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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 12 Unexpectedness

"You finally see me." Qian Ai stared at the two old classmates, and his voice rose delicately. "Don't you take your brother to travel?"

Xu Wang put his arm around Kuang Jinxin violently: "This is my brother!"

Wu Sheng wasn’t to be undone and fought back with his eyebrows cocked, saying: "Are you going to eat all over China?"

Qian Ai fumbled his bosom and pulled out a  Chinese hamburger. He bit a large chunk out of the Chinese hamburger. While chewing food, he said resentfully, "I can't even believe my old classmates these days!"

Kuang Jinxin was confused. He looked at Qian Ai, then Wu Sheng and Xu Wang. He had a hard reasoning in the fragrance of Chinese hamburger,saying: "So this is a new team? "

After a brief exchange, everyone finally was honest with each other and understood each other’s difficulties. 

Needless to say, Xu Wang, Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin had to rush to this battlefield after handing in the 1/23 paper. Compared with Qian Ai, he was the only one in his team who wanted to come here, so he had to come alone without any teammates. But after he came here, he couldn't find anyone to form a team. Therefore, he just got in, had a trip and then went out at five every morning. Such and such, it had been three days.

As the saying goes, the cries of owls were like a bond between us that brought us together, and we should cherish this fate.

It's not true to say they were not shocked, but after shock, they were a little delighted - acquaintances are better than strangers and benefits should always be kept for our own people.So it's almost no need to hesitate to team up.

This time, there were only three alternates in the list. The prefix was still 1 / 23, not counting Qian Ai. None of the other two were familiar to Xu Wang, Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin. The names we saw last night were gone, not even Sun Jiang.

Qian Ai stayed here three days longer than them, and found out more rules,saying: "The alternates should only be in the same geographic coordinate range. For example, if you are in Beijing, you can invite only those who are in Beijing. If you are here, you can invite only those who are here. Otherwise, if the teammates are in different places, how can they pass the border and hand in papers together? "

That sounds reasonable. Last night, only Sun Jiang was on the list of alternates, but there was not Qian Ai. Tonight, it's just the opposite.

Qian Ai joined the team smoothly, but he had very complex feelings, saying: "Does this shit place bring a disaster to our class?"

Xu Wang also felt the same way.

The old classmates scattered around the world busy making a living were destined to get together again, but in the magical disaster with unpredictable future. This scene was bitterly disappointing to who knew it. If the headteacher of our high school had came, he would have hugged them one by one with heartaches.

Wu Sheng was not as sentimental as the two of them. After self-arranged Qian Ai into the team, he looked around for possible crises or hints. However, after searching for it to no avail, another doubt welled up in his heart - when they parted company with Sun Jiang in the snow field, Sun Jiang disappeared immediately. But when they saw Qian Ai, he clearly didn't form a team with them, which was a contradiction?

All of a sudden, Kuang Jinxin's voice interrupted Wu Sheng's train of thought ans said: "I remember! How can I feel that the name is so familiar! " He was excited to ask Wu Sheng and Xu Wang to prove it, "Brother Wu, Brother Xu, is he  the Qian AI you said when you guessed idioms in the snow field? Who Eat things like the wind blows the scattered clouds away?”

Qian Ai narrowed his eyes as he heard that. At last, when he was talking to the two old classmates, his eyes were like two sharp seams and said: "My old classmates, please give me an explanation."

Wu Sheng calmly loosened his hands and  said: "we are just stating the facts Uh...”

Xu Wang covered the mouth with his hand that sabotaged the relationship of the team, and smiled at Qian Ai with fraternal unity, saying: "This is a long story..."

As Xu Wang was repairing the  friendship boat, the "Ding" of "four in one" made the atmosphere suddenly tense.

Everyone looked at their arms immediately: < paper for cheating in exams > - < Passenger Kuang Jinxin, Qian Ai, Wu Sheng and Xu Wang. Please check in at G4 as soon as possible. >

The first reaction of Xu Wang, Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin was to look at Qian Ai. But he was also confused and said: "Don't look at me. I've never been in a successful team. Every time I come in, I stand here foolishly. Today is the first time I receive this message."

Obviously, only when the team was full would the owls give a new hint.

Now, the mission 2 / 23, officially got started.

There was no changes in the surroundings, but everyone felt the tension all of sudden.

G4 was not far in front of the ramp. A handsome guy was on duty. The counter was so quiet. There were no passengers for checking in. Four people came to the counter. Before they spoke, the fellow had printed out four boarding passes, promptly without raising his head and threw them on the counter,saying: "Please hurry up to pass the security check and go  boarding at Gate17, otherwise it's too late."

His voice was very low, with some kind of strange attraction.

Xu Wang wanted to talk more with him, but suddenly he put up a sign of "Suspension of relevant formalities " and left without looking back.

He was so fast that he disappeared behind the baggage conveyor like a ghost in a blink. Xu Wang looked at the empty counter and got a goose bumps, saying: "Is he a human being? 

"I don't know. Anyway, if you talk to him, he can answer whatever you ask." Qian Ai was the person who came here. In three days, he almost talked to the ground crew. "But as soon as you say that this place is fake or an unreal world, they either can't understand it or look at you as if they are looking at psychosis."

“NPC, "Jing Xin suddenly mumbled in a complete quietness all the way,"It’s just like NPC in the game. "

"That's not right," said Qian Ai. "NPC has two or three lines at most and repeated them again and again. I even know about their ancestors. No matter how and what you talk to them, in a straight or roundabout way, they can answer up to everything!"

"Artificial intelligence," Wu Sheng cut in but his eyes were fixed on passers-by, focusing as if he were examining a line of code. "Now the  technological  level has reached the state of no obstacles for man-machine communication. Not to mention here."

Indeed, not to mention here.

