The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 13

Fu Liheng has been in tailored suit for many years. His face is cold and his temperament is cold. Unlike many people's subconscious hunchbacks, he always has a straight back and calmly raises his hands.

Even if wearing casual clothes at this moment, it does not change the characteristics of his body.

Tong Yuwu felt unfamiliar with Fu Liheng in private, and Fu Liheng does not seem knowing much about Tong Yuwu.

As the only son of Fu family, in Fu Liheng's life, the interests of the family and the company must be ranked first and unshakable. As for love and marriage, he never thinks much. It is already nice to be able to respect each other. He knows that Tong Yuwu is a wise woman, and his two years of marital life is enough to prove that his decision is correct.

After the age of twenty-five, almost every year, his mother will choose the most suitable person from many celebrities for him, hoping that he can have a suitable marriage that is like a lot of people. At first he is not disgusted this action. Later, after directly or indirectly contacting some people in this giant’s circle, he finds that this commercial marriage is suitable for most people in this circle, but not for him.

The big group of Yanjing can hardly escape family management. Yu family is, Xiang family is no exception, and the relationship between those family business company is intertwined. In recent years, Fu’s company is at the peak and attracts much attention. He wants to let his company taking the transformation, It also means that he will lead the company to another way of development. Nowadays, Fu’s company is so strong that he does not need to rely on marriage to obtain benefits. And his wife's ambition family will become a burden.

In a marriage, it is impossible to just want to make a profit, not to pay. Ordinary people get married and become relatives. There is a need to help each other, even if it is embarrassing, they have to daringly agree. He sees with his own eyes that his friend is trapped in a so-called business marriage relationship, and it is difficult to get out. At the beginning, it is indeed a successful marriage with both sides efforts, but as the time goes on, the shortcomings are revealed.

When Xiang family is full of confidence in having connecting marriage with the Fu family, Fu Liheng inadvertently encounters Tong Yuwu, his brain is running fast, and thinks of the grandfather's joke ... Tong Yuwu's parents are no longer there, and Tong family has only an elder, Tong Yuwu’uncle. Fu Liheng knows that her uncle Tong Lishan is restrained and has a little sense of stability in doing business. Marrying Tong Yuwu, the Tong family is strictly not a family member of the Fu family. After all, the two brothers of the Tong family have separated already.

Tong Yuwu herself is perfect except for her background.

From the moment when he makes up his mind until now, Fu Liheng holds such an attitude that Tong Yuwu is a wise woman, she will not ask him for anything other than material things like other people. He is happy, after all, for him, dealing with a relationship between men and women is also a waste of time and effort.

And today, there seems to be some deviation.

Tong Yuwu sees Fu Liheng not talking, and she starts the car while saying, "What do you want to eat?"

Fu Liheng is obviously not interested in this, but he does not want to hurt her feeling at this time.

Others say that women turn their faces faster than they turn books. This sentence is also suitable for men.

Tong Yuwu does not know what is happening, but she could clearly feel that Fu Liheng's mood has changed. He is just fine when he comes downstairs. After a while, he speaks a bit coldly.

Could it be that she is wrong with her profanity? Shouldn't she fasten his safety belt?

Tong Yuwu still pretends not knowing anything, "Do you mind eating hot pot?"

It's the best choice to eat hot pot. It will be natural to pick dishes for him and it will not be abrupt.

Perhaps the marriage between her and Fu Liheng needs to be changed.

The French food and Michelin that they ate before does not seem to have any effect.

Tongwu rarely eats hot pots. After all, she will not meet with the hot girls in the hot pot restaurant with the little sisters of the ladies. Not to mention the hot pot smells. It is a disaster. Which lady of the celebrity smells like hot pot? No one is dressed up brightly, and the hot pot stuff explodes in minutes with calories ...

Since she was a little girl, Tong Yuwu can count the number of times she eats hot pot with one hand.

Fu Liheng, "Anything is ok."

Today is really unfortunate. She feels it would be better if they choose to eat at home.

It is no wonder that the ancients says that with a king like a tiger, the king’s mind is unfathomable. He smiles in the last second and kills your family in the next second. The average person can not bear it. From ancient times to the past, those traitors who can succeed have some skills and abilities others do not have.

Fu Liheng looks like a cold ice, and Tong Yuwu will not so silly to brother him.

She takes out her mobile phone navigation and finds a hot pot restaurant with a good reputation, and she is ready to go.

The hot pot restaurant is located on the fifth floor of a shopping mall in third ring road of Yanjing. It seems to be newly opened. Fortunately, Yanjing are many restaurants. There are as many as four or five hot pot restaurants in this mall, so when they come, even if they have not make an appointment in advance, they are led by the waiter to find a place to sit down.

The waiter says politely, "The four-person table is already full, and now there are only this two-person tables. If you mind, you can also wait for a while. I will change it for you when the position comes out."

Tong Yuwu Smile, "No, we are just two of us, don't have to be so troublesome."

There are not many two-person tables in this store. After all, the table is not big and the position of the dishes is not enough. It can only be placed in the small cart next to it, which is not convenient.

The waiter brought them a pad, and Tong Yuwu sees that Fu Liheng is looking at the mobile phone. Presumably, he is unwilling to do such a condescending thing that he needs to order dishes in person.

Fu Liheng is preferable to meat than vegetables. Tong Yuwu's dishes are basically meat dishes, only two vegetarian dishes.

