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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 3 Pencil Case

Xu Wang's original purpose was very simple, that is, to change the subject, in case that yesterday's "stupid behavior" was mentioned. However, while they were chatting at random, the strange experiences for two days spread with a shadow.

Wu Sheng’s rhythm was disturbed by his rapid-fire questions. He had forgotten what he intended to say before. At this moment, he could only answered the questions he asked and shook his head in disgust : "If I had known that before, I would not meet you in casual clothes yesterday, at least dressing more formally, to show respect for you, my old classmate."

"Don't talk nonsense. You wore pajamas, OK!" 

Despite ten years later, Xu Wang found that he 

never forgot about high snob no matter when and where he was and that he made complaints by instinct. No matter what happened, these two things could never be changed.

“Cough” The coughing of impatience and  deliberation broke the "peaceful and quiet" atmosphere, "Don’t we really have a sense of place?"

Xu Wang was shocked. Then he suddenly saw two people standing behind Wu Sheng, a big brother in his forties and a young man in his early twenties. The big brother with a buzz cut had a thin face. His face was expressionless with hands in his pockets and he was in the fret filled with his eyes; the young man had short hair, round face, milkmaid-looking. He was  nearly as tall as Xu Wang who was 1.8meters tall. He was also handsome with strongly-marked features and between the eyes was simple and honest. When he made eye contact with Xu Wang, he immediately released a disarming smile and his eyes narrowed.  According to the classification prevailing at the time, he would be classified as a pretty boy absolutely .

" Have you guys been here all the time ? " Xu Wang didn't notice them at all.

The boy nodded and said happily: "Yes, we were also here yesterday, and we have been here all the time, but you don't even look at us at all..."

"Wait a minute," Xu Wang interrupted him, swallowing his saliva with difficultly and said "Oh my god,yesterday ? "

The boy was embarrassed, touched his head and muttered, "Well, we saw that you were so immersed in the beautiful atmosphere. So we were awkward to say anything."

Xu Wang was speechless. 

He thought that he was the one who should be embarrassed. Why did a onlooker felt embarrassed ?

Finally Wu Sheng found the rhythm that had been deflected with the help of the young man. he instantly stepped forward and said: "Yesterday..."

"You were all bluffed by me yesterday! Ha ha! Xu Wang quickly interrupted him and the happy face seemed to tell everyone that his trick worked.

Wu heng was stunned and his eyes of certainty  wavered.

Xu Wang pretended to be surprised and his expression was so sincere that he could won the Cannes Palme d'Or and Oscar: "Oh no, you can't really believe it. I was just kidding yesterday!" And then he whacked her on the shoulder. Xu Wang's familiar tone and the annoying grin smile were just like he used to be  in those days. "When old classmates meet again, there is no doubt that we need to do something different to make you remember profoundly."

After seeing him for a long time, Wu Sheng slowly lowered his eyes.

Xu Wang knew that he believed in what he said and the ghastly expression was the proof. However, the silence of Wu Sheng made him disturbed, because based on what he knew of Wu Sheng , he was definitely not the kind of person who would keep silent facing unfairness. Whether he was bullied or the butt of pranks, he had a number of ways to take revenge. Therefore, the "silence"for now made him extra unease.

Finally, with a deep sigh, Wu Sheng slowly squatted down, lowered his head and draw circles on the ground at random. 

Xu Wang was a little guilty. After all, it's him who confessed his love to him for no reason at all. It's him who took advantage of him. It's also him who recanted his confession and said that all this was just for fun. Maybe Wu Sheng was not the boy who was stubborn and always kept high snob in those days. Maybe the years had mellowed him.

Think of that, Xu Wang felt loves dearly for no reason. He immediately squatted down and went back to make it up. He said:"Actually I ....oh, fuck! "

The fist-sized snowball directly passed into  the collar of the back of neck, which made him jump up with a cry because of the cold. This jump was really killing. The snowball that was going all the way was directly scattered into countless snow blocks, kissing every inch of skin of his back.

The chief culprit shook off the droplets of the melting snow on his hand, smiling at Xu Wang, and refreshing.

