The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 3

Tong Yuwu barely feels sleepy when he opens his eyes looking at the sky where the sun has just risen.

Before closing her eyes and falling asleep, she couldn't help but scold herself for being such stupid, and she herself even believes in such a thing.

Fu Liheng's work schedule is not regular, and sometimes he will be very busy until late. This year he is always take business trips all over the world and gets jet lag is very often, but he usually doesn't sleep a very long time. He wakes up from his sleep and looks  at Tong Yuwu, who is lying next to him. This face is beautiful whenever he looks at it. Her skin is too white, especially this morning, it is almost transparent, so that the dark circles under her eyes is more conspicuous. 

He does not want to wake her up. When he lifts the thin quilt, he subconsciously glances at her knee. It is lucky that the redness and swelling of her knees also disappear because he uses the medicated oil in time.

Fu Liheng gets up lightly and walks downstairs after freshening up. The nanny has prepare a hearty breakfast. As he come back from abroad, the nanny couldn't figure out his taste. So she does both Western and Chinese breakfast.

Fu Liheng is influenced by his father, he also gets used to reading the newspaper while having breakfast.

The servants are busy with their business in an orderly and quiet manner. They almost finish their breakfast, and the driver is waiting at the door. Before going out, Fu Liheng remembers something and stops and says to nanny Liu, "Let Dr. Wang come today. Yuwu fell in the bathroom yesterday and hurt her knee." He holding a minutes thinks that maybe the experience yesterday was wonderful. He adds, "The anti-slip of the bathroom also needs to be checked again."

Nanny Liu is astonished, "Okay."

Nanny Liu is the most senior servant in Fu's house. She worked in the old house a long time ago. When Fu Liheng married two years ago. Old Mrs. Fu sent her here to take care of the daily life of the newly married couple. Here, She is equivalent as a housekeeper.

Ordinary people falling in the bathroom may not be a big deal. Putting falling in the Fu house is a big deal.

She couldn't help and be thankful that old Mrs. Fu does not know. If Mrs. Fu knows, she may have to be dismissed. Who knows whether Tong Yuwu is pregnant or not ... probably not! Nanny Liu recalls for a moment that Tong Yuwu has menstruation more than half a month ago.

Thought of this, she is relieved.

Fu Liheng is going to the company today. The subordinates are still waiting for him for a meeting. Without much nonsense, he walks out of the house. A black car is parked outside. The driver is already respectfully standing by.

After seeing the car away, Nanny Liu picks up the landline in fear and calls the family doctor.

If not because she knows that Tong Yuwu has morning depression when she is getting up, and think of the Fu family's rules, nanny Liu could not wait to run upstairs to see whether Tong Yuwu is seriously injured.

Tong Yuwu does not wake up until the sun is up. She is not surprise that she is alone in bed.

She sit up straight, and there is still a sense of soreness at the base of her thigh. She accidentally glimpses a note on the bedside table. She moves her body around and reaches out and picks it up. The note is written by Fu Liheng. He writes well. His words looks sharp and seems strong enough to through the paper.

"Tonight I will go back to the old house, and I will come back to pick you up in the afternoon."

This matter is also expected by Tong Yuwu. Both old Mrs. Fu and Mr. Fu have not seen their son for a month, and they must miss him very much.

Tong Yuwu gets up and goes to her cloakroom. Originally there is a cloakroom in the master bedroom. However, she feels that the room of the master bedroom 's cloakroom is not large enough, so she gives the cloakroom to Fu Liheng. The designer re-plans and transforms the next bedroom to her personal cloakroom.

This wedding room is located in the famous wealthy area of ​Yanjing, with beautiful scenery and fresh air, which is very suitable for living.

At first, when she was engaged with Fu Liheng, she thought she would live in the old house with her future parents-in-law. For this reason, she also learned from many people how to get along with her mother-in-law peacefully. It turned out that Fu Liheng didn't even plan to have two generations in the same family after marriage. The reason he gave was as cold as himself. The old house was too far away from Fu's company, and the time spent on the road to work exceeded his expectation every day.

She still remembers sitting next to him at that time, watching he calmly announces the decision. Old Mrs. Fu fails to hold emotion in a second, and she is shocked and displeased, and Tong Yuwu, with a quiet expression on her surface, has actually rotated and jumped countless times in her heart.

