The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 24

Liu Manxi remembers Xiao Man's kindly reminder in her heart. Perhaps before going to university, she does not believe in this kind of thing, which confounds right and wrong and turns things upside down. The small city where she lived and in there the local people are simple and honest. And even the female classmates who gets not well with her would not be so malicious to this extent. At most, they just say a few words of abuse. But now, this Miss Wan has slandered her and wants her to go to jail, which is far beyond her imagination of human nature.

She didn't steal, she didn't, and there is no evidence to prove that she stole the necklace. At first she thinks in this way. But after seeing the luxury of  The Wan family's house and the lady who does not care about the diamond necklace. She suddenly realizes that these people and her are not people of the same world. She pursues fairness. In a society where money and power are paramount, The Wan family wants to say that white is black(confounds right and wrong and turns things upside down). What kind of spirit does she have to contend with their powerful background?

Miss Wan says she stole it. If Miss Wan really wants to harm her, what can she do?

Not to mention, she has no money now, time is very precious to her, can she afford it? If she really leave a paper trail, what should she do in her future life?

At this moment Liu Yunxi does not want to cry anymore, she wipes her tear in hatred.

She must learn to save herself. In this world, only she can protect herself. For things she hasn't done, she will never accept that others wants her to be punished unexpectedly.

Liu Yunxi searches for a while. Her circle of friends does not have anyone who could help, and finally her finger rests on the name of the mobile phone address book "Mr. Qin".

In fairness, she doesn't want to trouble Qin Yi. After borrowing 800,000 from him, although she insisted on making a loan note and sent it to his assistant, it didn't go on afterwards.

Compared with a dark future, the self-esteem seems insignificant at the moment.

She hesitated for a few times. She comes to the corner of no one and takes a deep breath. Her eyes are red and she dials Qin Yi's number.

Qin Yi is chatting with his buddies and having meals while talking about business. After the phone rang, he is about to hang up. When he remembers something, he gets up and walks out of the box to pick up the phone. The restaurant is a bit noisy. He says impatiently, "What's the matter."

Liu Yunxi is aggrieved when she hears his voice, but thinking that the other party had no relationship with herself in her life. She has to be endured. She bites her underlip, and before Qin Yi is about to hang up, she finally speaks, "Mr. Qin, sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, but... I really have no way out."

"If you have something to say, be frank."

"I'm helping my friends today, coming to someone's house to help with miscellaneous things, I don't know where I offended the young lady, she said that I stole her necklace! I really didn't steal it, listen to her means, she probably wants to call the police, Mrs. Qin, I am really helpless now, my family is not here."

Qin Yi understands. This is to let him to help wiping her ass(help her to fix the trouble she made).

Who knows whether she has stolen necklaces or not. She has no evidence. She said that she didn't so she did not steal?

"Mr. Qin, can you help me? I really don't know what to do. They said that this family is rich and powerful. If they really want to call the police, what should I do..." Liu Yunxi is already at a loss, why does she encounter such a thing, why is her life so difficult?

Qin Yi directly hung up the phone.

Is people in this year fucking greedy? It's not enough to spend 800,000 for one night. Will she find him for any bad things after this?

One night can be really expensive.

Qin Yi feels bad luck. After entering the box, his face is still very stinky.

But when he comes back this time, he is not in a good mood, and a few friends are used to it.

Several of the buddies have their girlfriend with them, and Ruan Keqin is sitting next to Xu Kailun. The two of them are dating under the cooperation of the parents of both companies. The current relationship is still stable. Ruan Keqin is glancing over her circle of friends boringly. Suddenly says, "Ah, it's old Mrs. Wan's pearl wedding with old Mr. Wan. Why didn't I get invited, even Lu Yinyin went there!"

Another girl sneers, "You have a boyfriend, and why they still invite you. I heard from my aunt that old Mrs. Wan wanted to help Wan Linjia find a girlfriend. In addition to inviting her old friends, she also invited some unmarried young ladies without a boyfriend. So they definitely would not invite you"

Ruan Keqin accepts this explanation, which makes her a lot of psychological balance. So she goes to see Lu Yinyin's circle of friends. In the squared photo, the last one is a photo of Lu Yinyin and Tong Yuwu. She says subconsciously, "Yuwu went too, isn't she married?"

