The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 5

For many ordinary people, millions are out of reach. Anyone who makes millions overnight can be considered has a great fortune. But in the giants, divorce can only get a few million, everyone will feel she is pathetic after hearing it.

To make a simple analogy, when ordinary couples divorce, they may have hundreds of thousands of deposits, but the husband abandons his wife, and only gives a few hundreds, if it is put on Weibo(Titter), this kind of jerk have to be scolded to his mother can not recognize him!

Tong Yuwu's hands on his knees are almost fists. 

If such a tragic thing happens to her, she will really doubt whether she has already died with Fu Liheng in the novel.

She tries to calm down and begins to carefully examine her current situation. To be more honest, the Tong family and the Fu family are definitely not a marriage.(her family and her husband’s is not at a same level in their fortunate.)

Since she was a student, she has been well-known in the second generation of giants in Yanjing. If thinking about it carefully, her parents died and she has to live in her uncle’s house, and she held the fake title of Miss Tong who was actually famous but unrecognized by others. When the fate in her hand could not be worse anymore, she could still marry Fu Liheng as she wished and she can slapped in other’s face.( other people failed to achieve their bad thought to her ) What did Fu Liheng like about her?

Her grandfather and Fu Liheng’s deceased grandfather had only made a verbal engagement about her and Fu Liheng’s marriage. Everyone knew that it was a joke because the two old people drank too much, and she did not dare to take it seriously, but three years ago, Fu Liheng was proposed her for this marriage, and his reason was very simple. He didn't want to overthrow the engagement between their grandfather.

She has been with Fu Liheng for two or three years. To be honest, they are really not very familiar with each other except when they are in bed, but she also knows him well. He is not the kind of person who will heed what an elder says. Maybe he is afraid of trouble, maybe he does not want to deal with the so-called marriage relationship between families of equal social rank, after all he will become much easier if marrying her.

Even if she can't see him for a month or two, she will not have any complaints. What a good wife she is(to know how to behave in a delicate situation when helping her husband). She feels that if anyone else is the Mrs. Fu, Fu Liheng's life will definitely not so easy and comfortable as now.

Fu Liheng, who has been refreshing his spirit by closing his eyes, suddenly opens his eyes when Tong Yuwu is already getting angry, "I remember your birthday is coming."

"Hum." Tong Yuwu thinks that she has been with him since she was twenty-two, but now she is twenty-five years old, if he has a little conscience—

No, she is wrong.

The capitalists have no such thing.(have no conscience)

"Next month is my 25 birthday." Even if in her heart she has killed him hundreds of times, Tong Yuwu still says with a smile, "The time passes so fast, we have been married for two years in a blink, now recalling what happened when we were married, It seems happen yesterday. "

Thinking about their central wedding, Tong Yuwu's psychological balance.

When she is bored occasionally, she will also review the video tape, from the wedding dress to the formal attire, even the bouquets, all are exquisite.

She does not know how much money has spent on that wedding. In short, it is a number that many rich people feel hurting when they think of it.

Fu Liheng obviously has no mood to recall the past with her. Men do n’t value weddings as much as women. At least for now, the deepest impression is that he was tired that day.

"What do you want for your birthday gift?" Fu Liheng has always been direct, "Do you like the yacht?"

Who would not like such a gift?

Tong Yuwu would felt happy for a long time before, but today, she couldn't laugh.

In fact, if the divorce is going to come ture, she will not be so miserable. because she marries the giants Fu Liheng. If she put it in the past, she absolutely does not believe that she can only get millions if she gets divorce with Fu Lihengthe such a rich second generation.

Yanjing giants are ranked by class. The Tong family can only be regarded as a middle and low class, but the Fu family is at the top, especially her parents are gone, and the elder is only her uncle. Perhaps, before she had a relationship with Fu Liheng, in the eyes of those groups of ladies, she had already been kicked out of the circle of ladies.

The parents left her with limited property. strictly speaking Tong family has nothing to do with her. The Tong family has two sons. When they are separated to organize family in the early years, the company is given to her uncle. Her father gets a loads of money from her grandfather. With this money her father started his own business, not a failure, but also absolutely unsuccessful. The uncle's family wants to looks good in the face. After she gets engaged with Fu Liheng, she is given some shares by her uncle, but she can get only a few dividends every year.

