The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 18

If without assistant Wang does his duty to remind him, Fu Liheng might even forget wedding anniversary and birthday. Such an anniversary of holding hands thing. Frankly speaking, he also heard it for the first time.

"Do you want something for your gift?" Fu Liheng picks up a knife and fork, then cuts a small piece of steak, and puts it into his mouth. He dares not to chew it too hard. Making sure there is nothing wrong with the taste, then he continues to cut the steak.

The steak is so tough and the taste is not good. But it will be tolerable for dinner.

"Gift?" Tong Yuwu cuts her steak gracefully with her head down, and suddenly a thought comes out of her head. Then she puts down her knife and fork, looking at him with a smile, and her tone also shows a little coquetry, " Anything I want?"

Fu Liheng: "... As long as it can be bought."

"Definitely, It is easy to get." Tong Yuwu smiles softly, "Help me cut the steak, my hands are sour."

She dares not to make such a request before. Strictly speaking, she and Fu Liheng have no passionate love period. There is no certain emotional basis for this kind of spoiling with boyfriends or husbands. Even Tong Yuwu, who is consciously thick-skinned, is embarrassed to do it.

Now she is completely setting herself free.

What kind of face does she want, is her face more important than money. Is her face more important than the identity of being Mrs. Fu?

Fu Liheng pauses for a moment, and he looks up to Tong Yuwu.

In this short and long second, having eye contact, Fu Liheng gets up and comes to Tong Yuwu, then he bends over to pick up the knife and fork. The two are so close, and the breath of them entangles. She does not know if it is because of the candlelight jumping, her heart suddenly accelerates in an instant.

Tong Yuwu only cares to adjust her mood, and for a moment, she does not notice how fast Fu Liheng is to cut steaks today. Fu Liheng who is usually very calm in doing things. Now he is like being pressed by an accelerator key, his speed from 1.0 to 1.5 and then to 2.0...

"Done." A low male voice comes above her head.

"Oh." When Tong Yuwu reacts, Fu Liheng has already sat back.

The two do not like chatting while eating, and having this meal is pleasure. Tong Yuwu is thankful that modern technology is developed and life is convenient. There is a dishwasher in the kitchen. After she calls nanny Liu, she learns how to use it. Alright, she loves dishwashers!

Since it is the anniversary of holding hands, Fu Liheng temporarily puts aside his plan that he goes to the study after dinner. He only sits on the sofa for a minute. After putting the dishes into the dishwasher, Tong Yuwu comes out of the kitchen, she takes a mile and invites him, "If you are free, would you like to go out for a walk together?"

Fu Liheng originally wants to refuse, but seeing her hand, Fu Liheng changes the words without thinking, "Hum."

Now it is August, which is the hottest month of the year.

Tong Yuwu wants to stay in a room with a constant temperature of 26 degrees to have binge-watching and to eat melons instead of taking a walk outside, but she and Fu Liheng really need more communication.

Staying in the house, they will probably do their own things. If the atmosphere is good, at most they will be at ten o'clock to make love after taking a bath.

Frankly speaking, these two years of marital life are also too boring. Even if they go out for dinner, they are basically attending the dinner party. Other people say that they will not too late to fall in love after marriage, and their love will be more reliable after a long time. However he is busy and she has nothing to do. On the surface, she is very cooperative with him, and like a qualified toolman. She appears when he needs her. When he doesn't need her, he seems to be widowed(no wife). It is no wonder that there has been no emotion between them for two years.

Songjing Villa is a wealthy area developed by Yanjing two years ago. Here, the air is sober and Songjing villa leans against the mountain. The developer has also makes a large artificial lake. During the day, the temperature will be several degrees lower than the urban area. Now the sun has already fallen, the ground is covered with an orange glow, and a gentle breeze is blowing. This seemingly incorrect decision, to take a walk, becomes correct.

Tong Yuwu is very self-knowing. At this time, the heat is still there. If she holds Fu Liheng's arm, she will be hot, he will be hot, too. In order to avoid the irritability, she walks honestly beside him and dares not to make body contact with him.

"I have to tell you something." Fu Liheng puts his hands in his pant’s pockets calmly.


Fu Liheng thinks about it for a moment, and then says, "Recently, the company has cooperated with Yaoming company, and may have the formal signing ceremony and dinner."

Usually, Fu Liheng will not tell Tong Yuwu about work. Yesterday he heard her mention of the past, he feels that it is necessary to talk to her. After all, it is inevitable to deal with Yaoming company next days, and she and Mrs. Xu will also meet.

Is Yaoming the company of Song Xiang's husband?

Tong Yuwu thinks that Fu Liheng tells her about this matter, hoping that she could ease relations with Song Xiang. This year there is also a wife diplomacy. If her relationship with Song Xiang is too rigid, it seems that the cooperation between the two companies will not be good.

She is a good wife who is sensible.

Tong Yuwu immediately says, "Well, I know, or should I ask Song Xiang to have a meal in two days?" After she says this, she pauses, reminiscent of the miserable telling story that she told Fu Liheng yesterday, and added in a low voice, "After all, Song Xiang has been my classmate since kindergarten. I did something wrong in that time. At that time, I didn't know how to converge, and I might inadvertently hurt her. Afterwards, it is normal for her to have grievances against me. Now things have passed. "

She says this in a very honest way.

