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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 5 Paper Handing

The new idiom was "heart like dead ashes".

It just expressed Xu Wang's feeling  at the moment.

The sense of exhaustion and powerlessness brought by frequent setbacks had made Xu Wang unable to concentrate on doing gestures or explanation. His first idea was to directly say words to interrupt and change new idiom, but when he thought about his own state, he changed his mind.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Wang began to feel a little steady in the quiet passing seconds. He expected that he could find some completely new hope when the next idiom appeared.

The team-mates who guessed the idioms were not clear, so Wu Sheng was puzzled to see him. Kuang Jinxin directly asked "Brother, why don't you talk anything", while Sun Jiang didn't hold the hope for a long time, and said recklessly "I should not guess at the beginning. This is a fucking trick, who is serious is stupid."

After ten seconds, the "heart like dead ashes" disappeared and replaced with "hit by five thunderbolts".

Xu Wang touched the bottom and bounced back. He spread out his arms as fast as the speed of thunder and shook hands like a sudden clap of thunder. He spoke quickly as a flash of lightning: "click——click——bang——" the last one was the sound of he slapped his forehead hard!

Wu Sheng was suddenly enlightened: "be killed by lighting!"

Kuang Jinxin understood: "thunderclap from the blue!"

"It's thunderclap, but there's no thunderclap in it!" Xu Wang nearly died. This was the first time they were so close to the answer, but the closer they got, the more anxious they were.

Sun Jiang: "it seems to move!"

Xu Wang was very happy that Sun Jiang was also engaged in guessing idioms, but: "Big brother, even if it’s not correct, you may as well say an idiom!"

"I said is the bear!" The panic in Sun Jiang's eyes became more and more intense, "The bear seems to move!"

Xu Wang was chilled with fear. His eyes immediately moved back from the ice waterfall to the black shadow under the feet of the three people, Sun Jiang was a liar. What was that bear seems to move, this fucking had climbed up!!!

As if feeling the "hot vision", the shaky black bear finally stood up and raised the small eyes, locking Xu Wang tightly.

One person, one bear, no more than two meters apart.

Xu Wang stepped on the pulley shoes and rubbed back slightly. His throat was dry and his palms were sweaty.

The black bear tentatively took a step forward and found that he didn't encounter the mysterious obstacles that hurt him before, so he tried to take the second step.

Xu Wang's heart strings stretched to the limit. He stepped on his roller skates and quickly reached the tree seven or eight meters away. He held the trunk of the tree and stared at the black bear without blinking.

The black bear didn't take the second step, but raised one claw to gently dig the ground, once and twice, as if the roar of the accelerator before racing.

"Roar -"

Roaring furiously, the black bear, like a huge shell, came straight to Xu Wang!

Xu Wang's heart strings were completely broken, and the wind blew on his feet, running away for his life!

Only this acre of land was hard snow among such a large mountain forest. It was hard to walk on roller skates on other lands. So Xu Wang could only circle around the three teammates and the black bear!

The teammates in the invisible barrier were in a hurry but couldn't help him. Kuang Jinxin was terribly anxious and shouted: "Brother Xu, Why don’t you be killed by it directly, after finished, we will bounce back to reality as did yesterday!"

Xu Wang dodged the black bear's paw and opened a new distance. He wanted to cry without tears: "My little brother, I can't gamble with my life. If it happened quite by chance yesterday, I would have given my life to this ghost place!

"Then run to other places and get rid of it. Why do you keep circling here?" Seeing Xu Wang was in danger, Sun Jiang, who has just said something cool, was worried about Xu Wang, 

"The snow in other places was too thick and soft to slide!" The more Xu Wang explained, the more sad he was. Just now when he guessed the idioms, he still thought that the skateboard shoes didn't seem to be of great use. Now he knew he was wrong and too stupid and too naive. Just like the fish tornado leading the bear away and the sled flying to the coordinate point, skateboard shoes must also be rubbed again and again to take the devil's step!