Her and Fu Liheng's combination, no need for old Mrs. Fu to speak, she herself very consciously proposes to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Of course, it is not important whether there is a prenuptial agreement? The shrewd Fu family has long planned that once she and Fu Liheng divorce, they will have thousands of ways to make her to leave without a penny.

She won't blame anyone, if she is Fu Liheng, or old Mrs. Fu, she will do the same.

Now, the big villa is not in her name. The jewelry, luxury cars and yachts sent by Fu Liheng. Maybe in divorce as long as he has such a thought, he definitely has the ways to take back them all.

"I Like it, I really want to go out to sea with you." Tong Yuwu says with no conscience.(it is not her real thought)

Her mind is occupied by millions.

She wants to ask Fu Liheng that have your conscience been eaten by a dog? She has been with him for such a long time. It will cost more than millions if any ordinary rich second generation finds a lover to raise for a year or more.

Fu Liheng smiles softly, "I may be busy for a while, but you can rest assured that I will be with you on your birthday."

Tong Yuwu is surprised, biting her lower lip, pretending to be too touched to be brave enough to take the courage to pull his hand, " Do not break your promise."

She has always been very clear about her identity. In places where no one can see, such as the bed in the bedroom, she does not have to be too shy, but as long as she gets out of the bed, she has to face Fu Liheng, She needs to act as a shy cute woman in love for the first time.

Anyway, straight men(who do not know how to appreciate a woman) are blind.

She admires him, likes him, and looks up to him. With the occasional response he gives, she must be as happy as the girl's first love, and she must act very happy. The best looking is that her ears turns red, and she does not dare to show off.

Fu Liheng, in turn, wraps her hand in his palm, "Relax."


Meeting the first love and her husband in the mall, which for Qin Yi is originally a dread thing. He can do it only after he drinks much.

She is not the only fish in the ocean. In the past three years, Qin Yi has heard this sentence hundreds of times. No one knows that he is the one who wants to forget Tong Yuwu the most. He tries many ways and almost gets laid with a woman who has a good appearance and figure. He has almost done all kinds of things, but he always quits at last. He suddenly recalls that he was so nervous that his heartbeat would speed up everytime he touched her hand when he fell in love with Tong Yuwu.

If it is not her, what is the point to love?

He can not forget her. Three years ago, he could set his ambition that he would wait for her to divorce. Now that he has taken over the family business and figured out the rules of the business. After more consideration, he knows unless Fu Liheng does not want her, otherwise she will never take the initiative to divorce.

Will Fu Liheng not want her?

"A yi, let me tell you straight. Old Mrs. Fu is very satisfied with the daughter of the Xiang family. At that time the parents of the two sides are discussing the marriage between Xiang and FU' and almost all of the elder are deciding a matter of time. However Fu Liheng resists all the pressure at that time, and it does not take long. There is news in the circle that he accompany Tong Yuwu to Japan. "

"I'm not afraid of you being angry. At that time, everyone felt that Fu Liheng was only treating Tong Yuwu as a lover. This is the rule in this circle, saying that it is monogamous and a few people follows. At that time, it was said that Tong Yuwu was his lover  outside. "

"If you think about it, even if the Qin family would not accept Tong Yuwu to marry in their family, people like the Fu family are more picky, and Fu Liheng is not a fool. How could he choose a wife who would not help him, or might a stumble woman for him. "

"But he just married Tong Yuwu, A yi, can you win her back?"

In Yanjing circle, many people's marriage is not based on feelings. It is more about the two families thinking about how much benefit this marriage can bring, and they just hit it off. But there is an exception between Tong Yuwu and Fu Liheng. No one thinks that they are a marriage. Even if old Mrs. Fu chats with her girlfriends in private, she has once felt emotional and said that she even does not find out her son is a lover.

Qin Yi feels ridiculous about his delight for Yu Yuwu's absence.

Originally he has no plans to go to the bar. When he comes out of the brand counter and goes directly to the parking lot to go back, he receives a call from a dubious friend.

"A yi, come here quickly. Really, at Yu Chi's bar, come to see!"

"I will not keep you guessing. Here is a waitress in this bar. fuck, she looks as same as Yu Wu!"

A male voice on the phone who says dissatisfiedly, "Who are you insulting, what are you talking about? No one will looks like Tong Yuwu.. This is the difference between Sprite and Lei Bi!(those two words are similar in looking in Chinese character, "雪碧" and "雷碧". But those two words represent totally different meaning, one is genuine goods and the second one is fake goods.)

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