The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 15

Even if Tong Yuwu is in an extremely bad mood, she is hopes to cross to the past, ordering herself that she should not fall in love with Qin Yi. After freshening up, she is still dedicated to skin care, and will not lose any steps. From hair to toes, she needs to treated her body carefully. Some of her little sisters are usually reluctant to apply body lotion, saying that it is a waste of time, but Tong Yuwu is different. She enjoys taking care of her body.

The world thinks that beauty is naturally beautiful, and beauty can do whatever she want. In fact, she does not know the specific situation of other beauty. Anyway, she dares not to forget skin care even just one day. During these three years with Fu Liheng, she was kept by a loads of money. Used to live in a lavish life, whoever dares to destroy her harmonious marriage, who will be her enemy.

Although Fu Liheng asked her to rest early, she still waited with her eyes open, and at about eleven o'clock, footsteps came from the door, and she quickly closed her eyes.

Half an hour later, Fu Liheng came out of the bathroom and went to bed beside her with the mint fragrance of the men's shower gel.

She just pretended to be sleepy, and says lazily, "What time is it?"

Fu Liheng thinks that he has disturbed her rest and whispers, "It's almost twelve."

"Oh." Tong Yuwu continues to fall asleep, but her movement begins to wriggle. She pretending to accidentally rubs into his arms, a leg presses heavily on him.

She seems to think of him as a big pillow.

Fu Liheng does not like others next to him when he is sleeping. He wants to push her away, but when he reaching out, he only hears her whisper, " Darling, don't be mad ..."

When he hears this, he thinks she is awake, and then looks at her carefully, and finds that her eyes are closed, probably dreaming, or half awake.

They have been married for two years, and it is only in these two days that he discovers that she has the habit of talking in her sleep.

She thought he was angry?

Fu Liheng does not know what expression should he to put on.

"Sleep." He wants to kiss on her forehead, but in the end he does not do this.

The next morning, when Tong Yuwu wakes up, Fu Liheng has already gotten up. She has something in her mind so she would not sleep too long. She comes out barefoot in a nightgown and looks around at the stairs with a probe. She wants to know nanny Liu is talking to whom, and then is Fu Liheng's low male voice. She is relieved, guessing that he should be eating breakfast, so there is not much time for her.

Even if Tong Yuwu had no plans to go out, it would take more than an hour to get up and go downstairs in the morning. Today she is extremely fast, and naturally her image is not so perfect--

This is her thought.

From the point of view of Fu Liheng, a straight man( straight men like the girls who are in a traditional beauty), she wears a simple retro ruffle sleeveless knee-length dress. She is elegant and beautiful, her hair is black and soft, and the makeup on her face is also very light, she looks very  fresh.

"Wakes up so early?" Fu Liheng's almost finishes his breakfast, and he slowly wipes his mouth and asks.

Nanny Liu brings Tong Yuwu a bowl of bird's-nest gruel. Although many people now say that buying bird's-nest is an action of paying IQ tax, Mrs. Fu is still happy to buy it, most of the gruel are sent here. Tong Yuwu has a habit, having a small bowl of bird's-nest gruel every day.

Tong Yuwu's breakfast is much milder than Fu Liheng's.

A small bowl of bird's nest gruel, a non-fried egg, and a small dish of fruit.

"Maybe I slept earlier yesterday." Tong Yuwu lowers her head and smiles, "I don't even know when you came in."

"It was late." Fu Liheng pauses, "I'll be busy in next days--"

He does not like himself reckless, and he feels that something is not right. He made a plan yesterday and happened to have a project to move forward. He has to have a video conference with foreign countries every day, and he might be busy until late. The one-week dinner time that is putted aside ... Maybe it should be change.

In the past two years, when he was busy with work, he would simply live directly in a five-star hotel suite owned by Fu's company, and the hotel was very close to the company.

This time he also has plans.

Tong Yuwu thinks: As she has expected.

Facts have proved that her sensitive has no effect on him. She originally thought that Fu Liheng liked the way of getting along with her in the past. She was clever and docile and gentle. She obeyed all the arrangements of him. She would not disturb him when he was working. But what if it isn't right, will she be wrong?

The result of such a policy is that in the past two years, in addition to the harmonious life of the husband and wife, where do they have the appearance of loving couples?

In the end, she was a dispensable woman. She was wrong. She was obviously a genuine wife, but she was made herself like a companion in bed. She put herself in a position that can be replaced at any time.

She is generous, she is obedient, and she does not occupy his time. But in the end, other women will come to occupy his time, and other women will come to help him to spend money.

No way, it won't work like this.

"It's okay." Tong Yuwu says gently before he says the next words, "Your work is the most important thing, it doesn't matter if you come back later, but you still have to eat dinner on time, anyway, I have nothing to do at home. And I will wait for you coming back home."

Do not think she does not know what he is thinking. He wants to stay in a hotel suite for a few days, right?

It will be fine before, but not now.

Tong Yuwu smiles even softer, "Mom used to worry that you couldn't eat on time at the company. I used to give her comforts and said I would sent you meals. You can't make me to break my promise. Li Heng, you can work at anytime, I will accept all the situation. "

Finally she says, "You are really working hard. This is only two days since you come back. We just went back to the old house and had a meal. Now you have to start busy again. I don't know what I can share in the responsibility with you."

