The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 2

When Tong Yuwu is carried in Fu Liheng's arms back to the bedroom, Tong Yuwu looks at his cold eyes, not knowing whether this honer is good or bad today.

It is clear that there is a anti-skip device in the bathroom, but she is actually slipped. Fortunately, she does not fall seriously, but her knees are red and swollen. 

For these two years, he seems to hold her like this for the first time.

People with love are not cold blood and Tong Yuwu is still facing the former Yanjing Prince, who can hold herself. She feels that she should be awarded a certificate. Other things are not her best, but she knows her imitation best, in this matter she should be able to get a full score.

She is now living very well and happily. To a large extent, she is relying on Fu Liheng. To a small extent, she is self-protective.

After Tong Yuwu is putted on the big bed, Fu Liheng straightened up. He is wearing dark blue silk pajamas. Some people say that men will have a sage mentality after sex. Tong Yuwu has the same belief, two hours ago he was still a little attractive. But at this moment, if it is not the scratches on his neck, she almost think that the Taoist priest(the forbidding man has no interest in women) is standing in front of her.

"Where is the medicine chest at home?" Fu Liheng asks her with haughty and supercilious attitude.

This man.

he is unwilling to letting her go half an hour ago.

Right now as soon as he get out of bed, it seems that he would like to cross the line with her.

Tong Yuwu bite her lower lip, her eyes seems to be covered with a layer of mist, pitifully, "... I don't remember."

Fu Liheng's scratch on his neck is intentionally left by her.

When her mother is still alive in the past. Her mother would occasionally chats with friends, she learns from her mother that matron(the woman in charge of the family) should be dignified and elegant.

At that time she is still young, and her mother wouldn't tell her this, but under the influence of her mother, she could understand that if she is a rich lady, she should be like a rich lady.

Although she knows that Fu Liheng does not have any affection to her, however now he is her Part A Daddy(she must obey all his requirements), and her life-long acting has spent a half on him.

"It's okay, just two days later." Tong Yuwu lowers his head and speaks softly, " Maybe it is because my legs are too sour to stand steadily."

Legs are sore indeed, but not as exaggerated as she said. She reads a lot of books when she was bored. Even if he is a sage now, he is also an ordinary man. She is try to boast his pretty skills on bed and those words can always satisfy his straight male (stubborn and forbidding man)psychology.

Fu Liheng just responds with "hum".

But he still turns around and walks out of the bedroom.

They have been together for two years. Although they are familiar with each other when they on this big bed, they are not as good as ordinary friends in other aspects, but she still knows him a lot. He is very self-disciplined and he knows his own mind. Even if she said it does not matter, he will still follow his own ideas, now he probably goes for the medicine chest.

Now Tong Yuwu is free to take care of the strange system.

What happened?

She is in doubt, and the system changes to a sweet female voice.

"Hello user 3679, I am your customer service, congratulations, you are selected as our lucky customer!"

"Sign up today will have surprise packages, you can click 1 to know your story."

Tong Yuwu is not timid, although she always pretends to be weak in front of Fu Liheng.

Many moguls in Yanjing's giants circle are very convinced of Feng Shui, and her father-in-law is one of the best.

The location and decoration of their new house, and even the direction of the big bed is all divined by the master. There is also the great treasure that her father-in-law using heavy money asked for protection against evil. General dirty things can't come in.

Although Tong Yuwu does not quite believe in these feudalisms, she is still feel safe.

She sends a "1" in her heart.

The giant screen immediately displays in front of her. The font is also very large. It is very strange that she usually does not read fast, but today to read the content is all in a glance. Surprisingly she can also remember the content very clear.

System tells her that the world she  lives in is a novel.

When the actor Qin Yi is young, he is forced to break up with his first love. because of family reasons. Since then, he has been striving to become stronger, only because he promises to his first love that he will come back and marry her when one day he is strong and no one can stop him. Holding hands they watches each other's falling tears with lumps in their throats. However when Qin Yi is still in the career development period, he suddenly gets the news that his first love will get married.

He comes back and begs for his first love, but it is a pity that this woman who loves vanity is unmoved and marry Yanjin's most powerful man.

At the beginning of the story, Qin Yi returns to China to take over the family business. He is outstanding in ability and successfully retaliates against his bad stepmother. On this day, he accidentally meets a woman who looks like his first love. After he drinks too much, something indescribable happens. He has a one night sex with this woman.

The heroine is a typical white poor beauty. She stays with Qin Yi in order to pay off her debts. She knows that she is just a substitute. She dares not to show her love to Qin Yi even when she has a crash on Qin Yi. After that, there are some very old sadistic relationships. In short, Qin Yi, after abused the heroine for thousands of times, suddenly finds that he has fall in love with the heroine a long time ago...