"This is not strange." Another girl thought for a while, "Old Ms. Wan and old Mrs. Fu seem to have a good relationship. The two often go together to participate in charity activities, and it is normal to invite the Fu family."

"Well, I haven't seen Yuwu for a long time..."

Two girls keep talking and continue chatting, realizing that the air is suddenly quiet, and suddenly thinking that Qin Yi is still here, they shut up for a second, quiet as a chicken(when chicken feel danger, they will keep quite immediately).

"The Wan family, which one?" Qin Yi asks.

The initiator of this matter is Xu Kailun’s girlfriend after all, Xu Kailun says helplessly, "Which other The Wan family can invite The Fu family, did you hear that Wan Linjia was mentioned just now?"

Qin Yi remembers that Liu Yunxi just mentioned The Wan family on the phone just now.

"I'm going out."

Jiang Kai is very annoyed and throws the lighter on the table, "Ayi, it's enough, don't do it anymore. Tong Yuwu is married. What do you want for her in this way. We are all grew up together, don't cause trouble everywhere."

Qin Yi looks calm. He takes the car key and gives Jiang Kai a cold look, "You are not me, so you will never feel what I feel. Don't worry about my business, I leave now."

After Qin Yi left the box, Jiang Kai scolds, "Fuck, is his fucking brain broke again?"

Qin Yi calls Liu Yunxi while walking towards the parking lot.

The phone qickly picked up by the other part, "Hey."



"Your current address."

"Oh, it seems that this is a large manor on Huaiyu Road, they say it is The Wan family manor."

Qin Yi thinks a few seconds, that's right.

"Wait, I will come here."

After hanging up the phone, Liu Yunxi listen to the busy tone over there dumbly. At the same time she calms down in her heart, but tears still burst out of her eyes.

He even willing to help her?

He treats her... so good?


Fu Liheng is working overtime. He hears the phone ringing and he does not pick it up at the first time. After he replied his email, he picks up the phone and sees that the missed call is Tong Yuwu's, it seems that it only rang twice? She should be in The Wan family at this time, how could she call him?

He is thinking about waiting for her to go home and asks her what happened. But his body has taken the phone honestly(he is actually cares much about her) and calls her.

Tong Yuwu had been brewing her emotions well for a long time. At this time, she is breathing freely with Lu Yinyin. She does not avoid Lu Yinyin, then she answers the phone, "Hey."

This word "hey", she also practiced many times in her mind. If she complains to him in hurry, Fu Liheng might think she is too troublesome. So she could only use a roundabout way.

Lu Yinyin, who is standing beside her, is also dumbfounded. Wasn't Tong Yuwu just talking well? Why does it feel like Yuwu picks up the phone ready to cry now?

Lu Yinyin can get it. Fu Liheng's understanding ability has always excellent. Hearing Tong Yuwu's tone is not right, he frowns and asks, "What's wrong, did something happen?"

How could it is possible for Tong Yuwu to take the initiative to tell Fu Liheng.

What she said from her mouth now is different from what said from other people's mouse. If she didn't hold this plan, she will be so boring to drag Lu Yinyin over here. The Wan family Manor is very large and luxurious, but after all, they are in outdoor. It's summer, there are many trees and grass, and there are naturally many mosquitoes. Who would so boring to walk here if they has no any business?

"It's nothing." Tong Yuwu barely rejuvenated, but she glances at Lu Yinyin, "How could I be in trouble, everything is fine."

Lu Yinyin is worthy of Tong Yuwu's most loyal little sister. Even if it was plastic(fake friends) at first, it has been meant for the development of true sisters after spending time so long together between them.