After Qin Yigang returns home, he has a lot of activities every day. Today Jiang Kai drags him to dinner before he finishes work .

"The catering industry is extremely profitable. Xu Laosan has opened several hot pot restaurants. It seems to be a franchise. I am just eager for this hot pot. Let's go and support it."

Qin Yiyi is in a hurry.

Jiang Kai says to himself, and suddenly glimpsed a white Palamela on the parking space in the parking lot A area, and says with a strange expression, "What a coincidence, is the Yu Wu also here?"

Hearing the familiar name, Qin Yi steps in and looks at the car.

Jiang Kai almost becomes a know-it-all, and he says, "This is really Yu Wu’s car. She posts it on moments before. It seems that it is given to her by her husband. Well, the license plate also has meaning. Is 906 her birthday?"

"But what is Yu Wu doing here?"

Qin Yiyi moves. After the two people enter the elevator, he subconsciously sorting out his clothes to see if his hair is messy.

This mall is very big. Although the chances of encountering is small, he still hopes that when she sees him, he looks not so bad.

Along the way, Qin Yi is looking around searching for something, Jiang Kai sees him like this, and says to him with a smile, "It is all my fault , otherwise you will not be like this."

Qin Yi says nothing, but he still prays in his heart. It will be better not to encounter Yu Wu, otherwise it should be embarrassing.

Gao Sheng is right, it is all a matter of old age, and it is the best choice if all forget that. If Qin Yi goes crazy and chases after her, is it Yu Wu be in the troublesomeness?

Probably God does not hear Jiang Kai’s pray. When the two of them step into the hot pot restaurant and are led by the supervisor to the box, they just see Tong Yuwu and Fu Liheng.

Tong Yuwu eats elegantly, but the hot air of the hot pot is rushing, and gradually some sweat is on his body.

Today, her foundation for makeup is very clear. It is also more beautiful as the night grows and sweat appears.

Fu Liheng has hands and feet(he can eat by himself), and Tong Yuwu is not sure whether he likes it or not, so there are not many times to pick foods. Maybe Fu Liheng doesn't eat hot pot often. Although the taste of this hot pot is salty and spicy, he still eats a lot.

Jiang Kai is shocked, and does not intend to say hello to Tong Yuwu at this time. When he is about to drag Qin Yi away, Qin Yi has already takes a step before him, striding forward, and comes to the two people's table. He looks like trying to add annoying to this couple on purpose, actively saying that, "Master Fu, what a coincidence."

When Tong Yuwu sees Qin Yi, the expression on her face would be more natural, not be as stunned as when she was in the mall.

She is calm on the surface, acting as if she does not know Qin Yi. As if Qin Yi only knows Fu Liheng, she is quiet, and her heart is screaming. There are few people who lived to her age without an ex-boyfriend. However the meeting frequency is too high. She only encounters with him two days ago, and today she meets him again!

Fu Liheng looks up and glances at him, his eyebrows indifferent: "hum."

Compared with the last time he will cope with him, this time he is almost too lazy to say a word.

When doing business, they are all have connection with each other, but Fu Liheng's response is not a little bit of politeness at all. But no one would say anything. Fu family is generous and powerful, and he has capital to arrogance.

Jiang Kai also thinks that Qin Yi is asking for trouble and adds trouble to Tong Yuwu. No matter who and when, he still has a strong relationship with Qin Yi. Since everything has already happened, he certainly has to come out to ease a situation, "master Fu, good to see you. Yu Wu I just saw your car in the parking lot, and thought I was dazzled. "

Tong Yuwu hopes that she is the background board ignored by everyone at this moment.

She smiles and put a strand of hair behind her ears, her attitude is relaxed and natural, "Well, you two come to eat hot pot too?"

"You has not watch moments. This is the shop opened by Mr. Xu. We come to give some support."

Tong Yuwu says fuck in her heart. Why would she paid attention to the moments of passers-by A and B. If she knew that this was a shop opened by Qin Yi's friends, she would never pull Fu Liheng over.

"Xu Kailun opens it?" Tong Yuwu is surprised, "I does not pay attention." She looks at Fu Liheng again, and the tone is intimate. "If we knew that he has opened it, we might have convenience, so we don't have to squeeze these two tables now. "

Fu Liheng nods with a smile: "No need to trouble others."

She leans subconsciously, and Qin Yi sees the red mark on her delicate collarbone.

As if his eyes are burned, his pupils squeezing and his breath choking.

Although he knows that she has married Fu Liheng. And although he knows that they are justified couples, this red mark at this time easily breaks through his last layer of extravagance.

How would he feel jealous?

The girl he cherishes so much, he will cares and cherishes her even holding her hand. However she becomes someone else’s wife.

Jiang Kai feels that they need to go. How could he knows that Qin Yi stares at Tong Yuwu so stunnedly, making the already unharmonious atmosphere even more embarrassing.

Tong Yuwu fidgeted, she really has a headache! If she knew that Qin Yi is such an unclear and troublesome ex-boyfriend, she would never promise to be his girlfriend no matter what he said!

Fu Liheng's deep eyes are full of indifferent. He slowly puts down his chopsticks. He is stupefied when Tong Yuwu is untimely. He protrudes and rubs her cheek with the fingertips, moving gently.

"Don't move, there is something on your face."

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