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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 8 New Coordinate

Xu Wang didn't want to be stuck with him on this dangerous topic, so he just made the gesture of "landlord" and pushed him back to the living room directly.

Under the same roof, one was sitting on a sofa, the other was sitting on a chair. They were looking at each other across from the tea table. Suddenly, the air was frozen.

Xu Wang didn't let his face show any emotion, but in fact, his heart was thumping wildly. He knew it would be fatal for staying with him alone!

Wu Sheng said, "You..." 

It was Wu Sheng that spoke firstly, which Xu Wang hadn’t even thought of. He had initially thought he was the only one who was trying to make conversation.

"How are you doing?"


What king of strange greeting it was!

"One person can do the work of two. I am fine enough."

"I was talking about the shoulder injury."

"..." Xu Wang was speechless.

Kuang Jinxin and Sun Jiang arrived one after another, finally putting an end to the especially awkward moment. It's estimated that both of them have taken time to pay off the sleep debt  during the day. They were in good spirits.

At midnight, the cries of owls came in time.

" Cluck Cluck"

There were no changes in the living room. The three of them looked at Xu Wang, who sighed and got up to take them to the bedroom.

There was a bed of quicksand.

Wu Sheng nodded: "This door... It's very unique. "

Different from being dragged in the previous two, this time four people jumped in voluntarily with the awe-inspiring justice of rushing to the battlefield .

Xu Wang, the last one who jumped in, put the fruit knife on his desk into his pocket before leaving. 

With the familiar weightlessness, they were falling down rapidly. Blink, four people fell  into the snowfield with pitter-patter sounds.

At the moment of landing, the arms of four people almost rang at the same time, each of them ringing for more than one time. The sound of "Ding -"ringing out continuously were interwoven into a great noise.

With the previous experience, everyone rolled up their sleeves before entering the owl. Therefore, when they heard the tone, four partners on the ground raised their arms to check on.

Xu Wang received four new messages. Two items were from the “pencil case” and there were two more items in the original empty box, namely, “defending against being kept in trap”, “combat Cao Chong weighs an elephant”; one was from paper for cheating in exams, indicating that the coordinates were updated to (109.7395, 38.3437); there was also a scrolling notice from "transcript", which was the same as other people's handing-in information they have seen before -- < Kuang Jinxin, Sun Jiang, Wu Sheng, Xu Wang, 1 / 23 of the handing-in. >

According to the information of the "transcript", these things should be sent at the moment when they passed the missions. It is likely that they were bounced back to reality immediately after they handed in their papers, and they were all saved until today.

"The owl knows our name." Wu Sheng's calm statement of "transcript" also felt heavy.

"It can suck us in, like playing trick on monkey

and leading us to do tasks to break through. And I will not be surprised to show any magic power." Xu Wang laughed at himself at the mouth, but actually relieved at Wu Sheng and himself. "Now I cared more about this," he said, lighting the "pencil case" on his arm to his teammates, pointing to the two new squares on it. "It's probably used to trap wild animals. What the hell kind of is " Cao Chong weighs an elephant. "

There was surprise flashed in Wu Sheng's eyes, but he didn't answer. Instead, he represented his arms directly.

Xu Wang suddenly saw that in his pencil case, what was updated were "defending the escape by strategy” and "combat wind and cloud residual volume".

Xu Wang went to see the other two teammates. The updated coordinates in “paper for cheating in exams", and the updated handing-in information in “transcript” were exactly the same. Only in “pencil case”, Kuang Jinxin's were “defending a cunning rabbit has three holes”, “combat tears stream down me face”, and Sun Jiang's were “defending lost in impenetrable fog or mystery” and “combat a bolt from the blue” .

In addition to " sliding shoes", all the items we have were the same, which led to the inertia of thinking. Not only Xu Wang, but also Wu Sheng, Sun Jiang and Kuang Jinxin naturally thought that the new items should be the same as each other.

But what bothered them even more was the characteristics of the goods.

It's easy to understand those with “defending” in the front and they were the same with "Jingle Bells" and "Fish Tornado", which were used to escape from the traps and killings, focusing on self-defense rather than attack. But for the first time, the leading items of “combat” somehow showed something subtle and strange.

"Wind and cloud residual volume," Wu Sheng hesitated for a moment, nodding, "I see. We can call the wind as a weapon."

