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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 7 Disturbed

Owl, with the same sound as "Xiao"in Chinese, there is only one phrase in the dictionary,"Chi Xiao". There are many kinds of birds with big head, short mouth and crooked mouth. Owl is one of them.

After confirming the dictionary online, the true face of the "Cluck Cluck" at midnight finally emerged.

That's the cry of an owl and it's also the the first nail in starting the magic moment. 

The night would fade away and the sun would rise in the east, coloring the sky white. And life would always be back on track.Sun Jiang was a driving coach. Today there were still participants practicing driving. He was the first to leave. Kuang Jinxin was a senior university student majoring in tea science. At present, he was an internship in a teahouse. According to him, the owner of the teahouse took good care of him. It was no problem if he asked for another day’s leave. But in fact, they had nothing to do but wait for the night. So he followed the advice of Wu Sheng and Xu Wang, student Kuang also went back to his internship position quietly.

After seeing these two people off, Xu Wang naturally drew his eyes on Wu Sheng and euphemistically gave him his marching orders. From his original mind, of course, he wanted to spend more time with Wu Sheng, but intellectually, he knew that being together was entirely harmful to both of them. And then  just stop harming others and themselves.

Wu Sheng took the hint, but did not plan to implement it. Instead, he stood up and tried to "deepen the feelings of reunion." He said, "Don't show me around?"

Without outsiders, Xu Wang didn’t stand on ceremony. He gave Wu Sheng a slap directly and said: "It's not a museum. I give you a shit to visit it." Besides, there's only a bedroom and living room. And the living room was entirely visible to everyone, leaving the bedroom for  visiting. It was playing rascal of visiting someone’s bedroom without the purpose of having sex with him.

"Why are you acting this way? Or is there something special in it... " Wu Sheng raised his eyebrows viciously. The more unwilling he looked, the more he wanted to get in and he looked straight at the bedroom, saying. "Are you afraid there’s something I’ll find?"

Xu Wang was speechless for a while and stared at him for a long time with itchy teeth. He managed to say:"Why have you been so annoying for ten years?"

Wu Sheng glanced at him. He was just like he used to be ten years ago with the same despise: "Like hell you are! Have you made any progress?."

The relationship between them was just like that of Mr. Wang and Mr. Yu, whose difference was only a stroke. Besides, they knew who they were, so it is hard to win an overwhelming victory in making fun of each other.    Therefore, no one wanted to win an overwhelming victory on it. If they were not properly handled, they would end in disaster for both of them. 

After realizing this, they both were in retreat and entered in a short spring.

However, after they chatted about what’s going on with life, Wu Sheng began to question   the career of his old classmate and said: "Property consultant?"

Xu Wang stubbornly jerked his neck and said: "What's wrong with it?"

Wu Sheng leaned into the sofa, rising to his cloven feet and smiling graciously with a water glass in his hand, saying:"So you are selling houses."

Xu Wang narrowed his eyes and said:"What occupation are you engaged in for starting business in China ?

Wu Sheng took a sip of water slowly and said: "Software development."

Xu Wang nodded and said:"You are a computer programmer.”

A sip of water was stuck in Wu Sheng's throat.

Xu Wang also rose to his cloven feet and his feet were shaking gaily. Strange to say, they haven't seen each other for ten years. When they were battling, it was like being back in high school. Xu Wang thought that maybe he just focused on running away and fighting with the bear when they should be not so close as they used to be. That’s the reason why he missed all the opportunities of greetings and talking of courtesy and directly entered the new chapter of "we were still good classmates".

The sun was already high in the sky and Xu Wang looked at his mobile phone. If he didn’t go to take the subway, he would be absent from work. Make it snappy! He didn’t beat about the bush any more. He simply clapped his thigh and got up to see the guest off, saying:"OK, I have to go to work now. You go back to where you came from"

Wu Sheng looked at him in shock, as if this kind of behavior was beyond his understanding, saying:"Sun Jiang went to work because he has to support his wife and children. Xiao Kuang goes to work because it's a matter of his  comments of the intern. You don't need to support your family or prepare for graduation. When such an important thing happens, don’t you need to sit down and figure out a solution? And do you actually want to go to work?"