Tong Yuwu likes this villa very much. She is a veritable hostess here, and old Mrs. Fu's hands can't reach here any longer.(old Mrs. Fu's can not interrupt her life if she lives far away from her mother-in-law .)

There are plans to go out today, and Tong Yuwu taking seriously selects ten minutes in the cloakroom. When she goes downstairs and appears in front of the servants, she is still the bright and beautiful Mrs. Fu.


Let's call the voice in her head "system" temporarily. After Tong Yuwu awake from sleep. She becomes more suspicious of the authenticity. When Dr. Wang comes over to examines her knee, she is still hesitating whether to ask him the inexplicable voice that she hears before. She is suddenly unwilling to do it when she glances at Dr. Wang's watch.

Dr. Wang is the family doctor of the Fu family. From the doctor 's point of view, will he feel that she is suffer from madness or neurasthenia and hear voice that is not real.

From Dr. Wang's discharges his responsibilities to the Fu family, he will certainly not help her to hide this.

In old Mrs. Fu 's eyes, her son 's business is the top priority, and also with her things will be a major event. She really does not want to cause excessive attention. So never mind, she wants to keep this secret.

After Dr. Wang left, Tong Yuwu is preparing to ask the doctor anonymously on the Internet, and the system comes out validating its own existence again.

"The user is a firm materialist and it is understandable that she does not want to believe the specialty of this program ."

"This system is under maintenance and upgrade, the  pages will return to normal one after another."

"Before this, you can review the novel plot again, this page will close in a day."

Tong Yuwu rolls her eyes at this system.

This system is so annoyed.

But she can not reject it. Then she reviews the novel again. All the chapters where she appears are marked with red bookmarks, and the first chapter is very intriguing.

The first chapter is the first appearance of the actor Qin Yi. He comes back from abroad not very long ago. To his surprise, he meets his first love in the mall. The first love is with her husband. At this time, Qin Yi is still deeply in love with his first love. When he feels hurt, he go to the bar and met the heroine who works hard in the bar.

Tong Yuwu turns off the page with a complex face.

In fact, she does not expect it, it is just a relationship in his youth. Why Qin Yi just could not let it go? But when she thinks about it in other way, this might be the consequence of lacking a new relationship. When she is with Qin Yi, although it is not the peak of her face score, she has been killing. It is normal for him to think constantly of her.


Although Fu Liheng says that he will come to pick her up, Tong Yuwu feels that she still has to go to the company to find him. Even if she has self-awareness, she has to go out for business occasionally to create an illusion that the couple 's relationship is particularly good. Isn't life too lonely and boring, if she can't hear the praise to herself from those ladies?

Tong Yuwu calculates the time. She does not plan to sit in Fu Liheng's office for too long, nor does she want to against the clock. After drinking afternoon tea at home, she unhurriedly calls the driver. and heads for Fu's company.

She is not an ignorant person. Before going to Fu's company, she calls Fu Liheng to inform him. W hen she gets off the car, she finds that Fu Liheng's assistant has waiting by the parking lot elevator.

"Hello, Mrs. Fu." Assistant Wang says politely.

Assistant Wang has only see Tong Yuwu a few times. Tong Yuwu does not come to Fu's company often, only appears at the annual meeting, but her face, which is more beautiful than the female star, also surprises many people.

Every time he sees her, he could not help holding his breath. He has never seen such a beautiful woman in real life. Like the people coming out of it, she seems to be very unreal with a shallow light around her.

Actually, this Mrs. Fu is so beautiful and unreal.

Tong Yuwu nodes, "Well, let's go."

The driver does not follow.

Tong Yuwu is not the first time to come to Fu Liheng's office. The last owner of this office is her retired father-in-law.

The floor of the office was covered with a thick dark carpet, and she could not make a sound when walking on high heels.

She looks down at her shoes. The shoes are not very easy to wear, but they looks good with cheongsam.

Fu Liheng raises his head from a pile of documents, his eyes quiet, "Wait a moment, I will be finish soon."

"It doesn't matter, you can busy with your first." Tong Yuwu smiles at him, her smile is almost perfect, and she practices countless times before the mirror.

Tong Yuwu is sitting on the sofa beside him, the couple are exactly the same, their backs are straight, and there is no sense of slack. In terms of manners, even the old fussy Mrs. Fu has no objection to Tong Yuwu.