Xu Wang didn't know where his confidence came from, but he had to admit that compared with his own "Cao Chong weighs an elephant", there was at least a clear guidance on human being’s weapons in terms.

In that respect, Sun Jiang gave it a clearer definition. Did the "thunderbolt from the blue" mean that you could split anyone if you wanted!

"Brother Xu," the small voice of Kuang Jinxin interrupted Xu Wang's mind-wandering, saying, "If you don't like to weigh the elephant, let's change it."

Whether the items in the pencil case can be interchanged was still unknown, but Xu Wang looked at Kuang Jinxin's "tears stream down me face" earnestly for a long time. He shook his head and gave a firm response,saying: "It is your destiny that it belongs to you. Keep it well."

Kuang Jinxin looked at the four words that didn't match with weapons for combating. And now he wanted to cry

"Since it's the props for the second mission, why do we get different ones?" Sun Jiang couldn't figure it out, or didn't want to accept the reality, saying "If it's the same as the previous" sliding shoes "that need to have a role to play in a specific situation, then in case we fail to break through the mission. Won’t there be no props when we came in for the second time?"

"Maybe it's not that complicated. It's just a reward for the last handing-in paper." Xu Wang got up and patted the snow. He was nervous mentally, but his body couldn't bear the fatigue. He yawned several times in a row and said "Who knows? Let's go step by step."

Sun Jiang had stood up and looked around to stand ready to act. Seeing that Wu Sheng didn't get up, he was so worried to death, saying: "I said, are you going to get up after having a sleep?"

"I will not go so far," Wu Sheng finally stood up, but his speaking speed was at a steady pace. "But I always think it's useless for us to worry about it tonight, unless one of you can make a plane."

Sun Jiang frowned and said: "What do you mean?"

Xu Wang and Kuang Jinxin also looked at him doubtfully.

Wu Sheng stretched out his arm and pointed out the new coordinates on "paper for cheating for examination ": "This is not in Beijing."

Sun Jiang wanted to sort things out originally.  When he heard this, he was very happy. It was the kind of snorting laugh in disbelief and said: "You tell me that where is this place?"

Wu Sheng didn't care. He pointed to it several times and stepped back to the owl's head, took back his arm and spat out two words of certainty,saying: "Northern Shaanxi."

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

When a group of people walked in the snow for nearly two hours, they traveled around the places they had not been to in the past two days, but they did not trigger any more events, checkpoints, or meet any wild animals. Sun Jiang, who was completely in disbelief and Kuang Jinxin, who was dubious, were completely convinced.

Xu Wang had expected the result and it’s no accident.

Four people sat down in a cave not far from the ice waterfall. Although the rocky ground was cold, it was always better than the snow. Xu Wang took out his mobile phone to check on. It's only 2:30 in the morning.

"Shall we really sit here till five?" Xu Wang came in for two times and he was both bounced out in advance. For the first time he was injured and for the second time he handed in his paper. He had not yet experienced the situation disease-free and without disaster and "off duty on time".

"You can also dance and sing to spend the time," Wu Sheng said, drawing on the ground with a stone that where he picked up, and casually giving advice that he didn't take it to heart. "Anyway, there are only four of us here. No matter how horribly you sing, you can't invite demons or ghosts."

Xu Wang grinned his teeth and wanted to fight back. He saw Kuang Jinxin leaning against Wu Sheng, looking at the "works" on the ground carefully, and asked,"What are you drawing, Brother Wu?"

Wu Sheng was so absorbed in it that he didn't lift his head, saying:"The latitude and longitude row picture."

The more Kuang Jinxin saw the figure outline covered by horizontal and vertical longitudes and latitudes, the more familiar with it he felt. Isn't this the cockerel that China’s map vaguely resembles! He said:"Brother Wu, do you really recite the longitude and latitude of the whole country and the corresponding places?" He gazed at it incredulously.

Wu Sheng kept drawing and said:"Not really, there are still several provinces left."

"That's good enough!" Kuang Jinxin's eyes are shining. "Just now you said that the coordinates were Northern Shaanxi. I didn't dare to believe it. I thought, who could be so marvellous to  locate the place with a look at coordinates!"

Wu Sheng finally put down the stone and raised his head slowly. In his simple smile, he was full of "modesty"and said:"in fact, it's not as complicated as you think. It's just two pictures, One is the longitude and latitude,the other one is map. You overlap them in your heart and then use the Region Segmentation..."

