The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 21

In the twenty-five years of Tong Yuwu's life, there were not many attempts to use lure this trick deliberately, and she uses lure most of time on Fu Liheng.

It takes her more than ten minutes to put on her best dress. She stands in front of the mirror in the dressing room, looking at herself in the mirror. She wonders if the temperature in this cloakroom is too high, so her face, ears, and even her neck are slightly reddish all there. Although she acts naturally in front of Fu Liheng, for her, this is a challenge of shame. In places where Fu Liheng can not see, she has done not less than 800 times of psychological construction.

As long as she and Fu Liheng are not husband and wife, even if they are only male and female friends, she will not be able to do this thing.

She says this to herself: he is your husband, he understands every change of your body.

Since this is the case, there is no need to be ashamed. They have done every intimate things, and most importantly she is still wearing clothes at the moment.

Fu Liheng sitting outside is actually a little impatient.

Maybe he has been affected by Tong Yuwu's words. He also feels that the room is a little hot, not to mention he is wearing shirts and trousers. He glances at the dressing room and raises his hands to unbutton his shirt.

Does it take so long to change a dress?

Just when Fu Liheng's patience has reached its limit, there is a sound from dressing room, and he looks at there with some impatient look in his eyes.

Tong Yuwu opens the curtain and walks out, what does she look like in Fu Liheng's eyes——

She has a skin color that is whiter than snow. She has flawless skin like jade. Sometimes he is very restrained and moves very lightly, but it is easy to leave marks on her.

At this moment, she seems to have a faint light around her body. This dress design is very unique and very attractive.

She has not noticed yet, and she turns sideways, showing a smooth and delicate back, "I told the designer, my back is not pretty, why does he still design like this ..."

She is really modest.

This white gauze skirt is full of ethereal, if he looking from the front. But if he looking from the sideways, the dress reveals her beautiful back and thin waist, just like a fairy falling into the world, pure and charming, attracting people to linger sight on her.

Tong Yuwu is a standard right-angled shoulder. The line from her shoulder to her neck is very beautiful. Adding with her standard butterfly back, wearing this dress at the moment she is really a peri.

The most provocative thing is that she is the most beautiful woman in the world but she does not know it.

Tong Yuwu raises her head seeing Fu Liheng not talking, but he just stares at her intently. She turns her head slightly, and she is a little embarrassed, "Isn't it ugly? I said I'm really getting fat, you said not..."

"No." Fu Liheng says, his voice a little dumb, "It looks good."

"Really?" Tong Yuwu is happy again, "Then I will try to wear a necklace to see if I have any suitable ones."

She unknowingly pulls up the skirt and turns her back to Fu Liheng and comes in front of one of the lockers in the cloakroom. She bends down and selects a diamond necklace.

Fu Liheng's eyes follows her all the time. She is not a fool and she could feel it. But she is going to pretend knowing nothing. And he would not find that at this moment her palms are sweating.

"Darling, help me, if this necklace is suitable for this dress?"

Fu Liheng says hum and steps forward, but her eyes are still moving on her back.

"I think it should be quite matched." Tong Yuwu opens the jewelry cabinet, carefully takes the necklace, turns it over to Fu Liheng, bends the corner of her lips, "Help me put it on."

Fu Liheng stares at her, takes the necklace from her hand, and slowly approaches her ...

"I think this dress is not suitable to dress it out."

Tong Yuwu pretends to be puzzled and tilts her head to look at him suspiciously.

The master bedroom is next to the cloakroom. At this time twilight is coming, and Tong Yuwu's heartbeat is fast. Fortunately, Fu Liheng is immersed in this uncontrollable visual feast. He does not even notice the master bedroom.


Fu Liheng seldom comes up with such things, especially when there is an important meeting in the next day morning. Tong Yuwu originally thinks that even if it is unlucky, it would end before eleven o'clock. She didn't expect him to be so excited today. Before she falls asleep, she secretly glances at the phone, it's good, it's almost twelve o'clock.

As the old saying goes, couple life is very important.

Of course, there must be platonic love in this world. But as far as Tong Yuwu understands, if the husband and wife's life is not harmonious, most of their feelings will not be better. At the same time, she thinks about it from another angle, if the life of the couple is harmonious, the relationship is not necessarily good, but it's certainly not far behind. Tong Yuwu feels the same way. Fu Liheng comes back from a business trip. She has a heavy sense of crisis and has to change her way of treating Fu Liheng. However, she finds that ... The effect is good?

Tong Yuwu couldn't help thinking. Others say that women are schools where men grew up. Once she saw this sentence with a sneer. Now she thinks about it in a different direction. Men can also be schools for women.

Fu Liheng is definitely the best one among men, saying that he is within the top 5 of the men' school, should no one object? If she successfully graduated from his school, could she go to any school in the future? After all, she is at the top student level.

When she wakes up the next morning, Tong Yuwu finds that Fu Liheng is not in bed. She listens carefully to the sound from the bathroom, and it is very quiet. Then she gets up wearing a nightgown and steps barefoot on the wool carpet. She walks around in the master bedroom but she does not see him. It is only the first few days. When he got up, he found that there was no breakfast ... Will he be angry for it? She quickly refreshes and goes downstairs, and finds that he is not downstairs.

It is now nine o'clock, Probably he has arrived at the company.

Poor man, maybe his physical strength was overdrawn last night, and he would go hungry to work in the morning to make money for her ...

When Tong Yuwu is about to go upstairs, she accidentally glances at the dinner table with breakfast. She thinks that there is just an illusion. She walks over and looks at it. There is a breakfast on the dinner table. A fried egg, the edges are a bit smudged. There is also a boiled egg and toast. The mug, next to eggs and toast, is filled with orange juice. A post-it note is pressed under the cup.

