The rich girl will not be poor

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Tong Yuwu stands stock for a very short time. She thinks about many situations, but she does not expect Fu Liheng will ask her such a question.

Who is he?

He is still her sugar daddy!

Generally, she is not allowed to be in a daze for too long. There are many thoughts in her mind. Under Fu Liheng's unclear expression, Tong Yuwu stars at him seriously with her head tilted pretendingly, as if to recognize who he is.

With such words, all her plans are easily broken.

This man is really the man in the novel who will give her only millions as break-up fee.

At this time, if she regards him as someone else and calls the names of other men, she suspects that the plot of this novel will happen in advance one year, and tomorrow she will see a divorce agreement from Fu Liheng.

But if she calls his name, doesn't it prove that she is not drunk so badly? Will the next play go on or not?

This annoyed man always gives her difficult problem!

Tong Yuwu has a flushing red on her face, and she sits up with her elbows powerlessly. There is better to leave things unsaid. So she decides to meet trick with trick. In Fu Liheng's stunned eyes, she reaches out and hugs his waist, rubbering with a sentimental attachment.

"I wanna you to tell me who are you."

You are the one who takes all my soul and heart, and the one who makes me thinking day and night. You are my lover!

When she is almost drunk is also the most charming period.

It will be the cheapest thing to play mad after drunk. She is relying on the effect of alcohol, like a snail, quietly pokes her head, if Fu Liheng likes, she will let him know what is a beauty’s charming, if he does not like it, she will fall down to sleep in a second. She can attack and retreat meanwhile.

Tong Yuwu feels that Fu Liheng's body is getting tight.

So she decides to hug him tighter. She looks up at him, and pouts, "Oh, please tell me, who you are."

Fu Liheng is silent for a moment, and his heart is naturally annoying his stupidity. No matter in her opinion, who is her sweetheart, she is already his wife. He does have choice at first. The reason why he choose her is because he knows that she is sensible and obedient enough. Over the past two years, it also proved that his decision is right.

He raises his hand and presses on the top of her head in a commanding way.

"I am Fu Liheng, your husband." Even though she is drunk, he still wants to remind her that he is Fu Liheng, her husband, even in a dream, she must keeps this fact in mind.

Tong Yuwu blinks innocently.

She knows that her acting is not embarrassing.

"Honey!" Tong Yuwu lowers her head and sniffs. She naturally has no unpleasant odor. Otherwise, with Fu Liheng's cleanliness, he would not tolerate her with holding her like this, "I'm boiling, I want to take a bath. I want you hold me to there. "

Normally, even if she has the great courage, she still dares not to use this command tone to Fu Liheng.

Fu Liheng stars at her, she also looks at him without fear, and even smiles foolishly at him, this time she looks like really drunk.

Finally, Fu Liheng yields, after all she would accidentally fall in the bathroom when she was awake. Not to mention, at this time, she is drunk. He does not want to send her to hospital at night.

Fu Liheng picks up Tong Yuwu and goes directly to the bathroom.

Tong Yuwu is actually very excited with a strong heartbeat. After all, what she does next is something she has never done in her twenty-five years, directly challenging her highest degree of shame. After arriving in the bathroom, Fu Liheng does not know if he should go out. Tong Yuwu has practiced many times in the bathroom this afternoon, and then the action naturally goes to unzip the back of the skirt. She is back to Fu Liheng. Then she slightly turns her head and says in a coquettish tone, "I can't reach it."

She is definitely able to get the zipper when she is not drunk, but she is drunk now and her body is soft. At this time, she has no might? If he knows what she tries to do, he will quickly come to help her.

Fu Liheng stares at her fixedly. He is standing against the wall. After listening to her words, he slowly stands up.



Drinking that much does not make Tong Yuwu to be drunk unconsciously, but they have spent a long time in the bathroom. When Fu Liheng holds her out, she is so sleepy that her eyes could not open anymore, and she falls asleep in a short time.

Fu Liheng couldn't sleep, he goes through the latest project case in his mind, and finally his thoughts are fixed on Tong Yuwu.

He does not know who her gaffe is for these two days, it might be Qin Yi, maybe not.

But he wouldn't haggle over her for such a gaffe.

He pulls the quilt for her, her slumbering is not that genuine, she turns over and hangs on him like a koala. In the past, he would push her away and let her sleep well. His time is also precious and naturally he needs good rest. But this time he does not push her away, but leans out to hug her waist with his eyes closed. The moonlight comes in from the window. His nose is straight, his thin lips are tight, and there is a hint of coldness in him than the daytime.

The next morning, when Tong Yuwu wakes up, Fu Liheng has already gone to work in the company.

She stands in front of the bathroom sink, turns around, glances at the bathtub, and her face flushes suddenly. Then she begins to brush her teeth seriously.