"Wu Sheng -" Xu Wang rolled his eyes and interrupted him. He said the name for long enough, which meant to warn Wu Sheng that "please don't be so loaded again".

Wu Sheng resentfully gave him a "I know that" look. When facing Kuang Jinxin, he was more down to earth and said:"memory is a native inborn talent."

Kuang Jinxin was speechless: "..."

Xu Wang was speechless : "..."

You just didn’t need to tell us the truth !

The battered student Kuang leapt down into the corner, which seemed so pitiful. Xu Wang wanted to say something to comfort him. When he got up, he unconsciously swept his hand over the pocket. He was stunned. His hand went back to his pocket and patted it twice. He still didn’t feel anything in it. At last, he simply reached into his pocket to touch it. Sure enough, it's empty.

The fruit knife was missing.

He clearly remembered that he put it in this pocket when he came in

"What's the matter?" Wu Sheng looked up by the movement of his patting pocket and found something unusual.

There's nothing to hide about it. Xu Wang told the truth: "I brought a fruit knife to defend myself, but now it's missing."

When Sun Jiang and Kuang Jinxin heard this, they looked at him nervously. In such a place where everything could happen, the problem of losing a knife could be big or small.

Wu Sheng frowned, but he still kept calm, saying: "Itt was still there when you came in; or you just found out that it was missing, or it was missing as soon as we came in?"

"Is there a difference?" Sun Jiang didn't catch up with it and said, "Anyway, it has already  disappeared."

Xu Wang understood it. Although he only spent a day and three nights with Wu Sheng ten years later, he had felt so deeply about his "programmer's thinking". Everything had its own operational rules, 1 was 1, 0 was 0. The logic and conditions must be clear. There was no intermediate term of 0.5.

"I haven't touched my pocket since I came in, so I'm not sure if it's just missing, or if it's missing as soon as we came in?."

"I have not idea about it," said Wu Sheng. He was very vexed at not finding out the answer. "It's not enough to judge whether this place will automatically block the" offensive "items or whether you carelessly leave them somewhere here ."

Xu Wang didn’t have to find out the truth either. After all, compared with a small fruit knife, the update of "paper for cheating in examination" was needed in more care, saying: "If that coordinate point is really Northern Shaanxi...

"No ifs," Wu Sheng interrupted him without hesitation,laying a particular emphasis upon  "It is."

If it wasn't for fear of not enough teammates, Xu Wang really wanted to kick him,saying: "Well, that's it. And can you tell us how we get there? "

"Since we can't get to it from here, of course, we have to get to it in reality." Wu Sheng didn't even think about it. He took for granted to answer it.

"Then how can I ask for leave to my boss?" Xu Wang tried to keep smiling and imitated the dialogue might had in the workplace. Word by word, he was gnashing his teeth and said. "Boss, can you give me a few days off? Yes? I want to visit the old liberated area. "

Wu Sheng said: "OK, it;s a good enough reason. "

Xu Wang said: "Come here."

Wu Sheng said: "I refuse."

Xu Wang said: "I promise not to hit you."

Wu Sheng said: "But you will kiss me."

Xu Wang was speechless: "..."

One single slip brings eternal regret!

"Ding -"

The warning tone without any warnings is particularly harsh in the cave.

Xu Wang immediately looked down.

The new information this time came from the roster.

His roster interface was like this——

1 / 23 Xu Wang [back]

1 / 23 Kuang Jinxin [kick]

1 / 23 Sun Jiang [kick]

1 / 23 Wu Sheng [kick]

But now there were only three people left in the list, and there were five words rolling from left to right on the list - < Sun Jiang has exited >.

Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin, who also looked down at the information, also saw it clearly on their arms.

Before the three people spoke, Sun Jiang smiled first with regret and bitterness and said: "I will not leave Beijing, even if I can ask for leave. Leaving Beijing makes no sense for my families. Don't even say that a snitch will cause a headache. Even if it can be said, no one will believe it. I can't let my wife and children worry about me every day... "

As he said this, he changed the subject and said in a brisk voice: "But if I don't go, you may not trigger a new level even if you get to the place. Instead of waiting to be kicked, I'd better take the initiative to make room..."

The tone of pretending not to care was like fooling around, but the words are sincere.

"Now that I'm allowed to leave the team, I'm sure you can add someone else. Don't worry, I have a hunch that the person you meet again is definitely more reliable than me, the old guy. "

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