[Remember to eat breakfast.]

Yuwu, you are really lucky!

She have been married for two years! Her cold husband has washes his hands and makes food for her!

Yuwu, you really are the most lovely little fairy in the world!

Why does Tong Yuwu miss this good opportunity to show off affection? She does not care if old Mrs. Fu would be jealous when she sees it. She opens the phone camera decisively, picks a suitable filter and takes a photo. Moments: [Thank for Mr. Fu cooks breakfast for me.]

By the time she finished her breakfast slowly, the praises of this moments is almost a hundred, and she picks a few glowing terms comment responses from her little sisters'.

The more she lacks, the more she shows off. Tong Yuwu shows off affection not many times. But every time is just right.

After eating breakfast, Tong Yuwu is ready to drive out to the supermarket to buy food. There is no more food in the refrigerator. Liu used to go to the supermarket for purchase in two or three days. The last time she went to the supermarket was a few years ago. After that, Tong Yuwu searches the navigation and finds that there is a shopping mall about five kilometers away from the villa, and the first floor is an imported supermarket.

She does not call the driver this time. Today is a working day, and now it is work time. In imported supermarkets, young people usually come more often. When Tong Yuwu finds a place to put a cart, and only finds that she has fallen behind times, can anyone tell her why these carts are locked? How to open? ? ?

While she is studying how to unlock the cart, her cell phone rings and she takes it out for a look, again from Fu Liheng.

Recently the frequency of his call is quite high.

She picks it up, and does not wait for him to ask for something, but asks him worriedly, "Darling, do you know how to open the shopping cart in this supermarket?"

She is abandoned by the times!

Fu Liheng calls, mainly to ask her what did she has ate at noon. But he does not expect that when the phone just connects, he will face such a problem.


"Let’s take a video chat!" Tong Yuwu reminds him, "After hanging up, you open WeChat and accept my video invitation."


After some operations, when Fu Liheng's face appears on her phone’s screen, Tong Yuwu is still a bit uncomfortable, but she quickly adjusts her mentality. After adjusting the camera a bit, and she aims the camera at the row of locked shopping cart, " Darling, do you know how to open this? I think there is a recessed one here, do I need to put coins in it. Like when we are in the games city?"

...... Fu Liheng is more outdated than Tong Yuwu.

He also can't understand this operation, but he has always been smart, thinks about it and says, "Try to use coins."

This makes Tong Yuwu embarrassed, "I don't have coins in my bag."

She always feels that the last time she saw a coin, it was all in her junior high school.

She doesn't really know what the current coin looks like.

Fu Liheng ... Neither does he.

Even if Fu Liheng has coins, but the distant water cannot save near fire.

Just when the two are silent, suddenly a young male voice comes, "Miss, don't you have a one dollar coin, I will give it to you."

Fu Liheng is shocked.

Only heard Tong Yuwu politely says, "Ah, that's good, thank you, how can I give it back?"

She discovers that the shopping cart here is locked. She needs to put a dollar coin in the place, where the handle is recessed, to unlock the cart. When she returns the cart, she can lock the shopping cart and the one dollar coin can be taken away.

Tong Yuwu's turns her cell phone, and Fu Liheng could only see the ground of the supermarket.

"No." again this young male's voice, "Otherwise, it's the same if you add my WeChat."

Fu Liheng frowns.

Only one dollar has to pay back? They are all men. Although he can't feel the pains of most ordinary men, he feels like he is ignorant at this moment. He suddenly realizes that this "one dollar" man seems to be interesting to his wife.

How dares he so bold to ask for WeChat with a married woman?

"Ok!" Tong Yuwu responses.

Fu Liheng, "?"

Tong Yuwu, how could she not know what the young man has in mind. And how could she not how this young man changes his way to ask for her contact information.

She is so annoyed, why are people nowadays less and less knowing themselves — this beautiful character?

Thinking that her video call with Fu Liheng has not been turns off, Tong Yuwu raises her hand, flipping her hair behind her ear. The big diamond ring on her right ring finger is very obvious, she speaks slowly, "I have no money on WeChat change, you can add my husband's WeChat and let my husband transfer it to you."

Young man, "... Forget it, I don't need it. It's just a dollar."

He has not planned to ask for it, but just an idea comes into his mind, thinking that he could use this dollar to ask for her WeChat, which is too cost-effective. Now that he knows that the goddess has a husband, does he really want to add her husband's WeChat? His mind is sane.

Just when he is embarrassed, he only hears a low male voice from the phone of the goddess's phone in front of him, "Yuwu, it is not good to owe money to others, you give me his WeChat, and I transfer it to him."

The young man blushes and goes away pushing the shopping cart.

Tong Yuwu, "He is gone."

Fu Liheng says, "Remember to watch your phone after hanging up the video."

"Okay. Then I'm going to buy food. Do you have any food you want to eat?" Tong Yuwu pushes the shopping cart with a brisk tone, as if she is really a good wife and mother in the kitchen and a beauty in the hall.

Listening to her tone, people who don't really know will think that she is a good cooker, and she can do all kinds of food.

Fu Liheng will naturally not to order, he is afraid that she can't cook what he wants, " Everything is ok."

"Will you come back for dinner tonight?"


Tong Yuwu is satisfied. Not long after hanging up the video call, the phone vibrates again. She opens it and sees the message from Fu Liheng. To be specific, it is WeChat transfer.

He gives her 200,000.

Fu Liheng: [You said there is no change in your WeChat.]

Fu Liheng: [If it's not enough, let me know.]

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