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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 4 Frozen Waterfall

The whole sled was shocked by the black bear! Reindeer didn’t know what happened behind them, and they still try to pull forward. How can they bear the weight of a bear? The speed immediately slowed down.

The other three were aware of the strange, and instinctively turned back, the next second, their blood freezed like Xu Wang’s!

The black bear settled down and started to climb into the sleigh.

With no weapons in his hands, Xu Wang kicked bear’s head in desperation!

The black bear didn't hide. He opened his mouth to catch his leg!

Xu Wang found something wrong, but due to the inertia of his movements, he had no time to take his leg back!

The leg had entered, the bear's mouth was about to bite. Suddenly a big long leg appeared nearby to kick the bear's forehead!

The bear's head was kicked back by the huge force. The closed mouth should have bitten Xu Wang's leg, because of this recline, it only bit the toe cap. Xu Wang used the reaction force of contacting with the bear's teeth, and abruptly took his leg back!

Foot suddenly cooled——leg was back, without shoe.

Wu Sheng kicked the bear's paw down again and again. Until the black bear fell into the snow, he shouted at Xu Wang: "Don't you want your leg? Don’t you know the injury can be taken out? Are you going to spend the rest of your life jumping on one leg? "

Xu Wang's lips opened and closed, closed and opened again, but he didn't return a word.

Words were good for me, absolutely out of concern, but how uncomfortable I was when I heard that!

"Fuck, is this a fake bear? a robot bear? was not tired of running!" Sun Jiang scolded and drew everyone's attention back. Sure enough, the black bear was catching up again. After being kicked down by Wu Sheng, it was plainly pulled away by the sled for more than ten meters. But now it was back within ten meters.

Kuang Jinxin held the Reindeer's ass who was the farthest away from the bear among his companions, but it still didn't give him much comfort. Looking back at his companions and then at the bear, he would cry: " The bear was thrown off as soon as I got on the sledge yesterday. What's going on today?"

"It's not good to go on like this," Wu Sheng raised his arm and looked at the map. "We're about to get to the coordinate point. If we can't get rid of it at that time, there are only two choices. One is that we stop sled and take the great risk of being killed by it to find the trigger prompt; the other is that we don't stop sled, so all our efforts tonight will be meaningless."

Xu Wang patted him on the shoulder: "Please say the third choice directly."

Wu Sheng was surprised: " How do you know I have the third way?"

Xu Wang smiled at him innocently and unitedly: "Once you start to be pretentious, you have a well-thought-out plan. "

Wu Sheng: "..."

It might be a mistake for him to return to the motherland.

"When we’re near the coordinate point, none of us will do it again. When the bear comes in smoothly, we will jump down immediately and let the running sled take the bear away." Wu Sheng's words were concise and comprehensive.

Kuang Jinxin swallowed his saliva difficultly, but he was also the first to agree: "It's a bit risky, but it sounds feasible."

Sun Jiang had no objections. He agreed by default.

Xu Wang was no longer joked but nodded with a straight face.

When the goal was agreed, Wu Sheng looked down at his arm and said, "According to our moving speed on the map, we can reach the coordinate point in about two minutes. Lets get ready for it."

Kuang Jinxin and Sun Jiang rolled up their sleeves and stared at the same map on their arms as Wu Sheng’s.

Xu Wang took a closer look and found that what they were looking at was the <paper for cheating in exams>. He quickly clicked it on his arm, and the same content immediately appeared——a small map marked with a coordinate point (116.4085, 39.9616) on it. Not far below the coordinate point, there were four tiny squares surrounded by each other, moving towards the coordinate point at a constant speed.

Xu Wang remembered that Wu Sheng said that the four of them need to go to a specific coordinate point. After that, he realized the elk sled is not running at will, but all the way to the precise coordinate point! This little map showed where they were. And the four tiny squares were themselves!

The sled vibrated violently, and the speed slowed down rapidly——the black bear clawed on the back of the sled again!

From the map, the coordinate point is about to arrive, the four looked at each other, and finally nodded at the same time——it was now!

The black bear struggled to climb up. The four held their breath and stood still. Except Kuang Jinxin, who was far enough away, the other three leaned forward as far as possible to make room for the black bear.