When Xu Wang heard this kind of tone of none of his business, he had the impulse of slugging him with his slippers, saying:"I don't need to support my family, but a single can't live on air. I won’t be dead coming out of the cave of owls. But I will be dead if I don't go to work today. I will really die. "

When he asked for leave yesterday, his boss was already very reluctant to approve it. If he asked for leave again today, he would get him sacked forthat. 

"Forget it. You rich people can’t understand our pain." Xu Wang waved and quickly ended the conversation. If they continued to talk about it, he felt like he was snivelling.

Wu Sheng frowned with innocence and grievances and said:"How can I become rich people..."

Xu Wang rolled his eyes and went to the bedroom to change clothes. He didn't want to talk nonsense with him any more.

Two years ago, at the high school reunion, he had learned from a classmate who had been a expatriate worker to the United States that Wu Sheng had done surprisingly well in Silicon Valley and earned his first bucket of gold shortly after graduating from university. According to the momentum, he was on the way to matching Zuckerberg.

Although the description of the classmate must be a bit exaggerated, the envy in his eyes couldn’t fool us. The envy showed that he really thought that Wu Sheng was doing much better than him. However, the classmate who worked abroad was regarded as one of the best by us and he had got an annual salary under thirty.

Xu Wang came out of the bedroom wearing suits and found that Wu Sheng was still sitting on the sofa. He didn't intend to move a bit. Even his crossed legs kept the same radians. He had completely admired him and said:"What do you want to do? Do you really want to stay here?"

Wu Sheng stared at him for a long time seeing his brand-new outfit, with twinkling eyes hidden something unknown.

Xu Wang squirmed under the look and shouted at the top of his voice on purpose: "Hello -".

Wu Sheng blinked and finally came back to his mind. He quickly lowered his head to get the water glass and said: "Ah, well. I had told my partner in advance that I wouldn’t go to the company today."

Xu Wang frowned at first because he didn't understand why he reached for an empty cup. But later, his frown was deeper and deeper. It is all because of his words:"Do you mean that you want to stay here for a day?"

After drinking water for half a day with his head up, Wu Sheng found that there was no water in the glass. He pretended to put it down naturally and slowly looked up. He showed a strong sense of righteousness on his face and said:"Your lives are important, so I have to sacrifice myself. Someone’s gonna think about how to deal with owls."

"You can think about it in a different place."

"I don't have a place in Beijing."


"I don’t have a bullshit."


In three years of high school, the winning rate   of Xu Wang against Wu Sheng has been stable at 50%. Now both of them were adults. After ten years of different life circumstances, Xu Wang sadly found that his winning rate seemed to have declined.

"Don't go through my stuff." Xu Wang stood outside the door and placed a ban on Wu Sheng, who saw him off in the porch. "If I find out..." He narrowed his eyes and dangerously and said:"I will finish with you."

Wu Sheng nodded with unprecedented sincerity and solemnity.

Well.There's absolutely a secret in the bedroom.

The security door was shut with a bang.

Xu Wang sighed with his head down with the regret of being a loser and waited for the elevator.

Wu Sheng felt his chin and looked at the the perfectly closed bedroom door. And he pictured  countless ulterior things hidden in it .

Through the door, there were various ideas were crashing together in his brain.

When Xu Wang squeezed into the subway, Wu Sheng, who had been struggling for nearly half an hour in front of the bedroom door, received a call from his partner. There was a technical problem in the developing program, which several engineers could not solve. So they had to call him to solve it in person, as the director of R & D and half-owner.

Wu Sheng sighed on the phone and the joy he just accumulated was dispersed and said: "You are also the boss. Can't you solve this small problem by yourself?"

The tone on the other end of the phone suddenly went up, saying: "Small problem? If I can solve this small problem, I will not invest the same money as you but only be a shareholder in the company with 30% and you 70%. "

Wu Sheng lost for words.

How do you say as the saying goes ? The more shares you hold, the greater the responsibility you have.

"Let Xiaomu deliver my notebook. I'll send you the address later."

"Can't you go back to the company? What's so important that you can't leave for a while? "

"I don’t have a key."


"I don’t have a key. So I can't leave. If I leave the house, I can't come in any more."

The man of the other side on the phone was into silence.

For a long time, Wu Sheng heard his partner ask him a question,"Are you doing anything against the law..."

