The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 6

The speaker is Jiang Kai.

After Qin Yi hangs up, Gao Sheng begins to find fault with the initiator Jiang Kai. He plays with a wine glass and inadvertently glances at Liu Yunxi, who is packing up, with a chuckle: "Are you afraid that the world will not be chaotic?"

His eyes are deep, looking at Liu Yunxi, it seems to be looking at her, but actually not to her.

Seems to see another person through her.

Tong Yuwu is the same class as them. She is a real elementary school classmate and junior high school classmate. She is very famous in their circle. Unlike the beautiful women who come out of the same way, they are rich and powerful. Already realizes the taste of life with the supremacy of money, as far as Gao Sheng is concerned, he has already throw money into a pure flower(a new star in entertainment circles, and he has get laid with this pure flower) in the entertainment circle at the time of high school.

Even if a girl is pretty as a fairy. In their minds, the time limit of throw away those girls is just to be stretched for a long time.

Tong Yuwu is different. They are in a circle. Even if something happens to her family later, the past friendships are still there. The natural understanding from the kindergarten is different.

The goddess of Gao Sheng is Tong Yuwu. For this playboy Tong Yuwu is a woman who can only be seen from a distance but will never touched by him.

He has liked her since elementary school, but he is not very handsome, and she has been surrounded by people since childhood.

Gao Sheng, who regards women as playthings, until now sees Tong Yuwu, still dazes and nervous.

Now Jiang Kai replaces Tong Yuwu with a fake goods, Gao Sheng is really unhappy, "What do you mean, I can't see any similarity between them, stop shitting."

Jiang Kai says, "I didn't say anything like that. At first glance, the eyebrows and eyes are similar to Tong Yuwu's."

He pauses and looks at Liu Yunxi in a frivolous tone to discuss how much the goods cost, "Look at A Yi, I'm afraid he will do something stupid again when he comes back. You just said that this woman has little difference with Tong Yuwu. A Yi will be satisfied either if he can get laid with this fake goods! I have inquired, this substitute woman has no money at home, she is short of money, otherwise she will not come to the bar to work part-time, if Ayi has feeling to her, It 's also a good choice for A Yi to replace Tong Yuwu with this woman at least he can get fulfilled in body. "

Gao Sheng is a little irritable.

He has a good relationship with Qin Yi, but because Tong Yuwu is with Qin Yi a few years ago, it hits him, and their relationship is not so good as before.

"Don't make things getting worse here, now in Yanjing who will still fucking remembers those things in the past, how many years it has been, let past things past, don't cause any trouble."

Although Gao Sheng does not say it clearly, Jiang Kai still can understand.

Liu Yunxi looks only four or five points like Tong Yuwu, just like that, she is still a beauty among the crowd. In this circle, it is common for anyone to find a woman, but if someone finds that the woman besides Qin Yi is a person who is similar to Tong Yuwu …

Qin Yi will certainly not be affected, but what about Tong Yuwu?

Something that should be forgotten, in the past few years has been forgotten. Everyone is about to forget her and Qin Yi's history. As a result, such a thing comes up. What if Fu Liheng minds?

Whoever does not mind this matter if it happens to him, Jiang Kai makes up his mind and is annoyed, "How can I forget this thing. I am doomed, A Yi has attracted by me and he is going to drive over. "

As for Qin Yi and Tong Yuwu, Jiang Kai does not feel that he could blame on Tong Yuwu.

After all, Qin Yi couldn't protect her, and he couldn't protect her feelings. She must have had a very difficult time in that days.

"let the woman leaves quickly, I'll be annoyed everytime I see her." Gao Sheng comes up with an idea.

This bar is Yu Chi's, Jiang Kai also has a shareholding, he can be considered to be a half boss. Jiang Kai is reluctant to do such a headless thing, but thinking about the friendship with Tong Yuwu when he was a kid, he scolds him and gets up and comes to a seat.

Liu Yunxi comes to work, the bar salary is high, and here is not as complicated as she imagined. Perhaps the boss has a background. She has been here to work for more than a week, and has not encountered any unscrupulous conversation.


Liu Yunxi raises her head.

Jiang Kai finds that Liu Yunxi is not very similar to Tong Yuwu.

Tong Yuwu's facial features are exquisite to the extreme. The most attractive ones are those eyes, which are clear and bright, and everyone in the world will love her eyes.

And the person in front of him, the eyes are the most unlike. I do not know if it is myopia, her eyes are not so good.

"Go back, you are not needed in here," Jiang Kai thinks about it. "Today, the salary will pay back to you. Just do what I say. You must go quickly and pack up within ten minutes."

Liu Yunxi looks at him at a loss, and when Jiang Kai's patience reaches the edge, she quickly nodes.

Coincidentally, Liu Yunxi just leaves carrying the canvas bag, and the Qin Yi arrives.

Qin Yi comes not because he wants to see a woman who looks like Tong Yuwu. He is just a little annoyed, and there is a place to relieve him.

He now has some self-abuse mentality, and with his old friends, when he is lucky, he will also hear sporadic news about her.

Clearly knows that she is married, and clearly knows that her marriage is happy, but he still wants to spy on one or two ...


On the other side, Fu Liheng and Tong Yuwu have returned to their old houses.

