The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 17

In fact, not only Xu Yanqing is confused, but Fu Liheng's assistant Wang is also puzzled.

People in Yanjing all say that Fu's company is hospitable. This time in Fu'company and Yaoming company's cooperation, the two companies have shown full sincerity in cooperation. This time Xu Yanqing comes to discuss the details of the cooperation. Depending on the custom, a meal is definitely inevitable.

But today, as an assistant, he can feel that Mr. Fu's has few interest in this matter.

"Mr. Fu, Mr. Xu said that he want to treat you dinner next time. Today he has something to do, and he really has no time for lunch." Assistant Wang says standing by the desk.

"Hum." Fu Liheng's eyes stares at the computer.

He is not very familiar with Xu Yanqing. The project case on the side of the south sea is too large. The center of gravity of the Yaoming company is in the south sea. It will be the best choice to cooperate together. Privately, he has no troubles with Xu Yanqing, on the contrary, he also very appreciates Xu Yanqing.

But when he saw Xu Yanqing, he thought of Mrs. Xu, and remembers that Tong Yuwu was crying in his arms last night, and her eyes were red.

After assistant Wang left, Fu Liheng is a little irritable, taking off his glasses, and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Such a private business affects his stable mood in an official business, has he been a little abnormal recently?

Does just for Mrs. Xu has bullied Tong Yuwu, so he must speak for her? And even because of such a small matter, it affects the mood of cooperation between the two sides. Fu Liheng feels he needs to wash his face to wake up.

Tong Yuwu comes back from the old house and she is satisfied, and tells the three servants all the reasons for dismissing them. She does not make it too obvious. After all, she is not that kind of person who will want a child immediately. With some sincere words, the three servants say they could understand, and immediately pack up and go to the old house. This series of operations makes Tong Yuwu very uncomfortable. She doesn't like being led by the system, even if the system is under the banner of changing her tragic fate.

Tong Yuwu is sitting on the big sofa in the living room alone, her cell phone rings, and she picks it up, it is Xu Kailun.

Xu Kailun is her friend. She is about the same age as Qin Yi. At that time, the circle of Yanjing was not big. This generation of children all played together and all in the same school.

Qin Yi's group of friends are also her friends, although she is not so familiar with Qin Yi's friends. Tong Yuwu does not intend to answer this phone call. But when she thinks of no matter what they will meet in the future, she does not have to be so cold to them, so she picks up the phone and says in lazily, "Hello, what do you want to talk?"

Xu Kailun says with a loud voice, " Yuwu, why did you come to my shop and not said it in advance? You don't know. Last night Jiang Kai told me that you came with your husband, I almost came back from Tokyo."

"No need to be like this, it's just a meal." Tong Yuwu looks down at her shiny nails and says casually, "Jiang Kai not being a paparazzi is really a waste of his skill."

Xu Kailun laughs, "If my father knows that I have the honor of having you and your husband as our guest, but I am even not able to arrange for you two in a small box, my father will have to break my leg."

Tong Yuwu is speechless, "why are you calling me?"

Xu Kailun is the man who is always on the ball(to be fully aware and in control of a situation.) among Qin Yi's friends. Naturally, he will not be so blind to mention Qin Yi in front of Tong Yuwu. When chatting, he automatically avoids dangerous topics. Then he says, "It's okay, I'll tell the restaurant Manager Li, next you and your husband come to my restaurant in the future, the account will be put in my name, and will arrange for you a super VIP box, this way of compensation, is Mrs. Fu satisfied? "

Tong Yuwu does not plan to go to his

 restaurant anymore, but she also has

 to smile and says, " I am very


"When this kind of thing begins to spread, I am going to be laughed at, and the elders at home will punish me, Yuwu, so do me a favor, don't say it." Xu Kailun says again, "I will let Jiang Kai shut up anyway."

In fact, this matter has nothing to do with Xu Kailun, but Tong Yuwu still feels that this person is fully aware and in control of a situation, and the person who does not want the thing, that happened at hot pot restaurant, to spread is her.

The friends of Qin Yi, if not in other aspect, are very righteous.

Tong Yuwu exclaims, " Okay."

She pauses, "Xu San(Xu Kailun's nickname), thanks."

She says in two meanings, but Xu Kailun understands what she means, and says with a smile, "A VIP box to exchange a thank from Mrs. Fu, it is too cost-effective."

After hanging up the phone, Tong Yuwu prepares to go to bed for beauty. She arranges herself clearly every day. She always sleeps for about an hour in the afternoon. Not knowing whether it is because of young or money. She is 25 years old this year. There is not even a single wrinkle, and the nightlife has nothing to do with her. Except for playing with Fu Liheng at night, most of the time she falls asleep before eleven o'clock. She sleeps a lot, even if she goes to bed before eleven, she still has to get up late the next day.

At about four in the afternoon, Tong Yuwu receives a call from Fu Liheng.

Of course he does not want to call her, but to call the home landline, and she hears it when she goes downstairs to drink water.

Fu Liheng listens to the sweet female voice from the telephone receiver, and also freezes for a moment, "Yuwu?"

Isn't servant Liu as the general person to answer the landline phone call?

Tong Yuwu holds the phone with a soft tone, "Well, it's me."

Could he call someone else, servant Liu or Sun?