She has already practiced it. Naturally, she will not play the phone in front of Fu Liheng. Even if she just sits and has nothing to do, she can persist for several hours.

Thinking about, she thinks of the system and the novel again.

"Is it uncomfortable?" A deep male voice suddenly comes from the top of her head.

Tong Yuwu raises her head, only to find that Fu Liheng has come to her at some unknown time.

To her surprise, she is dazed in front of Fu Liheng and even lost her best behavior.

"No." Tong Yuwu's eyes are clear and bright. When she smiles, she has a pair of shallow dimples. Her own facial features are bright and charming. At this time, when she looks at Fu Liheng, she gazes meaningfully into his eyes. "Maybe the air-conditioning in this room is a bit cold, I'm a little cold. "

Fu Liheng sits next to her, reaching out his hands and holding her hands very naturally. His palm is very large, just covering her.

Suddenly this warm touch makes Tong Yuwu sit upright subconsciously.

Although they have been married for two years and have done intimate things, she is still not very comfortable with such intimacy outside the bedroom.

Fu Liheng raises his hand and looked at the time, "It's still early, maybe I accompany you to a nearby mall to buy a suitable shawl?"

Tong Yuwu likes shopping, and her own days are very exciting. Even if Fu Liheng is not often at home, she also has a fun life. In fact, it does not need her to go shopping in the mall. The latest model of each quarter will firstly appears in front of her, she choose then order, occasionally, she will also go together with her girlfriends to go shopping abroad.

She has never been shopping with Fu Liheng.

From the day of her engagement with Fu Liheng, she knows that her marriage life is absolutely not related to the words "equality" and "fairness". A wife in a normal marital life can take for granted to ask her husband to go shopping with her, or even can get a little tempered because of her husband's inability to company her. But she can not.

Inwardly, she makes a chuckle, but on the surface, she showed appropriate surprises and joy, "Are you free?"

Shopping with a straight man(not understand women) is destined not to be a good experience.

But this does not hinder Tong Yuwu's play at the moment.

She knows that Fu Liheng has no love for her. She has to pretend not to know. It happens that she has no love for Fu Liheng, but she has to pretend the loving for him ... otherwise, would not it be too unethical(from the perspective of a work.)?

Fu Liheng's expression has always been faint, and at this time, he just tickles the corner of his lower lip, "Hum."

"That's great!" Tong Yuwu feels that his acting skills are remarkable even in the entertainment circles. Sometimes when she acts, she will have the illusion that she loves him.

No matter how happy she looks on the surface, in fact she can not wait to scold.

She is wearing new shoes today, the style is pretty, but it is not very comfortable to wear, even if she applies transparent plaster on the heel, the effect is only able to let her holding back to the old house, now it will be a question, she will hurt her feet if she insists to go shopping.

Tong Yuwu makes the decision almost immediately. She could not just go shopping and just buy a shawl! otherwise she will be sorry for her heels.

The couple get up together, and Tong Yuwu is still half a head shorter than Fu Liheng even she is in high heels today. She reaches out and helps him to organize his tie carefully and gently. She is a person who can comfort herself and adjust self emotions. If not these skills, probably she will not be able to survive after her parents died unexpectedly.

Now that shopping has become a reality, she does not need to hold negative emotions. She feels delighted when thinking about she will receive a lot of envy and jealousy and  if the atmosphere is good, maybe Fu Liheng will not mind her to share photos of their openly affection into wechat moments.

She remembers that for a long time, she could inadvertently hear some satire.

In fact, in this circle, she will see everyone everyday. Even if she is at feud with someone, as long as not a deep hatred, she will find that they are very polite when she meets them. People who can grow up in this circle are all affected by this rule, and they are all have higher education. The reason why she could hear those words, just because those people feel that she will be the insignificance underdog forever. They are not afraid to tease her.

Later, she is engaged with Fu Liheng, and some people are waiting to laugh at her. These people think that she would not marry Fu Liheng as expected. Later, when she marries to Fu Liheng, there are also some people want to look on her embarrassment by stealth. They just do not believe she will have such a good life.

Thinking carefully, her life seems pretty cool? She always keep slapping in other people's face.( everyone who want to look on her embarrassment are failed at the end. )

The author has something to say: today this work's score is pretty good.

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