The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 12

In the dog days, even if Fu Liheng’s whole body comes with low temperature ( because he is a cold, hard man), he wears this suit will be hot. He has been on two points and one line these two days.(in spite of his company and home, he will not go anywhere else in the dog days.) The central air conditioner at his home keeps at 26 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. The company's air conditioner turns on completely, so he is not bothered by clothing. But apparently she is right, he is in suits, she is laid-back and casual, it really does not look very matching.

Even Fu Liheng does not realize that his mood has changed a lot after he comes back from a business trip. In the past, he would never consider this kind of problem.

Fu Liheng says with a nod and accepts Tong Yuwu's opinion.

Tong Yuwu also relaxes a lot.

The first time her little idea (getting proud of Fu Liheng'love) is successful √.

Men's bottom line is always falling unconsciously, Tong Yuwu is full of confidence instantly, with her efforts, it is not a dream to change the ending of the novel. If she can win by doing nothing, why does she have to fight hard? She is very satisfied and likes the identity of Mrs. Fu, as long as Fu Liheng does not go bankrupt in this life, she will never abandon the identity of Mrs. Fu.(if Fu Liheng will always be a richman, she will not choose to divorce.)

The couple enter the room together, and before they go upstairs, Fu Liheng's cell phone rings.

His mobile ringtone is not exaggerated at all, but the most common ringtone that comes with mobile phones.

Fu Liheng pauses, takes out his mobile phone, and looks at the caller for only a few seconds, then picks it up.

Although it takes only a few seconds, it is enough for Tong Yuwu to suspect it. In the past, she would not deliberately observe who he is calling, but now this time, many things happened. Lacking a sense of security she could not control her bad thoughts.

Why does he hesitate? Who is calling?

Is it inconvenient to answer the phone in front of her! She is not a business spy, and there is no need to avoid her even in business.

Is this Fu Liheng's lover outside? If so, is this woman trying to provoke her? Calling Fu Liheng at this time, does Fu Liheng's real wife dead? (this lover completely ignores Tong Yuwu)

Fu Liheng's voice is steady, "Hey."

The other person is speechless, "You haven't got off work yet?"

Fu Liheng reaches out his hand and squeezes the bridge of his nose, with a slight headache. His memory is not bad, and his memory is excellent from childhood to adulthood. A few days ago, he made an appointment with his friends for dinner to talk about things. But he actually forgets.

Today is very abnormal.

Not only does he not remember an invitation with a friend after work, but he comes home from work ten minutes earlier than usual.

Fu Liheng holds his mobile phone tightly, he does not want to stand his friend up.

Tong Yuwu is close to him. Although he does not turn on the hands-free, she still hears the voice of the other side, and she is relieved in her heart immediately, it is Zhou Chi's voice. Zhou Chi and Fu Liheng are childhood friend and have a very deep friendship. She has also seen Zhou Chi several times in the past two years. Last year, Fu and Zhou expanded overseas together. Both companies have project cases in cooperation. Calling at this time is too normal.

She looks at Fu Liheng and finds him frowning.

Is it possible that Zhou Chi has something that needs to make an appointment with him, then does Fu Liheng want to cancel their temporary appointment?

Tong Yuwu's face is regrettable, she is not pitiful for the dating. This is a waste for such a good opportunity to pull in the relationship between she and Fu Lihen. She does not know when does he will take the initiative to invite her again.

Fu Liheng is about to go to the appointment, and when all the words comes to his mouth, he accidentally glances at the disappointed look on her face. The words changes and the words he saying also changes, "Another day will be fine, I still have something important to do today."

Zhou Chi knows Fu Liheng. If it is not for something very important, he will not break an appointment. So Zhou Chi says generously, "Okay, next time, but if you have something to do, you can tell me in advance."

Zhouchi will never believe that the very important thing of Fu Liheng is to accompany his wife to have dinner.

Tong Yuwu is surprised.

She still has a dating with him.

After hanging up the phone, Fu Liheng casts his eyes down. She does not know what he is thinking about. He just says quietly, "Go upstairs."


The two go upstairs to Fu Liheng's cloakroom, and Tong Yuwu is not a person who likes to spy on privacy. Even though Fu Liheng's cloakroom connects to the main bedroom, she rarely enters. The cloakroom is not small in size. It is in dark when they entering see it. On both sides are open wardrobes. He can hang suits, shirts and trousers in order, and there is a shoe cabinet on the wall with a height of two meters. All the shoes style are the same, Fu Liheng's aesthetic is really specific.

There is a glass cabinet in the middle, which is divided into two layers, the first layer places with watches, and the other layer places with tie clips.

Fu Liheng's casual clothes are not many. He stands by side without saying a word. It seems that he wants her to help him pick clothes.

This is a new experience for Tong Yuwu.

Fu Liheng's daily wear, from clothes to shoes, from tie clips to socks, are all matched by a specific person.

Tong Yuwu takes a black T-shirt and compares it with him. She speaks of him in glowing terms appropriately and playfully, "I didn't know what the clothes shelf(a person no matter what he wears, he will always seem perfect) meant before, but today I can understand it. I think you can debut. "

Fu Liheng stands stock, with a light smile in his eyes.

