The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 4

Tong Yuwu's heel is faintly painful, but she still takes his arm and they walks together on the smooth marble floor of the mall without changing her face, She even begins to admired herself. She does not buy a suitable shawl. Her cheongsam is designed by a famous designer. No matter the fabric or the needle and thread embroidered on the cheongsam are all the best, these are extremely particular. Her cheongsam will be more pretty if she could find a suitable shawl. However it is pity that she does not find any suitable shawl in this mall. 

But Tong Yuwu is not without gains. The mall located in the city center and are all well-known brands. The style is not too old. She buys two pairs of high-heeled sandals in one breath. Probably she becomes highly conceited. She then comes to the underwear store.

Underwear shop is not just selling underwear, all kinds of pajamas account for most space of the shop.

Actually, it is not embarrassing for the couple to visit the underwear store together. After all, intimate and indescribable things, both Tong Yuwu and Fu Liheng have done many times, at this time, it will be too much acting if she is blushing as a innocent girl.

Tong Yuwu calmly helps Fu Liheng to choose a set of dark blue silk pajamas with soft texture.

Fu Liheng's complexion is calm, but Tong Yuwu still realizes he is a little cramped.

Could this be the first time he accompany a woman to a underwear store?

Holding this guess in her heart, Tong Yuwu's mood improves today, and the enthusiastic shopping guide take a nightdress. "Miss, this is the latest nightdress in our store. It arrives only yesterday. Your skin is white and you have a good figure. Well, it 's perfect for you. "

The tone and smile of the shopping guide are a bit ambiguous.

She has just heard the beautiful lady calls the handsome man "honey". This handsome man is tall and with few words.

Whether they are real couple or lovers in love, if you can visit this kind of shop together, you must have had a negative distance contact(had sex), so even if there is a hint that Ajiang (the website this book update on)will lock this chapter maybe because of these words, it does not matter.

The nightdress recommended by the shopping guide is really beautiful, and Tong Yuwu already likes it at a glance.

This nightdress is black, and the deep V-shaped suspender skirt is just at the thigh. The nightgown draped over her shoulder outside is light in texture like tulle ...

"You like?" Fu Liheng sees Tong Yuwu staring at the pajamas, and then takes the initiative to speak. "If you like it, let the shopping guide pack it."

Tong Yuwu finally buys the nightdress, and the couple leave with the happy smile of the shopping guide.

Although this temporary shopping activity is only for half an hour, Tong Yuwu is successfully distracted. She does not think about the system anymore.

When two of them come out from the underwear store and meet Qin Yi. Tong Yuwu instantly froze.(she is shocked by Qin Yi)

Qin Yi comes to repair a watch. The watch he really treasured is delivered by Tong Yuwu. The brand of this watch is about to withdraw from Yanjing. At present, only this mall has a counter. He wants to come and ask about the watchband. Whether it is possible to change or not, and to his surprise he meets her.

He sees that she is holding Fu Liheng's arm, and there is still a smile on her face, and suddenly his expression also dimmed. With his character, he should turn around and leave, but he does not want to wuss out in front of Fu Liheng.

He does not want to act so cowardly not to speak of in front of her.


Yanjing's circle neither too big nor too small. Qin Yi also needs to call Fu Liheng brother. Fu and Qin are not family members, but they have deal with business. People in Qin Yi's circle are very afraid of Fu Liheng. If Tong Yuwu marries someone else, the fiend of Qi Yi would have already found her back, but it is helpless that Tong Yuwu marries Fu Liheng, so they even in private still does not dare to say that Fu Liheng is not a kind person.

Qin Yi wants to ignore Tong Yuwu, but he couldn't help looking towards her. He tries to calm down and greets Fu Liheng very politely, "How are you ? Mr. Fu."

Fu Liheng's expression is calm, he is always so calm, only glanced at him, " Hum."

Tong Yuwu's stupefaction, Qin Yi looks in his eyes, and Fu Liheng also looks in his eyes.

Qin Yi thinks sarcastically and comfortingly in his heart. It seems that she still remember him, and she is still has love for him.

Actually Qin Yi is too confident.

As early as when she break up with Qin Yi, Tong Yuwu slowly let go of her meager feelings for him. It has been several years. She has become the dream of Mrs. Fu, how many people have dreamed of. She has no time for a period of past feelings?

The reason why she is stunned is that she recalls the first chapter of the novel plot--

! ! !

Shopping mall encounter? It seems the plot is exactly the same!

What happened, she just promises to go shopping with Fu Liheng but she forgets everything in the system totally !

If she remembers correctly, Qin Yi's next sentence is--

"What a coincidence, I come here to repair my watch."

Qin Yi shows this mechanical watch on his wrist when he speaking.

Tong Yuwu's expression is even more ugly.

It is almost as same as the novel plot in the system, even the same words, wtf?

Fu Liheng sees Qin Yi staring at his wife, his voice is low, "Yu Wu, shall we go."

He says to Qin Yi too, "Sorry, Qin, we have staff to do, we will take a step first."

