The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 22

Tong Yuwu naturally does not lack of money. But just looking at the transfer from Fu Liheng, she feels that her mood is like receiving 200 million.

There seems to be a little bit better between them.

However, she still knows about herself well. Fu Liheng may be attentive to her, or may he just has a feeling of possessive of men to women for her, or boldly thinks that he likes her. It's just that this kind of like is very shallow, far from reaching the level of love. Tong Yuwu is very greedy now, so greedy that she wants to add another layer of insurance to this marriage. This includes Fu Liheng's love for her. Only if he loves her and cares about her can she have a chance.

In the past two years, hasn't she been tempted by Fu Liheng? Of course she has crushed on him, but she knows that she is too far away from Fu Liheng. He firmly holds the initiative. He has money, and he also has rights. She relies on him. She lives under this obviously weak situation. If she can't hold her heart, she will become a mistress in minutes, all she has is given by him, and the only thing she can control is her heart.

Tong Yuwu closes her lips lightly, and sends Fu Liheng a cute internet meme.

Yuwu, the game just begins, temporarily you can't fall in love with him.

Walking into the supermarket, Tong Yuwu feels that everything is fresh. She has not been to the supermarket for several years, and she always feels everything is different than before. She originally thought that buying food in the supermarket was a boring activity. She didn't expect that she has being shopping for half an hour.

When she settles accounts, the cashier scans the goods one by one, and finally smiles at her, "Hello, It will be cost 643 yuan, are you paying by mobile phone or cash?"

Tong Yuwu takes the opportunity to ask the system: [Fu Liheng transferred 200,000 yuan to me. If I use WeChat to pay, is it not counted in the amount of 1,000 yuan?]

System: [ This one thousand dollars, including the money processes through the user. It does not matter who gives the money to you.]

It means that as long as she pays the bill, even if the money is transferred by someone else, it should be counted on her?

Tong Yuwu: [...]

"Mobile phone, thank you." Tong Yuwu holds the mobile phone code to the cashier. A thousand yuan has been used for 643. She feels that she has not bought anything. Why does she spend so much?

The shopping cart can be pushed to the parking lot, but in this case, a dollar coin cannot be returned.

Can't get it back ... So let it go!

Tong Yuwu pushes the shopping cart into the elevator. Along the way she still calculates what she has bought .

"Tong, oh no, Mrs. Fu, what a coincidence."

Suddenly heard a sharp female voice, Tong Yuwu recovers, and subconsciously looks at the voice's direction. It is a middle-aged woman, dressed in a black lunch break dress, dressed very stylish. But her face does not look like very good. She is a little haggard.

Tong Yuwu condenses the smile on her face and nods coldly.

This middle-aged woman is Qin Yi's stepmother Wu Huijun. Wu Huijun is typical a poor girl successfully getting on the top. Unfortunately, Wu Huijun has been married to the Qin family for nearly ten years, and failed to have a child. Tong Yuwu has heard that Qin Yi's father is not so healthy. Now that Qin Yi has succeeded in taking over the company and the family. Tong Yuwu guesses that Wu Huijun has had a particularly hard life in recently, otherwise Wu Huijun will not be so gloomy.

Wu Huijun also notices the big diamond ring on Tong Yuwu's right ring finger, and sees that the bag she had in her hand is out of print, and it is not necessarily available when even someone has money. Suddenly Wu Huijun takes a deep breath and squeezes out her smile, "How is Mrs. Fu interested to come here?"

Tong Yuwu is not familiar with Wu Huijun, but this does not prevent her from loathing this person.

But people will not hit a person who is smiling. Tong Yuwu's tone is faint, "Buy food."

Wu Huijun naturally feels that Tong Yuwu is still disgusted with her, and she holds a sigh in her heart. Who would have thought that Tong Yuwu would one day catch up with Fu Liheng and become Mrs. Fu now. Tong Yuwu had been careful when she deals with Qin's family. Now don't say it's Wu Huijun, even the old immortal(a disrespectful name) Qin Huai should be polite when he sees Tong Yuwu.

