The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 23

Liu Yunxi comes out of Wan Liru's room. She is relieved. She could feel that Miss Wan is not so easy to get along. Fortunately, there is only one night. After she gets the salary, she would not have any intersection with this person. She quickly goes downstairs. But she is dragged to the bathroom by another person.

"They require us to sort bathroom out." The woman wears an ordinary white skirt and her long hair is tied into a ponytail. "Hi, I am the daughter of the kitchen helper. Just call me Xiaoman. I just come here today to help with miscellaneous tasks. I just notice you, have you been trained by the lady?"

Liu Yunxi could feel the kindness of this person, she closes her lips slightly, "No."

"Then you are lucky, I have been scolded by her several times. She has a bad temper." Xiaoman puts out her tongue, " Holy shit, we can't heard by her. Forget it, you are the new one or do you only work here for a day?"

"I only help one day." Liu Yunxi whispers.

"You are still school, right? This bathroom should be well organized. There must be no strange smell, you must drag the floor at any time. Don't think of you are in the bathroom, actually this is the easiest job." Xiao Man smiles, "I think you are pretty lucky."

The two are about the same age. Even if Liu Yunxi is not outgoing, she quickly chats with Xiaoman.

Xiaoman wipes the sink, glances at the probe, and finds that no one is coming in. Then she whispers, "Today is the pearl wedding of old Mr. Wan and old Mrs. Wan. In fact, the protagonist is still the young master. You have not seen the young master. He treats us very nice. I saw Mrs. Fu just now. She is really beautiful. I think she is more beautiful than a female star."

Liu Yunxi does not know these people. She does not have much interest in hearing Xiaoman to talk about these gossips.

"Come on, before the banquet begins, I will take you to look at Mrs. Fu, She is really beautiful." Xiaoman does not ask for Liu Yunxi's willingness . Then she drags Liu Yunxi's hand out of the bathroom, standing in front of a screen, and points to Tong Yuwu, who is standing in the middle of the crowd, Xiaoman says, " Look. The one wearing pink dress is Mrs. Fu. I heard that she is the most beautiful woman in Yanjing. She is really beautiful. I think the most beautiful woman in our school will like a maid if she stands by Tong Yuwu!"

Liu Yunxi studied very hard in her student days. She lived on campus. Every day, after the dormitory's lights was turned off, she would read a book with a flashlight. After the college entrance examination, even if she sits in the first row of the classroom, she still can't see words clearly on the blackboard. She struggles to get a pair of glasses. As a result, the degree of her glasses is almost over 600. However she feels very uncomfortable to wear glasses, so she rarely wears glasses if not when reading a book or watching TV. Later, she is used to wearing contact lenses. She has not put on it today. Even if she tries to look at Tong Yuwu, she can't see her clearl what Yanjing's first beauty looks like.

"Actually I think you are a bit like Mrs. Fu." Xiaoman lowers her voice and says, "But it's just a little bit."

Originally she thought Liu Yunxi looked very beautiful, but after seeing Mrs. Fu, she thinks Liu Yunxi is just like that. Liu Yunxi is just a very ordinary little beauty.

"Okay, let's do things." Liu Yunxi says, taking money but doing nothing here, she is uneasy.


The banquet has not started yet, almost everyone was there. Old Mrs. Wan takes her son to greet the guests. Tong Yuwu has several meeting with old Mr. Wan. She was also in New York at that time. She once met old Mr. Wan at a party. After party old Mrs. Wan's son also actively added her WeChat, but Fu Liheng appeared before she had an in-depth chat with old Mr. Wan's son. So far, she still has old Mr. Wan's son in her WeChat contacts, although they never chatted, even without ordinary greeting.

"Hello, Mrs. Fu." Wan Linjia takes the glass and touches her glass, and says calmly, "Why didn't Liheng come together?"

Tong Yuwu smiles dignifiedly and gentlely, "He has been very busy recently and he is still working overtime at the company."