Finally, the black bear turned over the back and fell into the sled with a thump.

This sound became the starting gun, the four jumped off the sledge together!






Suddenly, the light sled made the elk vigour in an instant. As soon as the antlers were raised, the sled was pulled away with lightening speed in a trice.

Xu Wang fell into the snow and rolled for several times, then stopped quickly. When he jumped down, the speed of the sled was much slower. However, this time the snow was not soft at all. He fell in a complete mess that his shoulder wound must have been torn open, which made it changed to lasting pain.

Others fell around, and like him, rolled into a "snowman". Wu Sheng who was nearest to him got up and wanted to pull him up: "Are your shoulders OK?"

Xu Wang didn't move, but the next second the man pulled him up.

Wu Sheng pulled the arm on the side of the uninjured shoulder, and he didn't know whether it happened or was intentional.

After standing up, Xu Wang took back his arm as soon as possible, lowered his eyes without any trace, patted off the snow on his body, pretended nothing happened and whistled while his heart went pit-a-pat: "It's OK. You knew that I beat three people at a time in that year."

Wu Sheng finally got a chance to return him a innocent smile: "Yes, you were kicked in the door by those boys when I called the teacher over."

Although years away, Xu Wang was still angry when he mentioned this matter: "Why don't you just come and help? Called teacher for what! "

"Bullshit," Wu Sheng raised his eyebrows, a kind of perfect calm that "I'm the truth", "when you beat those three thickly built guys, I haven't grown up. What was the use of going up to fight? That was the time to take by strategy!"

"Hey, brother, I don't really want to interrupt you to talk about old times, but..." Kuang Jinxin put his hand in front of them and showed them in a certain direction, "it seems that the bear jumped down with us."

More than ten meters away, the black bear, who had fallen heavily, seemed to have just calmed down and was humming rough air on the ground.

Xu Wang stared at Wu Sheng: "Didn't you say we jumped down and sled took the bear away? Why did bear jump down? "

Wu Sheng said innocently, "There is no reason for you to ask me this question. You have to ask the bear."


Xu Wang wished he could cry into the air. Why this guy would collapse in one hundred ways whenever he makes up his mind to trust and rely on this guy!

"What are you waiting for?" Seeing the black bear struggling to get up, Sun Jiang just wanted to beat people. "Brothers, hurry to locate the coordinate point!"

He was the first one to walk, back and forth to see where he can overlap with the coordinate point.

Xu Wang also wanted to follow him to help the whole team. As soon as he took a step, he was so cold that he took a breath of cold air. Then he remembered that he had lost a shoe!

Xu Wang didn't feel anything when he jumped from the sledge or fell in the snow and rolled. And later, he was too busy taunting Wu Sheng and completely forgot the poor foot. Now he found that it was numb!

When Xu Wang suddenly raised his foot and stood on one foot as the cock did , Wu Sheng recalled the moment when the "bear's mouth bit the foot" on the sled. Without thinking, he  squatted down at once. He wanted to take off a shoe for Xu Wang, but as soon as his hand touched the shoelace, he heard a "Ding——"

No, four dings.

There was a crisp tone from everyone's arm.

Xu Wang raised his arm, exited from <paper for cheating in exams> and returned to the home page where listed the four options. He found that there was a small "1" in the upper right corner of <pencil case>. Clicked in to have a look. Another <[defense] my skateboarding shoes> appeared in the empty item grid.

"What the hell are skateboarding shoes?" Xu Wang blankly looked to his partner for help. "Take our shoes to lash the bear?"

Wu Sheng was looking down at his arm. When he heard Xu Wang's question, his eyes were no better than Xu Wang's. He was confused and overwhelmed: "What are you talking about skateboarding shoes?"

Xu Wang raised his arm inexplicably and took it for granted that everyone was the same as him: " Isn't there more skateboarding shoes in the pencil case?"

Wu Sheng shook his head: "What we update are papers for cheating in exams."