"Are you eight years old, Wu Sheng?" Xu Wang had totally forgot that he had just done such a childish thing as "adding relish for meeting again" and really laid into him with gnashing of teeth. At the same time, he lifted up the hem of his clothes and kept shaking off the snow on his back. Unexpectedly, he was occupied with fighting with the snowball and forgot that there was still a wound on his shoulder. Moving aggressively has affected the wound. “Si--” he took a breath of cold air.

"What's the matter?" Wu Sheng got up. The previous gleeful delight disappeared and a hint of concern was shown in his corrugated brow unconsciously.

Xu Wang opened his collar peevishly, revealing a small piece of gauze on his shoulder.

Wu Sheng understood what he was saying at once: "Was it the bear yesterday?"

"Otherwise, I have been so miserable and you still pour snowball on me. Don’t you have human nature!" Xu Wang hated him as hell. Actually, the pain of the wound  disappeared in a while,but now what he was gripping about him was the naive pattern of Wu Sheng."I see you have such a high pitch. I don't think you are badly hurt." Wu Sheng condemned him seemingly, but he still thought the white gauze was dazzling.

Xu Wang wasn’t in the mood to quarrel with him. Now he wanted to know: "What should we do? Is there any other way to get back to reality besides being attacked by bears? "

Wu Sheng's face turned solemn and the seriousness could be seen in his eyes.

Xu Wang found that he was still like that. As soon as he got down to business, he put a stop to all distracting thoughts. He was bubbling with a kind of superior concentration.

"Firstly, it's not a dream here. You, they and I are all real. This should be a consensus. Secondly, from the roster, we are now in the first team. According to paper for cheating in exams, we need to go to a coordinate point. Thirdly, what should we do after going to the coordinate point is still unknown. Because after you disappeared yesterday, the three of us got to the coordinate point, but nothing happened. So I guess it's necessary to trigger the event or update the prompt when we all arrive at the same time. Fourth... "

Xu Wang heard what he said and his head ached so much. And he instantly raised his hand: "Can I apply for a notebook to write them down?"

"The last one," Wu Sheng did not respond to him. He looked down slightly and saw him in the bottom of his eyes. "Fourth, if you want to bounced back to the real world by the bear, stand still!”

Xu Wang said: "Why?"

Wu Sheng said: "Because we need to meet in reality as a team. Yesterday, Xiao Kuang and I drove all over Beijing to find you and almost lost our way on Xizhimen bridge."

Xu Wang said: "Xiao Kuang?"

The light-haired young man reached over and smiled: "Kuang Jinxin."

Xu Wang instantly held the hands of his comrade: "Xu Wang." Then he looked back on Wu Sheng's face and said: “Let’s settle the disagreement together." Can't you really stand still where you are? That’s the crossroads. It's very embarrassing. There are cars coming and going... "

Wu Sheng frowned and said: "Don't you want to solve this problem as soon as possible?"

Xu Wang did not hesitate to say: "I absolutely do !"

Wu Sheng said: "Then you don’t talk so much."

Xu Wang said: "I mean whether it is more efficient and safer to give you my cell phone number now?"

Wu Sheng was speechless: "..."

The big brother, who had not said anything all the time and his face has clouded. Finally he ran out of patience. He kicked off the snow under his feet with his shoes and said, "Can we start to get down to work now? I don't want to be pulled in every night. It's fucking crazy! "

Xu Wang understood his grumpiness. Whoever was suddenly dragged into this bizarre place couldn’t bear it. Xu Wang was trying to say something to comfort him and got to know each other by the way to keep good fellowship.   Suddenly, his instinct started to raise the alarm.

They didn’t know when the air around seemed to be frozen. It's so quiet that they could hear the snowflakes falling down clearly.

Xu Wang looked around nervously, but before he saw it clearly, he was knocked down by someone suddenly!

As he got a bump on the back of his head in the snow, Xu Wang looked at Wu Sheng, who was pressing up against him. For a moment, he couldn't judge whether it was "a good thing " or "a disaster ".

The other two people didn't need to be jumped on to at all, as if they had practiced in advance. They fell to the ground by themselves with a splash.

Xu Wang couldn’t see anything except for Wu Sheng in this posture now, but he could hear the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer and the low growl from the black bear's throat !