Wan Linjia knows it, "Liheng has made great achievements in business. I have heard of several projects he has handled abroad that are very good. After few days, I want invite you two to have a meal, and you two must come. "

" Okay."

Tong Yuwu and Wan Linjia are smart people. In the past, all kinds of things in New York were only a matter of the last life, and no one would mention it stupidly .

In the intertwined crowds, people only hear the quarrel from the upstairs. The voice keeps rising, and gradually attracts attention. Everyone looks at upstairs.

It turns out that Wan Liru's diamond necklace was stolen. She has to quarrel and asks the housekeeper to call the police and arrest the suspect for questioning. The value of this diamond necklace is enough for the thief in prison.

"What's going on?" old Mrs. Wan comes out and sees that Wan Liru's tomfoolery. She couldn't help but holds back the smile on her face.

Wan Liru is very scared of old Mrs. Wan. But when she glances at Tong Yuwu, she calms down in her heart and quietly clenches her hands. She points at the woman who is standing not far away and this woman seems being shaking, "Mom, this newcomer stole my diamond necklace. She refused to admit that. She has stolen things at our house. It would be terrible to think about it and you must call the police!"

It turns out that the diamond necklace was stolen.

Tong Yuwu stands aside, shaking the champagne in the glass gracefully. In the system's novel, it does not describe this plot in detail, but Liu Yunxi was indeed misunderstood as a thief at Wan family. And she was also sent to the police station by Wan Liru. If not Qin. Yi helped Liu Yunxi, It was afraid that Liu Yunxi would suffer a lot.

This is exactly the same as the original story, but what is intriguing is that in this farce, Tong Yuwu also seems to have satirized Liu Yunxi a few words. From then on, in other people's eyes, she is a woman admiring vanity and also greedy and shameless bad woman.

When she saw this episode, Tong Yuwu couldn't understand it. What did it have to do with her? She had no guilt with Liu Yunxi. As for her voice, did she pull the hatred to her? Will she be so stupid?

There was no need for her to join in this farce.

Old Mrs. Wan's face is very blue.

Old Mrs. Wan worked hard to hold this banquet, on the one hand, to celebrate the pearl wedding, on the other hand, to pave the way for her son, introducing her son to others formally. As the the identity that he is the inheritor of Wan's company. Now Wan Liru ruins the banquet using a diamond necklace. Old Mrs. Wan  really wants to kill her in her heart.

"She is really a curmudgeonly person." rich lady, who can't get used to Wan Liru's acting, lowers her voice and says, "She is really a rube. Her acting as if she has never seen any valuable necklace. Just such a broken diamond necklace, why is she so annoyed and wants to get attention from others. She is a really joke. If somebody doesn't know the truth, he will think that this necklace is worth hundreds of millions. I bet that the value of this necklace will definitely not exceed one million."

"Liru, I will talk about this after." Mrs. Wan says with holding her temper.

Wan Liru also hears the whispers of other people. She looks at Tong Yuwu. Then she looks at Liu Yunxi, and drags her over. "It is she who stole it, and only she has been in my room. In fact, the necklace doesn't matter, but I'm afraid she is a thief, maybe she has also stolen other guests' things, mom, this kind of thief is easy to get in this wedding party.”

Liu Yunxi's complexion turns pale. At the moment, she is shaking like in an ice cellar. She lifts her head and her tears are falling. "I didn't, I didn't steal your necklace. You're slinging mud at me—that's a pack of lies!"

"I spout this dirty lie? You are a klepto. And now you still have reason?" Wan Liru sneers. She just wants everyone to look at Liu Yunxi's face. She glances at Tong Yuwu, saying, "I've seen more people all like you. People like you just wants to rely on your good-looking face and wants to acquaint the rich man and married those rich man. Actually you are nothing, do you think you look pretty? You are superficial, even if those man like you, it's only temporary. People like you are so bad from the bottom!"

Everyone is in the mood to watch this farce. After all, there were so many banquets, it is not strange at all. But there were very few such banquets farce with quarrels and curses.

The people watch the farce and they feel something wrong.

why is this maid familiar?

