The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 20

Fu Liheng is not interested in Qin Yi's affairs. As for who Qin Yi is with and why he is so panic, it is obvious that Fu Liheng is also unwilling to waste his time and thoughts on such trivial matters.

After Fu Liheng returned to the box, he asked Assistant Wang to tell the waiter that he would pack an abalone seafood gruel after half an hour. Generally, the middle-aged men dominate the meal for a long time, and no one will talk about business directly. Important information is hidden in the talking words. If they have a good conversation, there will be other activities after the meal for them, such as going to the club to have a foot-washing massage, going to a box to sing, and going to the tea club if they have a tasteful interest. Generally speaking, women will appear in these occasion, whether it is an elegant entertainment or a vulgar one.

Fu Liheng does not like this kind of after-dinner activities, he always shuns it. If he couldn't push it, he will never "co-contaminated"( he will not join those men and has fun with women).

Maybe some people will like to join in the fun on occasion, but Fu Liheng is tired of the beautifully dressed women, especially the women have strong perfume and heavy makeup, which is really difficult for him to raise interest. Of course, the most important thing is that he is also very picky about the affair between men and women. For example, maybe there are bosses who really like to eat roadside stalls(metaphor:cheap prostitute), people who love to eat or occasionally take the show(metaphor:patronize prostitutes). Fu Liheng will never join in these kind of activity. If he, like the other bosses, had temporary fake love with women who have heavy makeup or pretend to be aloof from material pursuits, then he loses his dignity.

After a long time, these executives who often deal with each other will know Fu Liheng's habits. Of course, they absolutely do not believe that Fu Liheng is not lecherous, and is a man of moral integrity. They prefer to believe that Tong Yuwu controls him strictly and Fu Liheng is still not getting tired of her.

How can there be a man who doesn't cheating?

The dinner is almost finished. Fu Liheng proposes to leave, and the people who are present do not try to stop him, so Fu Liheng easily leave the restaurant.

Fu Liheng just left and Qin Yi gets the news. He and Liu Yunxi are very quiet in the box. He raises his head and glances at the woman sitting opposite him. Then he opens his mouth and says, "What's the matter?"

Qin Yi does not want to be found by the people around Tong Yuwu that he is with other women.

Although he guesses that Fu Liheng would not say such things to Tong Yuwu, he is still a little irritable when he and Liu Yunxi were seen by Fu Liheng. So he becomes impatient.

Liu Yunxi is not very hungry, and she does not want to eat dinner, but the man in front of her emanates an irresistible breath, and she eats in silence. In fact, Liu Yunxi also wants to pretend the thing did not happen that night. In the education she receives, it is very despicable to exchange her body for money. This is to materialize herself ...

But she really couldn't bear the pressure anymore. The gambling debts owed by her father are profitable day by day, from tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of yuan and nearly one million now. She can be ruthless and does not to take care this thing, but those loans people often make troubles at their home. Grandpa and grandma should live in their old age, but they are often frightened by these people. They are so angry that they collapsed into the hospital yesterday.

Liu Yunxi thinks of her grandmother's choking on the phone, and the meaning her grandmother reveal was that she does not want to live anymore. Liu Yunxi feels anxious, but she could not find so much money as a student who is still waiting for an internship. She works hard every day. Life is very hard, but the speed of making money is still very slow. She is afraid that her debts will not be paid off, and her grandparents will be forced to death. She thinks of Qin Yi.

Yes, Qin Yi.

Qingcheng company's manager, she checks his information on the internet, and she did not expect that he is the rich second generation of Yanjing.

"Can you borrow me RMB800,000." Liu Yunxi only feels that her throat seems to have a sharp knife, and every word she said makes her want to tear. She holds back her emotions and bows her head, "I know this request is very embarrassing, but I will pay it back. I will start working soon. I will calculate it according to Alipay's interest, and I will definitely return it to you. "

Eight hundred thousand……

Qin Yi plays with a lighter and looks at her with a smile.

How could he think that this woman looks like Tong Yuwu .

"OK." Qin Yi stands up and looks at her condescendingly, "I will let my assistant contact you."

He has a very light smell of tobacco.

Liu Yunxi also remembers his burning kiss and his sound of Yuwu ...

Her head lowers, "Thank you."

"Don't thank me." Qin Yi sneeres, "You should thank your parents who gave you such a good face."

If it's not a little bit like her ...

After Qin Yi leaves the box, Liu Yunxi relaxes, thinking of his contemptuous words, which is unbearable for a while. In the past, some classmates who did not get along well with her would deliberately ridiculed her, saying that since she lacked money, it would be better for her to rely on a rich person to eat and drink. At that time, she adhered to the bottom line and became self-reliant. Now Qin Yi says that, does he think that she likes those women, she wants to take a shortcut with a pretty face?(as long as you are beautiful it will not be hard for you to attract rich people.)

She covers her face and sobs lowly.


