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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 13 Under Attack

The scream caused the whole economy class to stir up. The two stewards and two stewardesses of four flight attendants who were preparing meals at the tail of the plane stopped their work at once, walked quickly along the aisle toward the "accident site", and reminded left and right passengers as they walked: "Please sit down and fasten your seatbelt."

They tried hard to make their voices sound calm and powerful, but still with uncontrollable fear and trembling.

The passengers were obedient, the noise gradually decreased, and soon went to the other extreme——the whole cabin fell into the suffocating dead silence.

Xu Wang didn't wait to see any more. He got up and raised his legs to jump over Miss Mu jiuba's legs. Then he trotted all the way to the wing. Blocked by the four flight attendants, he couldn't see anything at all, so he had to stretch his neck and ask Qian Ai, "What's the matter?"

Qian Ai sat next to the screamer and saw clearer than the flight attendant. He immediately provided information: "A Time Bomb with a password, was taped under the window, with 3 hours and 58 minutes left for the countdown!"

Xu Wang's blood was frozen, and his mouth reacted faster than his brain. He blurted out, "Get out of the way, get out of the way, I can defuse the bomb!"

As expected, the flight attendants flashed to both sides, even the passengers sitting next to the aisle stood up and made way for Xu Wang.

"Come out, too!" Xu Wang pointed to the passenger sitting in the innermost window who was also the first to find the bomb and scream.

The passenger was eager to escape, and rushed out at once. Xu Wang squeezed in without saying a word, and made a close observation with the only Qian AI in the row, almost tipping his nose to the bomb.

It was a black box, which was pasted horizontally and vertically with a cross-shaped under the window near the ground by silver tape. The tape was wide and glowing with cold light, like silver foil.

The "countdown" was not on the black box, but on the horizontal silver foil. The scarlet number had been reduced to 3:57:08; the vertical silver foil was covered by horizontal one, and divided into two parts, the upper was the display screen, with four empty positions"_ _ _ _"vertically arranged. The lower was keyboard with number  1-9 and letter A-Z, arranged in 5x7 square.

This obviously meant "please input", no wonder Qian Ai said it was a password bomb.

"When did you know how to defuse the bomb?" Without looking back, Xu Wang knew that the familiar voice with spanking tone was from the guy who in first-class.

"It's a fake that I can disassemble the bomb, but it’s true that you will jinx it" he glanced back angrily. "Thanks for your kind words, we're going to be blown away!"

"Where's the fire? Since it's a stage, there must be a way to break through it." Wu Sheng also crowded in, the narrow space immediately became "intimate without extra space".

Xu Wang tried to ignore Wu Sheng's breath and devote himself to the "observation" of dangerous objects. Wu Sheng didn’t have this trouble at all. Because In front of the difficulties, he always focused on them automatically and never looked askance.

"Choose 4 from 35," Wu Sheng said quietly at a glance. "If the four digits can't be repeated, there are 1256640 passwords. If they can be repeated, there will be an additional 243985."

His tone was calm and determined, and they could feel the light of wisdom just by listening.

Xu Wang, not caring about the old grudge, turned around in surprise and said, "Can you decode it?"

"How could it be?" Wu Sheng shrugged righteously, "There are more than one million kinds. It’s not enough time if I just try one by one with the exhaustive method. Even if time is enough, my hand fingers will be worn away."

"..." How could he fall in love with such a guy!!!

Kuang Jinxin was the last one to come here. There was no more space in this row, so he had to stand on the aisle next to Wu Sheng, while trying to "fight" with flight attendants who want to draw him back, and listened to his teammates' discussion for fear of missing a sentence to affect the follow-up cooperation. As a result, he found that the three teammates were all around the extremely high-end academic road of "decoding the password". And finally after pulling away one stewardess with one hand, he put his head in: "According to the meaning of the paper for cheating in exams, should we ask those passengers?"

The three brothers who racked their brains turn around the head, and wondered at him: "the paper?"

"Yes," Kuang Jinxin never thought that he could become the head of IQ, "Asking frequently can bring more chance, isn’t it that we should ask more?"

"Well, wait a minute, it seems that our information is not same." Xu Wang pulled Kuang Jinxin's arm and clicked twice into the paper.

Sure enough, at the end of a series of information of urging boarding, there's another one that none of them have——<Asking frequently can bring more chance>.

Kuang Jinxin saw the expression of his teammates and realized a little: "Didn't you all receive it?"

"What did you do just now?" Instead of wasting time, Wu Sheng asked the key points directly.

Kuang Jinxin's face was dazed and he fell into endless thinking.

All clever things were done by teammates, Qian Ai only had to as audience, but his eyes were sharp. All of a sudden, he saw that the steward who had just been pulled away by Kuang Jinxin had to start pulling again. He immediately took action, supported his hand on the seat back, soared out of the top of Wu Sheng's and Xu Wang's head. He was like a heavy stone falling steadily into the aisle, grabbing the steward's neck: "Hey, brother, If you're really such a tough guy, you can fight with me, don't bully the child!"

That domineering, that fierce, he was different from the guy who locked the anti-theft chain not long ago.

Inspired by the teammates' help, Kuang Jinxin finally grasped the clue in his confused thoughts: "I'm chatting with my neighbor! After chatting for more than a dozen sentences, the paper began to ring. And I continued to talk more enthusiastically. If I didn't hear the screams here, I could know that where they came from, what their jobs were and what their social relations were! "

That was it.