Liu Yunxi herself looks like four or five cents like Tong Yuwu, saying that they are sisters are too far-fetched. After all, one is a wealthy lady on the earth, and the other is a pitiful little girl who looks very wronged. Not to mention the appearance, and the temperament. It's impossible for no one cares about Liu Yunxi. What everyone cares about is the envy in Wan Liru's tone.

Fuck! Fuck! !

Tong Yuwu is madly insulting in her heart. Wan Liru is actually pointing at Liu Yunxi but abusing Tong Yuwu. Wan Liru, you are already a dead person, you should quickly prepare the coffin to pick a good day! !

If she could forgive Wan Liru, she would be the most shining holy bitch in the world!

Tong Yuwu still does not show her feelings on the surface, hooking her lower lip, smiling calmly, as if it has nothing to do with her. And Tong Yuwu looks at Lu Yinyin who is watching farce excitedly .

Who wants to quarrel with somebody in person, she doesn't want to affect her social status.

Idea that moment on use of troops, Lu Yinyin receives Tong Yuwu's eye warning. And suddenly she with agitator understands what Tong Yuwu meant.

Lu Yinyin sneers, "Hey Liru, it's not a big deal, it's just a diamond necklace? It's not a good deal if affects the mood of the old Mrs.Wan. Besides, I haven't heard any evidence from you in this long time. Even if you both goes to the police station, isn't it a defamation if you didn't have evidence? You still have to find it, and you might find it in any corner."

Wan Liru's complexion changes.

Lu Yinyin does not give her the opportunity to speak, and comes to stand by old Mrs. Wan, "Aunt, I don't know anything else, but in Yanjing everyone knows that your jewelry is the most precious, just pick one out and it makes others envy of it. I think Liru she just wants to buy a necklace, you just give her one chant, it is not a big deal."

Old Ms. Wan almost wants to kill Wan Liru in her heart.

Those people who didn't know the fact will think that she had treated this nominal daughter badly. So when she loses a necklace she acts as if her families are dead.

"Hum, Yin Yin is right." Mrs. Wan smiles, "Liru, after all, all my jewelry will be yours and Linjia's wife's, you can tell me what you like, I will open the jewelry cabinet tomorrow, You can pick something you like."

"What happened." At this moment, old Mr. Wan frowning comes in from the outside, seeing everyone around and asks.

Wan Liru is afraid of old Mrs. Wan, but she also knows that old Mrs. Wan dares not to treat her badly. Old Mrs. Wan has to take care of her reputation and treat her well, but Dad...

When Mr. Wan sees Wan Liru, a trace of disgust and impatience flashes on his almost uncheckable face.

"It's okay." old Mrs. Wan takes his arm naturally, "It's just a sideshow, well, now you are here, let's go and cut the cake."

With the cooperation of everyone, this farce is ended like this.

It is just a few rich ladies who looks at Wan Liru very contemptuously before leaving, "She is really from a rural area, she has not seen jewelry in her entire life."

Tong Yuwu also leaves with the crowd of Lu Yinyin and others.

In the side hall, Wan Liru is so angry that her whole person is shaking, and finally she looks at Liu Yunxi, and goes upstairs resentfully.

When no one was paying attention, Xiaoman leans by Liu Yunxi's ear and says anxiously, "You need to find someone if you know someone who can help you. Wan Liru, she won't let you go, and she will definitely call the police after the banquet. You must find someone quickly, it's best to find someone who has a relationship and can protect you, otherwise you will be ruined if you leave a paper trail!"

Tong Yuwu's mood is already terrible.

She sits aside, not knowing what she is thinking.

What is Wan Liru jealous about. Even if she didn't understand before, she should understand now.

In fact, she has many ways to teach Wan Liru how to be a man, but now she doesn't want to.

Tong Yuwu takes her handbag and walks to a place where no one is there, makes a call to Fu Liheng, and when the phone rings twice, she hangs up immediately——

She is always affected, and she is also a querulous woman.

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