"Continue." Wu Sheng suddenly said.

Xu Wang, who has slipped past, looked back at his calm and firm face.

"If there's no other way," Wu Sheng raised his eyebrows. "then go ahead and guess the right idiom to get out of trouble."

Xu Wang wanted to say, " It's easy for you to say that because it's not you who to be chased by the bear!" , but looking at the familiar firmness on Wu Sheng's face, Xu Wang swallowed the words again.

This was Wu Sheng. When he really wanted to solve a problem, he would abandon all distractions and all the details he thought unnecessary. He would only stress the key point, grasp the main line, go straight to the core. He would be focused and be efficient.

In Xu Wang's mind, this was Wu Sheng's most handsome moment, whether it was many years ago in high school or many years later now.

"Brother Xu -" Kuang Jinxin shouted directly.

As soon as Xu Wang was nervous, he slid forward conditionally. The bear claw cut his down jacket and several white duck feathers flew out.

At the sight of Xu Wang on the edge of life and death, Wu Sheng was almost shocked to stop breathing. He was not steady at all and went straight into a rage, "Don’t look at me, look at the idiom, look at the bear!"

In fact, Xu Wang didn't dare to wander his attention even without Wu Sheng’s warning.

With the devil's steps, Xu Wang sped up several times to open the distance again, and then looked up at the ice waterfall.

He didn’t know how many idioms had been changed on the ice waterfall, what was given at the moment was "angry eyes open wide", the countdown still had seven seconds.

From the beginning to the present, a lots of idioms had been changed on the ice waterfall. Suddenly, Xu Wang realized that this "word-stock" might not be unlimited, perhaps it was close to the bottom, every next idiom might be the last one, and as long as the answer was wrong again, they would lose everything.

The sudden pressure made Xu Wang panic, but it also made him realize that he had to fight to win or die.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Wang calmed himself down and slowly separated the body from the mind. The body was handed over to the muscle memory to keep the skating shoes circle. The mind was all concentrated on the idioms.

This was the secret of exam that Wu Sheng taught him in those days. It was especially effective when the way of solving problems was stuck.

Xu Wang: "What does our high school teaching director look like every day?"

Wu Sheng was stunned for half a second, only half a second, and then clanged out a voice: " fiendish look like devil, straighten eyebows raise eyes, angry eyes wide open!"


Long-lost crisp.

"Right? That's right, isn't it! " Kuang Jinxin was the first to shout, more excited than Xu Wang.

Xu Wang didn't have time to respond to him, but his raised lips was the answer.

It was the first time that the word had been changed within 10 seconds.

Xu Wang looked at the new idiom and cheered: "She(one’s first name) Haiyang sings!"

Wu Sheng: "Ghosts cry wolves howl! make hair stand on end,hated by man & god! "


Xu Wang: "Zhang Lei wants to chase Zou Lulu!"

Wu Sheng: "tell some fantastic tales, in a fool's paradise!"


"Qian AI eats something!"

" wind puffs clouds away!"

" Jingle bell——"

[Owl: Congratulations on passing the examination, and 1/23 successfully handed in the paper! See you tomorrow.]

The familiar voice sounded in the ear, but the content changed from yesterday's "Take a holiday in advance, see you home" to today's "Congratulations", and the tone was the same style that deserved a hard beating.

Xu Wang looked at the darkness and felt that the weightlessness was coming again. He wanted to shout to others, but unable, and wanted to catch something, but nothing.

He didn't know how long it was, it seemed like a very long time, or just a fleeting moment, the feet finally stepped on the ground again.

The breeze blew across the cheek.

Looking around, Xu Wang saw nothing in the darkness. He was a little flustered. He subconsciously said, "Wu Sheng?"

"Here." the answer was heared, very close.

"Brother Xu, I'm also here!" It must be Kuang Jinxin who will report himself without being called.

"What the hell is this place!" said by Sun Jiang, who was always on the edge of rage.