The notebook was delivered soon, but the so-called "small problem" was not easy to solve. It was two o'clock in the afternoon when it was completely solved. Wu Sheng sent the data back to the company, forgetting about the things of bedroom. And he took a look at the time and opened the extranet without a single halt.

Xu Wang felt ill at ease all day. He was always afraid that the things in his bedroom would be exposed. He had to comfort himself over and over again. It’s all right. He had told Xu Wang that if he went through my stuff, I would finish with him. Wu Sheng dared not do it.

He didn’t know if he thought too much about it. He slept so soundly during the lunch break but he still had a vague dream. In the dream, Wu Sheng stood in the middle of his bedroom, holding a box of trophy, like the villain  in Marvels holding the Tesseract.

Maybe he had been at the height of bad luck. It's time for a rally. The client cultivated previously came to sign the contract this afternoon. It was not Xu Wang who would receive him. But the client appointed Xu Wang who had introduced a variety of floors and housing styles patiently and led the clients to forecast the future development around the house to sign the contract. Really, the client had bought the large dwelling-size house of the building.   

Once the apartment was sold, only the commission was more than 20000 yuan and the amount was recorded in the total performance, which was directly related to performance evaluation at the end of the year and the  year-end bonuses.

With the joy of signing the contract, he was like bathing in the spring wind. Xu Wang’s  previous fatigue and anxiety had been swept away, going home from work in high spirits. When he was squeezing into the subway, he had particularly tremendous spirits.

When he got to his door, Xu Wang was not quiet sure what he was thinking. With infinite care, he took the key and opened the door. People who didn’t know him might thought he was a thief who was sneaking into others’ houses.

When he opened the door and entered the porch, it was so quiet. If streaks of neon light didn’t filtered through the window, he could hardly see Wu Sheng in the sofa.

The man was sitting in the sofa, sleeping soundly with his head titling to one side. There was a laptop on the tea table, which Xu Wang had never seen before. The screen was shining with a graceful cold flash. He didn’t know  whether it was because Wu Sheng had just fallen asleep or the computer itself had cancelled sleep. So the screen was still bright without any operation.

Creeping up to the sofa, Xu Wang bent down slightly. After meeting him again, it was the first time for him to look narrowly at him .

His eyes, nose, mouth, were really almost the same with those days with the same attractive smiles.“Face with sentiment” was the definition of Wu Sheng's appearance given by Xu Wang in senior high school, although Wu Sheng never had relationship with anyone for the whole three years of senior high school.

The breath, along with Xu Wang's peeping, sprinkled on Wu Sheng's eyelashes. He couldn’t tell whether it was true or an illusion, because the eyelashes of Wu Sheng suddenly trembled. . Instantly Xu Wang felt guilty and straightened up, pretending to look somewhere else. 

When he was pretending, he glanced at the screen of the laptop.
There were all English words on the screen.  Xu Wang chewed them from top to bottom for a long time and finally figured out the two words with the highest frequency - MULTIVERSE and PARALLEL UNIVERSES.

Xu Wang only recognized the word "universe" and simply took out his mobile phone to look up the translation online. As a result, the first word was "Duo yuan yu zhou" and the second phrase was "Ping xing yu zhou".

Xu Wang didn’t have any researches on these profound problems, but after watching many sci-fi movies and connecting with the experiences of these two days, he probably understood what Wu Sheng was searching for.
He was indeed doing researches, not just speaking casually.
When he met a problem, he had to stick to it until he found the answer. There was absolutely no the word "escape" in his ideas. Wu Sheng  was just this style of doing things ten years ago.
Creeping back to the bedroom, Xu Wang didn’t turn on the light and changed clothes firstly instead of opening the wardrobe to check on. It was not until it was confirmed that a box in the deepest corner of the wardrobe had not been moved that he patted his chest and took a breadth slowly.

"Why are you rummaging? What are you looking for?" There was someone asking  questions from the door, with a tone subtly rising.
Xu Wang was scared by his voice and  immediately slapped the door of the wardrobe with a bang. He looked up to see Wu Sheng's eyes with exploration and tried to make him  look inviolable from head to toe:"I'm looking for clothes to change. It is none of your business! Besides, this is my house. Can you knock at the door before you come in? "

Wu Sheng leaned against the doorpost with his hands circling and looked at him in ease and said:“I have knocked at the door, but you may be too sneaky to hear the knock." 
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