The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 8

The next morning, when Tong Yuwu wakes up, she finds that there is no one in the bed. She does not want to sleep until 3 a.m. in the morning at the old house. She sets the alarm clock before falling asleep yesterday. It is now seven o'clock in the morning. She uses the fastest speed to freshen up and dress up. When she goes downstairs, it is 8:20 in the morning. Normally, When Fu Liheng has enough time, he would get up in the morning and go to the morning run. He has just returns from outside.

He is wearing black sportswear and temporarily removes his gold-framed glasses. The whole person looks younger than before.

"Wake up?" Fu Liheng walks up to her and asks.

Tong Yuwu nods, "It seems that I get up late."

"I'll take a shower."

"OK," Tong Yuwu thinks for a while and looks up to ask him for his opinion, "Do I need to help you pack your clothes?"

For Tong Yuwu, this is also a way to increase feelings. In the past, this section was just the icing on the cake. After the changes in the past few days, she begins to think, should she be more enthusiastic to Fu Liheng? Although she is already enthusiastic enough to him.

"No." When Tong Yuwu is ready to go upstairs, she hears Fu Liheng leaves such a sentence and goes straight upstairs.


? ?

What happened? They were sitll good yesterday.

Tong Yuwu stands stock in place, but after a few seconds her face returns to normal, and she goes back to the dining room with a smile.

They were great yesterday, and today he is with an air of detachment ... It is ture that when men have other ideas. It will be difficult to hide their emotions!

Even if Fu Liheng has no lover outside now, it can be estimated that there was already an alternative lover.

If not in the old house, Tong Yuwu would like to call names.

After breakfast, Fu Liheng goes to the company, and Tong Yuwu accompanies old Mrs. Fu to choose jewelry.

Every time she comes to old Mrs. Fu's jewelry room, Tong Yuwu will sigh with emotion. Being old Mrs. Fu is so full of happiness, there are many valuable jewelry. When she was 14 years old, she heard of a set of jewelry called "Heart of Hope". It was auctioned at a price of 80 million ... and this set of jewelry is placed in old Mrs. Fu's jewelry room.

Today's Tong Yuwu is not as conscientious as she used to be, and she is a little absent-mind.

Old Mrs. Fu also notices that after letting the servant and the designer go downstairs, she picks up a cup of flower tea and asks gracefully, "How have you been recently?"

Tong Yuwu's complexion expresses as usual even though there is a load on her heart.

Although she guesses that Fu Liheng probably has lover outside, she would not seek the help of old Mrs. Fu.

In the giants, she apparently marry above her, which is already relatively humble and weak. And putting it in the eyes of some people, it does not matter whether Fu Liheng has another lover outside or not.

Old Ms. Fu is her mother-in-law and she is Fu Liheng's mother.

Who is close and who is far can be judged as long as the man still sane.

"Not bad." Tong Yuwu compresses her thin lips lightly, and gathers her hair behind ears. "Li Heng just comes back from abroad. I am afraid that he would have a hard time to fall asleep. Yesterday I am thought about letting nanny Wang make spirit-quieting decoction. Unexpectedly, he sleeps better than the night before. "

At first, she had nothing to say to old Mrs. Fu. She gets along with her more often, she calms her mind more, and she feels more comfortable with old Mrs. Fu than before.

There is a faint smile on old Mrs. Fu's lips, "That's good. This old house is still too deserted. It has a lot of fun when you two come back."

Tong Yuwu bows her head, disguising the true emotion in her eyes.

OK, She starts to urge her to give birth again.

"The old lady used to say that the Fu's family is good in all the aspects, but the heirs are not many. I has advised her that each family has its own fate ..."

However only she herself to work hard is useless. Old Mrs. Fu has to urge her son.

Tong Yuwu listens to old Mrs. Fu's suggestion with a smile on her face, pretending not understand.


Taking a whole set of gem jewelry from old Mrs. Fu, Tong Yuwu returns home with a full load. After returning to her home, she sits on the sofa to pick the right picture and then she post the picture on moments. There are two photos in this moments, one is the gift brought back by Fu Liheng, and the other one is the selfie she takes in the car yesterday. She is beautiful in the photo, but the angle she takes is very scheming, with the side of Fu Liheng's face.

She does not edit text in this moments.

After a while, she receives a lot of praise from her little sisters.

She looks at the praise in the comments with satisfaction and she starts to feeling comfortable.

Thinking about one year later, she might become an abandoned woman. Tong Yuwu's face is a lot uglier. At this time, the system jumps out properly. After the program upgrades, the page has become more colorful.

