The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 16

Tong Yuwu does have the thoughts and plans to give up, even if this thought only survives in her mind for a few seconds.

In the evening, Fu Liheng does not come back for dinner, and Tong Yuwu does not call him. She decides to act step by step. It's not suitable to change the way how she treats him immediately. For luring people, it is better to use a mild way.

Let Fu Liheng enjoy the good life of getting married just like having a single life. Before long, she will let him know slowly that she is his only wife.

Fu Liheng is really having not time when he is busy with his work, but the assistant knows his habits and comes to the office early. Assistant Wang comes to wait for him as soon as Fu Liheng should get off work.

"Order a business meal at Baiwei Banquet, don't put green pepper in the dishes." Fu Liheng looks down at the document and says quietly.

Assistant Wang unconsciously notes down the requirements. When he walks out of the manager's office he has realize something is wrong... Is president Fu going to work overtime today? ?

Is there no entertainment? According to the old rules, he will go home for dinner this week!

Fu Liheng waits until his assistant in the office goes out, he picks up the mobile phone and looks at it. There are a few missed calls, all of which are called by friends, not Tong Yuwu.

Fu Liheng is not at home, and Tong Yuwu also enjoys herself. If she doesn't think about the ending after one year, she feels that she is now living a fairy day.

Tong Yuwu's dinner is simple. She basically eats food with proteins. She dares not give up to eat food with carbohydrates, but she will eat food that is made up of carbohydrates  only in the morning and noon, and she will not eat it at night. If Fu Liheng is at home or Tong Yuwu herself is in the old house, Tong Yuwu will eat a small bowl of white rice. Of course, she has to exercise the next day after eating, and she will feel a little relieved when she sees that the scale number has not increased.

When Tong Yuwu was studying abroad, a little sister said that Tong Yuwu lived too hard to live like this.

Tong Yuwu feels that the pleasure of eating delicious food is even happier than she puts on beautiful clothes.

After dinner, Tong Yuwu swims in the villa's swimming pool for more than half an hour. When the twilight falling, she gets up and returns to the room to take a bath.

She likes this bathroom very much. She is lying in the bathtub and it is nice to have a glass of champagne.

Fu Liheng comes back at ten o'clock today. Tong Yuwu's sense of smell is very sensitive. She feels that there is no sweet smell on Fu Liheng, and she feels a little relieved.

By the time Fu Liheng comes out of the bathroom, it is more than ten o'clock. Tong Yuwu feels that she has to adjust her position, and she does not try to change the way to lure Fu Liheng. It seems that Fu Liheng is not interested in this thing today. The couple are lying in bed and they communicate with each other simply. After that, they turn off the lights and go to sleep. Tong Yuwu wants to talk to him for a while, even if just to talk about the recent weather, but this annoying man has a frigid atmosphere of " leave me alone and I don't want to talk" ...

She can only shut up, thinking about the tasks issued by the system, thinking about what a thousand yuan can do. Unconsciously a feeling of drowsiness creeps over her.

After Tong Yuwu fell asleep, Fu Liheng opens his eyes. He puts his hands behind his head and stares at the ceiling. He do not know if it is his problem. He always feels that he has an acute sense of smell. He does not know whether the fragrance of citrus is an illusion or real. The smell always lingers on his noses.

Thinking about the project of the new hotel, he is finally asleep when it is almost twelve o'clock at night.

Tong Yuwu doesn't often dream. She may think about it every day, so she has a nightmare.

In the dream, she and Fu Liheng divorced and she only got a few million. Uncle withdrew her shares. Many people are laughing at her. She can fall down on the branches(she married above her)and still fall so badly(the ending of this marriage is so bad). The life she will go through next is an ordinary and bleak life. The designed dress is gone. She has so many bags before, but she can only carry a bag that only cost 10,000 yuan. She goes on an airplane to leave. But considering the cost performance, she actually bought an economy class ticket!

After she bought a ticket and prepared to change her boarding pass for baggage check-in. She met an old acquaintance at the airport. The acquaintance impolitely laughed at her—

[ Laugh my ass off]

[Oh my god, my aunt doesn't carry this bag anymore, it's so ugly.]

