The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 19

The second round of challenges restarts, and Tong Yuwu thinks of all the possibilities that anything could be spent through her account, and then she falls asleep peacefully. After 12 o'clock, she has to truly experience the ordinary people’s life. Fu Liheng is not the kind of person who has sex every day. He has had sex for several days. Naturally, he has to relax. The couple returns from a walk. After they take a shower, Tong Yuwu begins the cumbersome steps of skin care. After she finishes, it is already 10 o'clock.

Fu Liheng has also processed foreign mail in the study. He and Tong Yuwu have little communication, and lie in bed and fall asleep.

Tong Yuwu sets an alarm clock for herself. After Fu Liheng gets up in the morning, she wakes up and washes up as fast as possible. She only applies a layer of cream with a pearlescent effect on her face. There are almost no flaws on her face even without base makeup. But there must be a certain reason why cosmetics are so popular in women’s world. After getting up in the morning, even if she just applies barrier cream and pours a loose powder, and uses lipstick. She will look better than before.

Cosmetics is women's best friend, skin care products can only be the second.

Last night she was thinking about what to wear this morning. After thinking about it, she feels that there are only two of them in this family. If it is suitable for them, in his white shirt must be the best choice for her. He is much taller than her. Her skeleton is too small, and if she tries to put on his white shirt at home, the white shirt should be able to cover the base of her thighs. It does not matter whether she wears leggings or not.


Tong Yuwu glances around the big bed, where is the the white shirt!

She does not know the life habits of ordinary men. After all, the only person who has contact with her currently at a negative distance (have sex) is Fu Liheng. There is no reference. She can only watch it from the TV series. In some TV series, some male characters are very sloppy. Clothes are thrown around and socks are stuffed everywhere. She does not know if it is screenwriter's fault, as if this is the true portrayal of most men in China.

Fu Liheng is different, his cleanliness is not just talking, he is a person who loves cleanliness, at least she has not seen him throwing clothes, of course, his cloakroom is always taken care of. Yesterday he was wearing a white shirt, But after returning from a walk outside, he quickly took a shower and put his clothes in the dirty clothes basket.

Does she need go to the bathroom to flip through the dirty clothes basket and put on his white shirt? The scene is very unbelievable even just to think about.

Quietly setting up a flag, this year she must find a suitable opportunity to wear his white shirt. Imagine the scene that he comes downstairs, inadvertently glimpses her in the kitchen to prepare breakfast elegantly. She is wearing his clothes. The cloth just reaches the root of her thigh, under the shirt is a pair of white and straight legs ...

"Ah." Tong Yuwu is shocked by the picture in her brain.

Now how can her brain be full of waste things!

She quickly changes into a common skirt and goes downstairs.

Fu Liheng comes out of the bathroom and goes straight to the cloakroom to change clothes. When he is about to leave the room and goes downstairs, he finds that there is no one in the big bed. He is a little curious. When he goes downstairs, he does not see the servant. Tong Yuwu comes out of the kitchen holding plates and smiles, "You get up, breakfast will be ready soon."

Is there any anniversary today? He thinks.

In this world, maybe someone really has no cooking skills even in twenties. But Tong Yuwu has always been smart and learns fast, so after learning the kitchen equipment, it is not difficult for her to make a simple breakfast.

She fries two eggs. Fu Liheng does not like to eat fully cooked eggs. The eggs bought at home are all eggs that can be eaten raw. With well controlled the oil temperature, she can easily fry the soft boiled eggs.

Fu Liheng sees a small plate of soft boiled eggs, a glass of milk and a sandwich in front of his seat at the dinner table.

It's actually not a sandwich. From his point of view, it should be bread with lettuce and bacon.

He sits down and properly raises his doubts, "Where is the servant?"

Tong Yuwu didn't tell Fu Liheng this matter yesterday, and Fu Liheng thought that she would have an anniversary of holding hands, so she let servants leave temporarily.

Tong Yuwu could tell old Mrs. Fu that she wants a child, but she could not tell this to Fu Liheng. Fortunately, she has made some preparations before. She smiles and says, "It is my whim. I chatted with Luo Jia a few days ago. She went to the supermarket to buy food herself. I was very puzzled. She told me that she did not employed nanny. She usually studies recipes at home by herself, and only asks the hourly worker to come home and clean up twice a week."

"I see her life has been enriched a lot, and just recently my entertainment has been reduced, so I want to try it, too." Tong Yuwu pauses, "Luo Jia said that it is not tiring, but she does it for her lover. The happiness of cooking meal for her husband is more fulfilling. I want to try to see if this is true."

Fu Liheng feels that he might not understand women's mind in his life.

But seeing she is so interested, he does not need to object.

Seeing that Fu Liheng says nothing, Tong Yuwu secretly relieves in her heart.

She hopes that Fu Liheng doesn't think she has something wrong in her head.


After watching Fu Liheng leaves, Tong Yuwu stretches her back and looks at the plates and saucers on the table. She could not help but sigh to the sky: just a dinner and breakfast, she already has a sense of disgust to the kitchen, what should she do in the next week?