Is really that every dog will have his day.

How could she think of making Qin Yi unhappy, then she made some effort to separate Qin Yi and Tong Yuwu. It's obvious that it is all good for Wu Huijun, if Qin Yi and Tong Yuwu together. Tong Yuwu has no parents, and the help she provides to Qin Yi is minimal. But  Wu Huijun did not expect that after breaking up with Tong Yuwu, Qin Yi works harder and becomes stronger than before. It causes Qin Huai thinks highly of Qin Yi. 

Even if Wu Huijun regrets it, this is a foregone conclusion.

"I'm sorry, I still have something to do. I will take a step first." Tong Yuwu pushes the shopping cart past Wu Huijun without looking at her.

Wu Huijun stands on the spot and glances at Tong Yuwu. Tong Yuwu is already in the car.

At this time, a thought flashes in her mind: Of course she hates Qin Yi and hates Qinhuai. Qin Yi wants to break her way, and she wouldn't make this cub lives too easy.

If Qin Yi and Tong Yuwu get back together, would Fu Liheng forgive him easily?


Tong Yuwu hates Wu Huijun very much, but this does not prevent her from being in a good mood. Thinking of Wu Huijun's comfortlessness, she is happy.

When she was with Qin Yi in the past, she didn't think about marriage which is such a long-term thing. At that time, she was still very young. The reason why she agreed to Qin Yi's pursuit was because he was sincere and treated nice to her, and she also liked him. She knew that Qin Yi's father didn't like her. When she was with Qin Yi, she had only been to the Qin family once. She still remembered Wu Huijun's eyes that were full of disdain to her.

Since that time, she has never been to the Qin family. In fact, since then, she knows that she and Qin Yi will not last long.

Even if his family can accept her, she has a gap in her heart.

What she has experienced before, now she thinks about it. She feels that she was aggrieved by herself, which is a bit naive and ridiculous.

After Tong Yuwu returned home, she puts all the food in the refrigerator, thinking it is still early, so she goes upstairs to find the videotape in the storage cabinet of the master bedroom. She sits on the carpet and watches her wedding video on TV screen.

Ooo, what a fairy wedding!

The wedding dresses she wears are so beautiful! The flowers that day were all transported by air from abroad!

By the way, does that person's eyes bring some jealousy! Yes, it is jealous! She is Mrs. Fu, and anybody will be jealous and envious to her!

When Fu Liheng comes home from getting off work, he could feel that Tong Yuwu seems to be much gentler today than yesterday.

She not only helps him hang his suit, but also prepares his favorite juice in advance. The temperature is also very good, not too cold.

Is she happy because he transfers money to her?

Women are really strange. His deputy card is in her hands, she would be happy because of 200,000 ...

What does she think?

"I'm preparing to cook." Tong Yuwu does not expect Fu Liheng to go home half an hour earlier today, "It won't wait too long, or you go back to your room to rest, and I call you when the meal is ready."

It is not Fu Liheng who looks down on his wife. He really does not think that Tong Yuwu could make a good meal, but he couldn't beat her enthusiasm. Thinking about this, Fu Liheng rolls up his sleeves, "I help you."

Tong Yuwu, "...?"

Help, help her?

Couples cooking together will definitely help pull in their feelings!



"The recipe says five grams of soy sauce." Fu Liheng's shirt sleeves rolls up, and he exposes his lean arms. If it is not the wrong place or the wrong equipment, Tong Yuwu really thinks it is an experiment in the laboratory.

Fu Liheng looks at the recipe and instructs Tong Yuwu to find the kitchen scale. Even three grams of salt and five grams of soy smoke are measured accurately.

Tong Yuwu: ... No need, really no need.