Clothes and pants selected by Tong Yuwu are calm and casual. They are suitable for Fu Liheng.

When picking shoes, Tong Yuwu is suddenly inspired. "I went to London with Yin Yin last month. I just bought two pairs of sneakers when I was shopping. I almost forget. Do you want to try it together? "

This is really an unintentional positive outcome. At that time, in order to set up public persona of loving couples, she bought lover shoes in front of her little sister(fake friends, always compete against secretly). She does not expect that those shoes come in handy.

When Fu Liheng agrees to change his clothes, he has lost his stance on this matter, hardly needing any struggle, and he nods.

Even Tong Yuwu also feels that Fu Liheng is too cooperative today. If she does not control her mind from diverging, she would have to think about whether Fu Liheng really have lover outside, and he wants to make up in this way to comfort his guilty...

Actually, when Fu Liheng follows Tong Yuwu to her cloakroom, he is still struggling.

Just when they come out of the cloakroom and happen to pass the bathroom. He glances at the large bathtub in the bathroom and quickly looks away.

He has taken ninety-nine steps, and this step is not many.

So be it.

Tong Yuwu's cloakroom is much larger than Fu Liheng's. He is not a playboy. His clothes are just a few colors back and forth, and they are hung in order, which looks very concise. For people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, maybe it's a visual enjoyment for them. Tong Yuwu's cloakroom is different. She has white skin, and has exquisite facial features, she can even control the death of Barbie pink (highly saturated fluorescent or rose red, Because of its poor performance on Asian skin tones, it has the title of "death")... This is the first time for Fu Liheng to come to her cloakroom. On the surface he looks quiet, but her heart is already—

The large sum of domestic and multinational consumption turns out to be this way.

Tong Yuwu certainly does not feel any embarrassment to spend a lot of money of her husband. If Fu Liheng does not give her such an extravagant life by swiping card, she wouldn't be able to jump up and down and be afraid of divorce or choose to please him now.

What's more, Fu Liheng's watch in the cabinet, the most obscure and cheapest one, is enough for her to buy several bags?

So when it comes to spending money, they will not mind the amount.

Tong Yuwu seldom wears sports shoes on weekdays. The lover shoes she bought just hit her aesthetic. The female model she bought is yellow and white, and the male model is black and blue. Recently retro style is very popular in the two years, all kinds of running shoes and old shoes are almost all over the street. She is not going to join in this. If the style of these shoes is not outdated and not burn her eyes, or she wants to set up the petty wife's outlook, she won't buy it either.

"I don't know if you like it." Tong Yuwu is a little embarrassed. "I love it very much at the first saw. I thought it should look good when you wear it. I bought it without thinking about it a few times."

Frankly speaking, Fu Liheng can not appreciate sports shoes. Except for the occasional running fitness wear, most of the time he wears leather shoes. The pair that Tong Yuwu bought him, he does not think it is special, but things has be done. When it comes to this part, he does not stingy to say a few more words, "It's ok."

Expect their engagement ring and wedding ring, this is Tong Yuwu's first couple's design shoes with Fu Liheng 

If she is not afraid of collapsing her public persona persona, she really wants to take photos with Fu Liheng and to post their loving look on moments.

The clothes are changed and the shoes are changed, so they are ready to go out. Tong Yuwu feels that she is used to being a little pride by Fu Liheng. When she walks out of the door, she even dares to speak out her idea again, "you are already too tired of work today, so why not let me to drive. "

In the past three years, the number of times the two people go out to date can be counted, most of the time without the driver, this time should be no exception.

Tong Yuwu is eager to try, "The car you sent me last year has not been driven a few times, how about drive this car?"

At Christmas last year, Fu Liheng gave her a car, the Porsche Paramera white one, which she still likes, but has not drive a few times since receiving this car.

Tong Yuwu gets her driver's license after reaching the age of eighteen. When she meets Fu Liheng, she rarely drives, but with her skills, she feels that there should be no problem at all to drive from home to restaurant.

Fu Liheng sees that she is interested, and it is no need to harsh her buzz, so he has to agree.

The car has been parked in the garage for a long time. Because it is a new car, and the car is often washed by someone, so it looks like it is just leaving the factory.

Tong Yuwu has already thought about it and she would never let go of any opportunity to tantalize Fu Liheng.

She seems to be afraid that he would regret it. She gets on the car at the fastest speed, and then he opens the door and takes the co-pilot seat.

Just sitting, Tong Yuwu comes over, she secretly sprays a little perfume when Fu Liheng changs clothes. Her close approach makes Fu Liheng smell the light fragrance on her body.

when Fu Liheng shows a rarely stunned expression, Tong Yuwu helps him fasten his safety belt.

As we all know, wearing a safety belt is a sultry method. This overbearing president method always makes the silly white heroine unable to resist.

It is the so-called male chase female as climbing a huge mountain, female chase male as eating a piece of cake.

Such tricks can be passed down in idol dramas. They must be effective. If men have a 80% effect on women, then role switching, women can have a 40% effect on men. Tong Yuwu thinks she earns a lot.

After helping him fasten his safety belt, she tilts her head and craftily smiles, "Darling, please let me arrange today."

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