The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 11

Since Tong Yuwu has decided to challenge the task, she will not do useless work. After all, she will only have less than 48 hours to midnight on the 8th. After thinking about it, she thinks the smart and capable nanny Liu will be a good choice. In the afternoon, nanny Liu prepares exquisite afternoon tea for Tong Yuwu as usual. Although Tong Yuwu will only drink a few sips of black tea and she would hardly try the dessert, nanny Liu still gets ready to prepare for her.

"Nanny Liu, please sit down and drink tea with me." Tong Yuwu says with a smile.

Occasionally, when Tong Yuwu is in good mood, and she will invite nanny Liu to have afternoon tea together, but the number of such things can be counted with one hand even Tong Yuwu has been married for two years.

Nanny Liu is not stupid. The host and hostess in this house are not easy to fool. Although the host is gentle and indifferent and he is rarely at home, he and nanny Liu did not have many dealings. The hostess seems to be approachable and always smiles, but no one is so stupid to believe that she is not a calculating woman. 

If she really does not have any skills, how can she still marry Mr. Fu ?

Then, nanny Liu groans in her heart and has an ominous premonition.

She smiles slightly inwardly, and honestly sits down opposite Tong Yuwu, but she dares not touch the delicate dessert on the table.

"Nanny Liu, I'm a little curious about how much is an average family's monthly expenditure?" Tong Yuwu picks up the teacup, takes a sip, raises her eyes again, and her face is full of elegant smiles.

This time nanny Liu really doesn't know what to say.

Her soul is shaking.

She is the oldest employee here. She stayed in the old house before Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu get married. When working here she also acts as a housekeeper.

Housekeeper is to help manage the house.

In daily life, this family's expenses are taken from the Mrs. Fu's account, and Mrs. Fu rarely checks the account.

As far as she knows, Mrs. Fu buys bags and clothes almost every month. She always spend hundreds of thousands yuan and will not blink her eyes.

A normal bag of her is hundreds of thousands yuan, compared with the so-called household expenses that is just a drop in the bucket, and Mrs. Fu is simply too lazy to manage.

In fact, what they do in this circle must has the ability to know their employer's mind. If their employer is very shrewd, they will only take a few penny. If their employer does not care about such small things, they will reach out and try to take the huge amount penny.

Nanny Liu knows that there is a retired housekeeper in their circle, and this retired housekeeper has bought a house and a car in Yanjing by secretly taking money from employer. Nanny Liu is still an honest person. She doesn't dare to take too much money, but in terms of living expenses, it is impossible to say that she has never take money.

Although she is not so greedy, she has definitely take some money. Nanny Liu understands the limit. Even if Mrs. Fu inspects, she will probably not so strict to this behavior.

Now Mrs. Fu begins to check the account ...

Nanny Liu does not dare to take it unseriousness, she thinks quickly, and she decides to confess. She rubs her hands in a helpless way, "Mrs. Fu, I can not hide it anymore. My father-in-law gets uremia and has to spend money every month to support it. "

Tong Yuwu is confused. At first, she does not understand the meaning of nanny Liu's words. After understand the meaning, her look fades.

No fish can survive if the water is too clean. And now it is not a feudal society in that time servants own to the employer.

Frankly speaking, it is the relationship between the boss and the employees. Don't expect anyone to be loyal and honest forever.

Nanny Liu is very capable when she does things, and can manage the people under her hand. Even if Tong Yuwu knows that Nanny Liu is greedy for money, she will not dismiss her.

"Nanny Liu, this is your fault." Tong Yuwu's tone is calm. "Before I married Liheng, you were by old Mr. Fu's side, and you are already a member of old Fu family. That is not an ordinary friendship. If you have difficulties at home, why don't you tell me? "

"I ..." Nanny Liu raises her head in surprise and looks at Tong Yuwu.

"Don't say anything about this matter. You must tell me next time when you have difficulty." Tong Yuwu pauses. "Old Mrs. Fu is thinking highly of you, she even let you to take care of our food and daily life, you know old Mrs. Fu' eyes can't tolerate the sand, if she knows it, you will truely hurt her heart. I still remember what old Mrs. Fu has told me before getting married. Old Mrs. Fu says you are down-to-earth and honest. She believes you very much. "

Nanny Liu really can't do this kind of thing if she is honestly. She knows who is the master of the Fu family, so she doesn't dare to response carelessly to Mrs. Fu's question sometimes. There can only be one hostess in a home! Tong Yuwu is convinced of this. This is not in the old house, but in her own home. Can she tolerate her servants to treat her as a second master?

If nanny Liu is not sent by old Mrs. Fu and she is capable, Tong Yuwu has already dismissed her.

After Tong Yuwu shocks nanny Liu who is regreting for herself and nanny Liu is wiping tears, Tong Yuwu starts to talk about the business, "Nanny Liu, I want to know how much the ordinary family spends a month, you can just talk."