Tong Yuwu is swimming in the pool, she thinks about it. Fu Liheng will bring her the abalone seafood gruel. Although she does not have to force herself to eat it all, she still needs to eat a half of it. Carbohydrate calories like gruel not having low calories originally, and the glycemic index is scary. Who dares to let go of her belly and set up a foodie image in front of her husband, she must burn some calories before he returns!

Fat is more terrible than home wrecker!

Fu Liheng said that it is about an hour, and it is really an hour, and the error is within five minutes.

Tong Yuwu simply takes a shower and goes downstairs hearing the sound of the car entering the garage.

Fu Liheng really brings her an abalone seafood gruel back. Tong Yuwu just finishes swimming and she is a bit hungry. She does not eat much today. She takes a deep breath and looks at Fu Liheng, who is sitting opposite, sweetly smiles, "My mouth is watering, thank you darling."

When Tong Yuwu eats, she is cultured. Even if she is hungry, she won't be in a hurry. She is drinking gruel bit by bit, with a satisfied and happy expression.

It's not because ther appetite is satisfied, but feels that ... her relationship with Fu Liheng seems to be closer than before.

She feels that her luck is really good, just like the task of this challenge, it seems very hard. In fact, she earned not only 500,000, but also more valuable than 500,000, from Fu Liheng's attention.

Fu Liheng's expression is quiet, and his hands are put together on the dinner table. He glances at her and whispers, "Tomorrow I will let the old house’s housekeeper to send some people to take care of your daily life."

Tong Yuwu raises her head, "I really don't need it, because you don't come back for dinner today, so I am lazy to cook."

Her expression is persistent and firm, "It's not difficult to cook, I have watched a lot of videos today, anyway, I know how to cook now."

Fu Liheng sees that she is very stubborn, says helplessly, "If I'm not come back, you have to eat well, too."

He hasn't thought of it yet, why should she dismiss the servants, after all she can not cook before.

"Actually, I have also want to lost weight recently." Tong Yuwu puts down the spoon and looks distressed, "I feel that my waist is thicker, have you feel it?"

Can he say no?

Fu Liheng does not feel Tong Yuwu fat at all.

Hugging her upstairs in the form of a princess hug, he even feels very easily.

If she is fat, it is estimated that there are not many thin people in this world.

"The weight-loss plan falls apart. But the abalone gruel is really delicious." Tong Yuwu thinks about it and says, "Oh, are you free? I would like to ask you to choose the dress I wear the day after tomorrow. Old Mrs. Fu asks me to accompany her to a banquet on that day."

She thinks that Fu Liheng should not know much about the process of attending the banquet. The dress she needs to wear that day has already been chosen.

The calorie of this abalone gruel exceeds the standard. Swimming may not be able to be burn it all. She needs to do other things to burn calories.

Fu Liheng says yes. Now that there are only two of them in the family, and she is rarely to make some requests, so he does not need to refuse her, but to help her choose the clothes, he believes it will not waste a long time.

The portions of gruel in Lanyao restaurant are generous and the gruel’s taste is really good. Tong Yuwu only drinks a small bowl, and then puts down the spoon. If she drinks it again, the number on the scales must be changed tomorrow. She has a banquet in two days. Some dresses are customized according to her body proportions. On the surface, if she is little heavier, others can't see any difference, but she wearing the dress knows the truth.

Not to mention the stars, even the ladies of Yanjing, before attending important banquets, will temporarily to implement various weight loss methods.

Fu Liheng follows Tong Yuwu to the cloakroom on the second floor.

Tong Yuwu has a lot of dresses, and she did not wear some of them once. But it won't be a pity to leave them. After all, she will have many important occasions to attend in the future, and there will always be time when these dresses will come in handy.

Entering the cloakroom, Tong Yuwu moves the curtains naturally, "It may be a matter of position. This cloakroom is a bit hot during the day. Before, nanny Liu would help me close the curtains. I didn't pull it today. It might be a little hot. But it won't take long, I will change two or three dresses, just give me your opinion, it won't take too much time of yours. "

Fu Liheng is still wearing a suit, and could not feel whether the room is hot or not.

He nods and sits on the sofa in the cloakroom.

Tong Yuwu comes to the dressing room. She was going to try the smog-blue tube top gown dress. She thinks about it and changes her mind temporarily.

Among all her dresses, there is a set of her favorite, but there may not be a chance to wear it.

Her gaze is on that white slim dress, if she could, she feels that this could be called one of her best dresses.

This is some kind of minority group designer designed for her. The style is relatively unique, the front tulle is looming, the back is a backless design, which can reveal the waistline, extremely sexy.

When she puts on the finished dress, Lu Yinyin accompanied her. At that time, Lu Yinyin also quietly said that she didn't understand the beauty that was uncontrollable for others, but now she understands it.

It's a pity that this dress is nice and beautiful. The looming is the most provocative, but there is no suitable occasion, and it can only be put in the cloakroom.

Every time Tong Yuwu wants to attend a party to choose a dress, She will look at this skirt and secretly sigh.

But ... can it come in handy today?

Even if she goes out wearing this skirt and wins the love of many people, it would not be as good as wins the love of the one who is sitting outside.

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