This is to remind him that he has just came back for two days, as long as his conscience is not eaten by dogs, as long as he is still a man, as long as he thinks she is a living person. It's impossible for him to sleep in the big bed outside!

Fu Liheng is probably persuaded by her and nods, "You have done a good job."

She is willing to do this forever!

Fu Liheng gets up to leave, she also stands up and escorts him to the door. She raises her hand to help him tidy up his tie, smiles saying that, "Come back for dinner?"

"Not sure."

Tong Yuwu does not want to make herself look too enthusiastic. After all, she is not like this last month, and if she does too much will give people a feeling of guilty conscience.


Anyway, she would still prepare his supper. It's his business whether he  comes back for dinner or not.

After watching Fu Liheng gets on the car and leaves, Tong Yuwu condenses the smile on her face and goes upstairs on the sofa starting to skim her moments. She should know where would Qin Yi and some of his friends go. And she will never and ever again go to the places where they maybe appear. 

But what happened to the meeting at the hotpot restaurant yesterday. Based on her understanding of Qin Yi, he should not be following her, and she remembered all the plots about her in the original book. She and Qin Yi were not having the meeting part in the hotpot restaurant.

Tong Yuwu knocks the system: [What's going on?]

The system is also very confused: [... The novel can't write down all the things that happened 24 hours a day.]

It is true. Tong Yuwu recalls the novels she has read. Sometimes, a day or even a month was taken in one stroke, and it is impossible to write down everything about eating, drinking, and trifles.

Tong Yuwu: [But I met Qin Yi,  why doesn't the author write it?]

System: [Sorry, I'm not the original writer, I really do not know.]

Okay, Fine!

There is no human rights for the supporting role, so she does not think about this kind of question that is destined to have no answer.

System: [... By the way, there is something to remind you. Your first mission challenge is failed, and the second round of challenges will soon begin.]

Tong Yuwu was originally careless. When she heard this, she suddenly froze: [Challenge failed? What's going on, I didn't spend any money today!]

Today is 8th.

From early morning till now, she has not spent a dime!

System: [The wages of your domestic servants adds up to more than one thousand a day.]



After a long silence, Tong Yuwu calls names.

Yes, the servants' wages are taken from her account.

Now she is glad that the salary of the two drivers in the family is taken from Fu’s company ...

Tong Yuwu thinks about what she has paid from her account. In addition to the wages of the servants, as well as the daily expenses of this family, from food ingredients to fruits, these are not so important. The system is forcing her to dismiss the servant. And let her clean the garden, to build the branches of the garden, to buy food and to cook?


This will change her to be a nanny.

System: [... Would you still want to challenge?]

The system thinks that this user is very peaceful, and she is not very attentive to the published tasks.

Maybe, after the failure of this challenge, she will only make the situation worse and she will not challenge again.

Tong Yuwu lowers her head and puts a hand on her knees, her face drooping: [Of course.]

Although the first important thing is to change the end of the divorce, but she also wants to earn money in this convenient way.

Of course, let her feel the embarrassment of life in advance, so that she will ignite her fighting spirit, as the so-called potential is inspired.

She is able to understand that this system ostensibly releases tasks to let her earn bounty. In fact, the system wants to transform her and let her adapt into the life of ordinary people. So that she would be able to bear it after being divorced from the court after one year, right?

No, no way.

She does not accept the ending so cowardly.

System: [Then you cheer!]

Tong Yuwu rolls her eyes in her heart: [Thank you.]


At the same time, Qin Yi is awakened by a crying in the star-level suite. He opens his eyes a little irritably. When he is about to call names violently, he sees a young woman in bed holding her knees helplessly and she is weeping softly.

His onsciousness gradually returns, Qin Yi only feels a headache, and it is not so difficult to recall the things that happened yesterday. After all, he is not drunk yesterday.

Liu Yunxi stares blankly at the white bed sheet. Her tears drop down one by one.

People in midnight is very easy to make wrong decisions. Only when the sun rises and after they re-sense will they know what mistakes they have made.

Liu Yunxi is reluctant to admit that she is a 419-free person. She says to herself inwardly: It was he who forced her, she is unwilling, but his strength is greater than her.

Last night, Qin Yi was not the only one who wanted to indulge. Liu Yunxi was also overwhelmed by the burden of life. When facing the man who she has a crush on, she hesitated for a moment ...

Qin Yi originally wanted to give her money directly, but thinking about the various things of last night, he changes his mind again. He gets up in silence and takes a shower. He comes out of the bathroom and looks at the woman who is dressed. He walks to her.

She retreats subconsciously.

Qin Yi holds a business card in his finger and places it on the coffee table. He using a low voice says, "This is my business card. It has my phone number on it. You can call me if you want."

Liu Yunxi does not dare to look at him. She turns her head and her eyes are flushed.

Qin Yi looks at her collarbone and thinks of Tong Yuwu, his eyes dims, "I have a girlfriend. I can give you nothing but material compensation. You can think of a number."

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