Qin Yi finally turns his eyes and chuckles, "Well, take care.."

Tong Yuwu takes Fu Liheng's hand and walks past Qin Yi.

Qin Yi does not know if it is his illusion. He can even smell the light scent on her, which is very good.

Qin Yi looks down at the ground. If this is a mirror, what would his expression look like? In fact, he knows that he could not blame her. He is useless and could not protect this relationship. But when he dreams at midnight, he still has extravagance in his heart, hoping she could look back at him.


Tong Yuwu is not the kind of person whose psychological quality is too weak.

From the beginning of entering the elevator with Fu Liheng, she has already packed her emotions. Fu Liheng must know her relationship with Qin Yi in the past. After all, this circle is not so big, but even he knows that he is still engaged to her. Probably he does not mind that much.

He only minds when he likes and cares.

Tong Yuwu takes a deep breath, no explanation is necessary at this time, the explanation is to cover up. If he still needs her at night, she will be more enthusiastic.

"Go back to the old house." After Fu Liheng and Tong Yuwu sit in the car, the driver starts the car and drives out of the parking lot smoothly.

When they come out of the parking lot and the light is much stronger.

Tong Yuwu, if she has doubts about the system before, she almost changes her mind now. This kind of absurd and inexplicable thing ... it is hard to believe at first. Once shaken, it is not difficult to believe at all.

What's more, in that novel, she appears in Qin Yi's memories many times. Those memories are all the experiences she has experienced. Some things are only known to her and Qin Yi.

"Is your knee a little better?" Fu Liheng asks suddenly.

He closes his eyes to raise his mind originally.

Tong Yuwu's hands naturally rests on her knees. Hearing these words, she only smiles, "Much better. Doctor Wang says that the medicated oil is applied in time, but I dare not wear a knee-length skirt today, it seems my knees still pretty scary. "

Fu Liheng likes her to wear cheongsam very much.

She very knows clearly of herself. When she first gets married, she does not dare to try the cheongsam in the closet. The cheongsam there is different from the current popular cheongsam. It is a test of the person's figure. Otherwise it is no more or less successful.

These two years, she works hard on her figure.

Used to be inadequate, but now there are good conditions, of course, it must be hard to  throw money on her face and body, until she is satisfied, until she is perfect!

Now she looks better in cheongsam.

This set of plain peony cheongsam, this material is precious and is cleverly designed, the advantages of her figure are maximized as much as possible, coupled with elegant makeup and valuable jade bracelets, she is originally too bright and now she seems gentle and noble.

As Fu Liheng, he is destined not to praise anyone, but he is not stingy with his compliments at this time, "You looks good in cheongsam ."

Tong Yuwu hears him saying this, the smile on the corner of her lips is even more, and the blush climbs onto her white and flawless face, which was very touching.

"Really? I will make more cheongsams."

Fu Liheng's eyes has a faint smile.

To outsiders, their relationship seems to be very harmonious. This illusion is based on the two people's face score and very profound aura.

Needless to say, Fu Liheng is the only son of the Fu family. He grows up in the environment where all the people around Fu Liheng like satellites. There is no shortage of flatterers everywhere. Tong Yuwu is naturally weaker than him on the aura, but neither Will she become a foil or a vanity background board.

Although Tong Yuwu's parents are no longer alive, she has to live in the uncle's house. If this script is put in the ordinary people's house.  Tong Yuwu will become a pathetic orphan. But the Tong family is not ordinary after all. In Yanjing rich people is pretty much. Those rich people will not focus attention , but they can still rank in the middle and barely rank into the giants. The wealthy people are all respect their self-esteem, not to mention, to the wealthy people, marriage is a way of exchanging resources. As long as Uncle Tong and Aunt Tong are not ventilating, they will not ignore Tong Yuwu.

Although Uncle Tong does not dare to expect Tong Yuwu to bring huge benefits to the Tong family like other celebrities and ladies. He still cultivates her in a decent manner. He is not particularly attentive, but not perfunctory. What Tong Yuwu reads from an early age is the elite school, which is not as good as the famous ladies' school in her circle, but she can also act good in her school.

She worked very hard, knowing that there are not many opportunities to catch in her hands, and she is incomparable to those giants girls. No matter how they live, there are parents backing them. She does not have this option.

Luckily she graduates from a prestigious university, proficient in four languages, and she is the most gorgeous beauty in this circle. As long as what she does is not so well, it can be estimate that the old Mrs. Fu will never agree to this marriage even if she quarrel openly with her son.


Tong Yuwu happens to be lucky enough at this point, her hardship is her life background, and everything else is impeccable.

Fu Liheng does not talk much usually. At this time, he is able to say a few words to Tong Yuwu in the car. He continues to close his eyes and try to recuperate, but Tong Yuwu is not as quiet as she has represent.

What is the plot of the novel in that system?

Fu Liheng will divorce her a year later, she almost leaves without a cash in her pocket, and only receives a few million of break-up fee?


Is this fucking thing that people do? He can not treat somebody as a beggar.

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