How sensible she is. She has been bullied by others before. Thinking of her husband's cooperation case, she can talk to someone who has troubles with her in the past.

She can not believe that after one year this man will want to divorce her. Does he know what treasure he has lost in the end!

Fu Liheng stops and looks at her, "No."

Tong Yuwu looks at him suspiciously.

"I said no." Fu Liheng continues to move forward, his voice is steady, "You did not do anything wrong."

Tong Yuwu couldn't understand what he mean, but he says no, she does not need to argue with him. He has the final say on this matter. Anyway, she gets not well with Song Xiang. Not to mention they sit down to eat together, it will only reduce each other's lives.

The couple walks forward, and Tong Yuwu pretends to inadvertently say, "It's also a coincidence that we have a classmate meeting in the middle and the end of this month. It is estimated that I will also meet Song Xiang. I don't know how many classmates will come, as far as I know that about four or five classmates have settled abroad. "

Fu Liheng is a few years older than Tong Yuwu. When she is still in junior high school, he has went abroad to study, and there is no overlap in their circle of friends and classmates.

"Speaking of classmate gatherings, I think of seeing you one year--" Tong Yuwu's face is reddish, not knowing if it is hot or shy, "You certainly don't remember seeing me, but since I grew up that's the first time I see you. "

Chatting with people, it is best way to use the other party as the protagonist, Tong Yuwu believes in it so much.

As expected, Fu Liheng, who is interested in the topic of classmates just now, also asks curiously, "When did it happen?"

"It was summer when I was in the third year of junior high school. It seems that you have something to do when you go back to school." Tong Yuwu says in a tone of nostalgia. "I remember standing by the railing of the classroom, watching you walking on the trunk. On that time, many people in our class knew you, your grades have been very good, and the teacher often told us that in our girl's mind, you are no different from god, and once a girl in the class said that she saw you at the dinner of your parents, you do not know, a group of our girls are envious of death. "

In fact, she does not remember it at all. Before contacting with Fu Liheng,  she is not interested in him. After all, they are different in age at least for a few years. She is not a person in giants circle. This thing between her and Lu Yinyin is made up by her, and it is not ture. She will not be able to roll over. Last time she plays at Lu Yinyin's house, Lu Yinyin mentions that she only knows that Fu Liheng returned to school in the third year of junior year, and she does not know why.

Lu Yinyin such a passers-by has more knowing to him than she remembers, so it is necessary to have a good chat between she and Lu Yinyin, maybe she can know more things about Fu Liheng from her, and more things she can connect with him in the past ... Well, this can also be called a difficult mission.

Tong Yuwu looks at Fu Liheng with bright eyes, and says proudly, "It is estimated that when we gets married, they are all envy and jealous of me in the background. At first, you are the one people worship but could only look from a far distance, now you are my husband. "

She could not hide her pride, her tail could not wait to be lifted.(she is too happy to jump.)

beauty's expressions are always pleasing to the eyes.

Even Fu Liheng, who is cold and restrained, has some undetectable smiles in his eyes, "Is it?"

"Of course." Tong Yuwu carries her hands behind her back, she turns around, having a relaxed look, "If you are not busy with work and I would not bear to disturb you, I really want to take you to my classmates' party, Anyway, they all annoyed me. When we were married and I asked them to be bridesmaids, they also took advantage of the opportunity to extort me for a lot of meals!

Fu Liheng tninks that she should be in a good mood today.

It is rare to see her so lively.


At the same time, Xu Yanqing returns home after a busy day of work. His wife Song Xiang is applying a facial mask. The two have a very good relationship. Since when Song Xiang at university, the two family have arranged an engagement wedding for them. After Song Xiang graduated from university, Xu Yanqing married her.

Song Xiang peels off the mask and cuts some fruits he loves to eat for Xu Yanqing. The couple sits at the dining table in the living room and chats for a while.

Song Xiang sees her husband absent-mindedness, and asks, "What's wrong, do you have any concerns?"

Xu Yanqing freezes for a moment, shaking his head, "It's okay."

"Say it, you obviously have something to worry about. You can tell me anything you want." Song Xiang asks, "It might not be so annoying after saying it."

There is no way to get off the overburdened of Song Xiang. Xu Yanqing says helplessly, "I went to Fu' company today. I don't know if it is I think too much. I always think Fu Liheng has some opinions on me ..."

Song Xiang's eyes widens as she heard the words. She puts the fork in the fruit bowl and says firmly, "Fu Liheng must have listened to Tong Yuwu's pillow wind(when couple in the bed, they will chat with each other, it is when the wife will choose to convince her husband to believe something). Darling, I want to tell you, the matter of the rift between me and Tong Yuwu can't be finished even give me three days and three nights! She must have said my bad words in front of her husband! "

Xu Yanqing hears this and couldn't help laughing, "Forget it, or Sheng Gao is right, I think too much, Fu Liheng himself is such a cold temper."

How could it be pillow wind (when couple in the bed, they will chat with each other, it is when the wife will choose to convince her husband to believe something) ...

Does president Fu looks like people who will listen to his wife's opinion ...

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