyyy, you are beautiful and you have the final say.

"I can't let you being wronged." Lu Yinyin quickly changes the subject, lowering her voice mysteriously, "Yuwu, you don't know yet. This Wan Liru, I think she might like your husband, look at this—"

Lu Yinyin turns out micro-blogs(a app like Twitter) and hands her mobile phone to Tong Yuwu to let her see, "This is Wan Liru's micro-blogs(Twitter). This message was posted two years ago. You need to look at her envy. On the day you married your husband, she even tweeted that hoping you broke up in good attention and divorced as soon as possible, this person's intentions are really sinister!"

Don't underestimate the curiosity of a woman, Lu Yinyin can find out Wan Liru's micro-blogs(Twitter) in a short time, and can find out Wan Liru's message record two years ago. Even Lu Yinyin's action is enough to make Tong Yuwu smile more gently to her.

"Maybe we misunderstand her, she shouldn't mean that, after all, I didn't hear my husband say that he knew her."

Lu Yinyin laughs, "She must has a crushing secret love, so disgusting, how could anyone like a married man. Even a married man who is most gentle and great man on the earth, he is still belongs to someone else. Wan Liru is so funny, just wants to rely on this broken necklace to make waves here. This woman is a totally idiot, she makes this kind of thing happened at the banquet. I guess old Mrs. Wan will never forgive her. She is so silly, I'm so sympathetic to her."

Tong Yuwu also feels that Wan Liru is too obvious to lower the wisdom of herself.

For a man, she even makes her already not so good situation worse. She just simply too stupid and no one can compare with her this stupid action.

Today old Mrs. Wan obviously wanted to create power and prestige for the Wan family, but Wan Liru jumped out to disturb the atmosphere. it's estimated that at that moment old Mrs. Wan even wants to swallow Wan Liru.

"Yuwu," Lu Yinyin holds Tong Yuwu's arm and whispers, "I will pay attention to the follow-up of this matter, and I will transmit live to you when the time comes."

Tong Yuwu nods with a smile.

Today, she is no longer the same as a unnamed and orphan Miss Tong. She is now Mrs. Fu, no matter whether she has to rely on others for a living or not, she will not allow anyone to retreat and be unscathed after insulting her like that.

From now on, on any occasion, it's either Wan Liru or her. And after a long time, the sense of Yanjing's giants is more sensitive than anything. The rich ladies who will bully the weak will naturally kick Wan Liru out of the circle. 

But before that, she still wants to make Wan Liru as uncomfortable as possible.

Coincidentally, both Qin Yi and Fu Liheng depart at about the same time. When the two of them arrive at the entrance of the Wan family's Manor one after the other, they encounter with each other.

"Mr. Fu, what a coincidence." Qin Yi has to greet Fu Liheng first. After all, he will always has business connection with Fu Liheng in the future.This is the first reason, and the second reason is that he wants to let Fu Liheng uncomfortable(Qin Yi's appearance always reminds of Fu Liheng that he is Tong Yuwu's ex-boyfriend.) 

Fu Liheng didn't expect to meet Qin Yi here. He stands tall next to the car with a faint expression, "Hi, president Qin, you are here, too?"

Qin Yi shakes his head, "A common friend I know, she is in trouble, it is better to come over to help her."

Fu Liheng's memory has always been very good.

Combining what Tong Yuwu said just now, and remembering what he saw and heard at the Lanyao Restaurant a few days ago, he suddenly had a guess in his mind. Perhaps Tong Yuwu said a helper who looked a bit like her. This woman is the woman on that day she was with Qin Yi in Lanyao Restaurant. This makes sense, why Qin Yi was so panic on that day.

Fu Liheng's is uninspiring, but he feels that Qin Yi is too unclear.

"Mr, Qin, it's enough." Fu Liheng's voice is indifferent and almost drops to the freezing point. He is already warning Qin Yi. He puts his hands in his pockets and takes a leisurely gesture, "Neither my wife nor I want to be a joke. "

After saying this, Fu Liheng does not look at Qin Yi's expression, and goes straight inside the manor.

Qin Yi stands his ground, and it takes a while before he recovers.

The security guard on the side is still looking around curiously. Qin Yi tries to get a cigarette out of his pocket, but he couldn't find a lighter. He is very anger. He throws the cigarette on the ground and grinds the cigarette with a malicious and insidious expression.

He didn't care about Fu Liheng's warning, but this time his words are clear enough. Qin Yi feels like with the impact of a blow. What he gonna do, now he comes to Wan's house,  supports Liu Yunxi or finds his own dignity. In any case, as long as he goes inside, and maybe he has contact with Liu Yunxi, then Yuwu will definitely see them, what would she think?

Qin Yi thinks about it, and goes back directly to the car. He finds that the parking position now is too conspicuous. So he decides to stop at the corner. His car is covered with a film, and it is difficult to see the inside of the car from the outside.

The appearance of Fu Liheng naturally attracts attention.

Old Mrs, Fu is also surprised. She puts down the cup in her hand and comes to her son. She asks curiously, "Liheng, what are you doing here?"