The old house is different from their new house. It is divided into a main building and an auxiliary building. The servants live in the auxiliary building. Now the owners of the old house are the retired Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu. The couple lives in the main building. It is really deserted. Fortunately they are used to it.

On the way to come, Tong Yuwu has reorganized her mood. In fact, she has believed the system and believed that this is a novel world, but she does not believe in fate. The novel says that Fu Liheng will divorce her, will he definitely divorce her? Who doesn't know the word that fate is in our own hand?

The plot also said that divorce is also a year later. Perhaps Fu Liheng doesn't have the idea of divorce now. Based on her knowing of him, if he hates her and wants to get rid of her, he won't touch her last night.

But she can indeed prepare in advance, for example, she can to find whether Fu Liheng has lover outside.

Tong Yuwu's mood is getting better again, maybe this is a very bad thing for others. However think about it from another angle, you can predict the future in advance, you can also avoid risks?

Her change is reflected in her tenderness to Fu Liheng. Even when Mrs. Fu sees her face full of affection, she couldn't help but feel emotional: It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But the time of this new marriage is too long, the two have been married for two years.

"Just stay at home tonight." Mrs. Fu seems afraid that her straight (stubborn in feeling) son would refuse, and quickly says words to Tong Yuwu. "Yuwu, you will accompany me to a birthday party in a few days. Luckily the designer will come early tomorrow morning. I will let the housekeeper open the jewelry cabinet. Come to see if you like something. "

Tong Yuwu is not an stubborn person. Although she lives alone with Fu Liheng, it can't avoids many conflicts with her mother-in-law on weekdays. But her mother-in-law is after all her mother-in-law. "Every time I come back, you always have to change the way to give me many things ... I am embarrassed."

Mrs. Fu is not a kind of evil mother-in-law who has been staring at her daughter-in-law and trying to find faults. On the contrary, most of her 50-year life is dignified and elegant. Even if she thinks Tong Yuwu has a lot of faults before, After she becomes her own daughter-in-law, she no longer feels unhappy for her family.

She bends her lips and wipes the corners of her mouth with a napkin. "What's so embarrassing, my jewelry will be left to you in the future."

This is really wonderful.

Tong Yuwu feels comfortable.

She looks at Fu Liheng on the side.

Fu Liheng gives a sigh and agrees to live in the old house tonight.

The old house also has their rooms. Room's luxury is as good as their new houses. Every place is cleaned very cleanly. Mrs. Fu has always been careful and well-organized. In the cloakroom, a lot of clothes have been prepared for Tong Yuwu.

Only pajamas have special cabinets to hang, there are conservative and casual, naturally also sexy.

Tong Yuwu's white and slender fingers crosses these pajamas, and finally takes a black suspender nightdress from the cabinet, which is more beautiful than what she bought in a underwear store today.

Her skin is as white as jade, and she puts on this black nightdress, which is better than her skin.

If there is no such thing as a system, Tong Yuwu will obey Fu Liheng's arrangement, but it is different now. Originally, she thought a strong marriage is just a short thought of others. She suddenly realizes that she is still not a steady wife for Fu family. It is no wonder that Mrs. Fu has urged her to have a baby, but if she is pregnant and has a baby, she will not be so astonished after hearing the words of the system.

Today is a good opportunity for her to test Fu Liheng.

The old house is naturally no condom. Although Fu Liheng doesn't care about his desires, he will not be abstinency for a few days every time he returns from a business trip. According to him past habits, he will want a sex today.

No condom, does he want it or not?

Tong Yufu comes out of the bathroom. Fu Liheng is already taking a bath. He is sitting on the bed and looking at the phone. He heard the sound but he does not lift his eyelids.

Tong Yuwu's seems calm on surface, in fact, her heart has been panicked for a long time.

She pretends to go to bed like no one else, sits next to him, holding a bottle of body milk in her hand, and smears it from calf to thigh. This body milk has a hint of citrus, not pungent at all, and it smells good. Tong Yuwu always applies body lotion several times a day. This delicate and fair to the ultimate skin. It is not simply a natural beauty.

The chandelier light in the room is not dazzling. Fu Liheng smells a fresh and sweet smell lingering in his nose, and then turns his head to look at Tong Yuwu.

She is born so beautiful, he as her husband naturally knows this fact.

At this moment, she is applying body milk carefully, her movements are soft and meticulous, and she seems to be aware of his sight. She says softly, "Does it bother you?"

When she talks to him, she always looks at his eyes. At the moment, her chin is lifts slightly, exposing her fair neck, and then down—

Fu Liheng's voice is also deeper, "No, it's late, let's rest."

At the moment when the lights goes out, Tong Yuwu's mood also relaxed.

Although she does not expect to pregnant immediately, it is still a good sign!

If such a thing is happens once, isn't pregnancy going to happen soon?

Her breathing is a lot lighter, but unlike what she expects, Fu Liheng does not come over and hugs her and presses her after turning off the light, instead he sleeps well beside her.

Fuck! Tong Yuwu scolds in her heart.

The author has something to say: This article is really not abusive, In fact , this article is the story of the rich woman who eats, drinks, and is obsessed by other man (…… Why do I use this kind of word in the trough!)

This novel will not abuse the hostess, but there is no guarantee that in this novel will not abuse others.

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