"Ordinary family?" nanny Liu is still a little nervous. "Some are more and some are less. A friend I know, whose family of four spends more than 4,000 a month."

Tong Yuwu has no choice but to hold her forehead. I could not imagine that a family of four has to depend on 4,000 to live a month.

Now the system tells that she has to challenge only spending one thousand a week ...

It is so difficult, and she is having a hard time.


When Fu Liheng comes back, Tong Yuwu is watering flowers in the small garden of the villa.

Originally this kind of thing is done by the servant, but today Tong Yuwu's mood is good. The flower varieties in this garden are not so precious, and they are all her favorite. She can see the garden looking down from the large balcony of their master bedroom.

In Fu Liheng's view, today Tong Yuwu does not wear a delicate and beautiful skirt, but she also has a different beauty.

Probably at home, she only wears a white T-shirt loose to the thighs, wearing light blue denim shorts at the bottom, and a black hair randomly ties into a loose ball head, simple, fresh and beautiful.

"Is that you?" Tong Yuwu says. Hearing the sound, she turns around, putting down the watering pot, and comes to him with a bright smile on her face.

Fu Liheng finds out that she does not apply cosmetics, with no makeup on her eyes and eyebrows, and all the elements on her are lighter than usual, just like the water hibiscus.

Fu Liheng goes home to see such a scene. She does not apply cosmetics on her body and face, which makes Fu Liheng who has been working for a day feel inexplicably relaxed.

"Hum." Fu Liheng nods, "You did not go out today?"

Tong Yuwu's face blushes, "Hum, I get up until noon." She unconsciously covers her collarbone with her hand.

Fu Liheng knows that Tong Yuwu is not a person who can stay at home all day.

He raises his hand and glances at his wristwatch. The proposal is unprecedented, "It's still early, if you are interested, would you like to go out for a meal together?"

Some people are having conscious, some are not. Fu Liheng is a capitalist without conscience. Most of the time he has no consciousness. Only when he is in a good mood will he have a little bit of consciousness.

When Fu Liheng and Tong Yuwu are in an unmarried couple's relationship in the year before she accepts Fu's company. It is hard for her to meet him once a month. Tong Yuwu has counted the times. Before married, they have only seen seven or eight times.

After getting married, the situation is not getting much better. He is still very busy. Fu's company is in a period of transformation. He has several multinational mergers and acquisitions in his hand. He is too busy like a dog. Naturally, he has no time to deal with the relationship between husband and wife. During the year, they also gathers together only for few times.

Tong Yuwu has no comments, and Fu Liheng would not feel sorry.

Sometimes when they have time, both of them are at home. Fu Liheng's free time is different from that of others. When others have time, it means that he has a lot of free time to spend with his wife, but when Fu Liheng have time he can only go home for dinner.

Tong Yuwu does not expect that Fu Liheng would ask her to go out for dinner. After a second of shock, she freezes and says, "I need to change clothes."

She pauses for a while, and says politely, "It may take a little time."

Normal people know that the exquisite girl spends an hour to dress up and it is quick enough.

Perfectionists like Tong Yuwu, if do not spend more than two hours at a time ... she won't go out.

Fu Liheng glances at her with a quiet tone, "This is fine."

Fucking crap.

When does she looks bad, she even does not have a bad-looking dress in her cloakroom. She is fault-finding, even if the cotton socks wears at home in winter are carefully selected by her. Today, this suit she wears looks casual, but she selects really serious about it. In her cloakroom, the clothes can be divided into several categories. The clothes are dressed in certain occasion, when she with the little sisters at the party, when participating in important entertainment, and when seeing her parents in-laws, and when at home.

Don't think that she can be at home at will, these clothes are also carefully determined by her careful observation, research and summary of Fu Liheng's preferences.

In her twenty-five years of life, no one except her parents have made her to make such an effort. Thinking of the divorce with this man in the novel plot, she feels that this man's conscience is truely eaten by the dog.

"But I don't have any makeup." Tong Yuwu's tone is soft, "I always feel that it's not good to go out like this."

It is impossible without makeup.

Her makeup is the popular makeup in the past two years. Since it has a makeup word in it, it is toning makeup.

The makeup is very clear, making her fair skin even more like white porcelain.

In order to learn this makeup, she also invite some famous makeup artists to improve it. There are people in this world who are naturally beautiful, such as her, but people who are not born to be beautiful still want to make a living for the sake of beauty. Can someone like her who wins at the starting line be lazy? She certainly has to work harder than others!

Fu Liheng does not care about, anyway she looks pretty in this way, "It's okay. let's go."

Tong Yuwu is not afraid of meeting acquaintances, but she feels that after yesterday's affair, she can use her ideas for Fu Liheng's petting and favoring, thinking about this, she smiles at him and tilts her head, "If I change my clothes then to make up, it will waste a lot of time, but I dresses so casually at home, you are in a suit and leather shoes, it does not look like a match, or you go to change clothes, ok? "

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