The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 7

Tong Yuwu’s heart is contradictory.

She is mad at Fu Liheng, while at the same time she is disappointed.

Although she always knows herself well enough, she never thought that after giving her such a century wedding, this annoying man will still have the idea of divorce. Marriage needs to be managed, especially her combination with Fu Liheng. In the past two years, she has been very dedicated, and no lady in this circle can does as good as she does.

She had a little confident before. At this time, the house is very quiet, and her full of love’s imagination does not happen. Maybe she should understand Fu Liheng’s thoughts.

He will not touch her without taking measures. What does it mean? Pregnant, don’t even think about it!

It has been two years since the wedding, and Fu Liheng has taken absolute safety measures every time.

For Fu Liheng’s shrewdness and means, she will naturally not so stupid to mess with the condom. This will be a silly method, she won’t do it in her life.

Pregnancy is a matter that requires two people to accept and work together. That kind of method she still disdains to do. Deep down, she still does not look down on the act of binding marriage with children ...

The physiological structure of men and women is different. Maybe other men will return to the family because of the love to their children, but it is impossible for Fu Liheng here. He is not a controlled person at all, and this person has a strong self-opinion.

Even if Tong Yuwu has imagined thousands of time killing Fu Liheng in her heart. The superfluous emotions does not appear on the surface.

Taking the end of today, Tong Yuwu quickly calls up the page of the novel details in his brain. She really has no interest in the matter of Qin Yi and the heroine.

She reads all the chapters where she and Fu Liheng appear, remembering every detail firmly, but unfortunately, the supporting role has no human rights, and the author is not willing to waste pen and ink, so basically about her appearance exists only in Qin Yi's memories.

"Can't sleep?" Fu Liheng's low male voice comes from the darkness.


suprisingly he knows there is a living person lying next to him?

Tong Yuwu leans forward and leans on his chest.

Since he does not want getting laid, she will naturally not seduce him anymore, and just talks the family staffs to heat the affection?

"Well, maybe I gets up too late today, I can not sleep at this time."

Fu Liheng smells that kind of light citrus flavor immediately, "I think maybe because you need familiar environment to sleep ."

"A little." Tong Yuwu's tone softens, "Just a little."

"Actually, you don't have to force yourself to spent the night in the old house." Fu Liheng says.

"It's not reluctant." Tong Yuwu says half-truly, "I think Mom really misses you. Me too. I'm afraid you are going to work overtime again at the company today. You are too busy this day. So take a good rest tonight. "

Fu Liheng is silent for a moment, reaching out and hugging her, and whispers, "Well, sleep."

Tong Yuwu can't sleep naturally, it is easy to have blind and disorder conjectures at night. How sane the next morning is, and how chaotic the first night will be.

She still knows something about Fu Liheng. It is not the kind of stingy character. Before he is married, he can spend a huge sum of money on her, let alone after marriage. He is not stingy with women, and even more generous with his own woman. Why does such a person only give his ex-wife a few million break-up fee when he divorces?

Tong Yuwu remembers that the system says it would be online for 24 hours, so he summons a sentence in her heart: [Why does Fu Liheng divorce me?] 

She actually wants to ask more, why does he treat her like treat a beggar?

However, in order to maintain the public persona, even facing this system, she does not want to make herself seems more concerned about money.

System: [Sorry, This is not written in the novel, I do not know. ]

Tong Yuwu, "..."

Okay, let's ask it in another way.

Tong Yuwu: [Can I change the end of the divorce?]

System: [The plot is difficult to reverse.]

Does it means that it is possible to reverse the ending? 

System: [It is recommended that users follow the advice of this program. In this way, it is not a dream to have a happiness life. After analysis of data, the possibility of changing the bankruptcy ending is 50%higher than that of changing the divorce ending.]

Tong Yuwu: [How to change the ending of bankruptcy? ]

System: [Sorry, the program is still being upgraded, so please waiting. ]


At the same time, Liu Yunxi returns to the rental house for a long time to find her wallet was left in the bar.

Life is very convenient now. No matter what you do, having a mobile phone can solve most of the problems. That is why Liu Yunxi does not find out that she has lost her wallet immediately. There is a card in her wallet and hundreds yuan in cash. She is afraid that the guests would pick it up. After thinking about it, she bites her lips and goes out with the key.

Her friend Su Rui comes out of the bathroom and sees that she is going out, so she asks more, "you are still going out now, don't you say you have finished work?"

Liu Yunxi bows her head in frustration, "The wallet is probably in the bar, I have to go back and find it."

Su Rui does not agree that Liu Yunxi goes to a bar to work as a part-time job. The place is mixed with fish and dragons. Liu Yunxi looks beautiful. Who knows if she would meet a mischievous person.