Probably Fu Liheng also finds that Tong Yuwu is very useless, let aloneet helping him to cook she is superfluous. So he simply goes out on his own. Fu Liheng naturally has no experience in cooking, but he prides himself that he has always won the first place since kindergarten. The cooking is easy for him. It is absolutely impossible a hard question for him. He strictly follows the recipe, and he not allows even an error of 0.1 grams.

Tong Yuwu looks at him, could not help but she begins tl calculate in her heart, is her husband a Virgo?

Fu Liheng is the same as having obsessive-compulsive disorder. He even wants to cut the same length of meat, and put it neatly on the chopping board. Of course, thanks to his perfectionism, this dinner is still thousands of miles away from the dark cuisine. Tong Yuwu tries to taste the dish, and it is very delicious, anyway, it should be much better than what she did.

As the so-called when you eat food from others you will speak good words to others. And when you get something from others you will be controlled by others. Tong Yuwu is not stingy to praise Chef Fu crazily ——

"It's so delicious! Darling, did you cook before!"

"No? How can it be better than grandma's dishes?"

" Darling, you are so good, you can do everything and do everything well!"

Fu Liheng just smiles politely. Of course, later on, he reacts later. Wasn't she cooking for him? How could it be that he came back from get off working to cook for her?

"It's so delicious. I decide not lose weight today. I'll lose weight tomorrow. Only when I have the energy, then I can lose weight."


The next day, Tong Yuwu is going to accompany old Mrs. Fu to a banquet. She has already selected the dress. Fortunately, the stylist is introduced by old Mrs. Fu. She just takes advantage of it. And the salary does not pay from her account. Otherwise, she might have to do it herself this time. She is now too poor, and she can only spend more than three hundred dollars in a few days. The stylist suggests that she puts on a dress first, which is also convenient for makeup and hairstyle. Tong Yuwu comes to the cloakroom, but finds a post-it is posted on a dress, which is left by Fu Liheng—

[Wear this one.]


Thinking of the nonsense the night before, Tong Yuwu's face turns hot. Should not he really think that she wants to wear that dress to the banquet. So he only left a post-it in the cloakroom, to remind her not to wear that one.

The dress Fu Liheng helped her to choose is very common, it is a lotus pink shoulder satin dress.

She hasn't dressed it yet.

Don't hit his face anymore. Her Sugar daddy has said that, so she will wear it.

In fact, Tong Yuwu has a good figure, and her manners are good. All the dresses that appear in her cloakroom are actually beautiful. The designer helps her design the makeup and hair that match the dress.

At the same time, Liu Yunxi, who is busy looking for an internship company, receives a call from one of her classmates.

"Yunxi, please do me a favor. Are you free today? Help me to do a work. This work is particularly good, but my boyfriend comes over today. I'm going to accompany him."

Liu Yunxi does not even think about it, "If you don't have time, why would not you choose to give it up?"

" It's true, but that person's network is still quite large. I think I will still work with her in the future. If I tells her I can't go today. I'm afraid that others will not make a good impression on me. Yunxi, don't be so hurry to refuse. This is a banquet hosted by a wealthy family. I am going to be a waitress. It is a few hundred dollars a night. This kind of banquet is not tiring. It is not a hard work, many people eager to do it. I owe to you before. I heard that you are short of money. You go or not?

"And I heard that this family is very rich, and many shopping malls in Yanjing are opened by this family. There must be a lot of rich people, maybe you will run into a rich second generation who likes you."

Liu Yunxi laughs dumbly, she is really not interested in this kind of thing.

But she wants to acquire a few hundred dollars one night. Now she just wants to pay back as soon as possible. And she does not want Qin Yi to look down on her. She is not the kind of person who can betray herself for money.

"Okay, tell me when and where?"

"I will send you on WeChat later, thank you! Next time the spicy hot pot is on me!"


Old Ms. Fu has called on the phone before and would let the driver to drive over to pick her up here.