Xu Wang was stunned and at a loss for a while: "We…aren’t a team? "

Wu Sheng thought for half a second, and his eyes were clear: "The division of labor should be different. Who gets what item may be random, or maybe it think you loss a shoe, so give you this item. "

Xu Wang: "What's new in your papers for cheating in exams?"

Wu Sheng: "Stand still."

"What kind of tip is that? And... " Xu Wang looked up and down at him, "let you stand still, why are you squatting?"

Wu Sheng looked sadly into the distance and refused to answer this question.

Kuang Jinxin's pathetic voice sounded from the side: "Brother Xu, I think this may not be a prompt, but an order..."

Xu Wang followed the sound and saw that Kuang Jinxin, who was two steps away, had one foot in front and the other behind, with the front leg arched and the back leg taut. He maintained the posture of forward lunge, which was vigorous like tigers. But the expression was miserable.

It reminded him of  "Stand still" in <paper for cheating in exams>

Xu Wang's face changed: "You should not..."

Kuang Jinxin's lips drooped, and he could not be more aggrieved: "I just took a step forward, and was stopped."

Xu Wang suddenly saw that, it was no wonder that Wu Sheng's hand just touching his shoes was motionless. He could only tilted his head to the side to see the <paper for cheating in exams> on his arm. However, thanks to the fact that what updated were the <paper for cheating in exams> that they had been staring at, if the updated were the <pencil case> like him, there is no way to switch the interface because of the motionless.

In his random thought, Xu Wang looked at Sun Jiang again. He couldn't move under his neck. The only thing more fortunate than Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin was that he didn't do anything strange when the "root" appeared. He was standing upright like a wire pole.

Seeing Xu Wang look over, Sun Jiang was so anxious that he is about to spout flames. He yelled at him: " What are you doing? Use what you got. Maybe that's the game point!"

Wu Sheng was much calmer than him. He understood Xu Wang's worries at a glance and firmly said: "Don't worry about us. Since the arrival of the whole member triggered standing still, this immobility would not bring fatal risks, or it would be illogical."

This words let Xu Wang calm down and take a deep breath. He directly used <my skateboard shoes>!

When the icon disappeared, Xu Wang felt that the whole body was suddenly ten centimeters higher. When he looked down again, the only shoe left on his another foot was gone. Instead of a pair of skateboarding shoes with four wheels below.

Wasn't it a fucking quad roller skating!!!

"Be careful——"

All of a sudden, the other three who rooted on the same spot shouted together!

Xu Wang got a glimpse of a black shadow coming. He moved left and slid out for a few meters. Only then did he find that the snow here was extremely hard. Like being pressed by a roller, there was no pressure on the quad roller skating!

The black bear pounced on an empty air, then when it got up and wanted to pounce again, suddenly found that there were three motionless people closer, it immediately transfer the target!

Seeing this situation, Xu Wang was almost out of breath. He could avoid. But his three teammates were growing in the snow now!

It was line between life and death. Without thinking, Xu Wang picked up a piece of hard snow on the ground, and smashed it hard on the back of the black bear!

But he was still a little late. When the hard snow fell, the black bear had already jumped on the three partners!


A loud crash might sound like a pain.

Xu Wang's eyes widened. He was sure that there was absolutely nothing around the three teammates, but the black bear just hit the invisible wall one foot away from them and fell down.

This time, the collision was very heavy. The previous time when it jumped off the sled, it didn't recover completely. Now it was even worse, the black bear didn't even hum. It completely lay on the snow one foot away from the feet of the three and stopped moving.

Xu Wang had been completely confused by successive changes. He sadly found that he was battle five slag who is physically and intellectually inadequate in this land boundary!

Teammates were stuck in place like pines. Of course, Xu Wang couldn't run away, but new tips didn't appear. What else can he did?

In a hurry, Xu Wang looked up to see the sky, hoping that a strategy manual or something else would fall from the sky.

Of course not.

But when he took back his eyes, he saw the scene that he had neglected before.

An frozen waterfall on the whole mountain wall.

In front of him, behind the three teammates, the huge waterfall fell like the Milky Way. In the cold winter, it was fixed in the most beautiful and spectacular moment. It was crystal clear, flying and surging. When listened carefully, as if there was the sound of the jade curtain falling.