A magic space where anything could happen, a treacherous place where people could be forced to drag in, let alone artificial intelligence. Even if they thought these people were the extras who were willing to cooperate with, no one dared to deny it absolutely.

"Ding -"

Kuang Jinxin, Qian Ai, Wu Sheng and Xu Wang, please pass the security check as soon as possible and go to gate 17 for boarding! 

From the item“ the paper for cheating in exams”, thousands of ding sounds were like outrageous urges.

Since they came here, they had not choice but overcome the obstacles.

With no more hesitation, a group of people rushed to the safety inspection passage immediately.

There was nothing worthy of inspection because they all came without burdens. Four people entered the waiting hall smoothly, but Xu Wang found that Kuang Jinxin was in low spirits all the way. Of course, no one would be happy when entering this awful place, but Kuang Jinxin was always optimistic and lively, which was really abnormal. When they  asked him, they learned that when the entrance was open, he was waiting for it  with his backpack over his shoulders. As a result, he turned around and fell into the terminal. It turned out that he was intact, but his backpack was gone. 

Although there was nothing valuable in the bag, they were also the "essential household" carefully selected by Kuang. According to him, no matter how dangerous the environment was, whether we need food, drink,clothing or keeping cool, to spend the night or travel, to dance or sing, he had "equipment" all needed in his backpack.Losing his backpack was really frustrating.

Xu Wang patted his brother on the shoulder and admitted that he was entitled to comfort him,saying: "Don't worry, you won’t get lost. According to my experience, your bag must be lying on the floor of the hotel now."

"But I don't have anything dangerous in my backpack." Kuang Jinxin's eyebrows drooped. It seemed that he felt so wronged.

"That's because you backpack was too big!" Xu Wang knocked on his head and said:"Come on, cheer up. Your bag will get lost if you don’t let go of a grudge. Look to the future. We have no idea what 

 kind of ghosts and monsters are waiting for us on the plane."

"I suddenly thought of a question," Wu Sheng, who was walking in the foremost, turned around without warning,saying: "If we were bounced back to reality on the plane, would it be like jumping off the building in reality?"

Xu Wang, who was close behind Wu Sheng, almost ran into him. As soon as he tried to hold his ground on the field, he heard the brutal assumption and immediately felt so desperate and helpless for life, saying: "Can you just say some propitious words?"

Wu Sheng tilted his head to think about it, then switched the thread of conversation to some other subject: "I suppose not. Since it could pop you up at the moment when you were attacked by a bear, which shows that the" protection mechanism "exists by default. So we shouldn’t have failed to think of that there is the BUG of the" ejection take-off of aircraft ". OK, I am fine for now. "

Xu Wang was speechless: "..."

Kuang Jinxin said: "Brother Wu, only you are fine now..."

Qian Ai said: "But we are all on the verge of panic !"

There seemed to be no end of the way to the waiting hall. Gate 17 was more like existing in the legend, because the four people had been walking forward. They had counted 1234, and had seen 20, 30, but only No. 17 was missing. They didn’t really saw it until more than 20 minutes later.

By time, they had walked about 1.5-2 kilometers.

This time, the area map and coordinates were not provided on the “paper for cheating in exams”, but 1.5-2km was exactly the distance between the hotel and Zhen Beitai.

Checked in and went boarding, and stewardess were standing at the entrance of the cabin, smiling gently and beautifully.

According to the tickets, the four people separately sat in the first class (Wu Sheng), business class (Kuang Jinxin), the wing of economy class(Qian Ai), the tail of economy class (Xu Wang).

As the four people settled down, the plane began to go down the runway slowly. After a while, Xu Wang felt slight weightlessness and tinnitus - the airplane took off.

What if they were being ejected on the plane?

Xu Wang hated the question raised by Wu Sheng, because it had taken root in his subconscious now. And he started to feel the dull pain again in the wound that have been healing nicely on his shoulder .

"Don't be nervous. The discomfort is only in the take-off and climbing stages. The plane will be stable in a moment." There came a kind and generous voice in Xu Wang’s ears.

Xu Wang turned his head. It was the man in the next chair, who was a middle-aged man with glasses. He was polite and elegant and looked like a scholar or a teacher from temperament.

"Is it the first time to take the airplane?" Seeing that Xu Wangbu was silent, the man asked that again. But it didn’t sound like inquiry, which was more like chatting casually to defuse awkward situations  due to the silence.

His voice was different from that of the previous ground crew. It was natural and kind, just like that of ordinary people. But Xu Wang was still uneasy. The shadow left behind made it hard for him to trust anyone again. In the chaos of thoughts, he asked abruptly, "What's your name?"

There was a flash of astonishment in the man's eyes, and it’s like saying "Is there anyone chatting this way? "?

Xu Wang looked at the delicate micro- expressions. For a moment, he really wanted to believe that he was "human", until he heard his answer: "My name is Yin Yilinlin. How about you?"

How unreliable parents could give their children the name!

Xu Wang still didn’t give up and asked the young girl on his right: "What's your name?"

The girl smiled and answered: "Mu Jiuba."

Xu looked over her and asked the passenger across the aisle, "What's your name?"

The three passengers in the last row looked at him and introduced themselves  generously—

"Ping Jiuwu."

"Huang Jiuliu."

"He Jiuqi."

Xu Wang looked at their smiling faces, but he had little to smile.

There were four hours left.

A voice of gleeful delight suddenly reached the ears, which was weird with the joy and naughty with the coldness.

Xu Wang was so familiar with the voice.

It took him home.

It congratulated them on handing in their papers.

Four hours left? What did this mean?

As soon as doubts arose, a window passenger near the wing in front of him screamed: "There's a bomb!Ah Ah"

... Could you give us a cruder hint!

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