The rich girl will not be poor

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Chapter 1

Hair color is a styling salon that many celebrities will come to support.

In the midsummer, in Yanjing where there is cost highly for the land. There are several branches in this convenient location in the center of the city. The salon is taking the people oriented style.. In here it will cost hundreds for a ordinary hair washing or blowing.

Many people are talk about this price, but the customers are still endless. The head store is different from the branch store. It does not follow the people oriented style. In addition to all kinds of stars, the celebrities in Yanjing will also come to give a support.

Tong Yuwu is sitting in the VIP private box. The director of hair color has already made a lot of money. In order to maintain his worth, he basically serves only a few regular guests. Tong Yuwu is one of them.

"Mrs. Fu, are you still satisfied with this length?" Tony Wang stands behind Tong Yuwu with a tone of humility.

Tong Yuwu looks up and responds, "Well, it's not bad."

Her hair is of good quality. She has dye her hair with chestnut color last month.

Now she has regretted it, she really does not expect Fu Liheng to return country so early. if knowing this before, she would have dyed her hair later.

Fu Liheng is her husband in name, and of course it is also the truth.

He is six years older than her. Although he never says that, she still knows that he is as same as most of the stubborn and rigid men in China. He prefers black long and straight hair. When they have finished sex, if he is joyful he would gently pet her hair.

With his upbringing and deep thoughts, even if he finds that she dyes her hair, he will not say anything, but ...

Tong Yuwu twitches a corner of her lips, looking at herself with the black and straight hair in the mirror, she suddenly feels a slap in the face.

At the age of fifteen, her parents were still alive. At that time, she followed her mother to a wedding engagement. She saw a female star who withdrew from the entertainment circles after marry into the purple to a wealthy man. She was undoubtedly beautiful and charming. Surprisingly she even pleased this fat old man whose age is old enough to be her father.


At that time, she felt that women must be self -esteem and self-respect. women should never lost in the fortunate and choose to please other people that was actually against their true will.

Just ten years, she has taste the theory of so delicious. (she feels a slap on her face because she has done something that she would feel shamed before.)

Twenty-five years old, she is married. Like the female star, she is also struggled to please her husband.

He likes black long and straight hair, though she likes cyan hair, she dare not try it easily.

He likes her white skin.

He prefers the obedience she shows, and her little arrogance and indulgence within his tolerance.

Tony Wang has a lot of contacts in the entertainment circles, but he can't touch the edge of the Yanjing's giants and powerful family, however this does not prevent him from well knowing to those power family .

No matter in which circle, when discussing women, it is impossible to get around the matter of marrying a person.

Who marries well, who does not marry well ... Everyone talk about it.

In Yanjing, on the matter of marrying well, if Tong Yuwu is second, and no one dares to be first.

"You are natural beauty and has a exquisite heart-shaped face, all the hairstyles are suitable for you." Tony Wang does not against his will to praise her.

This is all the truth, that is, Tony Wang, who often deals with female stars of all over the entertainment circles, feels that Mr.Fu is very lucky ... well, his wife is perfect in the bedroom.

The words "beautiful and pretty" are very common nowadays. There are modern medical aesthetic techniques, and the three-point appearance can be transformed into a five-point beautiful lady, but the real beauty is in the bones and not in the the skin. When he mentioned Tong Yuwu, those bodacious macaroni would also admire that she has a fabulous good looks on earth.

Her skin is white and smooth, and her face is flawless.

Good figure, thin waist, long legs and breasts are big enough to catch eyes.

Those eyes are clear and bright, full of affection.

Tong Yuwu is a regular visitor of Tony Wang. Once she comes to do the care of hair. He accidentally glances at the red marks on her neck. The white and red marks are extremely dazzling. Even him, in that time, is absence of mind.

Think of anyone who dares to leave traces on this fabulous body, no one dares except for her husband.

Tong Yuwu had heard more of these words, but no matter how much she heard, she was still in a good mood.

Fu Liheng's flight is in this afternoon, she is not able to waste too much time outside. After finishing her hair cut and getting a care of hair, she gets up and prepares to leave hair color.

Coming out of the private box and she sees several acquaintances.

"Yu Wu, what a coincidence, you are here too. we should had an afternoon tea."

"It's hard to make an appointment with you once, my birthday is in the next month, you can't ditch me this time, I will go to your house to send invitations in person!"

She and Fu Liheng are only married for two years, but he has spent a loads of money to nourish his charming wife. Tong Yuwu's delicate and noble spirit all come from the overindulgence. Fortune is variant and now in Yanjing, no one would treat her as a pitiful little one whose parents died and who was raised by her Uncle.

Tong Yuwu's life is very luxurious.

Even she herself could not understand where her material needs and desires came from.

Maybe Fu Liheng indulges her.

Or she may have been missing those things.

Besides jewelry, Tong Yuwu's favorite thing is to listen to the flattery for her. Those words are said by the people who once looked down upon her. That taste, one would never realize how sweet it is if they have not experienced it.

Tong Yuwu satisfactorily listens to these acquaintances who could no longer find a suitable word to praise her. Then she choose to leave with pleasure.