Tong Yuwu just shows her a simple look, Lu Yinyin immediately understands. She quickly defense Tong Yuwu against justice, her sound volume is also well controlled, " Nothing happened! You are too kind and good tempered, Yuwu, you're being bullied by Wan Liru. This Wan Liru is really excessive, who doesn't know she is talking about you!"

There really is someone who don't know, such as old Mrs. Fu.

Old Mrs. Fu didn't even know that Wan Liru had favor to her son. Of course, even if she knows, Wan Liru this person would definitely not be on the list of her daughter-in-law. Although Wan Liru is the young lady of The Wan Family, judging from the quality, she is definitely not comparable to Tong Yuwu.

Old Mrs. Fu is just like some people who looks at this farce. She just feels that Wan Liru is too narrowness to be on the important occasions. As for Liu Yunxi... sorry, old Mrs. Fu didn't even look at her at all. Where would she find this person is a bit like her daughter-in-law?

If old Mrs. Fu knew that Wan Liru was referring to Liu Yunxi and cursing Tong Yuwu, it's afraid that Wan Liru will be able to make her sorry for it.

"Yinyin, don't talk nonsense!" Tong Yuwu only covers her mobile phone's microphone at this time. Her tone seems to blame Lu Yinyin, but in fact Tong Yuwu looks at Lu Yinyin with admiration.

Lu Yinyin's face also has a "deep merit and fame(she has done something successfully and she is very brilliant)" expression.

Tong Yuwu whispers to Fu Liheng on the other part of the phone, "It's really fine."

Fu Liheng heard Lu Yinyin's words just now, and his tone is a little low at the moment, "Speak, tell me."

He says so, if she keeps affected and pretends to be generous, it would be bad. Now her purpose has been achieved, very good, and next is her performance.

"Actually, it's not a big deal, it's just a small incident. When the banquet hasn't start, we were chatting in the side hall. Miss Wan's diamond necklace was stolen. She asked the housekeeper to call the police. Perhaps she has a quarrel with a helper girl. There was a lot of noise, and we noticed it."

"The girl said that she did not steal. Miss Wan said that she was the only one who had entered her room, but there was no evidence other than that. A few elders came out to ease the situation. Miss Wan might be dissatisfied, so she said a few words. The girl dared to do this because she was beautiful, and said she must be a thief."

"I think Miss Wan's temper is too straight. After all, it was on the wedding anniversary of old Mrs. Wan and old Mr. Wan. She has done this thing too over. It turned out to be upside down. And she affected the mood of the elders. Meanwhile they said that the girl looked a bit like Me, Miss Wan is referring to Liu Yunxi but actually she is scolding me."

Tong Yuwu's tone is softer, "Maybe they think too much, I have nothing to do with Miss Wan, nor offended her. How could she directed against me, Miss Wan is too tempered. I didn't feel very happy at first, but now I figures it out. Darling, it's really not a big deal."

"It's okay? you cried just now." Lu Yinyin adds another sentence properly with no conscience.

Fu Liheng suddenly remembers something. Long long ago, this thing should have been thrown in the recycle bin. But now this memory is recalled by Tong Yuwu.

Probably more than two years ago, an assistant came in and told him that a Miss Wan called to find him. It was the eldest lady of The Wan family. He didn't know much about the privacy of Yanjing's giants. He only knew Wan Linjia, who has no sisters. He thought this was a new trick(there are always many girls want to get approach to rich man), and he told the assistant to ignore her.

Soon after, the assistant sent him a parcel, saying that it was a scarf and gloves, and the sender was Miss Wan.

He let the assistant throw it away.

Now he thinks about it. Is there any connection?

"How long will the banquet end?" Fu Liheng puts on the pen cap.

Tong Yuwu, "About an hour."

"Okay, I'll be there in about half an hour." Fu Liheng pauses, "I'll pick you up."

"it is good."

After hanging up the phone, Tong Yuwu lifts her hair. And she is ready to set up her image that she is favored by her husband and her husband spoils her very much.

What can Wan Liru do ,it is true that Wan Liru likes the man and she likes him so much. However he just spoils Tong Yuwu and likes Tong Yuwu.

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