After Tong Yuwu' stylists helps her to do the make up and hair. Being free, she makes a cold and sauced spinach in the kitchen. In order to look good in dresses, many ladies do not look at the tempting food when they are attending the banquet. Let alone eat it, but do not eat anything to pad the stomach, they will feel hungry at the banquet. It will be a bit embarrassing if they still grunt their stomach. Every time Tong Yuwu goes to an important banquet, she will eat some boiled vegetables before.

She thinks she is free. And maybe old Mrs. Fu has just set off from the old house. It might be a while before old Mrs. Fu could come here, so she begins to take selfie with her mobile phone.

Every rich lady has a compulsory course in her life, that is how to find the most suitable angle for her in the photo.

Tong Yuwu thinks that she has no flaws at 360 degrees, but she has to admit that it is very important to find a good angle, which will do more with less. After taking a dozen of satisfactory photos. She begins to choose carefully, and she chooses two of the best and most natural ones.

The women all have a pair of piercing eye, and the beautiful women without filters will appreciate them. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of thought in the straight men's(has no aesthetic taste) mind, so Tong Yuwu finds out a fresh and natural filter that does not lose the sense of reality. After confirming the preservation, she opens the WeChat and posts the two photos.

[I am wearing this dress.]

It means that she obediently listens to him.

Tong Yuwu naturally does not expect Fu Liheng to return to the message in seconds.

She is very satisfied that if he could response her messages. How would she dare to hope that such a thing would happen to Fu Liheng.

He is not a sipm (A man that puts himself in a subservient/ submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table).

Fu Liheng did not receive the messages in the first time. He is very busy at work. He did not care too much on the mobile phone when he came out of the meeting room. When he was nearing work, he received a call. Then he looked at WeChat's messages that had sent from Tong Yuwu.

He opens the two photos and looks at her face, then he clicks to save these two photos.

In fact, this dress was also chosen by him. He was not worried that she would wear that perfect dress. She has always been very decent. Today is the banquet when Mrs. Wan and Mr. Wan have been married for 30 years. She is not that kind of people who will dominate. It is just that day he had promised her to choose a dress for her.

He originally wanted to reply her message. He thinks of something, so he puts his phone aside.

Until Tong Yuwu gets in old Mrs. Fu's car, she still does not receive his reply.

Old Ms. Fu is wearing well, today she wears a dark green cheongsam and matches with shiny and round pearl jewellery. She is graceful and elegant. The years left all traces of tolerance on her.

"Nanny Liu is not there these two days, are you still used to it?" old Mrs. Fu asks.

She is not worried that her son and daughter-in-law will not be able to eat greatly. They are all grown-ups. And out of her expectation, the young couple want to experience the life of ordinary couples. She will not prevent it, but she will be a little interested. What is their current progress.

Tong Yuwu is embarrassed: "... I don't know how to cook, but fortunately the Fu Liheng is not very picky."

Mrs. Fu smiles, "You can learn it slowly, but you will be a bit hard."

In Yanjing, some wealthy families do everything they can to give birth to children. Burning incense and worshiping Buddha in Kong City and Thailand is  some small ways. So it's not a big deal when Tong Yuwu just sends her servant back to this old house in order to give birth to a child. And she wants to be a full-time wife. At least in old Mrs. Fu's opinion, it is completely acceptable.

"Hum." Tong Yuwu smiles, "Speaking of this, I have been dreaming in these two days. I dreamed that I was standing under the fruit tree. Many apples fell off. I wanted to catch these apples but failed. I was very discouraged. The last one was particularly big. My apple fell into my arms. I do not know if this dream is good or bad. "

Old Mrs. Fu thinks of it carefully, and then she becomes joyful, "It should be a good dream."

She has experienced it, and she knows the idea of ​​having a fetal dream.

Although it may she thinks, therefore, she dreams, but this kind of dream has a good meaning, and it is better than nothing.