[It's too pitiful to have no money. Let me see. This counter seems to be in economy class.]

[I also have something to do, my husband let me take his private plane, but I think it is too much trouble.]

This is more terrible than dreaming of ghosts!

Tong Yuwu wakes up from the dream and is frightened, her heartbeat continues to beat fast, and she feels her heart is about to break through her chest.

She makes a lot of noise, and Fu Liheng is also awakened by her, and Fu Liheng's voice is hoarse, "What's wrong?"

Tong Yuwu freezes for a moment and reacts quickly. Men would pity the poor woman. Of course she could not directly tell Fu Liheng that she dreamed of the miserable situation after the divorce. She simply goes into his arms. She is truely scared and she does not need much emotion to brew for a long time, and the tears fall down, "I had a dream. When I was a kid, I had an issue with a classmate that woman now is Mrs. Xu of Yaoming company. Although we have issues but we still treat each other like normal classmates, and later ... when I was studying abroad, I met her once, and she accidentally pushed me into the swimming pool. I could not swim at that time, and I felt like I was almost suffocating. "

She also added some details that were not true.

Yes, the one who ridiculed her in the dream was Mrs.Xu—Song Xiang. All the time Tong Yuwu got not well with Song Xiang since she was a child. They were all competing with each other. The Song family and The Tong family were actually similar. Before Tong Yuwu's parents died, Tong Yuwu thought herself highly than Song Xiang. After the death of Tong Yuwu's parents, Tong Yuwu lived in the uncle's house and no longer has someone to rely on. Meanwhile The Song family made a lot of money in real estate and Song Xiang's status has risen a lot. Since then, Song Xiang will laugh at Tong Yuwu and sneer Tong Yuwu.

That time she was pushed into the swimming pool, until now, she still does not know whether Song Xiang was intentional or careless.

If Song Xiang was careless, it would be too coincident at that time.

If Song Xiang was intentional, with Tong Yuwu's understanding of Song Xiang, Song Xiang was not a person who would play insidious means.

"I just dreamed, dreaming of the experience of falling into the water, I thought I was going to suffocate." Tong Yuwu is crying with cute sniffles, and she is really moving. "No one helped me in the dream. I didn't know who to tell. Uncle and my aunt were very busy, no one answered the phone."

Fu Liheng pets her shoulder in silence, perhaps he does not know her situation before getting engaged with her, but later he has learned about her family.

After Tong's parents accidental death, her life is indeed not so good, and there are some people would hurt her when she is in a bad situation. Although she still has an uncle, her uncle is not her parents. After all, they are not so close. At some point, she is an orphan.

The wife in his arms is crying sadly and wronged, Fu Liheng comforts her with a deep voice, "It's all gone."

Tong Yuwu nods choking with sobs, raises her head and looking at him. At this moment the tears just fall to her cheeks. The light is not turned on, but her eyes are bright, her skin is flawless, and she is still so beautiful, "Thank you for giving me another home. "

Fu Liheng gives a sigh and pets her, which is considered comforting.


In the early morning of the next day, Tong Yuwu feels painful. Although she would not easily admit defeat and accept the end of the divorce, she has to manage another way forward and still has to make money. Although the way of making money is difficult, having some money is better than nothing. Fifty hundred thousand is enough for her to sit in first class many times!

There are three servants in this house, one cooks, one cleans and trims the branches, and the other manages the family. The three have a clear division of labor and they are usually not getting tired. If She dismisses one, it may not get attention. But if she dismisses three at once, old Mrs. Fu must intervene in this matter. And Tong Yuwu has got acquainted with these three people, all of whom are brisk. She really does not want to bother to recruit other people, and she does not want old Mrs. Fu to send someone over again. These three people will be dismissed, but she will use them ...

After eating breakfast, Tong Yuwu calls the driver and goes to the old house.

On the way to the old house, she already called old Mrs. Fu, and old Mrs. Fu does not go out, waiting for her daughter-in-law arrives at home.

She will not come if she has no matter to fix, and old Mrs. Fu is also curious about what happened to her daughter-in-law coming here early in the morning.