She does not know if it is a successful plan yesterday. Does it works last night?

Today, she has no plans to go out, so she calls her personal trainer to come home. She never dares to slacken her body management. There are always three or four days a week to take the class of her personal trainer. The bearing of a person is very important. Nowadays many modern office workers' back is destroyed by heavy work. Once the person is crooks, even if it is only slight, it will particularly affect the temperament.

Tong Yuwu learns dance from a very young age. On the wedding anniversary of old Mr. Fu and old Mrs. Fu last year, the opening dance she and Fu Liheng danced is amazing.

The system is generally not annoying, and only appears when she is looking for it.

This peaceful state makes Tong Yuwu feel comfortable.

While waiting for the personal trainer to come home, Tong Yuwu is finally free to remind of the system, she quietly asks: [What was the task you said last time? ]

She really forgets.

System: [...Within a week keeps all your expenses less than 1,000 yuan. ]

Tong Yuwu frowns: [How much did you say? ]

System: [One thousand. As a programme I have studied the prices here. For ordinary families, a family of two spends less than 3,000 yuan a month. ]

Tong Yuwu: [One thousand dollars is not enough for my hair care. ]

She does hair care once a week, not to mention manicure and skincare.

System: [This is the simplest initial task. ]

Tong Yuwu is in a helpless state: [Well, when will it start? ]

This makes the system instantly refreshed: [ Please confirm if you want to challenge. ]

The system originally thinks that it will be ignored by the user-Tong Yuwu, just after it is prepared to take the challenge task's result of three times failure, then it will decide to uninstall the software from the user's mind. Unexpectedly, the user does not seem to give up self-help?

Tong Yuwu: [Of course. Since when? ]

System: [ Midnight on the 8th. ]

Tong Yuwu has the intention to challenge the mission, but it does not mean that she has accepted the ending of the divorce in the novel.

She has no dependence in this world. She has only herself. With Fu Liheng's family and this marriage, even if she needs to do her utmost effort to maintain, she is willing to do.

However, Putting her future on a man and an unknown marriage is definitely not what she will do.

She wants to find a way out for herself. The system says that this is only the first task. Although 500,000 is very few, it is better than having nothing. During this year, she will manage this marriage well and will find ways to consolidate her position in Fu Liheng's mind, but at the same time, she will also actively accept the tasks issues by the system. One year later, if the ending is changed, it is naturally best. If she still can not change Fu Liheng's determination to divorce, then she will have money in her account.

She believes that people will defate fate, and the novel is written by people. Although the ending is difficult to change, it is not impossible to change.

Three years ago, she was able to become Fu Liheng's fiancee from such a dilemma, which means that god is looking after her.


Midsummer, the first button of Fu Liheng's shirt is still fastens firmly. Usually, when he is at busy working, he would unbutton and loose his tie, but today he is meticulous and ascetic.

It is not for anything else, he sees a slight scratch on his neck and a suspicious red mark, looking into the mirror when he was wearing clothes in the morning.

Should have been left by her inadvertently.

Fu Liheng's fierce methods in the business always make fierce moves, which make the opponent unable to resist. Whether it is in the opponent's mind or subordinate's mind, he is a severe person, they need to fight with 120,000 spirits to face him. His assistant has followed him for several years, but assistant still does not dare to show his opinion in front of him because he is very nervous to be scold by Fu Liheng. Even if Some senior leaders of the company will feel that the company's atmosphere is inexplicably low, every time Fu Liheng comes back from a business trip.

Assistant Wang knows that he does not have the ability to analyze Mr. Fu's mood, but he can feel that Mr. Fu's mood should be good today.

Specifically in--

Today he orders the commercial set for Mr. Fu, the restaurant kitchener might have been careless, they salute veal and peppers. President Fu doesn't like eating green peppers so much that there almost no green peppers on the dinner table.

People like Mr. Fu will naturally not get angry because of green peppers on the dinner table. It is just that even if the upper class frowns, the people underneath are enough to be frightened.

And today, there are veal and peppers in the commercial set. Assistant is almost scared to piss, only to blame himself for being careless that he does not check it because of being so busy at work.

Assistant Wang does not know what president Fu is thinking, unexpectedly Fu Liheng picks up the chopsticks and tastes a bite of green pepper!

Although Mr. Fu does not taste the second bite, Assistant Wang is also shocked. What promotes Mr. Fu to taste the most annoying green pepper in his life?

Assistant Wang can not figure out the reason even if trying hard. In the end, he could only conclude that it must be Mr. Fu's good mood today. If not in a good mood, Mr.Fu should frown when he sees this green pepper, then the question is, how good is his mood, even the green pepper is pleasing to his eyes?

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