Tong Yuwu pulls the corner of her lips, and it is very unfortunate that she is the first love who loved vanity.

What does she do wrong? Nothing is wrong, but  first love's identity is the original sin!

And her ending is also skim over, only saying that the magul does not really love the first love, and one year later, the magul also wants a divorce when Qin Yi goes back together with the heroine. Most importantly, she almost be clean body and can only receive a few million break-up fee.

Tong Yuwu is lying at a loss looking at the chandelier on the ceiling, when Fu Liheng come in.

He searches for a long time before he find the medicine chest. When he come in, he finds his wife in a daze.

"Does it still hurt?" Fu Liheng sits by the bed, and Tong Yuwu is suddenly recovered.

She wants to sit up, he stops her, "just show me your knees."

"Hum." Tong Yuwu's brain crashes for a few seconds. "It's no longer painful."

"It is still necessary to use medicated oil. I will rub the bruises for you, it will hurt a little, you have to bear it."

Not the same as before, Tong Yuwu's character is not so squeamish now, probably because of those changes, but she knows that her status, Mrs. Fu, has a bright surface, but in fact is nothing. All she has is given by Fu Liheng.

If it is not this system, she must be brewing tears, and she will be careful and forbearing when she sheds tears. She knows how to cry beautifully and how to arouse Fu Liheng 's desire to protect her.

Fu Liheng probably will like the way she does.

But today, her mind is occupied by the so-called novel plot. When Fu Liheng reached out and rubbed her knees with medicated oil, she didn't humming.

Fu Liheng is deeply thoughtful and naturally notices that she is not right. He asks in a deep voice, "Does it hurt?"

Tong Yuwu wakes up in time.

This happens too suddenly, of course she would not believe it.

She is dazed in front of Fu Liheng, and even forgets to take the opportunity to show weakness and to act like a spoiled child. Is she too dull to act!

There is still a chance to chase!

She clutches the bed sheet and says softly: "I'm afraid if I said it hurts, you won't use the medicated oil to look after me anymore."

So she tolerates this pain.

Tong Yuwu is also not good at figuring out a person's intention. Before fifteen, she did not need to worry about anything. Her future was already arranged. After fifteen, her life changed dramatically. Without anyone to depend on in this world, she can only force herself to learn little by little.

Fu Liheng is a man after all, he may not like a woman who worries about personal gains and losses all day and wants to know the clues about his whereabouts, but he could not dislike a very obedient wife who likes him too.

Whatever he likes, she will play as that.

Fu Liheng glances at her, then bows head, and the strength of his palm turns to slight almost imperceptible.

"How was your this month?"

Tong Yuwu is a little joyful indeed. See, Fu Liheng likes this way she dose. Now he started to ask her this question initiatively.

"Not bad." Tong Yuwu was not born in Yanjing. From birth to the age of six or seven, she was in the south. After that, she returned to Beijing with her parents. Her accent and tone are difficult to change. The Suzhou dialect (the tone sounds soft and gentle) with her face, can be regarded as her biggest strengthen. "Sometimes I want to call you, but I am afraid that you are busy."

Actually, she never want to call him at all.

This month she has had a great time, it would be better if he came back later.

Fu Liheng's skin is not white, but it is definitely not dark, but Tong Yuwu's skin is white and smooth. She is famous for her skin as white as snow. He places his big palm on her knees. His hands color contrasts with Tong Yuwu's white skin.

In fact, Fu Liheng does not fond of sex. He does not have much private time to indulge. In the past, he came back from a business trip, he can only get laid with her at tops twice. He has done his best race before, he just can not do it one more time when saw her pretty body.



About two o'clock in the morning, Tong Yuwu opens her eyes slowly after hearing a evenly breathing by her ear.

System, the world of novels, these two words are not strange to her. She has secretly read some novels in middle school period when she was without sorrow and anxiety, but now this absurd plot happens to her.

She is now very contradictory. On the one hand, as a materialist she is hard to believe in such absurd things, but on the other hand, she still can't help thinking that will it be true?

She looks at Fu Liheng. In the past two years, she believes that she had done a good job. She never asks him about his schedule. She accompanies him on important occasions and also cooperates with him very well. Even old Mrs.Fu was just not dissatisfied with her procreation situation, so why does Fu Liheng will divorce her?

A man's desire for divorce is definitely not a overnight thought, and people like Fu Liheng who makes such an important decision, he must have had a careful consideration.

Why does he choose to divorce her, where does she do wrong? Isn't she good enough!

Tong Yuwu turns her head to look at Fu Liheng, who was already asleep after a passionate sex with her. There is a thought in her mind——

He must have cheated on me outside! !

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