The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 9

There is always someone to accompany Tong Yuwu.

At this time she is sitting and drinking champagne. Just after a while, a young lady in red dress comes.

This lady is Lu Yinyin, who can be regarded as Tong Yuwu's valet sister. Before Tong Yuwu and Fu Liheng get together, even Lu Yinyin can look down on her, but every dog has its day.

"Yu Wu, guess who I met yesterday?" Lu Yinyin sits next to Tong Yuwu and lowers her voice in a mysterious look.

Tong Yuwu just gets up and looks at her, her eyebrows bents then asks her, "Who?"

Every time Lu Yinyin sees Tong Yuwu, she will be very jealous about what she wears.

However, after seeing Tong Yuwu's face, Lu Yinyin's jealous calms down instantly.

Comparisons are odious. If she is a man, she will also like Tong Yuwu. Although Fu Liheng is the prince of Yanjing, he is still a man.

"I met Xiang Shuling!" Lu Yinyin whispers, "It's pity that she is really down on her lucky. Last year it is still saying that she is going to get engaged with the New Star's son. But the news has not spread yet, The New Star's son has announces the relationship between him and a female celebrity."

Xiang Shuling indeed does not have any luck in the marriage.

Before Tong Yuwu, this unexpected woman appears, everyone thinks that Xiang family and Fu family would get unite to become strong, and Xiang Shuling would become Mrs. Fu, but a few days later, it is reported that Fu Liheng has a night tour with Tong Yuwu in Tokyo.

After Tong Yuwu and Fu Liheng get engaged and married, Xiang Shuling becomes a joke in the circle. Of course, they are fear of Xiang family’s power, so everyone does not dare to take pleasure in Xiang Shuling's misfortune, but this private joke still as a after tea and dinner joke that is enough to amuse people.

Tong Yuwu listens to the Lu Yinyin who is saying this gossip in a mocking tone, and suddenly she gets no interested in this topic.

For Xiang Shuling, she could not say anything even if she has the intend to say, because the words she says will be misunderstand by others

Many people do not know that Tong Yuwu is really envious of Xiang Shuling. Xiang family is very rich. Xiang Shuling has a capable brother. The family is full of happiness. No matter what she does, there are always people to support her. As for the marriage, Xiang Shuling has such a fortune, she will not care about whether to marry or not to marry!

Even if Tong Yuwu wants to change the status with Xiang Shuling, Xiang Shuling may not agree.

Mrs. Xiang Shuling, who is rich and powerful. She does not need a so-called rich man, even if Fu Liheng is in front of her, she will not fall in love with him.

"Eh! Yuwu, do not drink too much." Lu Yinyin sees Tong Yuwu drinking champagne, and her white face unknowingly shows with pink, and her eyes are a little confused. It seems that she is drunk.

Tong Yuwu will not drink too much, it will be in her control. 

Not to mention that she is not easy to be drunk. But it is at this kind of party that if she drinks too much, she will be rendered by someone who is evil to spread fake news. And they will estimate that she is neglected by Fu Liheng.

Almost no one knows that Tong Yuwu can drink a lot.

She was dragged by a friend to a party once when she was studying abroad, at that time she was drunk and nearly calculated by those people. From that day on, she finally sees the reality and knows that if she has no absolute background to protect her, she would definitely gets in a lot of troubles. She could not predict other things, but she does not want the matter of drinking to be her shortcoming. 

She can not say that she will not be drunk after having a thousand glasses wine, but so few glasses of champagne is not a hard thing for her, even if her face flushing red, she is still very clear.

Tong Yuwu touches her hair, having a troubled expression, "There are something you don't really know, usually my husband doesn't let me drink, every time I accompany him to take a social party, I only can drink for two glasses at most , and this time he comes back on business in these two days. I can not fall asleep until midnight. "

Lu Yinyin: ... I suspect that you are driving( driving means someone say some dirty words linked with sex) and have sufficient evidence!

There is someone standing next to chat, and eavesdrops to a few words.

"I wanna have some wine today, maybe I will sleep better easily at night. My doctor told me that."

Several giants girl roll their eyes in their hearts——

Well, we know that you live in harmony with your husband, and you are too charming so your husband does not want to stop, you can go away!(they are jealous)

As soon as at ten o'clock , Tong Yuwu takes the bag and leaves. A few people attempt to detain her pretending in a Chinese-style affectation.

After accompany Tong Yuwu sits in the back seat of the car, Lu Yinyin is still a bit hairy, "you really does not need me to accompany you home?"

Tong Yuwu smiles and waves her hand, " yep, enjoy the party."

After responding, Lu Yinyin feels that her worries are unnecessary. Every time Tong Yuwu goes out, she always has a driver to accompany her. Lu Yinyin knows that the driver is capable and is a multi-tasker. The diver is also a bodyguard. He will absolutely send her home and make sure her safety.


Fu Liheng rarely takes his work home, especially when he comes back on a business trip. A lot of work is in the finishing stage. This week he is free. This does not mean that he will have time to watch television shows. After taking a shower, he sits on the bed and takes his mobile phone to read the current news. The advertisement pops up on the page. It is a small video, like a clip from a TV series.