It is better not to be too direct when talking to a woman. It is not a bad choice to be roundabout. Tong Yuwu and old Mrs. Fu are sitting in the living room of the old house and drinking tea. After enough roundabout, she says with envy, "Mom, do you remember Luo Jia, my friend who married to Kong City? She told me that her and her husband lived in the house without using any servant, only occasionally using part-time worker, her husband does not like the stranger at home. At first, she complained to me that it was not convenient to do anything. She had to drive to the supermarket to buy groceries. However, she told me the other day that her relationship with her husband was better than before. The couple bought food together and cooked together. "

Old Mrs. Fu says with a smile, "I heard old Mrs. Luo said, Luo Jia seems to be pregnant?"

Tong Yuwu's expression is lightened, "Hum."

Now old Mrs. Fu will be very envious no matter she hears about whoever is pregnant. She wants to urge Tong Yuwu, but it is useless to rush, and she could only worry.

Tong Yuwu also says, "You don't know yet, there is another grandson in the servant Wang's house. This year, servant Wang has a grandson, and servant Liu's daughter-in-law also has pregnant last month, and even servant Sun has got a beautiful little granddaughter last month. Luo Jia once said to me that, "Is my house has a Songzi avalokitesvara  (a god delivers the child to the family as the Goddess of Mercy)."

Old Mrs. Fu is surprised for a while, but she did not think about it so much at first. But after listening to Tong Yuwu's analysis, she finds it is really true. The three servants in Tong Yuwu's house have been adding grandson all this year, how can anyone else except her to be so lucky!

"My friend told me this." Tong Yuwu is a little embarrassed, "It is said that this kind of thing will conflict, and I don't know if it is true."

Old Mrs. Fu has a severe look.

Old Mrs. Fu's husband believes in this, and he would occasionally talk about, so she does remember a lot. Some people in Yanjing will find a servant whose birth date is suitable for their son and their son's wife. In fact, Mrs. Fu does not believe in those feudal superstition, but she has really been very anxious about Tong Yuwu's process of pregnant recently...(old Mrs. Fu really wants a grandson)

After Tong Yuwu made enough preparations, she replies shyly and says, "Mom, I think I would rather choose to believe it. But I love to eat the dishes made by Mother Wang, and nanny Liu does things with ease, even servant Sun is also does like this. And I'm used to it. If I really dismissed them, I will reluctant! After all, we have several years friendship, Mom, if you agree, I want to dismiss them on the surface and let them come to the old house, and wait until..." She pauses, lowers her head, and her face is redder. "Then let them go back and take care of me. "

Mrs. Fu frowns, "What about your daily life? Recruit other people?"

Tong Yuwu quickly shakes her head, "No, I'll do it myself, Luo Jia can do it, and I can too. Mom, I really envy Luo Jia. Even if I work harder, but the feelings between me and Fu Liheng will get better, it is worth to do. "

Ms. Fu thinks this is not very appropriate, but what Tong Yuwu said has also penetrated into her heart. Maybe if she does so, her son and the daughter-in-law will have a better relationship. Maybe, she will give birth to a child next year?

She says with incredulous, "Then let three of them come today or tomorrow."

Tong Yuwu breathes a sigh of relief.

She knows that this method will work, it is nothing to dismiss these three people, but she still wants to use them, and she does not want old Mrs. Fu to pay too much attention, so she has to think some ways.


Tong Yuwu does not know that the Yaoming company of Song Xiang's husband is talking about cooperation with Fu's company.

Xu Yanqing comes out of Fu's company and sits in the car, still in doubt.

"What are you thinking?" The person who is speaking in the car is Yaoming's vice president and Xu Yanqing's friend for many years.

Xu Yanqing does not hide his doubts, "I always feel that president Fu is very cold today. Where did I offend him?"

They met a few times before, and the conversation was very smooth. Why today... Something is wrong, Xu Yanqing could obviously feel that Fu Liheng is not so friendly to him.

Xu Yanqing's friend smiles, "You are really thinking too much, Mr. Fu has originally that temperament."

Xu Yanqing is half-trusted and doubtful, " Really?"

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