And there was more than one!

Xu Wang's whole body was stiffed and he didn't dare to move. Wu Sheng, who was pressing up against him, suddenly grabbed his arm and pointed to it vigorously. 

The wind blew up and the bears roared, but the wind was even stronger than the roar of wild animals!

Wu Sheng seemed that he had predicted it in advance.Without seeing the changes around, He he directly pulled up Xu Wang and pointed at his arm for the third time .

Xu Wang could see things clearly this time. What he pointed to was the "Pencil case" of the four options on his arm. The rows of grids in it were like the inventory of the game. He didn't know the item that there was wind when pointed at. But for the third time, what Wu  Sheng pointed to was the only one left - [< Fang > Jingle Bells].

As the icon disappeared, the option Pencil case was completely empty. While a sleigh with bells and Christmas garlands suddenly appeared on the ground, which was pulled by four reindeer.

Yes, a sleigh came out of the ground.

"Don't stand and gawp!" Wu Sheng jumped up and jumped into the sleigh swiftly.

Coming back to himself, Xu Wang instantly got up to catch up and sat in the sleigh. Then there were Kuang Jinxin and black face brother. When the four of them sat down, the reindeer galloped as if it could sense their intents. The sleigh was breaking through the wind and snow on the ground, splashing with frost and snow!

Xu Wang looked at a bunch of antlers in front of him and said from the bottom of his heart, "I won't be surprised if anything happens again, seriously."

Kuang Jinxin, who was sitting next to him, clapped him on the shoulder and kindly reminded him, "Brother, you look back again."

Xu Wang looked back. The galloping sleigh had helped them keep distance with the black bears, but he could still see the "tornado" that led the bears to go away clearly.

The circling and howling tornado was  spectacular.

The black bears jumped up and down and swept happily. Occasionally, their claws really swept to yield some results. The tornado was full of fresh fish, bouncing around it.

Xu Wang slowly draw back his sight and sincerely regretted for the previous boastfulness: "I'm so sorry. I have been too short-sighted."

Kuang Jinxin was very excited and his face told people that "I finally found a bosom friend" : "I was also like you yesterday. When I saw the icon in the pencil case, I thought what is" fish  tornado". As a result, it was shocked and opened up a new world! "

“Fish tornado.. ? " Xu Wang wanted to figure out what the person who named him were thinking about.

Kuang Jinxin enthusiastically continued to explain: "Well, it's called"fish tornado". It and" Jingle Bells "should be the default items in the pencil case of everyone who enters here. We all have them, but Wu Brother's was used up yesterday, Sun Brother and mine are gone when we come in again today. And we don't know what happened. Fortunately, yours is still there."

Xu Wang nodded and looked at the black face brother with "unexpected harvest". He reached out first and said: "Sun brother ?"

The black face brother was stunned. With depressed mood instinctively, he didn't want to respond to such useless greetings. However, we couldn’t be rude to the person with smile and he was still reluctant to reach out, saying: "Sun Jiang"

When Xu Wang wanted to say more, he felt that there was a dark shadow out of the corner of his eye. By instinct, he turned around and a bear claw slapped on hie face!

There was no time for Xu Wang making responses. He even felt that his eyelashes had met the tips of the bear's claws. Suddenly, his collar of back neck was pulled by someone, and the whole body fell down. Finally, he ducked the fatal blow at the last moment!

“All forward! " Wu Sheng loosened his grip on his collar and snapped to remind all his teammates.

In fact, they didn’t need to be reminded. Everyone had crawled forward and Kuang Jinxin had half of his body hanging on the reindeer's ass.

The reindeer ran faster and faster, but the black bear who failed to hit was not discouraged. He wheezed and pursued relentlessly. Was it the speed of a bear? It must be a leopard!

Xu Wang still kept his position of looking back and stared at the black bear that was not lured by the fish tornado. Watching it catch up with them for the second time, it was very close, even closer, he jumped forward and hung his claws to the back of the sleigh!

Xu Wang was going crazy.

What the hell was the weird place here? Who pulled them in exactly? Was there a business license for such dangerous activities!

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