All the happiness of cooking for a lover is shit. For her, cooking will not have happiness.

What kind of suffering is it? Why embarrass she? She is just a giants’ wife.

Tong Yuwu is staying at home and can’t stop groaning. But Fu Liheng's mood is very good. Although his general mood swings are very small, almost negligible. In the afternoon, Tong Yuwu's cell phone rings, and she watches the “husband” on the screen. She doesn't want to answer this phone at this time. Does he have to go home for dinner again today? It's fine, but she has to think hard to prepare dinner. So she takes a deep breath and answers the phone, "Hey."

Fu Liheng is looking down at the document, "I will not come back to dinner tonight. There is a dinner in company."

Tong Yuwu changes her face in a second, and her voice is as sweet as an angel, "Well, I will wait for you at home."

Although she knows that she shouldn't have such an idea, how could she be so happy to sing a song because her husband doesn't come back for dinner? But thinking of being able to passively slack off tonight, her mouth raises wildly.


It seems that in her life, she will never set herself as a good wife and a good mother.

Tong Yuwu's dinner is simple, she boils an egg and a small bowl of spinach, this is her dinner. There are some washed blueberries and cherry tomatoes on the plate beside.

If Fu Liheng is on a business trip, it is almost no difficulty for her to control the expenditure within a thousand yuan this week, as long as she does not go out.

She didn't put any oil or salt in this boiled spinach.

As long as Fu Liheng is willing, his life will be rich and colorful. He usually engages in a lot of social activities, but the less important ones are pushed. The dinner that he participate today is very important. After the waiter successively put the dishes together, Fu Liheng's thinking diverged. Suddenly he is a little curious, or maybe he just concerns about what Tong Yuwu is eating tonight.

Some people at the dinner table are still talking, and Fu Liheng simply gets up.

Everyone looks at him together.

Fu Liheng holds the phone and lies without changing his face, "Sorry, my wife calls me."

After he finished speaking, he walks out of the box, and some bosses who stayed in the box do not know who started it. They all expresses emotion, "It seems that supervising is not a patent of my wife."

The restaurant here is a famous seafood restaurant in Yanjing. The price per capita is staggering. All the seafood is delivered by the plane. Some bosses like to talk about things in here.

After walking out of the box, Fu Liheng finds a quieter corner and dials Tong Yuwu's mobile phone, and the other side quickly picks it up, "Hey."

Fu Liheng doesn't know that Tong Yuwu picks up the phone with fear. She is really afraid that he would change his mind temporarily, push the dinner, and call her to let her prepare for dinner.

"have you eaten?"

It is probably the first time in three years that Fu Liheng calls Tong Yuwu to ask her if she has eaten. 

Tong Yuwu is also stunned for a while before recovering, and hurriedly replies, "yes."

"What did you eat?"

Tong Yuwu is also suddenly blessed to her soul, and she realizes that this is an unprecedented good opportunity for her.

At least Fu Liheng begins to care about whether she ate and what she ate for dinner. As we all know, even if the relationship between men and women is in love bubble, they can't escape the boring topics such as "Did you eat or sleep?" Maybe he hadn't noticed it yet, she had gradually occupied part of his mind.  


God, why didn't she realize that instead of being a wife who is perfect and can be trusted, it is better to be a precious trouble maker. As the saying goes, women do not love men who are not bad, men do not love women who are not precious.

Right, that is it. She suddenly realizes.

Tong Yuwu lowers her voice, obviously using a kind of guilty connotation, "Meal."

Fu Liheng thinks Tong Yuwu is not right when he hears her tone, he frowns, "You ... haven’t ate?"

"There is no food in the refrigerator," Tong Yuwu grasps this degree. And she makes her preciousness likable, not annoying, "But there are eggs. I cooked an egg to eat. I learned the method online. I cooked the soft boiled egg, I will cook it for you tomorrow morning. "

Fu Liheng pinches the bridge of his nose, "So, you only ate a boiled egg at night?"

"... Emmm." It seems that Fu Liheng is not happy, and Tong Yuwu hurriedly adds, "I am studying recipes, and I am also following a blogger who cooks. I am studying hard."

Fu Liheng using his right hand holds the mobile phone against his ear and looks down at the watch on his left hand, "What do you want to eat, I will go home in about an hour." He pauses and adds, "I am in the Lanyao restaurant."

Tong Yuwu’s stomach is full of boiled vegetable, but this does not affect her performance, "Lanyao's abalone seafood porridge is the most famous."

"Okay, what would you like to eat besides abalone gruel?"


After hanging up the phone, Fu Liheng straightens up and prepares to return to the box, walking in the corridor, inadvertently seeing a pair of men and women standing in front of a box.

The man is Qin Yi, and the young woman is back to him, and he can't see who she is.

Qin Yi looks over, the two people's eyes collided, Fu Liheng clearly sees that Qin Yi's whole person is  panicky, then Qin Yi pushes the woman into the box, has a look of panic.

The author has something to say: White shirts are arranged!

Explain that Fu does misunderstood that the woman next to Qin Yi was Yuwu. If he could not even recognize the back of his wife, he would die.

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