At the first level, skateboarding shoes was given to Xu Wang because he lost his shoes. At this level Kuang Jinxin, who was really chatting with the "passengers"——Xu Wang cut off the idea of deep chat directly after only ask their names——was given the special tips of the paper.

Everything couldn't be predicted in advance, but there were traces to follow after happened.

Xu Wang looked at Wu Sheng, not doubting, but affirming: "the person who knows the password is in the passengers."

Wu Sheng nodded and his eyes were bright: "we can pass it if we get the answer."

Xu Wang's lips were in a straight line, and suddenly he hesitated: "is it really so simple?"

Who couldn't chat? We could fulfil the task by asking all the way?

"You just think too much and do too little," Wu Sheng stood up and moved his shoulders. "you can spend the time used in thinking it in asking many people." He swept back and forth, and assigned the task immediately. "I'll ask the passengers in first class, Xiao Kuang ask business class. You and Lao Qian are still in economy class. One asks from the front to the back, the other talks from the back to the front, maximizing efficiency."

"OK!" Qian Ai answered almost conditionally. After that, he added impressively, "The class leader is bright and brave which is the same as before."

"He doesn't have a paper to lent you for copy even if you flatter him now." Xu Wang laughed at him. And then stood up and said to the four flight attendants, "we can relieve the crisis, we don’t need your cooperation, but   don’t hope you do a grave disservice, otherwise, if explode, no one can run away."

Those who were used to smiling were more intimidating when they are strict.

"Do everything as usual such as sending water or food, and try to calm the passengers down. The rest will be handed over to us."

The two stewardesses nodded time to time. When Xu Wang finished, one immediately turned to pick up the drink truck, and the other began to soft talk with surrounding passengers to comfort them.

Two stewards didn’t move their feet with higher vigilance.

Xu Wang looked at the one who competed with Qian Ai. For a moment, the latter loosed his strength and released the signal of peace.

Qian Ai also loosened the arm like iron rope and dusted the dust on his body with a master style.

Xu Wang couldn't understand: "If you're really such a tough guy, why hung the anti-thief chain when hearing we knocked at the door."

"I don't know how many people are outside. Of course, safety comes first!" Qian Ai looked at two stewards in satisfied smile, "I must confirm the  eyes to make sure they are the person that can be beaten."

"..." Put aside the fresh rhetoric coat, wasn’t it bullying the weak and fearing the strong!!!

Looking at the countdown on the bomb, Wu Sheng just wanted to remind the two of them to stop talking nonsense and take actions separately, but suddenly he felt that the top of his head was dark.

Instinctively, he looked up and saw only a big net coming down!

The four of them hadn't been separated yet. There was no chance to proactive in front of the net rolling down like the wind. The net seems to had some magic power. It could pass through something like the back of the seat and directly came to them.

In a flash, the net fell, and then all four of them were caught in the net and hoisted to the sky!

"What the hell is this!" Qian Ai struggled in the net, but his 190cm body was unable to find a way out.

"Hey, don't kick me——" Kuang Jinxin was dizzy and suffered a kick from the struggling Qian Ai, which was a mess.

Xu Wang and Wu Sheng were not so good either.

Four people were like fish in a net. Even if you were alive, you couldn't escape from the net.

The familiar sound of banter heard simultaneously by the ears of four people——

[owl: someone has used “combat] capture all in one net”

The mouth of the four stood agape, did not wait for their reaction, the net bag suddenly swung up, like the plastic bag which was thrown forward vigorously by the human, flying like the wind toward the tail of the plane along the aisle!

The flight attendants at the tail of the plane preparing the dinner, were so frightened that they instinctively dodged to both sides!

Qian Ai: "I don't want to die yet."

Kuang Jinxin: "After guessing the idiom, shouldn't it be reciting a sentence of a poem containing the given character? The difficulty should be gradual!"

Wu Sheng: "Close your eyes, hold your breath, and be ready to fall or enter the water. Death should not be possible."

Qian Ai: "Really?!"

Wu Sheng: "Guess."

Kuang Jinxin: "..."

Qian AI: "Help——"

Old Qian's last long howl was a tragic BGM for the collision between the net bag and the metal wall.

It was in the last moment that Xu Wang, who had been looking back from the net pocket, finally caught four unusual faces.

The four were scattered among the passengers. Like all other passengers who didn't know the truth, they got up to look at the "weird net bag".

If Xu Wang didn't start with the aim of "catching people", he would not be able to find them in the end.

All the passengers were screaming and panicking, except them, who had tricky expressions and twinkling eyes showing the guilty conscience like being thieves, and revealing the uneasiness of holding their breath to wait for the result.

At the moment when the net pocket hit the tail of the plane, the four people all felt the huge wallop, as if all the bones of the whole body had been smashed, they got the pain of their life.

The world was suddenly quiet.

The temperature plummeted. It was as cold as freezing bone marrow. The air became thin.

Pain clamoured in the body, but what they could do was to grasp the eyelet of the net to breathe.

As if they were not miserable enough, the sound reminded they again——

[owl: Someone has used “combat throwing to the winds” on you.]

Wu Sheng was the first one to open his eyes, endured severe pain and extreme cold, and looked up.

They were still in the net bag, which was no longer in the plane. It was like a ball resting tens of thousands of feet high, with thick clouds below and dazzling sunlight above.

Why Qian Ai could be seen without adding him to team?

Wu Sheng finally found the answer.

They were catched in one net.

They were thrown out of the sky.

They thought it was a task. However, it was a battlefield.

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