Old Mrs. Fu did not really like Tong Yuwu at before. Which old mother would like the little goblin who will destroy her son's future. In the past few years, she feels that this daughter-in-law is not bad. This daughter-in-law has a good character, and will not cause trouble. Tong Yuwu has always listened carefully to her words, rarely refuted. And everyone has conscience. The wife was chosen by her son himself. If she doesn't approve, isn't she beating her son's face?

Of course, the most important thing is that old Mrs. Fu is also an invisible face control(she likes the people with good looking). Once she accepts the choice of her son, she looks at Tong Yuwu again, and finds that she really likes her.

Not to mention anything else, she has begun to look forward to the lovely appearance of her future grandchildren.

Seeing old Mrs. Fu's face with a happy smile, Tong Yuwu's heart is also very calm: the dream is made up.

The favorite of a 50- to 60-year-old lady is a baby. She casually speaks a few fetal dreams, and her mother-in-law will be very happy.

Calculated in her mind, not long her period will also visit on time, with her period, any dream will not be a fetal dream.

Wan family has a manor, located on the mountainside, which covers a large area and is very luxurious. When the car is parked at the door, the security guard of Wan family will come to open the door for them. The requirements for being a security guard in the rich family are not easy. Perhaps security guard will be more clearer about what are the license plates of the top giants in Yanjing than the transportation department knows.

Tong Yuwu can receive banquet invitations every day, but she doesn't go out for business often, except on very important occasions. Wan family's couples have been married in pearls for thirty years, and the theme of the whole banquet is also with pearls. In addition, this banquet also has a very important signal, that is, Mrs. Wan's only son returns from the United Kingdom and he is about to take over the company. There are many people. Mrs. Wan wants to build prestige for her son. Everything is generous. probably also want to see what are the unmarried ladies, so almost all the unmarried ladies who have respect, power and influence in Yanjing have come.

Old Mrs. Fu takes Tong Yuwu's hand and walks in. The mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law looks very harmonious and their relationship seems very well.

Tong Yuwu could not help looking when she was led by the security guard into the manor—

If she remembers correctly, in the original text, she first officially met the heroine at a banquet in Wan family.

In fact, Tong Yuwu is not very interested in the sadism masochism relationship between the heroine and Qin Yi. At first, she wanted to avoid the heroine, but then she thinks about why she is afraid of someone she had never met. The Wan family's party is very important. She can not avoid being absent in order to avoid a stranger.

In fact, she is also a little curious about what the heroine looks like, does she really look like her?

"Are you looking for someone?" Mrs. Fu notices her eyes and asks.

Tong Yuwu calms her mind, "Yin Yin also came, I don't seem to see her."

"Maybe she is already here." Mrs. Fu smiles, "You will see her later."

Tong Yuwu doesn't want to be a reversal of the order of host and guest. The dresses she wears are unassuming, but she has a stunning face. No matter where she goes, she will easily become the focus of the crowd.

Wan Liru, who is standing on the balcony, also sees Tong Yuwu, she sullenly draws the curtains with a sullen face.

Wan Liru's identity is special. She is said to be Wan family's Miss, that's not true. But she is indeed from Mr. Wan in blood.

It is said that old Mr. Wan was weak and sick when he was young, and the fortune-teller asserted that he would not live long. Old Mr. Wan's mother was anxious and wanted to leave a child of her son. But at that time, there was really no right match, young celebrity ladies dared not to marry Wan family. So old Mr. Wan's mother found a girl from an ordinary family. Old Mr. Wan and this normal girl did not have a wedding ceremony. Later, old Mr. Wan met the current old Mrs. Wan. The two fell in love at first sight. old Mrs. Wan ruled out the difficulty of marrying Mr. Wan. Old Mr. Wan's mother sees her daughter-in-law who was a real celebrity rich lady. So the normal lady was secretly sent to Wan's native town.

After old Mrs. Wan married old Mr. Wan, old Mr. Wan's body was getting better day by day. And a scandal broke out that the girl who was sent to Wan's native town was pregnant.

At that time, old Mrs. Wan also thought about divorce, but Mr. Wan finally impressed her, and they finally have this 30-year pearl marriage.