The teammates were all here, which made Xu Wang feel at ease.

The eyes returning from the bright snow field finally slowly adapted to the dark, Xu Wang looked up, and saw the bright light which was reflected by moon behind the dark clouds.

There was a fresh breeze again.

Obviously, it should be a cool night wind in late autumn. But it was warm and itchy when it blew on the cold red face.

It was night, it was night in Beijing.

They were back.

Xu Wang finally settled down, took back his eyes and looked around. Of course, he thought he was still standing at the crossroads like yesterday, but he was stunned. Where was the road? The four of them were standing on a bridge on the lake which was not too wide. It looked like an artificial lake in the park. The bridge railings made of iron, were exquisite and simple. On the other side of the bridge, there seemed to be green trees and lush plants, the branches swayed gently with the wind under the moonlight, and the shadows were unclear.

Hold on.

Xu Wang narrowed his eyes and looked carefully. The more he saw it, the more familiar he thought it was: "isn't this Youth Lake Park?"

As soon as he reminded them, Kuang Jinxin and Sun Jiang, who also lived nearby and often came to breathe fresh air, suddenly realized, "Yes, it is!"

Xu Wang was full of questions and about to continue to communicate with his teammates when he heard Wu Sheng read a string of numbers: "116.4085, 39.9616."

Following the sound, he saw Wu Sheng staring down at his mobile phone. The cold light reflected on the screen brightened his knitted brow.

"Your... cell phone from where? "

"I put it in my pocket before I was sucked in tonight, but it's useless. It has no signal in there..." Before he finished speaking, Wu Sheng suddenly responded, "Cell phone is not the key point!"

"OKOK," Xu Wang quickly appeased and returned to the main topic, "what did you just read?"

"Coordinates," Wu Sheng picked up his mobile phone and showed it to Xu Wang. There was a satellite map with coordinates on it. "Our current position is exactly the same as the coordinates in the paper for cheating in exams."

The first reaction of Kuang Jinxin listening nearby was to look at his arm and want to review the coordinates again. It took him a long time to find the coordinates before he realized that the strange patterns on his arm had disappeared with their return to reality.

"Do you mean that it has a common set of latitude and longitude with reality geographically?" Xu Wang didn't try to prove it because Wu Sheng's head was comparable to a calculator. If he said the coordinates were same, they were same, but it didn't make sense. "It's day there, it's night here, it's snow field there, it's Park here. Without any similarity, what's the point of using the same coordinate system?"

"Who are there——"

At the end of the bridge, a shout from the security guard broke the four people's "study". Then the beam of a flashlight illuminated the four "suspicious characters" in the night.

Xu Wang always obeyed the laws and disciplines. Wu Sheng's mind was still on the coordinates. Kuang Jinxin never went out after 12 o'clock, so three faces were stunned under the flashlight.

At this time, showing his social experience, Sun Jiang immediately responded, "Brother, We're doing some exercise, running at night!" 

The security guard frowned and doubted.

Sun Jiang immediately raised his arms and ran in quick short steps: "Brothers, It's time to start again. Go on, le-righ-le, le-righ-le!"

Xu Wang, Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin hurriedly followed, in a vertical row, running as it was real.

Over the Youth Lake Park at 3 a.m., their loud slogans resounded——

"Le-righ-le! le-righ-le! Promote physical culture and build up people's health! "

If you listened carefully, you might hear some gossip mixed in——

Kuang Jinxin: "Brother Xu, who are those people you said later in the guessing game?"

Xu Wang: "High school classmates."

Kuang Jinxin: "..."

Sun Jiang: "Tut, did you just ridicule your classmates behind their back when you were studying?"

Xu Wang: "They were not idle either. They said he was pretentious."

Wu Sheng: "He was very talkative."

Xu Wang: "He always flattered the teachers."

Wu Sheng: "He and everyone were close friends."

Xu Wang: "Fuck, who said the last sentence?!"

Wu Sheng: "..."

Youth is gone, why should we turn back.

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