It seems that the frozen waterfall also sensed the eyes of exploration, and suddenly reflected a crystal clear light!

Xu Wang couldn't open his eyes until the strong light vanished, and then he looked at the frozen waterfall. There were four golden characters of "coiling dragon crouching tiger", meaning a forbidding strategic point, which seem to be written with a brush dipped in gold powder. The strokes are strong and magnificent!

Xu Wang looked at it in a daze for a while. Before he had time to react, the four characters suddenly change from "coiling dragon crouching tiger" to "golden wind jade dew"(means Autumn scenery). He also found that in the upper left corner of the ice waterfall there was a countdown, starting from ten seconds, then nine seconds, eight seconds...

Xu Wang was very much in the dark 

himself. Wu Sheng had a panoramic view of his changed face: "What happened? Where did the light come from? "

Looking back, Xu Wang hurriedly raised his finger and pointed to the front: "there is an ice waterfall on the hillside behind you. After that flash, the words began to appear on the ice, first ‘coiling dragon crouching tiger’, then ‘golden wind jade dew’..."


A shrill flute like a warning cut through the air, and the countdown of two seconds left suddenly returned to ten seconds, and the "golden wind jade dew" also disappeared ahead of time, replaced by a new word "talking ice to butterfly"(means short of knowledge).

"I see!" Xu Wang had a flash in the brain and said, "It is to play guessing idioms with us! That is you guess what it is according to my explanation, and I can't say the words in idioms, so when I just now said the word in it, the countdown stopped ahead of time, and it changed a new idiom"

Wu Sheng understood, but from the the "consternation" in his eyes, it was obvious that the "stage" which had been triggered with great efforts was quite different from his original expectation.

Sun Jiang suffered a direct mental injury, with a face of "are you fucking kidding me" dark cloud.

"I'm good at it. We played this game in a party last year!" The happiest guy was Kuang Jinxin, who was so happy that he forgot that the black bear was still lying at the foot of his feet. His eyes were eager to try. "Brother Xu, what's the word now? Hurry up!"

"OK, but an idiom is for only ten seconds, if overtime it will pass to another new idiom, so we have to be quick!" Xu Wang said with one breath, and immediately searched for the words to describe the "talking ice to butterfly", "which is one... I have no idea... "

The countdown is over.

It was replaced with "girl’s face peach blossom"(means the boy remembers how beautiful the girl is when they meet in the past) on the ice waterfall.

Kuang Jinxin's heart was reading the second silently, and Xu Wang stopped suddenly. He immediately understood that it was time to change new words. He hurriedly suggested: "Brother Xu, you don't have to explain but use actions and context to guide us as soon as possible!"

"Calm down, don't worry," Wu Sheng also accepted the reality and quickly entered the "fighting" state, "let's guess together, ten seconds is enough."

His voice was very steady, which was different from the voice when he ridiculed or teased people. It was a power of stability.

The idiom had changed again——Damon and Pythias friendship

Xu Wang was quick to make a action. Raising his hand to commit suicide with a sword, he cut his neck again and again, repeating: "The relationship between the two is very good, especially good!"

Kuang Jinxin watched him tug something from his neck to his chest, and his eyes flashed: "The love of the barge hauler!"

Xu Wang had a breakdown: "Idiom! Idiom, little brother! "

Now Generation Z listened to such nostalgic songs!!!

End of time, changed idiom——love for hundred years.

Throwing caution to the wind, Xu Wang gave a distant kiss to Wu Sheng: "I want to marry you together——what's behind it?"

This was Kuang Jinxin's theory of context. Offered a sentence and guided the teammates to say the next sentence.

Wu Sheng caught the kiss and the deep meaning that the roommate wanted to convey: "Wushan's clouds and rain"——said of having sexual intercourse

Xu Wang: "..."

Wu Sheng frowned slightly, as if surprised that what he said was not the right answer.

"Joy of fish and water?"


"Be in perfect harmony?"


"Dry faggot blazing fire?"

"Can you leave the double bed?!"

With Xu Wang's desperate cry, the idiom changed.

No one noticed that the black bear on the ground moved.

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