In fact, old Mrs. Fu has been having a very smooth life for so many years. Before she married, she was the pearl of her parents of her family. After she married, she and her husband were considered to have a good relationship. No matter where she went, there were many people who persued and admired her. When someone hears a word, they can always hear a hundred turns and a thousand returns(they are afraid missing the important message in others' words, so they have to think over and over again). and she doesn't have to worry about it. She doesn't have to guess others' intentions, or worry about her words and deeds. How come she thought there was such a deep intention behind the diamond necklace incident.

Fu Liheng nods, "I'm just around here, I heard Yuwu said that you picked her up in the afternoon, and it's almost late now. I stop by to pick her up, lest you let the driver detour."

Old Ms. Fu always believes in her son, and there is no doubt at this moment, "Well, Linjia is also here. You used to talk to him in the past. You two can have a talk.

"No." Fu Liheng glances at Tong Yuwu. Tong Yuwu immediately steps forward and holds his arm. "I'll say hello to Uncle old Mr. Wan, and I won't bother you today."

"Well, you go, I have something to say with old Mrs. Chen."


Watching her son and her daughter-in-law goes upstairs, old Mrs. Fu turns her head and smiles to old Mrs. Chen, "Where did you just say, would you like to establish the Children's Rare Disease Foundation?"

Wan Liru, as Miss Wan, is not officially recognized, but she is indeed part of the Wan family in terms of blood relationship. She wouldn't want to stay at the hall in this banquet, because some celebrities don't like to talk to her. In addition, old Mrs. Wan is afraid of her being an idiot again. So old Mrs. Wan stares at her and asks Wan Liru to follow her. This causes Wan Liru to be stunned when Fu Liheng and Tong Yuwu appear in the partial hall.

She doesn't have time to think whether her dress is beautiful or not, or her makeup is good-looking or not. Her eyes stay on Tong Yuwu's hands which is holding Fu Liheng's arm.

Fu Liheng is here, Tong Yuwu doesn't have to take the initiative to speak first, she knows how to laugh to show off her beautiful face. Anyway, she will do everything to make herself looking beautiful. Her demand is not so difficult, she just want to be more beautiful than Wan Liru.

"Liheng, you come here, too?" old Mr. Wan is also surprised.

"Hum." Fu Liheng smiles lightly, polite and not close, and he doesn't glance at Wan Liru. "Uncle Wan, Aunt Shen, I'm sorry, my wife Yuwu seems to be scared, she is not very comfortable, so I won't disturb you, I come to send her home."

Old Ms. Wan's eyes flashes and she smiles again, "Well, today this party really hosts badly, next time Linjia will be the host, I will let him to compensate for you."

Wan Linjia just chatted with his friends upstairs and didn't know what happened downstairs. But now he can feel that Fu Liheng is not in a good mood, and his mother's attitude is also very strange. However this is not the time to ask. He also takes advantage of the situation, "Liheng, we will talk again next time. The hospitality is not good today, please don't mind."

Fu Liheng said with a hum.

Tong Yuwu holds Fu Liheng's arm and the two are close together. She says to old Mrs. Wan, "Aunt Shen I'm so sorry. I wanted to learn more from you about the charity fund, but Liheng heard that I was uncomfortable, he was very worried and drove over to take me home." When she says, she looks at Fu Liheng again, her tone is sullen, "Liheng, I said it's okay. Why you have to rush over, you must have drive here quickly."

Wan Liru gritted her teeth, forcing herself not to see Tong Yuwu this little bitch, otherwise she is really afraid she couldn't help herself and slap this bitch now.

"You are the most important." Fu Liheng is not used to showing affection in front of the outsiders, and he looks at old Mr. Wan, "Uncle Wan, we will not disturb."

"Hum." Mr. Wan is not a dull person himself. Looking at Fu Liheng's gesture and his tone at this moment, he naturally notices something.

Throughout the process, Wan Liru is so jealous that her eyes are full of envy(even turns red).

She really doesn't understand why did Tong Yuwu has neither family supporting nor family background? Why can she be Mrs. Fu standing beside Fu Liheng!

After Fu Liheng and Tong Yuwu left, old Mr. Wan puts on a cold face, "What's going on."

Old Ms. Wan sighs. In the face of her husband and son's questioning, she looks at Wan Liru bitterly again, "It's too embarrassing to say it, waiting for the end of the banquet."

Coming out of the manor, Tong Yuwu sees that Fu Liheng doesn't speak, so she doesn't talk either. And she honestly holds his hand and walks forward.

Standing at the door of the manor, Fu Liheng stops, and Tong Yuwu also stops, "What's wrong?"

Fu Liheng reaches out his hands and rubs Tong Yuwu's cheek, and tidies her hair again, her tone is low, "There is something on your face, and your makeup seems to have disappeared."

Tong Yuwu's smile froze for a second.


! ! WTF, really? do I look ugly, no! I want to look in the mirror!

Fu Liheng glances at the car parked under the tree, and takes Tong Yuwu's hand walking in the direction of his parking.

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