After seeing Tong Yuwu's left hair color, those ladies looks at each other, and they all see the words of sorrow and pressure in their eyes.

In this circle, no one could be trifled with. And they will never gather people to say bad words about someone in public if they are not out of their minds.

If there is a bullet screen above their heads, they should be like this-

"When does Fu Liheng recover? Can the ophthalmology industry in China be more competitive! "

"This dirty bitch, I'll wait for her divorce  one day, fuck ! "

"Every day I want to raise a crowd funding for Fu Liheng's eye operation, ah, ah, fuck off Tong Yuwu! "

"I will bathe everyday and burn incense to pray Fu Fuheng to regain his sight. "


From the perspective of Tong Yuwu, Fu Liheng is not only her husband, but also her Part A (she must done things under the requirement of Fu Liheng)

The biggest difference between her and that female star is that Fu Liheng is more rich. Fu Liheng is not a fat guy and he is comparable to the model's figure.

Calculated in this way, it seems that she earned a lot, no wonder others say that she is the best married person in Yanjing.

She had heard his name when she was still in college. At that time, he was as the Prince of Yanjing in the minds of many people. His shoulders were broad and his waist narrow. He was graduated from Ivy League College and he would wear a frame of gold wire glasses all the year. After he took over his family company he has completed a amalgamating case and led his family company to another peak. Whether from appearance, background, or personal ability, the title of Yanjing Pince is not exaggerated on him.

The Fu family has the ability to be powerful. He is also in the prime of life. The most important thing is that he is generous and gives her the ultimate enjoyment in material aspects.

He gives her a secondary card with unlimited line of credit. In addition, she could spend as much as she wanted. In addition, he would give her favorite gifts every year on birthday, Valentine's Day and even Christmas. Sometimes the gift could be a car. sometime is high-priced jewelry bought from the auction.

As for his private life, that is not something she can control.

In fact she does not know whether Fu Liheng has fixed sex partner and one night sex or not.

The last time she has sleeping with Fu Liheng was a month ago. Today, he is a little thirsty, and Tong Yuwu almost hit the bed, but she is quite satisfied.

She is very fond of the gift that Fu Liheng has prepared for her this time!

Er, well, probably it is not prepared by him, but by his assistant Chen.

No matter who prepared it, only fools would not like a whole set of diamond jewelry !

A woman who has been married for two years may not understand anything before marriage, and after marriage she would know everything that she should have know. This time Fu Liheng is obsessed with their sex, she guesses, maybe he has not having sex for a whole month.

Fu Liheng is very self-disciplined and a slightly neat freakl, luckily which is not serious.

Every time finish the sex, no matter how tired or late, he would get up and take a shower in the bathroom. It is the same today. Tong Yuwu checks the time by her phone. It is at one o'clock in the morning, and Tong Yuwu still could feel that the person besides her is getting up when she is almost too tired to sleep.

She opens her eyes and looks at the large chandelier over the ceiling, feeling unreal.

She feels like almost falling apart ... It is really uncomfortable!

Do not know what happened, she remembers the hint in the words of her mother-in-law, old Mrs.Fu, half a month ago.

"You are already twenty-five years old this year, and Liheng is also thirty-one or two. If Li Heng's mother is still alive, you have to worry about she maybe getting angry. When his mother died, the biggest regret of her is that she has not see Li Heng to organize a family and to have a child. "

"The green jade bracelet I gave you last year was setted by the old lady as a gift for her grandson's wife."

"Yu Wu, I have no other meaning but there are some things you should keep in mind all the time."



What's the matter, it is just to give birth to a child.

Tong Yuwu moves his body, just lying beside the bed, she could see the bin.

There are two used condoms in the bin.

She really wants to dry her eyes, even if she wants to give birth, someone has to cooperate.

Ms. Fu maybe has know this fact, but she is too self-esteem to urge her cold and forbidding son. So she lord it over me.

Tong Yuwu thinks in a very wicked way. If she is pregnant now, Mrs. Fu should hear the rain dripping on the green grass above her son's head.(that means she has cheated on Fu Liheng and she is pregnant too.)

I do not know where the condom is prepared by Fu Liheng, the quality is so good, just like the small probability event that she has never encountered.(condom is invalid and she can pregnant in this way.)

Tong Yuwu does not want to be sticky either, her legs are soft but she still stands up and go to the bathroom in the next room to take a shower.

Just stands under the shower and turns on the switch. When the hot water is rushing down, Tong Yuwu staggers unexpectedly.

She falls to the ground and leans on the bathtub.

In addition to the sound she make subconsciously, she clearly heard a mechanical sound explode in her mind—

"Welcome to bind supporting role self-help system, I am your loyal customer service! Online 24 hours a day, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. "

The author has something to say: it will be old-fashioned style, the character will first get married and after get in love and using a system to complete this text.

I can not imagine how pleasure the world of rich people will be, so if you have discrepancies with reality, please forgive me~

I am equal to no manuscript, but have update everyday should be fine (... probably!)

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