This is a sudden advertisement. However Fu Liheng does not find the close button, so he is forced to watch the 20-second video.

In the video,  the heroine drinks a lot, after knowing that her ex-boyfriend gets married. The hero sends her home. When he helps her to lie down in the bed, the heroine hugs the hero and looks at him in tears. At an important moment, the heroine shouts the name of her ex-boyfriend. The hero is violent, hitting the wall with a punch.

Fu Liheng closes the video without expression, and continues to watch the latest news.

After reading the news, he glances at the time on his phone, it is ten thirty.

He has been married Tong Yuwu for two years. they can understand each other's routines and habits. They are tacit in many things. In the past, each time he returns from a business trip, he would stay with her for about a week to eat together. This time it is different. The person who breaks this situation is not him, but her.

She should know that he will be home for dinner this afternoon, but she is not here.

Fu Liheng has never liked to guess others' thoughts, maybe the bedroom is too quiet, he thinks of yesterday.

Yesterday they met Qin Yi. Last night he did not know what she had dreamed, and why she was crying sadly.

Fu Liheng reaches hand out and pinches the bridge of his nose.

At this time, on the bedroom cabinet the landline runs, he gets out of bed and picks up it, and finds that it is nanny Liu's internal call.

"Sir, Mrs. Fu is back!"

Fu Liheng pauses, " Hum."

"Mrs. Fu is drunk, it seems that she has drunk a lot of wine!" nanny Liu can not make a decision and she feels that she still has to tell him, "I'm cooking a sobering soup for Mrs. Fu."

Tong Yuwu is sitting on the sofa, but her tries hard to listen to the words in nanny Liu's phone call. Nanny Liu is really a wonderful person.

Having a small body like her can help her to go upstairs with the strength of nanny Liu alone, but nanny Liu does not act in this way, she choose to call Fu Liheng instead, which means Fu  Liheng has to come downstairs to pick her up.

She does not know what Fu Liheng says on the phone. In short, after nanny Liu hangs up the phone, nanny Liu's steps are much lighter.

It is too fake to make a show like this. Anyone in here can see the problem. Tong Yuwu does drink some wine today, but the blush red on her face is partly because the blusher. If she is really drunk with stinks of wine, no one will be interested in her.

She ... is really boring, and sometimes even if a bitch as she is, she still want to build chastity memorial arch.

Clearly she is married Fu Liheng and makes up her mind to please her sugar daddy, but she couldn't drop her dignity very often, partly because her parents' teachings are still affected in her heart. Before she was fifteen years old, she was also a jewel that was cherished by her parents. Some of the things that are really shameless are really a test of psychological quality.

After drinking, there are not so many scruples. Even if she does something that does not match the status of "Mrs. Fu", Fu Liheng will not mind because she is drunk.

Fu Liheng quickly goes downstairs, glances around, watching Tong Yuwu on the sofa in the living room, he walks over and stands in front of her, she has alcohol on her body, but it is not stinky, a bit like the smell of fresh fruit, the whole person does not sit upright as she is awake on weekdays, her fair skin is like pink peach at the moment with a hazy pink.

She looks up at him, and there seems to be a layer of mist in her eyes, much more charming than before.

She is really drunk.

Fu Liheng picks up Tong Yuwu in nanny Liu's surprised eyes and goes upstairs straightly.

Nanny Liu waits until the living room completely quite, and then talks to herself, why is it so easy to hold a person? It's like watching a TV series, he uses the way of the princess hug. Luckily his wife is thin, if she is a little fatter, how can it be that easy?

The second floor of the villa is the main bedroom. Fu Liheng comes to the bedroom holding Tong Yuwu. She is not as noisy as others when she is drunk, and she just leans quietly on his chest.

Fu Liheng, a man in his thirties, lives steadily, proudly, and makes almost no mistakes. If has to mention the imperfections in his life, that is their marriage that does not bring him and his company any benefits. 

He stands beside the bed and looks down at his wife who is lying on the bed.

His character is restrained and reticent, in his 30-year-old life, except for the naughty childhood, there is almost no time for emotional exposure.

Tong Yuwu opens her eyes. She looks at Fu Liheng and she is doing psychological construction. Should she sit up and hug his waist and not let go or not? And taking advantage of the opportunity to play the coquetry, she sees his deep eyes, the deep she can never understand.

She wonders if it would be the reason for shady areas.

She has practiced many times in her mind in advance, how to sit up in a way that is suitable for people who are drunk to keep a sense of beauty.

She only sees that Fu Liheng bends over, with a clear breath on her body, his tone is calm, "Who am I?"

The author has something to say:  Yu Wu : ... you are stinky shit.

It is impossible to roll over, and it is impossible to roll over in this life.

Misunderstanding of this matter between men and women, I will grasp the degree, a small misunderstanding will be affectionate, will not madly test on the edge of shitting plot! 

Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

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