Old Mr. Wan is a gentleman, but he does not pretend to be kind to this daughter. Even if old Mr. Wan's mother passed away and old Mrs. Wan agreed, old Mr. Wan would not take the daughter back to Yanjing. So there are rumors that it was Wan Liru's birth mother. She took improper means to get pregnant. Now that Wan Liru's biological mother has passed away, it was no longer appropriate for her to stay in Wan's native town. In addition, Wan Liru is almost 30 years old. She was already at the age of marriage, so old Mrs. Wan took her back to Yanjing .

Wan Liru's most jealous person is Tong Yuwu.

In the year that old Mr. Wan's mother passed away, she returned to Yanjing for the first time to attend her grandma's funeral. That was the first time she saw Fu Liheng. The man was dressed in a black formal suits, with a tall figure and a handsome face. She secretly inquired about him, that man was the only son of the Fu family, and also the son of Yanjing. At that time, she was always thinking, if one day she could marry him.

Also from that year on, she tried hard to attract the attention of old Mrs. Wan. Unexpectedly, before she was taken back to Yanjing, Fu Liheng had married.

Wan Liru goes back to the dresser and sits down. She is wearing a pink dress today. Looking at this face in the mirror, she thinks of Tong Yuwu ... She is so angry that she couldn't wait to sweep the bottles and cans on the table to the ground.

Picking up the landline set aside, she makes an intercom call, and her tone is very unpleasant, "Why haven't the bird's nest gruel I ordered been sent? Do you treat my words as ear wind?"

Not knowing what the kitchen servant said to her, Wan Liru hangs up the phone.

Everyone in this Wan family can look down on her.

It is clear that she is Wan family's Miss!

Tong Yuwu is nothing. Tong Yuwu's family background without a father or mother, Tong Yuwu is not as good as her.

The kitchen manager receives the phone call with a bitter sorrow. He spits, "What kind of person is this? She doesn't realize what day it is today, she even lose her temper on me!"

Everyone is busy, no one wants to serve Wanliru to create his unhappiness.

When manager sees Liu Yunxi, a new face, thinking that it should be someone employed from outside, and he says, "Come over and take this bird's nest gruel to the young lady who lives on the third floor."

Liu Yunxi freezes for a moment, and takes the plate, "Well, okay."

Liu Yunxi comes out carrying the bird's nest gruel and asks a few servants where is the room. Then she finally goes upstairs to the third floor. This is the first time she comes to the rich man's house. She is shocked at heart. Yanjing's land's price is really expensive, this manor is too big. How much is it worth?

Coming to the door, she spares a hand and knocks on the door.

An impatient female voice comes from the room, "Come in!"

Liu Yunxi pauses. The owner of the voice is either bad-tempered or in a rage. She hopes that she would lucky enough not to be noticed by her.

She opens the door and enters the room. The whole room is pink, luxurious and dreamy.

Liu Yunxi looks at ground straightly, lowers her head, puts the plate down and turns over ready to leave. Wan Liru walks over with her arms on her chest, having a cold face, "Are you new here?"

"... Um." Liu Yunxi thinks that her fortune today is not so good.

Wan Liru sees her head down, and she becomes more angry, " Raising your head, are you too ugly to raise your head?"

Liu Yunxi is full of frustration, but has to raise her head, "Miss, I still have things to do. If you have nothing to say, I will go immediately."

Wan Liru freezes when she sees Liu Yunxi's face. She always feels that she has seen it before, and she can not react for a while. When Liu Yunxi left the room, she suddenly remembers that Is this new maid looks a bit like Tong Yuwu? !

Suddenly there is a bold idea in her mind. Because of her identity, she could not embarrass Tong Yuwu. Could she accuse Liu Yunxi to make Tong Yuwu unhappy?

Thinking about this, Wan Liru returns to the dressing table, picks up the diamond necklace in the jewelry box and comes to the window, and throws the necklace out.

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