System: [Hello user, this program has been upgraded. Now start to announce task and bounty. Bounty: 500,000! ]

Tong Yuwu does not lift her eyelids, only focuses on the big diamond ring on her right ring finger.

500,000, this budget is not enough to buy a good bag.

The system naturally can not hear Tong Yuwu's skeptical words, nor can the system see the expression on her face. She does not care much: [Complete the task ①, one year later you can withdraw 500,000 cash in this system. The degree of task ① 's difficulty is simple, and it can be challenged three times. After three failures, the system will be permanently ineffective and the user will bear the tragic fate.]

Tragic fate?

Tong Yuwu does not believe in this.

No matter why Fu Liheng choose to marry her, at least for her this person, he is satisfied with. Why can he decide to divorce, and why she has no right to speak at all? She has spent three years of youth accompanying him, and she at least deserves credit for her efforts. Now let her to give up all her gains, she will definitely disagree !

The system waits for a long time and fails to get the question from Tong Yuwu to ask what the task ① is: [... Task ①, the user challenges to spend within a thousand yuan a week. ]

Tong Yuwu gets up, originally she wants to go to Fu's company today, but she wakes up in time, nothing has happened, she could not treat herself like this. This action will represent her as a grumbling woman, she should have self-confidence to her beauty.


Every time Fu Liheng comes back from a business trip, he would ask the assistant to cancel his social activities for nearly a week. After work, he would eat with Tong Yuwu, or they would return to the old house together. Today is no exception. The assistant knows his habits. As soon as she arrives, she sees Fu Liheng coming out of the office.

It takes only one hour to drive from the company to Songjing Villa.

Fu Liheng is sitting in the back seat, his legs overlapped, and one hand rests casually on his knees. He lowers his eyes, which is unable to perceive his emotions.

After arriving home, nanny Liu is in a stunned tone, "Sir, you are back!"

Fu Liheng scans the house calmly and does not see Tong Yuwu in the living room. When he is about to go upstairs, nanny Liu immediately follows him and hurriedly says,“Sir, Mrs. Tong went out this afternoon and said she would not come back for dinner at night.”

At that time, she thinks that Mr. Fu and Mrs. Tong have an appointment to eat out. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the couple must want to have a romantic candlelit dinner.

She did not expect Mr. Fu to come back in this time...

She has not told the kitchen to prepare dinner yet.

Fu Liheng stops and looks puzzled, "Does she say where to go?"

Nanny Liu shakes her head, "No."

How could she explain to them where will she go, especially they are just her servants.

Mrs. Tong has a good temper, but no matter how good, she is always their Mrs. Tong.

Fu Liheng says hum, and still goes upstairs as before he wants to do. Nanny Liu does not dare to think about it, she goes to the auxiliary building as quickly as possible to find the chef, and tells the chef to prepare dinner quickly. As for anything else-

After being busy, nanny Liu finally has time to rest and couldn't help thinking that are these two people having a conflict?

Tong Yuwu just goes to the party for fun. Many people would send her invitations and posts. She looks around on the bedside table before.  Generally, those parties are organized by the ladies themselves. On the surface, they are eating, drinking and having fun. Actually they are all tring to promote the feelings. She has not went to the party many times. Sometimes she is not in a good mood and she will choose to join in the party. Her mood will be much better after she arrives home, because she has listen to the flattery of others. 

Today she is going to attend the housewarming party of her little plastic sister (not treat others sincerely but have to keep relationship for some extend) and dresses up beautifully to go out. Participating in the party is not so important. She just wants to "indulge" once. Let Fu Liheng come home and tastes the feeling of "empty house". After the time is up, she will go home. She will drink a little wine and release herself a little, anyway she will be drunk and act under this drunk state, and she will be coquettish to him and ask him for kiss, hug and hold highly ... Then, she is in a state of unconsciousness and it will be great if she does not do anything over. Luring him, seducing him hard, it is no need to describe the next process carefully.

Turning on the camera in her phone, she looks at her today's makeup, and using the word "perfect" to describe her is not an overstatement. The skirt is even more scheming. The whole belongs to the style of suspenders. Below her is a large skirt and makes the lower hem inside. She looks thin and has a slender waist. More importantly, the skirt is very easy to take off.

Tong Yuwu supports her cheek with one hand, but she is really a representative of different appearances. She is scolded to him in her heart, and finally she has to use the different method to please him in reality.

She reachs out a hand and writes a word across the glass countertop: Fuck.

The author has something to say: Actually, the man is quite coaxing. Although the hostess doesn't know why he is upset ...

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