"It's so late, wait, I'll go with you." Su Rui and Liu Yunxi are all come from a small place, and their family are poor. She knows that Liu Yunxi must go back to get her wallet. For safety, she want to go with her.

Liu Yunxi stops her and smiles, "No, don't you have a very important interview tomorrow? you have to prepare for it, you can rest, I am safe to call the car."

Hearing Liu Yunxi mentioning the interview, Su Rui hesitates for a moment. Meanwhile, Liu Yunxi has already rushes out of the door.

Liu Yunxi calls an express train, and Yanjing already passes the evening traffic peak. It usually takes more than ten minutes by car. Today, it only takes ten minutes. After she gets off the car, with the driver's requiring "Remember to give me a praise, girl." she quickly enters the bar.

This bar is not so noisy, there are not many people dancing, most of them are office workers who come over for a drink to relax.

Liu Yunxi avoids the wine pond, goes to the lounge, and finds her wallet in the cupboard. She finally relieves.

When she comes out of the restroom, she happens to pass the toilet. At this time, a man with alcohol in the bathroom comes out. She glances at him and wants to leave quickly, but the man gives her a glance and immediately shows to her a bad intention smile.

Since she is a child, Liu Yunxi knows that she looks beautiful, but she does not have enough background in the family. Sometimes beauty is also a crime, at least the harm to her is greater than the benefits.

Four years in university, she had worked part-time for many jobs, including tutoring students. As a result, she would be harassed by student's parents.

If she works in a milk tea shop, the boss will harass her for this reason or another.

Some good friends of her suggests that she should directly agree to the pursuit of the rich man in the school. In this way, her life will be a lot easier when someone gives shelter to her, but the education she receives from an early age does not allow her to get without any labor. What's more, the second generation of the rich may have the idea that when they get bored with her maybe they will try to get rid of her.

Qin Yi does not drink too much. He used to have a bad drink. He has been trained in the past few years. Sometimes he thinks about Tong Yuwu. How many times he wants to call her but at last he can only endure. Endure until the end, only alcohol can temporarily suppress his emotion.

He comes downstairs and passes the toilet. He is not interested in what has happened in the bar, and he has no intention to be a good man who represents justice. He glances casually at the young woman's profile, and he is stunned immediately. 

"Yu Wu ..."

The two people who are molest Liu Yunxi are looking at Qin Yi when they feel that someone is approaching.

With this one look, Qin Yi recovers with a sneere.

How could he regard the woman in front of her as Tong Yuwu? At first glance, she looks a bit like Tong Yuwu in the dim light. But if he takes a closer look, it is not her at all. Apart from the face shape and outline, other parts like eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth ... are not very similar.

He is really stunned, how could she come here, how could Fu Liheng allow her to encounter such a thing.

If it is really her, would he still be so calm? If someone looks at her constantly, he would have wished to dig out the eyeballs of that man, let alone molest her.

"Please, help me!" Liu Yunxi sees that someone is coming, her tears falling down, "I don't really know him!"

Qin Yi feels a bit stuffy, although the woman is not so like her, but at this moment, he still moves his heart, perhaps because of the tears.

"Get away." Qin Yi looks coldly at the man.


Tong Yuwu does not sleep well at night.

Before she goes to bed, she thought about many things, and finally thought that she seems have a good life but actually is in a hard situation. If her parents are still alive, she would not in this condition. She thought that she would say goodbye to the lonely days when she marries Fu Liheng. As time passing by, she finds that her days are getting even worse ...

Tong Yuwu's mentality collapses at once. Of course, the collapse is not very complete, she just dreams tonight, and she dreams that she is fifteen, at that time she did not know what happened. Many people wore black clothes and they were comforting her. When she saw the tombstones of her parents, she realizes that it is at the funeral of Mom and Dad.

Fu Liheng is woken up by a sad cry.

He sits up, the bright moonlight shines through the window, and his wife lying beside him is covered with tears in her face. She seems to be dreaming and dreaming of something very sad.

"Don't ..."

Tong Yuwu's red lips lightly opens.

Her crying, her voice of dreams are as weak as mosquitoes.

Fu Liheng approaches intending to hear carefully, and then judges whether to wake her up or not.

"Don't leave me ..."

Fu Liheng frozen, and recalls that year.

That year he returned from abroad and saw a young couple who were broke up at the airport. The boy was going to leave and the girl did not speak. In this kind of scene, generally the girl would cry very sadly. However this time, the crying person was the boy. And he knew this boy who was the son of the Qin family.

The girl's expression seems calm.

Then he went to the parking lot. The driver arrived late. When the car was about to leave the parking lot, he glimpsed the red-haired girl in a red dress who was curled aside, her shoulders were twitching, probably she was crying.

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