The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 14

Life is not easy, Kai Kai(Jiang Kai's nake-name)sighs.

Jiang Kai vows that if this scene is seen by others today, he will have to be beaten by his old father to lost his ability of self-reliance.

He is really too hard, why is he so silly to advice Qin Yi to eat hot pot? Despite Fu Liheng does not say anything, they do not even exist in the corners of Fu Liheng's eyes. But as men, he is sensitive to Fu Liheng's unhappiness!

It can also be understood that if Jiang Kai himself is married in the future, it will be difficult to spend time with his wife in the two-person world. If at this time his wife's ex-boyfriend comes to see her, and his wife's ex-boyfriend has a look of unforgettable to her...for his bad temper, just imagining the images, he will be irritated enough to beat someone up. But Fu Liheng can really restrain himself. No, if it is not for his cultured conditions, he will not be so calm.

Suddenly, this dandy Jiang Kai understands why his old father and these elder members would think so highly of Fu Liheng.

With such a personality, Fu Liheng can really have a great achievement!

"Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu, we won't disturb." Jiang Kai catching hold of Qin Yi, squeezing out an apologetic smile, "A Yi (Qin Yi's nake-name), We two have to go for some business, so don't disturb Yuwu and her husband having a two-person world! "

Tong Yuwu very agrees with this.

As a qualified ex-boyfriend needs to hold the minds, either he himself  died, or the other party died.

Who can bear such a frequent meeting.

Just get a move on!

Please never meet again for the rest of life!

Fu Liheng is sitting opposite her. She really wants to ignore the two door gods standing by her. But the more she acts like this, the more questionable she is, she smiles at Jiang Kai naturally, and her eyes are not on Qin. Yi body, "Well, talk next time."

There will not have next time.

This is an obvious order for eviction of passengers. Jiang Kai feels that he could not embarrass Tong Yuwu, so he shakes Qin Yi's arm for a more strong warning.

While Fu Liheng is still ignoring them, they should get a move on, if they still do not know what is good, he could not accompany Qin Yi as a sacrificial lamb.

Qin Yi withdrawing his eyes to her, laughing at himself, and finally has a last sight at Tong Yuwu and follows Jiang Kai away.

He feels his eyes are sore.

She has been married for two years, but his memory still stays at before stubbornly, he is always covering his ears not to listen or dare to think.

After Jiang Kai drags Qin Yi to the box and closes the door, he complains uncomfortably, "we are lucky, there is no acquaintance in this hot pot restaurant. If we meet someone who got a big mouse, I will have to recover at home for the next few months, A Yi , you need to let her go. "

Let her go?

Qin Yi sits silently, staring blankly at the napkin box on the table.

Jiang Kai sits down opposite him and looks at his good brother like this, he is also very unhappy.

"A Yi, don't you like Yu Wu very much?" Jiang Kai glances at him, and says with a careful tone, "If you really love her, shouldn't you want her to live better?"

This kind of sour words, he can also speak out, but why he says like this, that is all for Qin Yi.

"It's impossible for you two to be couple. If you two can't become good friends, just forget about it and choose to be a stranger."

Qin Yi raises his head, Jiang Kai is shocked, just because the other party's eyes are reddish, and his eyes are full of jealous.

"A Yi?"

Qin Yi lowers his eyes: "How could it be impossible."

"Fuck!" Jiang Kai is very nervous. " Seriously!? If Yuwu is Fu Liheng's girlfriend, I can understand your thought. But they have got married. If you has to do this, the fortune of your family is never enough for you to spend, right?

Soldiers can be killed, but they can not be insulted.

Of course, this world is still some people with "open-minded", but Jiang Kai feels that Fu Liheng is a bloody person, whoever is bloody will not be mercy to those people who has intentions to his wife.

Qin Yi stops talking.

Qin Yi knows this fact, even if he gambles with the entire Qin family, maybe she will not come back.

Jiang Kai feels that Qin Yi has his head caught in the door. He stands up next to him anxiously, points out the door and lowers his voice, "Are you crazy, are you still awake? Who is that? It's Fu Liheng. You treat him like a coward. I am embarrassed to say that you just stars at Yu Wu like that. You treat him like a dead person. If you still do things in this way, you are probably to get your head broken and bleeding! "

Jiang Kai has said what he should said. Although Jiang Kai usually not so conscientious about things but he can tell this is a big deal. He thinks Qin Yi is not the kind of person who will get angry and take revenge for women, not to mention, this woman is already married.

Qin Yi will drink a lot, and Jiang Kai will not stops him.

Jiang Kai is just not believe Qin Yi'love for Tong Yuwu, if he really love her so much, he will do all he can do to disagree the break-up. He can never expect Tong Yuwu to be the person who will always faithfully waiting him coming back.

Qin Yi's capacity of liquor has also been practiced in recent years. Jiang Kai risks his life to company Qin Yi, and he is already unconscious for having too much wine, meanwhile Qin Yi just feels tipsy. After watching the driver picks up Jiang Kai, he calls designated driver to come over. The driver is a silent, middle-aged man, after tells his address, Qin Yi sits in the back seat and rests. His head is messed up. For a while, he thinks of the kiss mark on her collarbone, and for a while, he think of the scene two of them fires fireworks together on New Year's Eve.

He could hardly tell what is the reality and what is the memory.