Fu Liheng always calls Tong Yuwu, saying that he wants to go home for dinner, but today, he picks up the phone and thinks of his abnormality these days, he dials the landline at home. He thinks that servant Liu would answer the phone, but he does not expect that person is Yuwu.

After a while of silence, Fu Liheng says, "I will come back to have dinner in the afternoon."

Tong Yuwu lowers her eyes, "Okay."

Straight guy ( traditional man who keep the rule of male chauvinism) always thinks that he is doing something very concealed. In fact, this behavior is strange and is seen through by people before. In the past, he either directly came back to have dinner or called her, but today he calls the home landline. Is he still mind about the thing happened in hot pot restaurant?

Tong Yuwu couldn't see what Fu Liheng is thinking. Does she care about encountering with Qin Yi, or she cares that Qin Yi shows the long for her ?

She has read such a statement before that male animals value their own territories very much. If other males want to invade, it will struggle to resist or even fight back.

This is understandable. After all, she is Fu Liheng's wife, and a wife who has a substantial relationship. Fu Liheng is not a soft people and he is not blind, he must have saw that Qin Yi stared at her blatantly ...

Okay, this is not a difficult thing. After hanging up the phone, Tong Yuwu wails: What the F... servant Sun has gone. Where can she go to change a full of table's food to him, and wait for Fu Liheng to come back and eat!

She opens the refrigerator and is in trouble.

Even if Tong Yuwu always felt that she was an orphan without parents'loving, but she didn't have the experience of cooking on her own. Standing in the kitchen is really helpless, she does not know where to start.

She does not know what to do. She even can not use the kitchen equipment. How to open the fire?

She estimates that after what happened yesterday, Fu Liheng would not come back for dinner today. She has decided having a boiled egg and some cucumbers and tomatoes for dinner. Now Fu Liheng is going to come back for dinner, can't she let him eat these too? In the future, how can she still fool the people that she is a good woman not only can go to party but also can go to kitchen (she is beautiful and prudent).

Ordering something delivery? Even if the food in restaurants outside are not so tasty, they are thousands of times more delicious than those food cooked by her who has never been cooked for once?

At least the food in restaurant is in the level of home cooking ...

Thinking about it, Tong Yuwu turns the refrigerator upside down, and finally turns over the steak that was airlifted from abroad last month in the freezer. She rarely eats steak at home. Last time, she just said casually that the steak at that store was pretty good, and Lu Yinyin sent her the steak. It was said that the quality and taste of those two steaks were the same. After being upgraded to Mrs. Fu, Tong Yuwu has been very concerned about the taste of the food. She does not know whether the steak is still fresh. She does not want to eat it, but this is the best way to solve dinner.

So be it!

Preparing a candlelight dinner, it should be easy to fry steak!

Tong Yuwu confidently finds some steps online for frying steak, and goes to the wine cabinet to find a bottle of red wine with a good time. Counting the time, after pouring the red wine into the decanter, she prepares something else. There are many things in the villa, but it takes her some time to find the candlestick decorations and candles.

She finds the condom in the drawer of the bedside table. She is still stable, otherwise she really wants to find a needle to pierce it.

Fu Liheng has no conscience!

Okay, it's not the condom but her should be pierced. She has to pierce her so she can wake up and she will not do something very stupid.

After Fu Liheng arrives home, he notices something is wrong at the first time. Servant Liu is not there, nor is servant Sun.

Today Tong Yuwu also takes great care on the dress she is going to wear. Wearing a short cheongsam, hearing the sound, she comes out of the dining room, and naturally takes the suit he takes off, softly says, " Nanny Liu is not here, I have prepared today's dinner. "

Fu Liheng thinks he has heard it wrong, "You prepared?"

Tong Yuwu takes Fu Liheng's hands, and his palm is warm. She smiles and pulls him to the dining room.

It will be dark later in summer. It's still bright outside at this time. Tong Yuwu does not turn on the light, but she also lights the candle in advance. On the rectangular dining table, a steak is placed on the side, and the knife and fork are set aside, decanter is in the middle, and there are two goblets next to it, indeed it seems like a real candlelight dinner.

Fu Liheng takes the hot towel handed over by Tong Yuwu and wipes his hands. After sitting down, he still looks puzzled.

Tong Yuwu pours two glasses of wine and smiles at him, " Darling, cheers."

Fu Liheng has to pick up the glass and clinks glasses, making a clear and nice sound.

If this dinner is not prepared by Tong Yuwu, then he will enjoy the romance of this candlelight dinner.

Fu Liheng is not a person who likes to guess. After he takes a sip of red wine, the mellow aroma of wine fills his mouth, and he asks, "Today ... is there anything special?"

They have been married for two years, should this be her first time preparing a candlelight dinner?

Tong Yuwu does not know that is there anything special today.

If really has something special, that is, he disrupts his plans to come back for dinner.

She had thought about the reason before, "Of course it has something to celebrate, I heard friends say that life needs a little sense of ceremony, today is our anniversary of holding hands."

Fu Liheng is confused, "Anniversary of holding hands?"

what is that?

Tong Yuwu raised her cheek in one hand, smiling softly and tenderly, "Yes, we has held hands today three years ago, it is also a memorial day."

"..." Fu Liheng tastes the confusion for the first time, "Sorry, I don't remember."

"It's okay." Tong Yuwu smiles, "I can remember it. Anyway, I remember everything about us."

It is impossible to remember. She has forgotten everything. Who will be so bored to remember anniversary of holding hands.

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