He opens his eyes, turns his head to look out of the window, and subconsciously shouts, "Stop!"

The driver is acting on behalf of the designated driver. What the guest said was what he does. He parks the car steadily in the parking space on the street of this park. Qin Yi pushes the door to get off and the driver says nothing. He knows that the guest has drunk he may want to go out and vomit. This luxury car's online quotation is more than 1 million. It is really not cost-effective to vomit in the car.

There is a park near the lake. This park is also some years old, and everyone in Yanjing knows it.

Qin Yigang gets out of the car and recalls. They are not together at that time. Once they passed by. She said that she wanted to go boating. The two rented a silly duck boat. He was very nervous and did not know what to do. What to say, tell her all the jokes that are memorable at home, watching her laughed amusedly, he was content and happy.

His mind is chaotic, and Qin Yi leans over the street pole and wants to vomit.

Liu Yunxi has the habit of running at night when she is not busy. She is in a bad mood today. On the one hand, the burden of the family is on her. On the other hand, she does not know what she has done wrong. She goes to work happily, as a result, the bar manager asks her to receive the salary and does not have to come again.

She clutches her fists and asks the manager if she is not doing well. The manager only gives her a meaningful look and says nothing.

When she comes out of the park, she accidentally sees the person next to the telephone pole. She is just passing by, but finds that it is the person who saves her at the bar!

She wants to thank him for that day, but at that time he might be in trouble, maybe in a bad mood. After helping her, he goes straight away. He is a good person. Thinking about this, Liu Yunxi tentatively steps forward and says carefully, "Sir, you are you okay? Do you need my help? "

Qin Yi feels very annoyed, but when he turns his head to prepare to expel her away, he sees her face.

Maybe it is alcohol, maybe the light is dim, he has such a moment that he thinks she is Yu Wu.

Although he knows very well now that it would not be her, he was too sad. The backlog of emotions needed to be temporarily relieved, so he hugs her without thinking about it.

Liu Yunxi freezes, trying to push him away, only hears the man's tone begging and suffering, "Yu Wu, please don't leave me, don't leave me ..."


A good hot pot date is destroyed again. Tong Yuwu does not know what to say. It is tasteless to continue to eat. Originally, I thinks about going for a ride with Fu Liheng after eating. Now, it seems that it is all soaking up!

No one has this interest, so they can only go home with replete. Along the way, Tong Yuwu is crazy insulting in the heart, scolding many people, but unfortunately, as an elegant rich lady, in addition to treating her ex-boyfriend as a dead man, she can't diminish her identity and entangle to call names.

It's not that she is still miss Qin Yi, or that she wants to maintain her beauty image as first love. They are already two worlds' person. Even if in his heart, she is the worst woman in the world, she doesn't care. Just for the personal qualities and conditions, Fu Liheng is already far surpasses Qin Yi. She will make the relationship clear between her and her ex-boyfriend if she is not goes out of mind.

When they back home, they goes upstairs together. Tong Yuwu pretends to say inadvertently, "I think you like hot pot. The only imperfection is that the two people's table is too small. It is my fault. I don't know that it is Xu Kailun's restaurant. It is really been a long time since I contacts he last time. No wonder everyone says that the circle will be different after marriage. "

She wouldn't take the initiative to mention Qin Yi. But Fu Liheng does not mention it, so it is no need for her to explain what it is like. Otherwise is she going to say that she does not feel anything about Qin Yi? Or she would never want to see him again?

Wouldn't it be what you says only gives yourself away?

Fu Liheng is not as angry as Jiang Kai think of. At least when he comes out of the hot pot restaurant, his gloomy mood is washed away. He is a few years older than them, and he really no need to make trouble with them. He knows the situation of Tong Yuwu's dating in recent years. Basically, she has had as few contacts as possible with her previous friends. She has also avoids taboos related to Qin Yi. As for what she thinks in her mind——

No matter when he can't control the minds of others.

She is able to marry him means that she knows what Mrs. Fu's identity means, and he will not manage her past relationships.

"It doesn't matter." Fu Liheng stares at her, "I may be busy for a while, you can take a rest early."

Tong Yuwu yells, "Are you still need to work?"

"Yeah. I have to reply some e-mail."

Compared with Qin Yi this insignificant role, who doesn't need Fu Liheng to care about, Fu Liheng cares more about not being a sensible self in these two days.

At the hot pot restaurant, there is nothing on her face, but he wants to do that ... It is naive and ridiculous, these two words should not be used on him.

What is he doing?

Maybe he needs to deal with some work matters to prove that he is still Fu Liheng (as cold as before).

He says so, Tong Yuwu is not able to stop him, but unfortunately this is not ancient, otherwise she can find a reason to help him prepare ink and accompany him to work.

"Well, then." Tong Yuwu raises her head to look at him, " Health is important, don't be too busy, if I know that you have a job, we should not have ate outside."

Fu Liheng responds with a hum.

On the second floor, the two separates, Fu Liheng goes to the office, and Tong Yuwu returns to the bedroom.

The more she thinks, the more she feels uncomfortable. She must have dug the Qin family ancestor's grave in her previous life. Otherwise, Qin Yi could not treat her like this?

Now ask her what her mood is, that will be regret, very regret, she is totally regretted, why does she has a relationship with Qin Yi at the beginning?

Tong Yuwu is sitting on the big bed, and couldn't wait to cry right away.

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